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  1. Mellicat

    Chapter 1

    Nothing turned Jason on like money- especially when it was his. Every time he closed a big deal or saw one of the stocks he owned take a big jump, his dick got hard. For him making money was the definitive aphrodisiac. His ultimate fantasy was to make love on a bed covered with hundred dollar bills, like the scene in the movie Studio 54. So when he actually had the opportunity to fulfill his fantasy he leapt at the chance. One of the stocks he owned had doubled and suddenly he was flush with money, so why not? He withdrew the funds, promising himself that he would be depositing them back th
  2. Mellicat

    Chapter 1

    My boyfriend loves to have sex in public. He loves the idea of being watched, but even more he likes to watch other couples. Not the cheesy scenes in the typical porn movie, but real men having real sex. He loves going to smoky night clubs, drinking a few drinks, dancing to a few songs, and then going to the back room and letting me suck him off while he watches all the men in various acts of sex. His favorite to watch is frot, or dick-to-dick action. He loves watching two guys doing the cock rub while his dick is buried deep in my ass. Last Saturday night was particularly hot. We had go
  3. Mellicat


    An apartment with a view.
  4. Mellicat

    Chapter 1

    I've never been much of a country guy. I'll take the city any day. All that fresh air bullshit never did much for me. So when my roommate asked me to come with him for a weekend retreat to a friend's ranch, I thought he was crazy. "Come on, it'll be fun," he said. "What? Stepping in cow shit?" "So, watch where you walk. Besides there will be cute guys there." That got my attention. "There will?" "Yeah, this is an annual thing that Terry and Brian have. They invite a bunch of their friends out and we enjoy a weekend in the country. There are usually ten to fifteen of us." "The
  5. Mellicat

    Chapter 17

    Toby’s funeral was held in Steven’s Point, Wisconsin, his hometown. The First Methodist Church was filled with friends and family as well as flowers sent from college friends that couldn’t make the trip. The mahogany casket sat in the front of the pews, near the altar. The casket remained closed with a large picture of Toby, smiling in happier times, setting atop. Seth and Cole sat with Samantha and Jason in the front row on one side of the church while Toby’s parents sat on the other side. Seth was sure that they blamed him for what had happened. Hell, he blamed himself. The pastor d
  6. Mellicat

    Chapter 10

    I’ll never leave you behind Or treat you unkind I know you understand And with a tear in my eye Give me the sweetest goodbye That I ever did receive Sweetest Goodbye, Maroon 5 λλλλλλλλλλλλλλ The next day Jason returned to work and by the time he had gone through all of his phone messages and emails, the morning had passed. He looked at the clock and realized that he hadn’t thought of himself or Sara once all morning. Maybe he was making progress. For the next few days Jason buried his pain in his work. For the ten to twelve hours each day he was at the office he coul
  7. Mellicat

    Chapter 1

    He takes my cock into his mouth. His tongue twirls and teases all the way down to the base. My balls brush his chin. He slides me back out until only the head of my cock remain between his warm lips. He sucks on the tip, driving me insane while his fingers play with my balls. My eyes drift shut as he slides my dick back into his mouth, not stopping until it hits the back of his throat. He shallows around me and I shudder at the sensation. "Ah fuck," I mutter feeling my sac tighten. He chuckles at my lack of control. The vibration caused by his laugh sends a new wave of ecstasy over me
  8. Mellicat

    Chapter 19

    Six months later… “Sammie?” Tyler shouted as he entered the apartment. He still held the same job he’d gotten a year ago although Sammie had quit the company to start his own web design business. As soon as Sammie got it off the ground, Tyler planned to join him, working from home. “Sammie?” he called again. “In here,” Sammie called from his office. They had converted the spare bedroom, Steve’s old room, into an office. “You said you had something to show me,” Tyler walked over to where Sammie was seated in front of his computer. “Yeah, which of these do you like better?” He
  9. Mellicat

    Chapter 18

    Steve's funeral was held on Friday in the little chapel of the mortuary. Both Steve and Sammie had obviously misjudged how many people would attend. All the seats were filled and a group of people stood in the back with no place left to sit. As per Steve's wishes, he was cremated. The urn and a picture of Steve looking young, healthy, and vibrant were on a table at the front of the room. Steve had not wanted his friends to remember him as the thin frail cancer patient he had become, but as the man he was before. Troy gave the eulogy. Everyone agreed that he summed up Steve's life an
  10. Mellicat


    Thomas, Jamie, and Robbie stood with Susan by the casket at the front of the chapel while people filed in to pay their respects and give their condolences. “Your father was a fine man,” the boys were told over and over again. Thomas looked out at all the people that were mingling around the room. Lisa, Sara, and Koi were standing together on the other side of the room. Many of the well wishers were stopping to give their condolences to Lisa as well. She had been a part of the family for some time now and many knew her. Thomas began thinking of their years together; maybe he shouldn’t be
  11. Mellicat


    Twenty years ago – “Hand me that log over there,” Thomas said to his brother, Jamie. “No, not that one, that one over there.” Thomas was the oldest of the three brothers; children of a small town doctor and his doting wife. They spent most of their lazy summer days playing in the small creek that ran behind their house. That day Thomas had suggested they build a dam. “Robbie, we need more logs,” Thomas said. At eight years of age Robbie was the youngest and in many ways still the baby. “I can’t find anymore.” Thomas rolled his eyes. “So walk a little further down.”
  12. Mellicat


    Twenty years ago – "Rob-bie," Jamie shouted as he walked through the wooded area behind their home. "Rob-bie." His best guess was that his little brother had been missing for close to two hours. He had been wandering around the woods calling for what seemed like forever. Jamie feared he was either lost… or worse. "Rob-bie," he continued to yell, as he made his way further into the woods. "Robbie, where are you?" Jamie heard his brother shouting, too. Good, at least Thomas had decided to aid in the search. It was, after all, Thomas's fault Robbie was out here. He shouldn't
  13. Mellicat


    Twenty years ago – Robbie opened his eyes to darkness. Where was he? What happened? Why did his head hurt? He blinked a few times, becoming more aware. He was laying on something cold, hard and crunchy. Why was it so dark? He remembered playing with his brothers at the stream. Thomas had sent him off to look for more twigs. What had happened? Robbie started to set up, then a sharp pain in his left ankle sent him back to the ground. Ah, crap. He had stepped in a hole. He remembered now, he had felt his ankle twist, and he was falling... He reached up and touched the goos
  14. Mellicat

    The Arrivals

    Twenty years ago – "Rob-bie." Robbie's eyes shot open. "Dad?" "Robbie, Where are you?" He sat up; he was so cold. He had been lying on the ground curled up as tightly as he could. The sun was starting to light up the sky, but there was dense fog keeping things shadowy. "Daddy? I'm here." "Robbie? Keep talking to me son, I can't see you yet." "I'm over here, Dad. Come get me please. It's cold." Robbie could hear the crunch of twigs as someone was walking toward him, then he could make out the shadow of his father coming through the mist. "Daddy." "There y
  15. Mellicat


    Twenty years ago – Robbie soaked in a warm bath while his mother whipped up some blueberry pancakes, but by then his weariness over took his hunger and he could barely keep his eyes open long enough to get one pancake down. "Come on, buddy. Let's get you into bed. You've had a rough night,” Fred said and he lifted his son up from his chair at the kitchen table and carried him to bed. "Night Robbie," Jamie called after them, "I'm glad you're okay." The boys had awakened to find George in the kitchen making coffee. "Were are Mom and Dad?” Thomas asked. “They are at the ho
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