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  1. TimmY92

    Chapter 10

    Yesterday i didn't know what to say. Everything seemed like it goes exactly like it should. You know, Taking his hand, dance and love each other but i didn't see coming what happened there. Over the last 12 hours i thought about what could happen next and i'm really looking forward to it. I wrote my suspicion down. This story is written really good and to this point i really like it. I can't really wait until the next chapter is available
  2. The world she left behind It was 13 years ago when I was close to thirteen. Summer holidays just begun and as always I would spend the first 2 weeks at my grandparents’ house 20 miles from where I lived. It was a small city and the neighborhood they lived in knew each other very well. I always loved it to spend part of my summer there because I would live in the small wooden house in the backyard. It’s like a 1 person apartment. It has a kitchen, a little bath, a big living room with a small fireplace in it. A little ladder led to the small bedroom where I slept in. My father used to live in this house for 2 years after the divorce of my mother. After he left, he left everything in there and started a new life with his new wife. In the big house we’ll always eat and talk. My grants were really religious so we had to pray every meal but that never bothered me. I loved the meals my grandmother cook. But like always she cooked enough to feed a whole soccer league. My grandfather was a very grumpy old man but he was always very kind to me. Ok, now to me. I was rather small and in no words skinny. I also wasn’t really fat but somewhere in between. I had always short dark blond hair and shiny blue eyes. I was good at school, you could say smart but I was always too lazy to do my homework so I got a lot of trouble because of that. For tests on the other hand I never really had to study. I walked into class and aced the test like always so my grades were still good. Like always I would wander around the neighborhood after lunch to explore the difference to my hometown. The third day I was there I went to a small playground a mile away when another boy my age walked in with a much smaller boy. I sat there on the bench with my portable cd player hearing music like I always did. I watched the two boys play and after watching them a few moments I couldn’t leave my eyes from the older boy. I don’t know why but he fascinates me. He was my height with small blond curly hair. He was skinnier then I was. I don’t know other words to describe him but ‘cute’. But why? I always thought boys were supposed to feel that way about girls, not boys. I thought back and realized I never thought of any girls as ‘cute’. “That’s strange!” I mumbled but to my horror the older boy heard what I said and came to me and left the smaller boy play alone. He sat down on my side and started to talk. I couldn’t hear him because I still got my headphones on my ears. “Oh, sorry, I forgot about those.” I said and pointed to the headphones. “No problem. Hi, my name’s Seth. I never saw you before, you’re new here?” He asked me and for the first time I saw this beautiful smile. “Eh, no, I-I’m here on vacation. I’m visiting my grand’s. They live about a mile away from here.” We talked a little about this and that until he said he had to bring home his brother. “Oh, ok. So, maybe I’ll see you around. Bye.” With that I started to walk away but he came after me and asked me to join him and after he brought back his brother we could hang out a little. So we walked to his house which was only a few minutes away and after that we headed out to my grand’s place to let him know where I stayed. We walked and talked and got to know each other pretty good in this short time. At my grand’s I introduced him to my grandparents and we head off to ‘my’ house. I showed him around and we talked more. I don’t really know what it was but every second I got to spend more time with him it drew me closer to him. This went on for several days. We spend a great big time together and always when he was away I missed him. I missed it to be near to him. I missed it to touch him when we played. This was so confusing for me. One day he had to do something with his family and hasn’t got time for me. My whole mood was crushed when he told me and it went on the whole next day until my grandma came to ‘my’ house. “Boy, what’s wrong? You seem down a bit. You got into a fight with Seth?” she asked. “No. He had to do something today with his parents.” I answered honestly. “You really like him, do you?” she asked and I nodded “You know, sometimes it isn’t really easy to feel like this but I got the feeling he feels the same about you.” What she said confused me more then I already was. “What do you mean?” I asked with a confused face. “I can see how you look at him when you two play around and I can see how he looks at you. What you feel is not uncommon for boys your age.” She answered with a little smile. “Why is this so confusing? I always thought boys fall in love with girls and not with other boys? Why has that to happen? My mind is so screwed right now.” I told her in need of a good advice. “Sometimes it is what it is. You can’t control what you feel towards others. What you feel is totally normal. It doesn’t matter if you fall in love with another boy or a girl. Just don’t let this feeling let you down somehow.” She told me. “But why is my mind so confusing right now? I just want to be near him. It hurts when he’s not here. Yesterday as we were watching TV and he sat close to me I wanted to kiss him. I want this to stop.” I started to cry after I confessed my feelings to her. She came closer and hugged me. “Maybe you should tell him what you feel. From what I could see over the last few days he starts to feel the same about you. Maybe you can call him later and ask him if he wants to spend the night. Your bed is big enough for the two of you.” She said to me and with that in some ways she calmed me down but in other ways I got really nervous about what I could say. She really knew what to say to help me. The confusing thoughts somehow stopped and I could see this is nothing bad. Sure, I knew what the term ‘gay’ means but I don’t want to be gay. That was the thing what was so confusing. I knew those feelings existed in me but I always denied them. And somehow my grandma found out about that but she reacted not as I expected her to react. After she left I lay on the couch and was thinking about what I would say to Seth or if I would say anything at all. I don’t want to lose him over something like that but somehow I knew I had to do something. Later that day I called him and asked him if he wants to spend the night. Before I could say anything more he ran away from the phone and asked his mother who said yes. We talked a bit on the phone about what we’ll do on the sleepover. When he came over that evening we got everything set up and we started our sleepover with some videogames. A few hours later we started a movie and we changed the couch to a 2 person bed so we can watch some movies and if we fall asleep we could just crash there and then. I made popcorn for us and lay down on his side. We were just in our boxers so we were ready for bed as well. Before I could start the film Seth turned to me and said “You know, I didn’t have something to do with my family today. I’m sorry I was lying to you but I got so confused over the last few days I needed to talk to my dad about this. I don’t know why but I really like you. Like really like you. I know this sounds stupid and I can understand if you don’t want to be my friend anymore.” I looked at him in total shock but before I could say something my instincts started off and I leaned in closer to him and kissed him on the lips. I don’t know why but I just felt it was the right moment to do it. After we parted away I said “I really got scared I was the only one who felt like this. Seth, I don’t care that you were lying to me about this. I’m just glad you told me about how you feel. Because I feel the same. I think I’m falling in love with you.” There. I said it. Now he has this face full of shock. He opened his mouth but nothing came out. “Don’t say anything, I talked about this with my grandma. She told me this is normal for boys our age to be confused or curious about this. I mean, I know I like boys but I never had those feelings before and that scared me because I didn’t want to lose you.” This time he came closer and kissed me. This time the kiss was more passionate and lasted a little longer than the first kiss we shared. “Mike, I don’t know what this is but I know what you mean. I always thought I liked boys but I decided never to react on that but when I met you everything was different. I was scared as well. I don’t want to lose you as well. My dad knew about this long before I told him today. He said if I want to ever be happy in my life I have to react on my feelings even if you or anybody else doesn’t feel the same way. If I never take the risk I would never find the love I want. That’s why I told you.” Seth said to me with a wide grin on his face. We talked about it a while longer until we felt it was getting late and we were getting tired. We turned on the timer on the TV and before I could react he came closer and cuddled up next to me with an arm over my chest and his head on my shoulder. The skin on skin contact send some sort of electricity through my body which calmed me down in an instant. I kissed him one more time and wished him a good night. On the next morning my grandma came in ‘my’ house to wake us up and saw us snuggled up against each other. I was awake before she came in but I just didn’t want to wake Seth. My grandma just smiled at me and whispered to me breakfast will be ready in 20 minutes. I nodded and waited for her to leave. I leaned over to Seth, kissed his forehead and touched his cheek to wake him up. “Good morning sleeping head. I hope you slept well. Breakfast is ready in 20, we should get going.” I said as he opened his eyes. He smiled at me and kissed me on the lips. We got up, brushed our teeth, got dressed and walked to the big house. Before we were in sight of the house I pulled him to me and kissed him again. “Thank you for coming over. That was the best night ever.” I said to him. “It was. Thank you for having me here. Hehe. I really like to kiss you like that. But better not let you grand’s see that.” I nodded and we went inside to eat. Our little relationship went on over the whole time I got to stay at my grand’s and a few months after that but because of the distance we separated apart. But that is not the point I tell this story. I wanted to tell this story because of the people who are involved outside of this little relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I really loved Seth and I hated that he has to live so far away (for an almost 13 year old ‘far’) but because of that we drifted apart and decided it was best if we stopped it before we both got hurt too bad. We were still in contact until he moved 400 miles away. My grandma and his dad were the reason I told this story. Not only did they accept our love for each other, they also led us in the right direction. Over the years my grandma helped me a great deal with my feelings towards other boys/men. Other than Seth she never knew one of my boyfriends I got over the years. I never did so because I knew what grandpa thought about gays. Thinking back I should’ve just told him. 13 years later, as well known as today, I lost my grandma and this is one of many good memories I had of her. I wrote this story down to show that not all religious or old people react the same. It has something to do with love and how deep the love is. Love is not something you take away over something like sexual orientation. If family or friends truly love someone they won’t disown them. If they do they are not worth your love. The good thing of my life is, I just had to deal with this once. The story of my first love shows it can be perfect at that moment but with some terms we can’t control, it can get destroyed. I still miss Seth to this day and I should have done more to stay in contact but you can’t change what life has in mind for you.
