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  1. Affinitylink

    Chapter 26

    And let us not forget a wolf and a deer as mates... that will turn more than a few heads. Perhaps not all turned heads in the rest of the pack will carry a friendly smile either. I smell more trouble brewing.
  2. Affinitylink

    Chapter 16

    Scorching hot story 🔥 I love the way Atoki kept yelling 'oh god...' when in passion, in the start of the story, but ended up with 'Oh fucking hell...'. Very nice touch 😈
  3. Affinitylink

    Chapter 24

    Soooo, Shea and Cyn wants to take the next step - I wonder if the mating would require a bite and how would Cyn handle that... Another great chapter, please keep them coming 👍♥️
  4. This is one of THE best stories I've read for years. Even better than Gone From Daylight - and that's saying a lot. Hopefully there's a new chapter coming soon?
  5. Affinitylink


    Fantastic story, I can hardly wait for the next chapter which I hope will contain the next demon showdown.
  6. Affinitylink

    Chapter 35

    Damn, a cliffhanger... I have absolutely loved reading this story. The character development is nothing short of brillant, and the fall of Wes is amazingly well described and thought out. Please don't leave us hanging too long
  7. Affinitylink

    Chapter 15

    Shit, this is really heartbreaking, I had to cry a little reading this chapter. I hope it won't be as bad in the end or I won't be able to read it all. I would rather miss the end than having my heart broken by having this story come to the conclusion it seems to be heading to now. The story is great, but right now I'm not sure I can bare reading the rest...
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