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  1. eric5748

    Chapter 32

    Imagine trying to write it and actually manage to keep track of it all, it's small wonder it's taking so long. Not sure how Kyle has managed to do it, to tell you the truth, I can barely keep track of 5 or 6 characters and get everything correct. Yes, it can get a bit confusing, but, the great thing is, that just means you have to go back and read it again. I think I have read it from start to finish now 6 or maybe even 7 times, though I have not done so again since before the previous chapter, so it is coming up on time of doing so once more.
  2. eric5748

    Chapter 32

    Holy shit, Kyle, totally worth the wait, though, as always, I so totally want the next chapter tomorrow, so please get right on that will you. My god, though, I've seen full sized books that were made into movies that were shorter, and yet I cannot wait to go back and read it again, and as soon as I get back from vacation, I plan to do just that, for I am certain that I have missed things in my need to read it. Keep up the good work. As always, thanks.
  3. eric5748

    Long Story Note

    Only 4 times Believin_U, man, I must be up to at least 10 or more by now, but then, I have been reading it since the very start too. I too cannot wait for the glorious day that this story is finally finished.
  4. eric5748

    Chapter 14

    2 chapters in 2 days, amazing, thanks.
  5. eric5748

    Chapter 13

    Wait, Kyle has a website, and he posts his stories there, why wasm't I told. What is it please.
  6. eric5748

    Chapter 13

    Wow, finally another chapter, after all these years, I thought it was forgotten about. Thanks.
  7. eric5748

    Chapter 1

    LOL, my thoughts exactly.
  8. eric5748

    Chapter 14

    Thanks, glad you enjoyed.
  9. eric5748

    Chapter 11

    Thanks, I always prefer to read a story of content, not just raw sex, hence that is what I write as well.
  10. eric5748

    Long Story Note

    Don't wish to be a pain in the ass, but have you updated the first chapter, because it still says that it is from the original post date, I would think that that would change. If it doesn't change, how would I be able to tell that I am reading the updated version. Hope to hear back soon, because I would very much love to read.
  11. eric5748

    Long Story Note

    I am so happy to see that you are finally finishing it up, and you can be damned sure that I will be impatiently awaiting every chapter. Thanks.
  12. How's things going on the story Myr, any luck on getting closer to finished yet. Hope to hear soon.
  13. So, Myr, it's been almost exactly a year since either of us last posted to this, yet I still check every day to see when, or if, you have completed the story. Any news on when it might be finished, I know I am not the only one expectantly awaiting your completion. POD has been the very best Fanfic I have ever read, and it would be a shame to never see it completed. Hope you respond soon.
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