  3. An old friend becomes a new one Nolan and I woke up just in time to get ready for school. We showered together and went down to the kitchen to at least get a little bit to eat before we have to leave. We slept in a little and were a little late so we had to hurry to get to school in time. We ran to our corner to meet up with Dan and Nate but they already left. At school we got to our homeroom to wait for the teacher to arrive. We just made in time because the teacher came in a few seconds after us. In the next period we had math and had to work on some sheets and after the bell rang we got out for the first break. “Yo Mike, long time no see.” Someone called out after me. I remembered that voice and I span around excitedly. “Paul? What the hell are you doing here? I thought you moved away and will never come back?” I asked the boy Nolan surely didn’t know. He ran to me and hugged me. “We came back a week or so. Why did you never call or anything? I thought we were friends!?” He said to me. I was getting a little nervous. I never mentioned Paul to Nolan because he would’ve never met him because he moved away. Paul once was one of my best friends besides Dan and Nate until he moved away 2 years ago. “You never gave me your new address or phone number, dude. How the hell could I call or write to you then? Dude, I missed you a hell of a lot. How have you been?” I told him with excitement. We chatted a little until I introduced Nolan to him “Oh, by the way, this is Nolan, my boyfriend.” “What the hell do you mean with boyfriend? You turned into a fag or something?” He asked getting angry. “I didn’t turn into a ‘fag’. I was always gay. I just never told anyone. So, yes, Nolan is my boyfriend. You have a problem with that?” I asked getting a little nervous about my old friend who seem to not like the fact that I’m gay. “Of course I have a problem with that, it’s a fucking sin. I never thought you would choose to be some of those faggots. I really thought we were friends but now I don’t want to be a friend with someone like you.” With that he just walked away. I turned around to look after him and screamed at him “Then don’t think about speaking with Dan and Nate, dude. You would save yourself a broken nose.” Nolan looked at me with a little scared and disgusted face and I knew how he felt about that. I then told him about Paul and how we were friends back in the past. Sure, Paul was always a little religious but I never thought he would be this close minded about me. Nolan and I talked about it until the bell for the next period rang and I took his hand in mine and we walked to the class together. At lunch we met with Dan and Nate and they already spoke with Paul “This idiot is unbelievable. I really thought we were friends back then but now I don’t really want to be friends with him. I nearly punched him for his hateful words.” Dan said. “I know, but I told him he shouldn’t talk to you guys. I can’t believe we were friends once.” I said. “Maybe it was just a shock for him. Maybe he will come around. I mean, we didn’t see him in 2 years and when he came back his 3 best friends are gay and have boyfriends. Maybe it was a little bit too much for him all at once.” Nate said. We just sat there and talked about what to do about Paul but we never came to a solution. Nolan leaned into my side and cuddled a little until Paul approached our table. “Really? You have to show that faggot shit out in the open? Can’t you at least hide that shit? Nobody wants to see it.” He nearly screamed at us but before someone could respond anything a teacher approached as well and took hold of his shoulder. “Mr. McBride, Principal office. Now. On your first day on this school after 2 years you decided to insult your old friends? That is nothing I want to hear again, do I make myself clear?” The teacher said. “You really defend those fags? What the fuck happened here while I was gone? Everybody got fucked by some guys or what? You should throw all those fags out of school and not defend them.” “Enough Mr. McBride. We are going to the Principal office now and I will suggest for you to stay quiet on the way there.” The teacher said angrily to Paul. When they left we discussed what just happened. I never thought Paul would react like this. He grew up in the same neighborhood as Dan, Nate and I and I knew him almost my whole life. He always seemed to be open minded. But after this day I don’t think I really knew him good enough. On the last sleepover before he moved away the four of us ended up in the same bad cuddled up in a pile of boys. What happened in the two years he wasn’t with us? Did he changed that much? We never saw him again that day and we walked home together. At home Nolan and I told my dad what happened with Paul and that he moved back. “Boys, don’t let those thoughts destroy what you have, some people in this world don’t like the fact that gays exist. You just have to live with it and move on. Sure, he was your friend, but if he can’t accept you, you can’t let this bother you.” He said to us. “I know dad, but still, it bothers me. What happened to him that he changed like this? I can’t understand it. We used to be good friends. I would never have told him when I thought he would react like that. Before I told him that Nolan is my boyfriend we talked like he never left and after that he just screamed at us.” I told him still in disbelieve. “Maybe I should talk to his dad. He helped us a great deal after your mother died 6 years ago.” He called Paul’s dad and talked with him about 10 minutes until he told me he’ll come over to talk. When he arrived we sat down in the living room. “It’s good to see you guys again after so long.” He looked to me and added “What happened at school with Paul? He doesn’t want to tell me and your dad didn’t tell me either.” “Paul called out for me and I couldn’t believe he was there and we talked about the last two years a bit until I told him that Nolan and I are a couple. I couldn’t believe he just started screaming and insulting. He walked away and told me he never wants to be my friend again.” I told him and I took hold of Nolan’s hand. “I see. You have to know, in these two years away from here something happened to Paul and I think it is the reason he reacted the way he did. At his old school he never really got to be friends with anyone and after a few months at that school they started to bully him. They thought he is gay and they let him feel that he is not welcome there. 2 Months ago he got beaten up pretty bad and had to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks. The day of his beating my wife and I decided we’ll move away to get him away from those bullies. We decided the best solution is to move back here were he already got friends and knows the neighborhood. I think it was just too much for him to know that one of his best friends is gay.” He told us. “Not only me, sir. Dan and Nate are a couple too. I already thought something happened to him that he reacted the way he did. I always knew you guys are religious but I always thought you are open minded until Paul showed us today what he thinks about gays. But after all I don’t really think it has something to do with religion. Thank you for telling us what happened to him.” I said to him. “Oh dear, that must’ve destroyed him. No wonder he stormed up to his room after school and locked himself up. I should really head back home and talk to him.” Paul’s dad said to us standing up to get home. “Maybe it’s better if I talk to him. I know he doesn’t want to see me but maybe that’s what he needs right now.” I said. “Maybe your right. Maybe he can understand it better when you talk to him.” He said. I talked to Nolan a bit who already had plans to meet up with his dad. I kissed him before I headed out the door with Mr. McBride. At their new home just 2 minutes away with his car we went inside and he showed me around and told me where Paul’s room was. I walked upstairs, knocked on his door and waited for a respond. I knocked again and said “Come on Paul, open up, it’s me, Mike. Let’s talk a bit.” “Go away fag, I don’t want to talk to someone like you.” He screamed through the door. “If you don’t open up I will sit here in front of your door and just talk until you open up and we can talk properly.” No respond from him. I sat down and started talking “You know, your dad told us what happened the last two years and why you really moved back here. I can’t understand how you feel now. I mean you got beaten up for being gay even If you weren’t gay and after you came back here you found out your three best friends are in a relationship with another boy. That had to be too much to handle today and I know now why you reacted the way you did. Please Paul, you have to understand me. I never wanted to hurt you or let you hate me but this is the way I am. I really love Nolan. You can’t just enter my life after two years and believe that you can change the way I am. We used to be really good friends. I never got the slightest doubt I would regret that I told you about Nolan and I but I do.” I continued talking through the door for about 30 minutes until he finally opens the door. He looked down on me with his tears streaked face. He was crying the whole time. He reached his hand and helped me standing up. “I could never hate you, Mike. I’m really sorry for how I reacted. It was just too much. I really hoped everything would be like it was before I moved away.” He said while we walked into his room and sat down on his bed and he continued “I thought when I react the way I did the whole gay bash thing for me wouldn’t start again for me. I hated it. I hated me for what I did. I can’t believe how open you are about this.” “It’s because of Nolan. You know, we met about a week ago and it all happened so fast I couldn’t believe it. The past week was filled with drama someone could write a book about it. He was new to our school and he crashed my world with the very first sight. After school we met to hang out at his house and Dan and Nate were a little late and we kissed and became boyfriends. The very next day after school I outed myself to my dad and the next day at school. I really do love him with all I am and have. It’s like I knew him all my life. One day later Dan and Nate outed themselves to us and a day after that to Dan’s parents. And today you came back to our lives. I felt so happy to have you back and it nearly destroyed me how you reacted when I told you about Nolan.” I told him. “Oh damn. You should really write that down, dude. I never got a problem with you being gay. The problem was the bullying. You know, they never made up that I could be gay. One day at school someone saw me in the restrooms where I kissed another boy. Those two years after that were hell on earth. I