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  1. Hi. When in "Stories" quick search I tried to search for author 'Mark Arbour' with no luck. There is no quick search under the category "Authors".
  2. Hi Mark,

    Getting a little worried about you. Are you OK?

    Give us a little update if you're up to it.

    Tx. Tom

  3. chase5555

    Chapter 51

    Hey Mark. Thanks for the chapters. As I was reading along, I suddenly said out loud "It's a freakin' soap opera." Have you ever considered trying to market your sagas as TV series? I could see Netflix or Amazon producing "Chronicles" as an ongoing series. I'd also love to watch your 'Granger' saga produced in a BBCish or PBSish manner and I would purchase every episode they filmed. Anybody else want to watch these characters on screen? - LIKE this comment with a thumbs up ! Any readers out there that know how to market Mark's stories if
  4. Happy Holidays Mark. I'm hoping that all is well with you and the quiet that we don't hear is just you being occupied with other things. Please give us the holiday gift of an update on how things are going with you. Be well and know that we miss you. Tom



  5. chase5555

    Chapter 45

    This plotline has become like a bowl of starchy spaghetti that’s been in the fridge overnight. I wonder how in the heck you’re ever going to be able to untangle it. When you finally dump it back in a pot of boiling water, I wonder if my noodle will be able to get untangled too.
  6. chase5555


    All is right in my world. Mark is back and he brought Granger with him. Yeeha.
  7. It is so good to hear from you. I was worried with the lack of news. So glad you are doing better and continue to write. What a great talent. Thanks for the update.
  8. chase5555


    Best chapter of the story so far. Thanks for writing for us. Good job.
  9. chase5555

    Chapter 4

    A very watered down version of a granger. When JJ's family & Wade get done with this (can't think of a bad enough phrase) oh crap.
  10. chase5555

    Chapter 3

    I just love Will. I have a sneaking suspicion that Will is a secret biography of our beloved author. You aren't that conniving are you Mark? LOL.
  11. Hi Mark. You are a fantastic author. You pump out a massive amount of great story with characters that I feel I know personally while making it appear effortless. I can spend hours laboring over my keyboard and end up trashing it after reading it. However, I'm a damn good cook. I think I'll stick with what I can do and just continue to enjoy your talent while I munch out. Thanks for all the good reads. Tom
  12. chase5555

    Chapter 38

    ? JJ & Alex off to Amsterdam to get married. JJ is wealthy in his own right and Brad and/or Stef could provide a nice dowry. With Alex already married it would abort Mary Ellen's scheme. The downside would be that it would 'out' JJ and could hurt his skating career, however wouldn't it make him the Countess he always wanted to be? (tongue in cheek).
  13. chase5555

    Chapter 23

    Hmmmm. Don't they do drug testing at skating competitions. I wonder if prescription sleeping pills could get him disqualified or banned? Of course it would be all Alex's fault for not answering his phone.
  14. chase5555

    Chapter 40

    Thanks, that was a fun chapter. Just a comment on Wade's recent bizarre behavior. Considering that both of his parents were nut jobs and the abuse he has suffered at their hands, I'm not surprised that occasionally he'd be a little 'wacko' and can easily forgive him for it. Overall, I think his calmness and staid behavior may be a cover for some insecurities. I'm always checking for new chapters with great anticipation. Thanks again.
  15. Hey CJ, hope you have a great trip. Travel safely. I see that the "mysterious garlic crusher" has not been lost at sea. Maybe the tracking device, the doll, the tape, the gold & the garlic crusher will assemble themselves into some bizarre transformer, hook up with Gonzales and stomp out the witch... oh, that's right.... this isn't sci-fi. Waiting anxiously for the final chapters. Thanks.
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