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  1. Very enjoyable story with plenty of thrills and spills.Just right as a distraction in this miserable time.I hope that you will write a sequel and other stories which I will look out for.
  2. Galen

    Chapter 38

    Henry is certainly his father`s son in his savage cruelty to von Gerlitz which mirrors Rudolf`s savagery to Willi`s father.Like father like son and Serge will be much happier away from the bloody court of the Elphbergs The conduit boys are doing well and I hope we are going to see more of their adventures and the return of Jonas.
  3. Galen

    Chapter 33

    The story is very exciting and one of my favorites characters is Brunhild . I hope that she survives the battles.I didn`t know the meaning of "chevaux de frise" so looked it up and it means portable barriers holding spikes ,blades and other nasty sharp things to block cavalry charges .Very nasty!
  4. Galen

    Chapter 27

    Very enjoyable story with a blend of history and the supernatural.Serge,Willy and the conduit boys are the heroes and plenty of villains .I particularly dislike Serge`s Father and Uncle.I hope that Serge finds a lawyer who can who can prevent them from stealing Boromeo`s money.If not perhaps Jonas might use his powers.
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