couldn’t let that happen again. I really am sorry, Mike.” He told me. “Are you serious? That’s not what I expected at all. Damn it. You just told me you’re gay as well after what you did today? Don’t get me wrong. What you did today was shitty but I’m happy this shit is over now.” I said with a big sigh. “You now, I never would’ve thought it would be like this to admit it. I never told my parents or anyone else but I’m glad I told you. But I’m not like you guys. I can’t just walk out and scream out ‘I’m gay and proud’.” He said to me with a little grin on his face. “You don’t have to do something like that. Just start to be our friend again. This school isn’t like your old school. Nobody gives a shit about us. Just be yourself. And remember, here you aren’t alone anymore.” I said with a proud face. We talked a while until his dad came up to us and asked me if I want to stay for dinner. I happily agreed and we walked down together. I greeted Paul’s mom which I last saw two years ago. She came to me and hugged me. We sat down at the table and started a low conversation. Paul leaned to me and whispered to me “I think I tell them, can you help me?” I just nodded and turned to his parents. “Mr. and Mrs. McBride? Paul wants to tell you something. I think this is very important.” I said. “Mom? Dad? You always thought the bullies made their excuse up for beating me. But the truth is, someone caught me kissing another boy in the restrooms. I am really gay. It’s not just made up from them. I’m sorry to disappoint you.” Paul said to his parents with a nervous look in his face. “Hon, you can’t disappoint us. It’s the opposite. We are proud you finally told us. Yes, we knew. The parents of the boy you kissed called us one day and told us what happened and that they don’t want you near him again.” His mother said to him smiling. “You knew? Why did you never talk to me then? I was scared shitless and just because what Mike told me today I felt safe enough to tell you.” Paul said in total disbelieve. “That’s not our place to talk about this, son. I mean, don’t get me wrong, after you got beaten up we wanted to talk to you about it but you just never wanted to talk to us back then. So we dropped it and wanted to talk to you at a better time. After I talked to Nolan, Mike and his dad I wanted to talk about it with you but Mike said it would be the best if he’ll talk to you. Now I don’t have to do it anymore. I’m really proud of you.” His dad said to him. We talked a bit more about this topic until it was time for me to go home. I said to Paul I won’t tell Dan, Nate and Nolan about it if he doesn’t want it. After all it was his call to do it. I have my friend back and I plan to surprise Dan and Nate tomorrow but I will tell Nolan that everything is ok now. After I got home I told my dad what happened and then went to Nolan’s and my room where he already waited for me. I walked over to him, hugged and kissed him. I just were away for a few hours but I already missed him. After I told him what happened with Paul without outing him we got ready for bed. In bed we started making out and we both got aware of the sexual tension between us and this time we reacted on them. I undressed him and he did the same with me. I kissed him everywhere I could reach with my mouth until I got to his beautiful cock. I started to lick around the head and after some playing I engulfed the whole thing in my mouth. With one hand I started caressing his nipples and chest and with the other I started massaging his scrotum. He moaned with every stroke I made. He moaned for the pleasure he is feeling in his whole body until he reached the point where he couldn’t hold it anymore and exploded inside my mouth. His orgasm was so strong it was difficult for me to swallow all of the love seed he is giving me. After the orgasmic feelings calmed down I left his shrinking cock and pulled myself back to his side and started kissing him again where I shared his cream with him. “I love you so much, Mike. That was so awesome. I don’t know how to describe it. It just felt so great. I want you to feel the same now.” Nolan said to me in a passionate, low voice. With that he started his way down and repeated what I did earlier to him. He was right. It felt really awesome. He caressed my nipples and chest with one hand and with the other my balls like I did to him. But after a few minutes doing that he brought on of his fingers to his mouth and poured saliva over it and darted with that finger right to my hole. I couldn’t even describe the tense feeling he was giving me as he touched the ring of my hole. There was a shot of electricity that went through my whole body and then he entered the hole. It felt awesome. I couldn’t hold it that long anymore and after 20 seconds I lost it and had the most intense orgasm I ever had. He waited a little until I regained my breath and slid on my side again and did the same I did and kissed me with my cum still in his mouth. “Wow, I know what you meant with the loss of words. It was more than awesome. I love you Nolan, now and forever.” I said to him and we made out a little bit before we cuddled up again and finally falling asleep. This time I couldn’t even try to rethink what happened during the day. I just felt at peace and just wanted to sleep. And boy, did I sleep. I slept like a rock. The next morning I woke up at first and just wandered over the body of my sweet boyfriend with my eyes. He was so beautiful when he sleeps. So innocent, even when I thought about what we did the night before. For me Nolan was the ‘meaning of life’ presented in flesh and blood. How in god’s name could I be so lucky to get him? Right now my life is just perfect. I have the best friends I can wish for. I have this beautiful boyfriend who is actually living with me and we both have just the perfect parents who accept us just as we are. And yesterday I got one of my best friends back. Nolan begun to open his eyes slowly and before he opened them enough I leaned over and kissed him. He opened his eyes and after a few moments he joined into the kiss. “Good morning babe. I hope you slept well.” He nodded and we got up to get ready for school. We started our now normal morning routine and after finally getting dressed we walked down and greeted my dad and began to eat. Before we walked out of the house I called Paul fast and asked him if he can come to our corner to meet up. I gave him the location and Nolan and I left the House after saying our goodbye to my dad. As we got to our corner Dan and Nate were already there holding hands while leaning into each other. “Hey guys, let’s get moving. I don’t want to be late again.” Dan said. “Let’s wait a few minutes please, I’m waiting for something.” I said and got questioning looks from Dan and Nate. Dan began “What do we have to wai----“ But Paul screamed after us “Hey guys, wait for me please.” He was still 100 meters away. “What is he doing here? I thought he hates us ‘fags’!” Nate stated. “Calm down guys, just wait what he hast to tell you.” Nolan shot back before Nate could say something more. Paul finally came to us and said “Hey guys, thanks for waiting. I really need to apologize for the way I acted yesterday. I don’t really know what I can say other than that I am really sorry. After school the other day Mike came to me and we talked. He straightened me out. Ok, he not exactly straightened me out if you know what I mean but he read me the riot act.” Dan, Nate and Nolan stood there not really knowing what this means. “Paul, maybe just tell them directly and don’t bang around the bush.” I said to him. And he did exact what I said. He told them what happened at his old school and how the bullies treated him. He also told them about the boy he kissed and that they got caught, that he is gay like us and that he just came out to his parents yesterday with my help. He apologized about 10 times in his little story. The accepted what was said and we started to walk to school. We were a little late but came there just in time. I don’t know how Paul will react around school. Is he coming out at all or is he trying to push us away to not get the attention that he might be gay as well as we are after his little outburst the day before. When we entered the school I knew he really doesn’t care after our chat what other kids would think about him. It seemed like he was glued to our hips now. He got a few looks of confusion from others but he didn’t care about that. The day went by like normal. Ok, like normal for us. Nobody was bothering us and we enjoyed ourselves today. Maybe this could be how everything will go in the future. I sure hope so because I am happy like that. The clique is back together with my boyfriend in addition. But will this really go on like this? I mean, 10 years ago things like this wouldn’t be accepted at all. Boys couldn’t just kiss their boyfriends in the hallway like we do. I was actually really happy to do exact that. I can kiss my beautiful, cute and sweet boyfriend in the hallway like every straight couple could without getting beaten up for it. As the school day went by we lost track of Paul but every now and then we saw him in the hallway getting to his next class. After school we waited a bit for him but he never came out of the school so we thought he would have gone home without us so we walked home as well. On the way off the school ground 2 guys came from the opposite direction. We noticed them but pretty much ignored them but before we knew what happened 4 other guys grabbed us from behind and the 2 guys coming towards us began to beat us. After some fighting back with all I could something hit me in the face and everything went black. The pain and everything else just went away and I knew I would die here.
  4. This is the story about my first love some years ago.
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    Double Take

    Nice short story. This should happen to every kid but everybody knows the world is cruel. So we can only dream about it. And it's really nice to see the other side of a teenage struggle like this. Well written with a lot of heart.
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    They weren't really struggles. I got some problems in my youth to socialize but my parents just sent me away and made it worse at first, but if they didn't do what they did i wouldn't be where i am now. After all it worked out well and i'm glad my parents did what they did. ❤️
  7. TimmY92


    Don't they have to report their concerns to the cps? I mean Tyson's problems exist because of his parents and if nothing changes that, they should take him away from them. I really really like this story and i can't wait for the next chapter. It reminds me of my problems in my youth where i was in a similiar institution.
