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    I'm a singer, makeup artist, and all around weirdo! I'm also a hopeless romantic. I'm obsessed with reading stories about perfect romantic relationships.

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  1. Blue Dhalia

    Aural Sex

    Been in that type of relationship before! ☹️
  2. Blue Dhalia

    A February Song

    Wonderfully written chapter ❣️ Not surprised.. you are very talented. I wish I had a "big gay brother" type guy in my life back then. And the support.
  3. Blue Dhalia

    Chapter 49

    Comsi.. I'm begging you!! Please please PLEASE!!! I have re-read everything three times waiting for the next chapter... When is it coming? Have you started on it? I'm sorry.. I'm not trying to be a pain.. I'm just really wanting to know what happens with the party! It's driving me crazy 😍
  4. Blue Dhalia

    Chapter 41

    Nope.. but obviously at that age we were stupid. Lol
  5. Blue Dhalia

    Entry 49

    I absolutely love this one ❤️💙 it really gives Brandon some humor and idk.. a little more humanity.. not just Mr. Perfect boy. Lol. Still on the edge of my seat waiting for the question before he goes on his trip for the family wedding. I can't wait 😍 but I'm really enjoying every single chapter ❤️
  6. Blue Dhalia

    Entry 48

    I know how he feels all too well on the part about feeling pain when someone "acts gay" around you.. especially when they don't know that you're actually gay. You know they don't mean anything by it.. but that just makes it cut deeper.
  7. Blue Dhalia

    Chapter 40

    Thanks guys.. he's still staying in touch and says he misses me and still loves me.. I'm hoping it will improve. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.. I hope that is true.
  8. Blue Dhalia

    Chapter 40

    Well.. the relationship is starting to crumble. I'm leaving on Sunday to go back home to my state. I moved in.. and I've been here for four months. He's been distant for three of them. No idea what I could have done wrong. 😭😭😭
  9. Blue Dhalia

    Chapter 49

    It's been almost a full year man!!! PLEAAAAASSSSEEEE!!!!!
  10. Blue Dhalia

    Entry 46

    Funny and cute chapter.. Still dying for the "EPIC" moment! Lol
  11. Blue Dhalia

    Entry 45

    Very well done! Dying to get to the EPIC part!!! Right before Brandon has to go to a wedding!!! I'm so far beyond excited to get Brandon's take on everything!
  12. Blue Dhalia

    Chapter 40

    We have set a date!!!!! We're getting married on October 30th 2020!!!!
  13. Blue Dhalia

    Chapter 49

  14. You gotta come back and finish it!! That's just cruel!
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