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  1. What??? 37 points and not one mentions lángos? :-o
  2. https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTXLM_-I0Egovd3lui9ZUFrDj7mg0DgcV2A_upexYd6sG_XBU7-pg It's an astronomical clock! What else were you thinking???
  3. "molested 5 girls OUT OF WHICH 4 WERE HIS SISTERS" :-O :-O Stellar family values!
  4. paya

    I Say No!

    My German is worse than I expected... Would you manage to find a transcript somewhere? I tried to Google but she has too many comments...
  5. YES! Great deduction, Drew! Your turn to post a new challenge! ;-)
  6. paya


    I agree! Vicious is great for a quick laugh and Frances de la Tour and "Ramsay Bolton" are just as awesome as the two main queens in it! BTW there are two more grey haired "Gay" ambassadors - Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston kiss and hug a lot in the Netflix's Grace and Frankie! Wholeheartedly recommended! ;-)
  7. Maybe it means he's hung as a horse...?
  8. Don't forget "Shut your mouth and eat your lunch!" That's how my mother taught me osmosis... ;-)
  9. Yes MikeL, he is! That is a very clever question! :-)
  10. Nobody even tries? Oh well, we can leave the thread dreaming. :-)
  11. That picture is horrifying on so many levels!
  12. Who replaced Trebs as Member Advocate?
  13. The pic might have been taken in the 70s or 80s. But he got famous in the past decade(s). Just look into those cunning eyes and give that hair some trim... ;-)
  14. no takers? no guesses? come on! don't be like that! ;-)
  15. Well it's 200 years since the Battle of Waterloo, so I thought of Duke of Wellington - but he was not alive when the photograph came about?
  16. By any chance, was he naughty when he was in Europe? ;-) Not like the modern Britons - pick a cheap Eastern city, fly over there on Friday, get shitfaced two days in a row, pass out on the street, lose your passport, pay the fine to the Embassy and then fly home on Sunday. Meaning like... IDK... win a battle or something...
  17. It's DAME Maggie Smith, for you! ;-) And yes, that cute little girl has just celebrated 80 last year. :-) Any older picture that I would post, those cheekbones would give her away. Either Zombie or Valkyrie can post the next. :-) Edit: Though on second thought, I was not able to find a second source to prove that it really is a pic of little Maggie Smith, so if you find a different version, don't take it personally, it's just a game. ;-)
  18. "Listen, I must be 110 by now. Granny is going to kick the bucket at some point." ;-) I still need a name...
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