  8. The talk and the plan Nolan and I waited for his mom to arrive at my house to talk about what happened the night before. She came a bit late but she went to the couch directly. We sat there and waited for her to start the conversation but she never started. She just glanced at us and waited for us to start the talk. “Ok mom, what I did yesterday was not the best choice I made but you have to understand I had to do it, otherwise you wouldn’t even think about what you’ve done to me. I’m pretty sure you think this is my mistake but the mistake is not found in my decisions but in yours.” Nolan started. “Do you really think that what you’ve done is my fault? You’re wrong. At first it’s still the fault of your father. He left us without a word. He came back, yes, but the trust is still broken and you have to understand that.” She said back. “I understand that, but you have to understand me as well, this isn’t just about you. We talked about this a lot lately and we both agreed that if he wants to come back, he can come back. Now you changed your mind and betrayed me. How do you think do I feel when everything we were talking about was just words without a meaning? I’m not only upset about what you did yesterday. I’m also disappointed of you. I never gave you just a single hint that you have to be happy with him when he comes back. I know that it needs time but you refused dad living with us again. I know he broke the trust you two had just the same as with me but you just kicked him out before he even got the chance to come back. That’s not what we were talking about.” Nolan told her. “So, this is what it is all about. You think I kicked him out before it even got back to normal? There is a reason for that and if you would’ve been at home to discuss it you would’ve known the reason. But you choose to run away.” She glanced angry at Nolan. “Now it is my fault again. Nice, really nice.” He blurted out getting angry as well. “I didn’t say it was your fault. I just said you choose to run away before you heard the reason why this can’t be done like you wished.” She said. “Ok then, tell me. What is the reason why I can’t get my dad back? TELL ME!” he yelled at her. “Calm down. The reason is simple. The house we’re living in right now is just too small for the three of us. We decided to live in separate rooms ‘till we get back to normal and that simply doesn’t work in the small house we’re living in. We don’t have the room for him to move back.” She told Mike while calming herself down. “We talked about this a lot and you never said a thing about this. You said you’d need time for trusting him again and you never said a word about living in separate rooms.” He said to her still a little angry. “I know this isn’t easy but I can’t just let him in the same bed when there is no trust at all. He needs to gain the trust back step by step and in our house is just not enough room for him. Can you forgive me for not telling you about my concerns? I don’t want you to be angry at me.” She said. “Sure I can forgive you and to tell you the truth, Mike and I have a plan for that. We were talking about it today when you agree to that dad can move into the house.” Nolan said to her. Now the plan we made can take action. “You two have a plan for that? How come? What is this about?” She asked surprised. I started “Ok, I don’t think you’ll like it very much but it would be perfect for everyone.” “Come on boys, just tell me.” Mike’s mom said. “Ok, the thing is, Mike and I realized we don’t want to sleep separated and because of that we thought I can move into his house until dad and you can get back together and dad can have my room. I know, you don’t like it but we feel the way that we don’t want to sleep without each other anymore.” Nolan told her. “Are you going crazy? This can never work out. You are too young for something like that.” She said getting a little upset about us thinking about something like that. “I know that, thank you. But this is our choice to make. Not yours. We love each other, I want dad back and your plan is not going to work out like that. What if he moves here in an apartment, invests in the trust and walks away because he isn’t around to prove he is worth the trust and afford? This is the best method to do so. I move in to Mike’s and you two can work on your trust issues. It’s not permanently, but I think this is the best solution. And before you say no, please speak with dad and Mike’s dad.” Nolan said to his mom. “Ok, I’ll speak with them first, but still, I don’t really like the idea. I know you want your dad back, so do I but we have to work this out somehow. And before I really lose my mind on this get dressed and let us eat something. I didn’t eat anything since yesterday.” She said with a shy smile on her face. We got dressed and hurried outside to her car and drove away. We headed for the next diner and were surprised when we saw the car of Dan’s uncle parked in the lot. We got out of the car and I grabbed Nolan’s hand and pointed to the car and I think he got what I thought. Inside the diner we saw Tom and Dough sitting at a table talking and laughing. Nolan and I approached them, still holding hands. “Hey you two, nice to meet you again.” Nolan said. We greeted each other and small talked but they invited us to sit with them. They told us they heard about what happened the day before. Dan told them. We told them the rest of the story and Nolan’s mom said something as well, trying to explain what happened from her site of the story. “You know, the idea of the kids seems pretty good to me. First, you got the room for your husband to let him move back into the house where you can make up again, second, the boys won’t be separated from each other and can move forward in their relationship. Sure, they’re pretty young but their thoughts are on the right track. And by living just a few minutes away you can see each other as often as you want.” Tom said to Nolan’s mom. “I know, but I still have to talk with my husband and Mike’s dad. I know they are in love with each other and I don’t want to stand in their way while they are bonding but I still have my concerns about this. They are both 14 years old and much too young for my tasting to live together.” She said worried. “No mom, we’re not in love with each other. We LOVE each other. That’s a big difference. I talked with Mike about this today and about our future and we both want the same. He knows everything about me and I know everything about him and we want to live together in the future. Being in love sounds like we have a crush on each other what means it will fade away sometime, but we know what we feel for each other. After the short time we know each other we’ve been through some tough things and the feelings just grow stronger every day.” Nolan told her and I got tears in my eyes while he said that. We made plans for our future together and we don’t want to be like other couples that only last a few months or weeks. We love each other to the core. I know, those feels are hard to believe from two 14 years-olds but it’s the truth. I don’t know how we know it but we do and want to make the best out of it. Nolan’s mom looked at us with a little shock after hearing her son admitting his love to me. She was near tears but she then got a curious look on her face when she asked “Did you two already had sex?” WHAT? Why did she has to ask something like that? It’s none of her business. “MOM!” Nolan yelled at her and said “I don’t talk about something like that with my mother.” He looked shocked about what she asked. I’m sure I’m shocked. “So you already did it, right? I didn’t even have talked about sex with you yet. You can’t be serious.” She was furious. “I never said we had. And we talked about it with Mike’s dad. And by the way, it’s none of your business, mom.” Nolan told her and Tom and Dough looked a little worried about the subject we were talking about. “Are you insane? I’m your mother, which makes it to my business. You’re both too young to even think about that.” She said and the atmosphere got a little awkward. The looks that traded over the table were pretty embarrassing. “Ok guys, you can calm down now. Mike? Nolan? You’re right, it’s none of her business and Mary? It’s pretty normal for boys their age to discover and experiment at their age. I’m sure you did the same at their age. And so did the most kids. If they want to share that with you, you have to wait ‘till they are going to tell you. And if they tell the truth and they already got ‘the talk’ they know what they can do and what they can’t do.” Dough told Nolan’s mom who started to calm down a bit. Tom added “I’m at least pretty sure you don’t have to be afraid of one of them getting pregnant.” Nolan and I started to laugh and after a few seconds the adults joined us. “Ok boys, remember, if you ever want to talk about ‘things’ you can come to me. Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I don’t know how guys are ‘doing it’.” She told us. She then got up and told us she’ll go out and call Nolan’s dad to talk about the idea of us. After leaving us with Tom and Dough we talked a little about the whole sex thing. “Ok boys, just to be sure, did you already had sex or not?” Tom asked. “No, not really. I mean, we played a bit with each other but you can’t really call it sex. And to be honest, we want to go there on the slow way. We don’t have to hurry. We’ve time for the rest of our lives to do that.” I answered honestly. “Ok, I see, you really love each other that much. If you ever have some questions about that you always can call us, ok? At least we know how it really works.” Tom said and giggled a little and we joined and laughed with them. We then talked about a thing or two we don’t really knew about and they helped us. Sure, it was a little embarrassing to talk about something like that with an adult but at least they are gay like us and know how to do it right. They gave us their Numbers and we said goodbye and walked outside to head home with Nolan’s mom. We walked into my house and waited just a few minutes until my dad arrived from work. Nolan’s mom told us to go upstairs, so the adults can talk a little. We protested but we didn’t really have a chance against them. We went to my room and sat down on my bed while the adults were talking about our future. I hate it to be left out when adults talk about me and my future like I don’t have anything to say about it and I think Nolan thinks the same after looking in his glaring eyes. He was a little upset like me so I decided I try to distract us a little so I started to caress his face and kissed him passionately. I could feel he calmed down a little. I really don’t want to start something sexual right now with both our parents in the living room and the talk we had at the diner. But we started a little make out session and cuddled a little on my bed after laying down. We got undressed from the waist up and I started to massage Nolan. I caressed his back and occasionally kissed his neck. After about half an hour massaging and making out we fell asleep holding each other tight. I really love it being close to Nolan. He feels so warm and soft. I never want to miss this feeling ever again and I got anxious about what our parents decide. Not hearing the knock on the door my dad woke us. With sleepy eyes we saw that not only my dad was in the room. Nolan’s mom was there as well and she got some tears in her eyes. “What’s going on?” I asked curious. “Boys, Marry told me about your little plan. I really had my concerns about that and just wanted to test it out a few days before we make a final decision but after seeing you both sleep like that you already took away the decision in a way.” I looked a little confused but as I started to understand I started to smile. “That means Nolan can stay?” I asked my dad with a happy smile and he nodded. I was really happy now and Nolan’s happy face told me he feels the same. Before thinking about it we hugged each other and started kissing. But for the taste of our parents it must’ve been a bit too much because my dad coughed to let us know to stop. We giggled as we separated a little. “Sorry dad, I couldn’t help it. I’m just too happy right now.” I said still hugging my beautiful boyfriend. We headed downstairs after putting on the shirts again. Dad told me we’ll go to Nolan’s house and pack a few of his things that he needs so he can stay here until we move the rest of his stuff to our house. I still can’t believe I can be with my boyfriend for the next few weeks or months. We got his things into our car and drove back to unpack his things into my closet and dresser. Since we just skipped school today we have to face that we won’t be able to stay awake until midnight. After Dinner we went to our bathroom and made us ready for bed and went to our bedroom. Damn, that sounds so good. OUR bathroom, OUR bedroom. At least for now we are able to sleep together at the nights. I started some slow music and we headed for bed. We stripped down until we were both butt naked. This time we didn’t even care about underwear. We got under the covers and snuggled up. We kissed a little and caressed each other a little but we didn’t really start something sexual. I don’t know why but I just felt good just being with Nolan in my arms. Before drifting off to sleep I thought about tomorrow. We still have to face the school and I really don’t like the fact that we don’t know what will happen in the future. I really need to talk about the defense class with my dad. I’m afraid that someday we’re going to get attacked by some stupid idiots. I don’t want Nolan to get hurt. If something happens to him I don’t know what I would do. And it scared me to death. The love I trade with Nolan is very strong. I don’t know how I know that but I just do. My heart tells me that every time I look in his beautiful eyes. Even when everybody tells us we’re too young to know it, one thing is for sure, I want to spend the rest of my life with Nolan. Slowly I drifted off to a peaceful sleep where I could see how my life could be with Nolan. I love you Nolan. With all my heart.
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    Thank you for your nice words. I really like the outcome about what happened as well.
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    Friends and family

    At that moment he doesn't know it. he will learn it in the next chapter.
