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  1. …And I’m bawling! I’m talking ugly crying. Wow…that brought back so many memories to when I proposed. Thanks Carlos…most excellent chapter!
  2. Ok…this is a story you can curl up on the couch with your favorite coffee brew and a blanket and binge read from start to finish! Well done!
  3. I loved this story! Thank you! I’m sad it’s over but that’s the sign of a great story!!
  4. JR Tittle

    Chapter 33

    Death Wish coffee is my fave! I’ll take mine with a pack of sweet n low and vanilla caramel creamer please. Make it a double! Looks as though Cyn is changing minds…and maybe some attitudes…and do mine eyes deceive me, but is there a possible fling in the future? Woof! Great chapter!
  5. Old chamber pot! Great start to what looks like a great story! I think I’m gonna like Boone.
  6. JR Tittle


    Thoroughly enjoyed this story…very well written…and describes what happens when man and wolf don’t get along but come to terms. Loved it!
  7. JR Tittle

    Embers 17

    Brandon’s a great character…and this is a GREAT story! Thank you. I have truly enjoyed it!
  8. Another most excellent installment in the CJ series!
  9. Very excellent chapter. Not too crazy about the politics involved…too much gives me a headache…but I’m gathering that will be a major part in the life of CJ so I can live with that. Enjoying the story! Haven’t been binge reading like I was at one point…you know, work and life happens. 😀
  10. To roughly paraphrase Mr. Rogers...”Can you say ‘bombshell’? Good, I knew you could.” And the plot thickens.
  11. The best story in the series so far! Well done!
  12. JR Tittle

    October 2015

    Surprise! I love surprise endings...I love that CJ gets to meet all these people. Another great chapter!
  13. JR Tittle

    Embers 16

    Great chapter! I love crossovers. CJ is a great series...as is this.
  14. JR Tittle

    Chapter 31

    So there’s a SFBI... wonder if there’s a SKGB or maybe a SNCIS... also, the officer who stopped them coming to GB seemed a bit like a certified sleazeball prick. Anyway, great chapter as usual. I always look forward to the weekly updates.
  15. JR Tittle

    April 2015

    Penny in the air....awesome chapter. Looks like things are falling into place for Ritchie.
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