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  1. Where do I even start? Every time I read another story of @Yeoldebard I feel like I just found a new favourite. This time I feel like I first need to take some time to gather my jaw from the floor and put it back together before I can produce anything coherent, though, as I just finished reading and I am stunned and elated and million other things. So thinking what is the strongest point of this story... I could say it's the amazing world building, as the space ships and space stations and planets and races inhabiting them all come to life in a signature ascetic style of @Yeoldebard which always focuses our eyes on important details letting us fill in the rest. I could also say it's the story - the plot itself full of adventures that bring about twists and turns or maybe up and downs basically every chapter, keeping us on the edge throughout most of the 40 chapters. I could also say it's the amazing character building and development - as we get to know our heroes and a range of very vivid side characters and see them deal with problems and face challenges, many of which they encounter for the first time. But what I really want to say is feelings - the raw emotions and the way the characters cope with them - from loss to love, from fear to trust, and from anxiety to confidence. It's quite a journey to accompany them and witness the wobbly tentative steps, as they try to stretch out of their shells and inhibitions and meet the other half way. The organic realism with which the emotional journey is depicted will leave no heart unmoved. I think everyone should read this masterpiece even if just to experience that! ❤️
  2. IkeNeko


    This story has certainly made me less scared of the Egaro 😂 But joking aside I really loved it despite the difficult moments. Thank you so much for all the healing! ❤️ Next I want to see a happy fox 😻
  3. IkeNeko

    Use Your Words

    Food is a lovely bonding tactic ❤️
  4. The scholar said a lot of helpful things although it might not be easy to put that into practice.
  5. Healing. Little by little. One tiny step at a time. ❤️
  6. IkeNeko

    Scholar Aegle

    I hope Elias will come to understand it’s okay to have boundaries. ❤️
  7. IkeNeko


    First glimpse of the Egaro planet for me - I’m loving it! ❤️
  8. IkeNeko

    The First Days

    At least they have each other ❤️
  9. IkeNeko

    The Hunt

    Thank you very much for both reading and commenting.
  10. IkeNeko

    The Hunt

    Thank you for your comment and most of all for reading it ❤️
  11. IkeNeko

    The Hunt

    Thank you very much. It means a lot to a beginner like me.
  12. IkeNeko


    I still have a screenshot of your promise.
  13. IkeNeko

    Before the Storm

    I didn’t know the concept changed - that’s interesting. Thank you for the explanation ❤️
  14. IkeNeko


    I knew it would happen. I just didn’t know where, when and how. The knowledge didn’t help at all. I bow to your mastery though. I really hope you keep your promise @Yeoldebard 🙏
  15. IkeNeko

    Before the Storm

    I really don’t like Geiro. Interesting that Atharo changed from they to she. Is there a reason for that?
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