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    Dads Getting started for the day, Nolan and I went to the bathroom to take a shower. Just as the day before we washed each other but this time we didn’t start anything sexual. I don’t know why but even with each other touching we didn’t get hard like the day before. We both just knew this would be another stressful day with a lot of emotions and problems to solve. “I’m starving honey. Lets eat something.” Nolan said to me while we dried our bodies. “I love the way you think. Aaaaaand I love you babe. Can I kiss you?” I said to him. “I love you too but why do you ask me if you can kiss me? You don’t need to ask. Just do it though.” He said to me with a confused look in his eyes. “I don’t know why. I just felt like asking. Maybe it was because of the nightmare or because what will happen today.” I looked into his eyes and put on a little smile. “Don’t you ever ask me again if you can kiss me. Just do it, ok?” I nodded, stepped closer and kissed him with all love I could give him. The kiss lasted at least 20 minutes. Ok, it was just 5 minutes but it felt like a long, long time. We finished dressing and went to the kitchen where my father already waited for us to start breakfast. This is still unusual for him to get up that early AND fixing breakfast. But we sat down and started eating. After finishing he excused himself like the day before and left the house. We cleaned the kitchen and went back to my room to talk about what could happen later that day. But we didn’t get there because Nolan noticed a Mail on his phone and after checking what it was he froze in shock. “Dad.” Was the only word he could get out of his mouth. He sat down on the bed and started reading what his dad wrote him. He then started to cry and I went to him to embrace him in a hug to calm him down and asked “Was it your dad? What did he tell you?” “Here, read for yourself.” He gave me his phone but he didn’t look sad or upset. He looked quite happy. I stared at the screen and started reading: Dear Nolan, I’m really sorry I reacted the way I did. I don’t really know what came over me with this but I do know now it was just my head fucking up with me. I didn’t really thought in the slightest way my only son whom I dreamed of with a nice woman and a lot of children in his life, could be gay. I’m sorry to just walk out without saying a word. I can’t give you enough apologies that you could forgive me. What I did was wrong in every way. I was a little disappointed coming back to the house to find it abandoned with a little note but I know why you left. It’s all my fault and I want to do all I can to be the father you deserve. I know a mail is nothing like a letter but I needed to let you know how I feel and that I’m sorry about what happened. I already called your mother and we want to meet today. I’m ready to sell the house and move to Oakland to be near you and your mom. I love you with all my heart and nothing will ever change that. I was just too stupid and stubborn to accept it at first. I really hope you can forgive your old man for the big mistake he made. I’m glad to hear you have a boyfriend and I really want to meet the boy who stole the heart of my son. Maybe we can meet today as well because I really miss you but your mom told me about an intervention planned today and I don’t want to disturb that. I love you Nolan, Dad Damn. Now I know why he cries because I started crying after the first few words. I’m happy about what he wrote and that Nolan can now be happy. One dad is now from the list, another one to go then. I knew this day will be emotional but I never imagined something like this would happen on the same day. “Are you ok babe? I first thought you are sad but after reading this I know you’re happy. What do you want to do now?” I asked him. “Yes hon, I’m more than ok right now. He never wanted to disown me, he was just confused about it and scared to even talk about it and even a little disappointed. But he still loves me. I can forgive him in an instant because if he never did what he did I wouldn’t have the chance to meet you. Now I have both of you and that makes me more than happy.” He happily cried in my arms. “I love you and I never want to lose you.” I said before I kissed him until we needed to head to his mom. At his house he stormed in and ran to his mom and starting to cry again flew into her arms. She knew what happened and hugged him tight. To see this just melt my heart and I know I should just go and sit down on the couch to let them have their private moment. “Where are you going Mike? Come here, you’re part of this family now.” His mom called after me. I turned and joined them in a three-way-hug. “This is really not what I expected from him after what he did but we can make the best out of it, don’t you think?” she added. “Yes mom, I want him back so bad right now. He wrote he’ll come to visit us today? But we have the big discussion today with Dan and his dad.” Nolan asked a little confused about what he want to do. “Sure, we’ll go to that discussion but your dad will be here in about an hour so we have enough time to talk with him and got to Dan’s after that.” She told him and Nolan froze for a moment not knowing what to feel right now. “WHAT? Why didn’t you call me? We just have an hour ‘till he gets here? I need to change clothes. We need to change clothes. Damn it. What can I wear?” Nolan went insane about the arrival of his dad. I just laughed and tried to calm him down. It was cute to see him go crazy like that. “Nolan babe, calm down please. It’s just your dad. I know this is special but he is still your dad. Don’t go crazy like that.” I kissed him so he can’t talk anymore and I think it worked a bit. We went to his room and he searched for clothes until he found something to wear and asked me to change as well but I denied. I already have my good clothes on. He was just anxious about what could happen. The doorbell rang and he ran like a flash to the door to open it. Without even greeting he embraced his dad in a tight hug that could’ve killed a bear. He cried the third time today but like the previous times they were happy tears and noticing what’s happening I started to cry as well, so was his mom and dad. After a few minutes hugging he led his dad inside and tried to introduce him to me but failed because of the crying. His dad laughed a little about the try and reached out his hand which I took but instead of shaking he pulled me to him and hugged me. It was really a special moment to get a hug from the father of my boyfriend who left him without a word, now knowing he was wrong and coming back to apologize. He then got to his wife and embraced her in a hug and kissed her on the cheek. I think he didn’t know if he can kiss her on the mouth or not and what happens with their relationship. Nolan led all of us to the living room and the couch to sit down and talk. His dad started “Nolan, I’m sorry for what I did to you.” But Nolan stopped him with a sign. “Stop dad, I already forgave you. Sure, the last to month was hard but if you didn’t do what you did I never had met Mike and now that you’re back everything will work out for us. So please stop to apologize to me. After your mail it isn’t necessary anymore.” He told him and his dad started crying again. Without noticing I grabbed for Nolan’s hand and we were getting closer. It was normal to us but Nolan noticed where he was and with whom and stopped holding my hand. “Don’t son, don’t hide in front of me because I was an asshole. I can see clearly you two love each other. Don’t hide your feelings.” His dad said and Nolan’s eyes grew wide and looked at me. I smiled at him, moved closer and kissed him. His dad smiled at us and blushed a little. After breaking the kiss we all laughed about the awkward moment. We then talked about what will happen now and what the plans for today are. At 1.30 pm Nolan’s dad invited us for dinner and since his mom has some things to do before heading to Dan’s the three of us left the house looking out for something where we can eat. At a diner we ordered our meals and we talked a bit about the discussion today and Nolan asked his dad if he want to come along as well. He nodded and said “I really want to but I don’t want to disturb anything. I don’t know anyone of them.” “I know this is fast but you can tell Dan’s parents what you did when I told you about me. Maybe it can help him understand. Look, I am still the same with the only difference that I like boys instead of girls. Dan likes both but is in love with another boy. It’s not like they can lose their hope for grandchildren on him but he needs to tell them.” Nolan said to his dad and he nodded. At 2.50 pm we went to the car and drove to Dan’s and met everybody outside on the sidewalk waiting for all to arrive. We introduced Nolan’s dad to them and headed for the door. Dan led us to the living room and we sat down and went to get his parents from the backyard. When they got to the living room they froze and asked about what’s going on and who the people are. “Mom? Dad? We need to talk. And I have to tell you something.” Their looks on their faces were pure shock but they sat down as well. “Ok, this is not easy but we need to do it. Dad, I know why I can’t see uncle Tom anymore and I hate what you think about it. You asked me if I’m gay as well and I said no, which is the truth, but just the half of it. I told you I have a gay friend. Actually I have three gay friends and all of them are here.” He said and pointing at us he continued “Nate, Mike and Nolan. I know you don’t like that but I need to tell you this. I am bisexual and I’m madly in love with Nate. I was too scared to even tell you this but since I now know about Mike and Nolan and what is going on with Tom I needed to do it. Nate and I are a couple for about 2 years now and Mike just met Nolan. I invited them today to speak with you. Everybody has gone through the same feelings you might have but it had to be done. I don’t want to hide anymore” His parents sat there in pure shock, not knowing what to say. His mom started to cry but instead of running out she ran to Dan and hugged him. His dad on the other hand didn’t move for 10 minutes. He then stood up and said “Son, don’t get me wrong. As you said I don’t really like the thought about you with another boy but that won’t change my love for you. Sure, it is a really big shock for me right now and I really need to think things through but that won’t change anything. I just need to calm down right now ‘cause that is not what I planned for your life.” “I know, but I have to plan my own life, dad. There’s nothing you could do to change my feelings for Nate or the plans I have in my life. I know that parents feel that they have to plan their children lifes but to be honest, everybody has his own dreams and desires. That’s another reason why everybody is here. I want Tom back in my life and I need you to accept that. He is your brother for gods sake. You always knew about him being gay and instead of supporting him you abandoned him and made a choice for the whole family without asking what we want.” Dan said to his father. His dad started to cry “I know but I couldn’t live on with knowing he married a man and won’t have a family like normal families would have.” Tom said “If you would’ve come to the wedding you would know we actually have our little family right now. A few years ago we adopted a beautiful little boy who just lost his parents on a horrible accident. I know it is not the same as having a child born with my blood but we managed to give a little boy a second chance in life with parents who love him.” WOW. Everybody now looked at him in shock now. “Why didn’t you tell me that? Why do something like this has to happen to tell me that?” Dan’s dad asked. “It was a surprise for everyone at the wedding but you never joined it and after telling me to fuck off and never call or visit again there was no chance to tell you that. Think about it, you are an uncle of a beautiful boy. He turned nine last month and now visits Dough’s parents so we could come here.” Tom said to his brother. He took a picture out of his pocket and gave it to him. He started to cry again. “Ok guys, this is really a lot right now and I really need to think about things now but to let you all know. Nothing will change except one thing, I want my brother back in my life right now.” Dan’s dad said stood up and went Dan to hug him like his wife already has done. After telling his son that he can love who he wants he went to his brother to hug him as well. Dan was happier then I have ever seen him and he ran to Nate to show him that. In front of everyone the kissed for the very first time. Even for me it was new to see my best friend kissing my second best friend. It really was an emotional day. Dan told his parents about his feelings for Nate, Nolan got his dad back after 2 months and Dan’s dad got his brother back in his life. Dan’s dad called out a party for the next weekend and a little celebration for today. He invited everybody for a barbecue. It was a nice day and a better evening. Dan and I talked a little bit about Nate’s and his relationship and why they never told me while knowing about my secret. At 7 pm Nolan’s dad has to go back to San Francisco but will visit as soon as possible with plans for the future. We said goodbye to him and went back to the backyard. My dad came to me and said “I talked with Nolan’s mom and we agreed you two need to calm down a little and the best way to do that is another sleepover. Since today is still Monday and both of you have to go to school we pulled up a few rules for tonight and nights that will come. Sharp 10 is light out and both of you have to be ready like you would every day. If you both get late for school you won’t have the opportunity for another sleepover for a few weeks. I have to work tomorrow and so does Nolan’s mom. Let us go home now, pack your bag and calm down about what happened this weekend.” Wow. I never thought about sleeping over with Nolan today but now that he mentioned I really need to be close to him right now. I ran to him, told him what my dad said and kissed him passionately. This was also the first time kissing in front of Dan’s parents but they didn’t mind it at all. We said our goodbye’s and got to the cars to go home. At home I packed a bag and took my backpack for school. I kissed my dad on the cheek and went to Nolan. As exhausting as the day was we still sat down on the couch to watch some TV. The next morning I noticed we never made it to bed. We just slept on the couch, arm in arm and cuddling. Realizing what day we have I got a little anxious about school today but after waking Nolan and kissing him I lost my concerns. Now I look forward to a new day with my sweet and cute boyfriend. One thing still flies to my mind. What are Dan and Nate going to do? Are they now open about them or do they still want to hide their feelings in school. This could be another exciting day.
