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  1. Wow! I am overwhelmed. All in one chapter you have released the flood gates of emotions between these three guys. A lot of revelation for one evening. Good work it is clearly time for this to happen and clearly makes for some very interesting dynamics among the burgeoning friendships. Good work , keep it going!
  2. Enjoyed the continuing saga painfully slow at bringing Ryan and Luke to knowledge that they have more in common than they might have imagined possible. Just think how much the story possibilities that will be at hand when they are out to each other! regards Napaguy
  3. Yes, indeed, but painfully slow. College--no less?
  4. Ok , need more time on the older group. Some how Ryan and Luke need to become aware that they have more in common than they yet have been able to grasp. Even though neither has any strong interest in the opposite sex. Keep it coming Napaguy
  5. Napaguy

    Summer's End

    I've had the impression that Ryan and Luke are close friends. Since they are both closeted why not break them into at least a closeted couple! And
  6. Good writing. Now just hoping that Luke now bares his "secret", now that his brother and Ryan have begun opening up. Difficult issues to deal with at the high school level i enjoy your stories. Keep them coming. regards Lenard
  7. Napaguy

    Ball Game

    Kudos for great story line. I enjoy the sense o closeness developing between Luke and Ryan.
  8. Napaguy

    Chapter 13

    What a masterful handling of this tangled web. The sins of the "fathers" shall come home to roost and the "children" shall rise up and lead them. Kudos again to my favorite author.
  9. Napaguy


    A very good read.. Less mama and a good dad. And the boys are growing together keep that thought and trend
  10. Napaguy

    Chapter 4

    I luv this. This is Mark Arbour at his finest! What more can I say! Hats Off Lenard
  11. Napaguy

    Chapter 3

    Great story. Cleverly played out. I see great depth and talent here!
  12. Napaguy

    Chapter 1

    Beginnings of a good story -- keep up the good work
  13. Napaguy

    Chapter 9

    Well done -- if only Avery had the confidence and courage let Matt know the Hell he lives in.
  14. Great story line-- all laid out .. Now let's see what happens!
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