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  1. A beautiful story. It begins quietly, while you get to know the main characters. But soon the story gets more depth, more meat on the bone. The plot twists turn the story into a rollercoaster of emotions and suspense. In addition, the writing is very lively, you can identify with each of the characters and it does not get boring, on the contrary.
  2. Ullyssess


    This is a fantastic story! Captivating from the first chapter to the very end! Rick's personal growth is described very nicely, you grow with him.
  3. This story is more than worth it! There is the romance, but otherwise it is a very exciting adventure story, full of unexpected twists, crime and surprising coincidences. It has been a long time since I have read on into the night, simply because I could not put this story aside or get it out of my head.
  4. This book is fantastic! I could not stop reading it. It is more than 'boy meets boy, picket fences and a dog'. It is descending into the depths of hell and ascending to a better life. Each character is a perfect addition to the story, with their own backstory and their own function in the development of the story.
  5. When I finished the previous story I was reading and was looking for a new one, I read the short content and was immediately excited. While reading the first chapter, I noticed that the story was familiar to me. I kept reading and slowly the memories of this story came back. Then I remembered that the story made a big impression on me a few years ago and I thought back to the main characters with warm affection for a long time. This story made a great impression on me now too. This is certainly one of the best stories I have read here.
  6. Ullyssess

    Famous Last

  7. Ullyssess

    Marc Jesmond

    This is a great story! Full of intrigue, tension, hate, love and old secrets. It is certainly worth reading, I could hardly stop and read it in one afternoon.
  8. Very nice story! Perfect for a rainy sunday afternoon.
  9. Ullyssess


    I loved every minute reading this story!
  10. Ullyssess

    Rainbow Colours

    A story about young people is nice to read and brings back memories. A story about mature men/people is often more complex. And as a 40-something I prefer those.
  11. Ullyssess

    Rainbow Colours

    I really enjoyed this story! I was a bit reluctant to start reading this story. The 'older man 'was a bit of a turn off in the story description, but it was not what I expected. It was much better! A warm story, about gentle people.
  12. Stories, books, give us a glimpse into the lives of others. We get to know them in a part of their lives and with beloved characters we want to know more, we want to know how their lives go on. And because they are fictional characters, we are free to make a sequel ourselves or to be satisfied with the glimpse we were given. And Geoff is a fantastic character! You let him grow, make him more confident, and you describe this process in a fantastic way. Very recognizable to me.
  13. I really enjoyed this book, I read it all in one day. That makes the experience even stronger. I'm looking forward to a sequel.
  14. Ullyssess

    Vocal Quartet

    A wonderful story! As once a very shy person, I recognize so much. It was a pleasure to read this.
  15. This is a great story!
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