  12. Friends and family After Nolan and his mom left, my dad and I chatted a little about love and what it means. He told me about things I should do and things I shouldn’t do. He said “A relationship needs two people who constantly work on it to keep what a relationship means. It’s not just good times, it’s also bad times. If something is wrong you have to fix it. Speak about problems or needs and always tell the truth. Otherwise the relationship won’t last long because lies always lost their covers and destroy what you’re working on. Keep all that in mind, son.” Those words left a mark in my head I really needed. I don’t know anything about relationships and don’t really know how I would’ve reacted when something with Nolan and me happened. But those words could also help me with my concerns about Dan and Nate. The relationship with them is not like Nolan’s and mine but in some ways it is. Dan is my best friend and I really don’t want to lose him. Nate is my friend as well. Not as close as Dan but I don’t want to lose him as well. I care too much about them to lose them in a fight caused by my feelings for Nolan. At 4 pm I left the house to go to Dan’s. I really need to talk with him about my concerns. My mind is spinning while I slowly walk to his house. He lives just a few houses down the road, so the way Is short. At the door is felt my nervousness building up. Before I could reach the doorbell the door opened and Dan came out. “Hey bro, Lets go somewhere else. I can’t really talk in this house. Everybody in this house is nosy and I really need to talk to you.” Dan told me with a shy smile on his face. “Ehhm, ok. Lets go to the park instead?” I asked him and he just nodded. “What’s up dude? You seem a little out of line right now. Did something happen?” I asked after a few minutes without a word from him. “heh? Oh yeah. Everything is just fine.” He didn’t even look at me but he then added “To be honest, no, nothing is fine right now. I hate my family. I talked with them about my uncle today and I couldn’t believe what they told me.” “Just tell me, dude.” Is said to him a little concerned. “I walked into the living room to ask my parents why I never saw my uncle again after we got the invitation to his wedding. Oh boy, they told me. They hate him, they hate him for being gay and marrying a man. My family doesn’t believe in god but they think homosexuality isn’t right.” He told me and after a few seconds he continued “I told them I want to see him. I told them I don’t have a problem with him being gay and he is still my uncle. My dad didn’t like what I said to him and started yelling at me. He accused me to be gay as well. I don’t really care what he thinks but it still hurts. I told him that I’m not gay but he won’t listen and just continued yelling at me. Before he could start again I told him about a friend of mine who is gay. I didn’t tell him it was you but after explaining him some things he started to think about it. He still don’t like the thought that his son got gay friends.” He started to cry when he finished but I knew that wasn’t all he has to say. “Damn Dan, that’s fucked up and I’m sorry I caused so much trouble for you.” I said to him with a sad look in my face not really knowing what I could do. “You don’t have to be sorry. None of this is your fault. I wanted to know why I can’t see my uncle anymore. You just got my thoughts together that I could talk with my ‘rents about him. I really like my uncle and I don’t fucking care if he marries a man or a woman but my family denied my own decision. That’s what bothering me. I called him today and cried into the phone what happened. He said he’ll come to visit me. Actually he’ll be here in an hour or so. I asked him if I could bring you along and he said yes. But stop talking about this now. You looked like you also got something to talk about.” Damn. That was a lot. Do I really need to tell him now? No, I think my problems can wait a few hours. “Yes I have something on my mind but it can wait. Where do you want to meet your uncle?” I told him with a faked smile on my face. Sure it wasn’t nice to lie with a smile but this is what he needs right now. “We’ll meet at the diner in 30 minutes. But I need to tell you this. I told him about you and I hope you don’t hate me for that.” He looked me into the eyes. I smiled at him “OMG, you told a gay man about your gay best friend. I think he’ll hate me now.” He started laughing and I joined him. We then started for the diner and while walking he started to calm down and we talked about last night with Nolan. I didn’t tell him about the sexual details but I think he knows it already. We are still horny little fuckers with a libido old men could dream about. At the diner He noticed the car of his uncle and walked a little faster but I noticed another car I know. The car of Nolan’s mom which was parking a few spots away. Is Nolan here? We walked in and I looked around to find him but didn’t really see him. We walked to a middle aged man and sat down and greeted each other. The last time I saw Dan’s uncle was 3 years ago at his birthday. He looked different but he is still a nice looking man. We talked for a while until I noticed Nolan walking to us. He smiled at me and I only could smile back. I stood up and embraced him with a hug and a kiss. “Hey hon, what are you doing here? I thought you were shopping with your mom.” I said to him. “Yeah. We were but we wanted to eat something so we came here. What are you doing here? Didn’t you want to hang out at Dan’s with him?” he asked and I noticed I forgot to introduce him to Dan’s uncle. “Eh sorry, you’re right. Ehm… This is Dan’s uncle Tom and we needed to talk about some things with him. Tom? This is my boyfriend Nolan.” They shook hands and Tom invited him to sit down for a moment. We then talked about what happened at Dan’s house. “My dad is just like that. He just dumped everything without even talking about it. That’s why my mom and I moved here. I don’t know if he got a problem with me or with me being gay.” Nolan said to Dan. “The problem is my brother always knew I am gay but I couldn’t believe what he did after I invited him and his family to my wedding. He said I would fuck around with guys but marry a woman to raise my own children. I think with that invitation his dream to become an uncle died. After Dan’s birth something happened that his wife couldn’t get pregnant anymore. I don’t think he got a problem with me being gay. He saw me with my boyfriends when I was young and always said good things about it. Maybe it’s time to talk with him. I just stood away from him like he wished but now I can’t let this happen to Dan’s friends as well when he finds out.” He said to us. This is really fucked up what he told us. “We should all make a big intervention out of it. Otherwise he won’t understand it. Mike? Nolan? Can you ask your ‘rents to be there as well? Maybe they can get some thinking in my dad.” Dan said and we all just nodded. That’s a really good idea. If we all come up with the same he can’t get away with his stupid thoughts. Dan added “How long are you here uncle Tom?” “I staying ‘till it’s over. So is Doug. He is at the motel right now waiting for me to come back. He worries as well about what you told me on the phone.” I learned Doug is Tom’s husband. “I go ask my mom right now. She went to the restroom.” Nolan said and went to his table while we talked about doing it tomorrow. “He’s a nice boy, Mike. You got lucky to find a boy like him.” Tom said to me. I blushed a little but thanked him. Nolan came back with his mom and told us we can count on her help. We then told her we want to do it tomorrow and she accepted it. Since nobody has to work on Sunday there wouldn’t be a problem to get everyone together. I just have to speak with my dad about it. I kissed Nolan goodbye and asked him to come hang out with me later and he happily said yes. Now I have to speak with Mike about my ‘problem’ so I just asked him “Do you have any problem with the way it could happen that I don’t spend much time with you anymore? I mean, I just know I want to spend every minute I can get with Nolan but I don’t want to lose you. That’s what I wanted to talk about with you.” “Are u stupid, dude? Sure, we won’t spend much time anymore because of Nolan but don’t you ever think about this bullshit again. Nothing will change between us. And by the way, we could spend time with Nolan together. You don’t have to hide anything in front of me and you should know that.” He said to me a little upset about what I asked him. “For real? Sure we can spend