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  1. Sounds like her nationality is more of a problem than the fact that she's a mother (and a woman). But if you want to write a mother, bring out your own inner mother. Just think of what you would do if you were in her shoes. We mothers are just like the rest of you, I promise -- just use your own experience and you'll be fine.
  2. Procyon

    annual hello's

    P.S. Write, man, write!! That world does exist, just live in it!
  3. Procyon

    annual hello's

    It's true that these stories are a world of their own. Your fanfiction too, and some other fanfiction, so much more evasive, in a way, than books. Funny, also, how they can affect one's life. It's new year's eve here, so happy new year!
  4. Happy Birthday ~!!~

  5. Happy Birthday Gal,

    I hope you have a FANTASTIC day and a GREAT year :-)

  6. Happy Birthday :)

  7. Procyon


    'And the word was made flesh', and that's why the flesh needs the word to know itself. Harhar.
  8. My boyfriend's smell -- juuust kidding, I don't have one -- but I like the smell of lavender. Not that I need anything to steam me up if I'm with the right person.
  9. I've got violently red toenails right now since I had them PEDICURED in Tunisia last week, haha. Not my favourite colour though...
  10. Tiger -- aww, thanks for starting the thread! Mike -- great that you know where my name comes from -- I always imagine canis minor as a dog similar to my mother's toy poodle. Krista -- I did have a great day, thanks. corvus -- aww, thanks -- hopefully I'll hear a fairly good 'son iiiiiiiiiiiiiio' in November, anyway. Bugeye, Drewbie -- thanks, I did have a lot of fun. Mark -- late is great, actually -- I'm always late myself.
  11. It was always mentioned to us at school -- I don't have those textbooks anymore but I know I read about it at least twice at school and thought it was fascinating, and I think I saw a documentary about it too. Haven't looked at the wikipedia article, but how weird that it doesn't say... Anyway I'm still fascinated by it, harhar, it'd be great to see it finally.
  12. Thanks for the birthday wishes! :)

  13. Thanks for the birthday wishes, I did have a great day :)

  14. Happy Birthday!

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