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  1. DKW from Germany

    Chapter 1

    Thalia II was build into the former changing room for the Performers and had only two projectors: one 16 mm and one super-8 mm, so that you had to interrupt the film to change the spools.
  2. DKW from Germany

    Chapter 1

    During my Student-Time in West-Berlin I worked part time as a projectionist in the Thalia Filmtheater in Berlin-Lankwitz. We had a special audience for Elvis-Films, the "Elvis Forever Fanclub" in the evening and Young Dr. Frankenstein and Disney movies (often in English languish with simultaneously translation) during the day in Thalia II. Thalia I was a cinema with about 600 Seats; Thalia II had only 32 seats. To operate both, you had to run over the roof of the entrance hall from one projection-room to the other.
  3. It has been a long time since the posting of a new chapter. Even at Wolfsnest has not been an update to all of the old stories. But at Castle Roland there is the Beginning of a new story. i wonder, how long it will last until it is abandoned too.
  4. The Chapters 1 - 9 are very good and entertaining; but Chapter 10 is a letdown and show that you lost interest in this story. Chapter 10 nearly destroyed the whole story.
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