time together with Nolan but some things I’ve to hide in front of you.” I said and blushed after I realized what I actually told him. “Ok, maybe you are right. Some things I really don’t want to see.” He laughed about it. “I really don’t want to lose you as my best friend too and I kick your ass when you forget me.” Now I know I don’t have to be concerned I might lose him. My mind just fucks with me sometimes and I really hate that. My dad told me that’ll happen in puberty and that sometimes I get confused about things. “Ok boys, lets go and we’ll meet tomorrow 3 pm at Dan’s. Can you invite Nate as well? He is still you friend and wants to know what’s happening in your lifes and maybe he has something to say.” Tom asked paying the small bill of our drinks. We nodded, went out and said goodbye to him after Tom gave me his mobile number and said I can call whenever I want if I have some questions about this whole gay-thing. Of course I have questions but they can wait. I thanked him and walked away with him after he got to his car. “Where are we going now?” I asked. “I want to go to Nate’s. We need to talk about something else with him and we need to ask him about tomorrow.” He answered. What does he need to talk about with us? Didn’t we just talk about everything? Since he won’t tell me right now I have to wait until we’re at Nate’s. On the way we talked about the whole gay-thing and he actually asked me if I already had sex with Nolan. I didn’t need to answer because my blush told him what he needed to know. We arrived at Nate’s and got in and walked directly to his room and sat down on his bed and small couch. “Before we start to speak about what happened today” he looked from me to Nate “we have to tell him something.” He looked back at me after Nate nodded “I told you I told my dad I’m not gay and that’s true. I’m bisexual. Nate on the other hand is gay. And what I need to tell you is that Nate and I are a couple. I know this is a little shock for you but like you told me a few days ago, I don’t want to hide anymore. Especially not in front of you. It made me crazy for month and Nate told me he really want to tell you but I always stopped him.” What the fuck? Why didn’t I notice that? Dan and Nate are a couple? Was I that selfish or scared that I didn’t notice what was going on between them? Damn it. He noticed me being gay a few years ago and I didn’t even realize they are a couple? I’m a really bad friend. “Why didn’t you just tell me? You said you always knew I’m gay. Why didn’t you just tell me?” I asked. “I couldn’t tell you. I was too scared. Stupid, when I think about it but you have to know since Nate came in our life 2 years ago we quickly got together and maybe I got scared about hurting your maybe existing feelings for me. I don’t know why I never told you but since this shit happens at my home and that you got together with Nolan I don’t really want to hide anymore.” 2 fucking years? They are a couple for 2 years now and I didn’t notice just a little thing? Where was I with my stupid head? I know they spend a lot of time together but I never even thought about them like that. “Wow, two years? And I never even realized a thing. You two are really good at hiding stuff. I need to think about this, sorry, but you just told me you and Nate are a couple for 2 years without telling me and knowing I’m gay. That’s really fucked up, dude. We’ll see us tomorrow.” I said and walked out the door. He tried to get me back but I told him “Dude, calm down. I just need to think about that. Alone. Today happened a lot and I really need to get my mind on the right track again. Sure, I’m a little bit upset about that but I’m not going to dump you because of that. You’re still my best friend and nothing will change that.” He just nodded and I went home without saying one more thing. At home my dad asked me what happened after he saw my face. I sat down beside him and told him everything what happened today, including the little sexual thing with Nolan, Dan’s uncle and what Dan and Nate told me. He listened to everything I said without saying anything. After I finished my whole day he came closer and hugged me. “Son, Sure I’m coming with you tomorrow and don’t think anything will change here when Dan and Nate are hanging out here. Sure, today happened a lot but just calm down and don’t think a lot about it. Everything will come to a logic point with time. Don’t overthink you still growing brain. You just end confused or angry and that won’t help you.” He said to me and it made a lot sense to me. So I calmed down a little and since Nolan will arrive in about half an hour I asked my dad if he can sleep over another night and he just nodded. I got my phone and called him to ask his mom and she said yes as well. Next thing I did was texting Dan. Me: Hey dude, don’t want to disturb anything but Nolan is sleeping over again and I want to tell him what you told me. If you’re ok with it I’ll tell him, if not I won’t. Dan: Sure, he’ll know it anyway when we got to speak with my dad tomorrow. So, yes, you can tell him. Me: Are you going to do what I think you are going to do? Dan: I think so. I told you I don’t want to hide anymore and that includes my family. I’ll tell them tomorrow. Me: Ok. That’s a really big step when your dad is such a prick about Tom. Dan: I know but I need to do it. Better tomorrow when I’m not alone then when nobody is there. Me: I got your back, bro. We’ll talk tomorrow. Nolan will be here any minute. Dan: Thank you, bro. Have fun and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. J Me: I don’t know what you wouldn’t do. In any case since today. xD Five minutes later Nolan rang the bell and I ran to open the door. I threw my arms around him like I didn’t see him for weeks. It felt like weeks but I needed it like hell. After a few kisses we got in and my dad ordered Pizza which arrived 25 minutes later. After dinner I excused us and we went to my room. We got in to my bed and cuddled a few minutes until I started to tell him about Dan and Nate. He looked at me with a little smile and said “I knew something is going on between them. The looks at each other. I knew it. Not that they Dan is bi or that they’re a couple for two years but something was happening between them.” Shocked is asked “What? You knew it? Am I the only fucking guy on this planet to notice something? You met them a few days ago and already noticed something?” Am I really that stupid? “Don’t sweat it, hon. It’s called Gay-dar and when you don’t know what to look out for you just couldn’t know. I learned what to look out for back in San Francisco and you didn’t know any gay dude ‘till we met and you were scared about all this.” He said to me to calm me down and added “I can teach you to notice those things if you want.” I nodded and continued cuddling with him. This night we never started anything sexual because I was still a little bit ropy about what happened today. We kissed a little and cuddled a lot until we both fell asleep. I woke up a few hours later on a nightmare which scared the shit out of me but Nolan was already awake. “It’s ok honey. You just got a nightmare.” He said with his calming voice and hugged me tight with a few kisses on my forehead ‘till we both fell asleep again. I really love this boy. He can calm me down with just a few words. The next thing I noticed is the morning sun coming in trough the window. I opened my eyes and saw Nolan still asleep. I snuggled up with him and thought about today. It’ll be just another really stressful day and with a lot of tears. I only hope everything will work out for everyone. I’m most concerned about Dan. But as my dad said, I shouldn’t overthink everything. As I noticed Nolan wakes up I kissed him until he was fully awake.
  13. People have to be mean because they don't understand. if they could understand the feelings those two or many others are feeling they wouldn't bother them. Haters gonna hate. The problem is when those haters start to get violent. As you noticed with a comment in the chapter "The way home" i write those chapters without thinking too much what happens next, so i don't really know what Nolan's dad is going to do. At the moment i deal with the friendship between Dan, Nate and Mike and their families. But that's for tomorrow. Todays chapter is way 'different' from the others.
  14. TimmY92

    The way home

    Thank you. i write my stories without reasearches and not knowing what i really want to write. So, i just start until i think it is good. In germany we only have the metric system and i use it because i grew up with it.
