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  1. 9Fudd

    Irish Summer

    I hope you will continue the two new stories you have started during this time of Covid-19. I have missed seeing new stories from you. Your stories are very well crafted and are enjoyable. Found Irish Summer and have read the 3 chapters posted. Now will read Me, too.
  2. Timothy, I want to continue to encourage you to write. The motivation of those who write harsh evaluations of the writting of others needs to be considered... Tearing others down is not the sign of a healthy or well balanced individual. The comment that "If you do not have anything good to say about someone then keep quiet." is something people need to remember! I see many positive comments about your stories, focus on those positive comments and forget about the flamers. Your stories are enjoyed by many. I hope for more new stories and the continuation of your existin
  3. You are a very good author who develops characters in a rich and wonderful way. I especially hope you see yourself past your writers block on The Card Maker, Frankie and Clueless Camping. I will post my comments on Frankie because you have so wonderfully developed this story and the character Frankie. Frankie is so compassionately portrayed - it would be wonderful to find our more about how his life will develop. Both the detective Kasumaki and Dan Evers from the District Attorney's office seem to be very decent individuals. I hope you return to all your stories on Long Term Hold.
  4. 9Fudd

    Chapter 1

    Another spelling error. ...but I'd been left with the former alpha as a cup 22 years ago. I think you meant to say cub
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