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  1. gabz2000


    OMG the things Talon has been through. Curious how he was able to recover from that ordeal. I hope he’s way better in Magik than Eon and Mallex, I wouldn’t want that set back for Talon years ago to be permanent.
  2. gabz2000


    Fuuuck. I can’t wait for Kailan to wipe that satisfied smirk off Lex’s face. Grr
  3. gabz2000


    Mallex is such a douche. What a horrible family to grow up in for Kalian. I’m half tempted to suggest that he run away and never look back. Kalian’s childhood might have been difficult but I’m afraid that Talon had it way worse... tsk.
  4. Oh wow. I don’t even know where to begin. This book has certainly not only been fascinating and entertaining, it has also gripped my mind in more ways than one. Such story telling is superb. The characters development is wonderful. I’m glad I found this book and I’m really excited for what’s to come!
  5. Can’t I keep the sexy stuff between August and Leo to myself? Bwahaha phew I need some air... it’s getting hot in here. I’ll try to find a way to sneak in some August and Leo stuff. Hehe
  6. gabz2000


    Working on it. 😘
  7. gabz2000

    Chapter 30

    Kootttiiiiccc 😱😱😱 careful what you wish for buddy. Oh my I’m nervous for Kotic though am also excited for him hehehe! I agree with the King, Baldric has been too careful with Kotic’s training. I understand Baldric’s concerns but I don’t think they have the luxury of time at this point. And being a gigantes, I’m sure the King can teach Kotic several stuff that not even Baldric can.
  8. gabz2000

    Chapter 28

    I wonder what kind of experiments they are doing in this magical outpost. Given its location/design as a magical focal point it should allow the undersea creatures to research on lots of new and powerful stuff! Since the undersea people are older and more powerful than the surface nations, I could only assume that this outpost further widens the gap between the surface and undersea peoples.
  9. Excited to see Vincent master his hybrid form! Glad the fight with Vinnie’s hybrid didn’t get anyone hurt too much... phew I was worried for all of them.
  10. Damn! Kotic is such a powerhouse now!!! Hopefully he’s able to control all his abilities.
  11. I’m so torn... I wanna see a God in action and maybe inadvertently reveal himself to Kotic but also... I wanna see Kotic use all his rage in battle.
  12. gabz2000

    Chapter 16

    I kind of hope they’ll get their chance to smite this snake-man that has abused Baldric. Omg... so excited for Kotic’s party!
  13. gabz2000

    Chapter 14

    Fuuuuck... that was intense. I was scared for Baldric... Hopefully, Kotic will learn of his heritage in the future. What a power couple Baldric and Kotic will be. Wow.
  14. gabz2000

    Chapter 13

    Omg omg With how Baldric put it... the surface world 2,000 years ago was a total mess. I’m surprised Babica did not use the power vacuum to take over but I guess she’s more into the bloodshed than ruling the surface word herself.
  15. gabz2000

    Chapter 12

    Now... I think I’m starting to hate water too LOL. Kidding aside, the undersea kingdoms seem to be more powerful and larger than I expected. It must be very daunting for Baldric to act as its emperor. I understand the King’s frustration with a human being the Vicar of the water pantheon... I bet he wanted that role for himself. Hehe
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