  15. Why don’t you just leave us alone? Finally I could sleep really well and I got up pretty happy to start the day. I hope Nolan is in a better mood today. Yesterday he seemed a bit sad about his dad. He said he wanted to write him a letter. I really hope it works out for him because I don’t like him being sad. I love his white smile in his face. After thinking a little my dad yelled at me to get up ‘cause I’m a little late. I looked at the clock and ran fast to the bathroom, peed, showered and got dressed. Running down into the kitchen I gulped down a bowl of cereals and got out of the house where Dan and Nate already waited for me. “Mornin’ dude. Pretty late today. But finally you look better. You slept good?” Nate asked. “Yes, finally I could sleep more than just 4 hours and just got up a little late. But lets get moving. Nolan will already be waiting.” I told them and we began to walk. Just a few minutes later we were at Nolan’s place and he was really waiting for us. Looking at me he smiled and came closer to us. “Hey babe, U look good today.” He greeted me and kissed me then he greeted Dan and Nate. “Thank you honey. You wrote the letter for your dad?” I asked. He nodded and said “You guys know where a mailbox is? I want to get rid of the letter before school starts.” Nate told him there is one on the way to school and we began to move. At the mailbox he looked at the letter a last time and tossed it inside. He looked at me and I could see the relieved pressure fading away from him. I got closer to him and hugged him. After that we had to move fast because we were already late for school. It seemed the other students calmed down a bit because nobody really cared that we were walking in holding hands. Some guys still looked at us but nobody said anything. We got to our first period and after counting through the class the teacher talked directly to Nolan and me. “I heard you two confused some students yesterday. Can you tell me what this is about?” “They found out that Mike and I are a couple and that freaked out some other people.” Nolan told him and I added “We just don’t want to hide. Every other couple can openly show some affection but when some like us is going to do the same everybody is confused or upset ‘cause we show just the same affection for one another in the hallway.” “You’re right. It shouldn’t be so complicated to just let you live your lifes but even in the modern world we’re living in some people can’t accept such a couple like you.” The teacher told us. “But what is the problem with that? This is our way of life and not theirs. We love each other and don’t even bother other people. Even god says you should love one another but those people who can’t accept us will always say something instead of leaving us alone.” Nolan said and I nodded approving about what he just said. “Sure, but those people will always be like that because they can’t understand that two people with the same gender can love each other as well as straight couples, sometimes even stronger. Those people think you should hide and do what you have to do in the private.” He said. “But why? Why can’t we just show the same affection to each other than ‘normal’ couples? We don’t want to hide and if they got a problem with that they can just leave us alone. We’re just like every other couple. We show the love we feel about one another in the open if we want to. That’s just stupid thinking from those people.” I said and looking across the class I added “If you got a problem with us just leave us alone.” “If someone got a problem with them you got a problem with me as well.” Dan said. “Call me in, bro.” Nate than said. A few others said the same but some guys just grumbled something with an angry voice. “Ok guys, lets start the lesson for today. I want a sheet of paper full with this topic. Write down what you think about this whole sexuality thing. What bugs you or what you want for the world. You still got 30 minutes.” The teacher said to the class and everybody began to write. I really want to know what others think about this but if I know I would be really mad at some people. After the bell rang we gave our sheets to the front and left the room. The four of us went to our lockers and changed books for the next period and started walking to the next classroom when two boys came to us and said “Why can’t you faggots just hide like the freaks you are? Nobody wants to see two ugly guys kissing each other in the hallway.” “Why don’t you idiots just leave us alone? This is our life not yours, so piss off.” Nolan angrily said to them. “Be careful about what you say, fag. Next time when you’re alone you won’t have such a big mouth.” One of them said walking away but elbowed Nolan in the rips while walking past us when suddenly two big jocks stepped closer. “You should be careful what you’re saying, dude. If you got near those two again I beat the shit out of you, you got that?” One of those guys said and the two boys who just threatened us backed up. “You defend those fags? Are you a fag, too? You’re a fucking jock and a fag? Maybe I should tell your coach about that.” One of the boys said. “No I’m not but that’s none of your business. You should just shut the fuck up. Tell the coach what you want. I don’t care but if you step too close to those two dudes again you’ll regret it. Now get the fuck out of here.” The two boys started walking away mumbling ‘fuck you’s’ at the jocks. Why are these jocks helping us? I always thought they would be the ones who beat us up like the two who hit Nolan 2 days ago. “Why are you guys helping us?” Nolan asked. “Because we don’t have a problem with you being gay and we hate bullies. Sure, we’re jocks but not every guy who plays sport is a bully and a homophobe. If someone bothers you again just tell me.” The bigger guy said. They introduced themselves to us. The bigger one is called Tom and the other guy is called Isaac. They walked with us to the next class and told the teacher why we were late. In class the teacher then started the same questioning like last period and pretty annoyed I said “Why is everybody interested in our fucking love life? Can’t you just leave us alone?” “Sorry for worrying about my students. But you don’t have to get angry like this.” She said to me. “You’re not worried. You’re just nosy like everybody else. Every teacher and every student is asking us the same questions since we arrived to school today and it starts to get annoying.” I angrily said to her and everybody else. “Ok Mr. Thompson. That’s enough. Detention after school for you.” She glared at me with evil eyes. “I won’t go there because of me telling you the truth and saying to just leave us alone. Call my dad if you want but after school I’ll go home like every day.” I yelled at her. “You can go to the principal now.” She fired back. “Lead the way ma’am. I’m pretty sure the principal will understand what I am going to tell him.” I still angrily spoke to her and added looking at Nolan “be right back.” He looked shocked at me and my little disagreement with the teacher but nodded. The teacher led the way and I followed her. Still angry sitting in the room in front of the office waiting for the principal to let us in she still glared at me. The principal called us in and my teacher told him what happened and then I told him what happened. “I think Mr. Thompson is right. If you just left him and his boyfriend alone this problem here didn’t has to happen. You can go Mr. Thompson. I’ll have a little talk with your teacher and she’ll be back in a few minutes.” I left the office and went back to class were everybody was waiting. Sitting down Nolan asked me what happened and I told him, Dan and Nate about what the principal just said. 10 minutes later the teacher came back and said “I’m sorry for what happened Mr. Thompson. But for your words you still got yourself into detention.” “I still won’t go so just leave me alone now. You can still call my dad but don’t expect he’ll accept what you have to tell him.” I told her still angry. “We’ll see what he has to say about that when you don’t show up for detention and get a suspension.” She told me and finally started the period after 20 minutes lost. After class I went to the principal again but this time Nolan came along with me. We told him about what the teacher said when she got back to the class. “Don’t get me wrong. What your teacher said was wrong but she has the right to give you detention.” He told me. “I know but I won’t go to detention for defending myself and if I have to I’ll tell my dad about this. He’s a lawyer and will call the school board if he has to. It’s not right to get detention for defending myself ‘cause she is nosy and want to know about my love life. It’s none of her business. I hope you’ll speak to some other teachers and let them know to just leave us alone. It starts to get really annoying. Nobody cares about other couples.” I said to him getting angry. “It’s because you two are not like every other couple and that’s new to most of them. That’s why they’ll keep asking. There are no other couples like you. I’ll call your dad today and tell him what happened and the detention is off the table right now.” The principal said to me in a calming tone. “There are a lot of couples like us, sir, but they hide because of what happened today and what’ll happen in the future. Today we got bugged with questions all over the place, some of them even asked about sex. We were threatened by some guys and then what happened last period and the day isn’t over at all. We just want to be left alone, sir. We deserve the same treatment like every other couple but what we got today no other couple had to deal with. Sure, the teacher didn’t know of any of this and maybe Mike got a bit angry but if she had just left us alone there wouldn’t be a problem we have to talk about right now.” Nolan said and then smiled at me. “I didn’t know about that as well. But tell me if something like this happens again. You’re right to defend yourselves but just do it politely.” The principal said but before he could’ve said more I said “You would react exact the same when everybody is asking about you, your partner and your love and sex life. This whole problem started ‘cause we didn’t want to hide in the closet, ‘cause we want to show one another our feelings. That’s the whole problem. If something like this happens again I’m pretty sure I’ll react the same way as before.” “Mr. Thompson, I hope something like this won’t happen again and I’m sorry that others are treating you different but right now you have to deal with it. It’s new to the students but it’ll calm down in a few days.” He told me. “That’s not fair that we have to deal with their stupidity when ‘normal’ couples don’t get any comment for showing some affection in the hallway. We have to deal with a lot right now even without those people bothering us.” I said standing up. “I can’t promise you to not get angry about this but I’ll try.” “That’s all I could expect from you. If you got any problems today or in the future just come to me. Have a nice day you two.” The principal said to us. “Thank you, sir.” We both said to him and left the office. In the hallway I looked at Nolan and he said to me “Damn. What a fucked up day and we still got most of the day to go. I’m really proud of you for what you said, honey. I really love you. “He smiled at me and kissed me. “Thank you, babe. And I love you too.” Kissing him is the best to calm down. I could do this for the rest of my life. Just standing here and kiss him, day in, day out. His lips are so soft and he tastes a little like OJ. We then walked to the cafeteria, sat down at our table and told Dan and Nate what happened at the principal’s office. “This is really fucked up. I hope they’ll leave you alone now. He can at least control the teachers to not bother you anymore.” Nate said and I just nodded. I really don’t want to talk about this anymore. I just want to sit at this table and cuddle a little bit with Nolan. The rest of the school day went over without much problems. Two little things happened but nothing really bad. First thing was that a guy in PE didn’t want to change with us in the same locker room but the coach just led hit out and gave him some work to do outside on the field. The others just changed like nothing happened. The other thing was that another gay couple came to us at dinner and we talked a little bit. John and Tim introduced themselves to us and we got along pretty good. We traded numbers to hang out sometime soon. On the way home I felt relieved that the school day finally ended. With Nolan holding my hand we headed home. I kissed him goodbye and asked if he want to stay the night today. “I ask my mom and call you later honey. Love you.” He said “Love you too babe. See you later.” I told him. With Dan and Nate still walking with me we talked a little and finally said our ‘goodbye’s’ and I walked in to the house. I tossed the backpack out of the way and walked into the kitchen to prepare dinner for me and dad. At 3 pm my dad got home and told me he need to talk to me when I set the table for dinner. While eating he began to speak “I got 2 calls today. One from a very angry History teacher and one from your principal. Can you tell me what happened?” I nodded and started to tell him what happened today. He listened to every word I was saying. “Ok son, first things first. I know this is new to you as well but you have to accept that some people have questions. I know it’s annoying but you have to deal with it. What you told your teacher was your right to tell her. If she really got detention for you I would have told her to back off or she would’ve dealt with the school board.” “No dad, I don’t have to deal with it ‘cause if they have a question or an issue with that that’s not my problem at all. Nolan and I just want to be handed like every other couple. And if they don’t stop with that I’ll ignore them or get angry. Why do we have to deal with this shit when no other couple have to deal with it? Just because it’s new for them and not ‘normal’? We don’t care what they think. We just want to be left alone. That’s all we’re asking for.” I told him getting really annoyed about the whole topic. “You’re right, Mike but just wait a few days and everything will get back to normal. I’m sure about that. Maybe Monday nobody really cares anymore. Just calm down and enjoy the weekend.” He said to me. “Can Nolan stay the night dad?” I asked him but it was more like begging. He smiled at me “If his mother got no complaints and I can call her I don’t see a problem.” I jumped and before finishing dinner I called him. We talked a little and he told me he can stay the night if his mother can talk with my dad. I just laughed and told him about what my dad just said. We said goodbye and handed the phones to our ‘rents and they talked for about 20 minutes. I wanted to know what they are talking about but I was too happy that Nolan can stay the night. After they hung up my dad told me Nolan would be here in about an hour and I have to clean up the mess I call my room. He giggled about his last comment and after cleaning the table I got to my room, cleaned everything and got a quick shower before head down to wait for my boyfriend to arrive. I can’t wait to just cuddle up with him in my bed and make out a bit. This would be our first night together.
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