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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Damien, the Shy Boy - 3. Chapter 3

I took more time than usual in the bathroom this morning. I made sure I reached every part of my mouth with the toothbrush. I examined my face in the mirror, looking at myself in a whole new light. I saw a boy who apparently was wanted and cared for. For the first time in my short life, I felt that I cared for myself. I examined my chest and my arms. While rather slim and petite, I wasn’t frail. I hated group sports but I loved biking and swimming. I was good at dodgeball, too. Well, partially at least. I was good at the dodge part, not so much at throwing the ball. But I was able to avoid the ball forever until the rest of my team eliminated the other. When it came to football or basketball - there was no point in dodging anything, so I was useless. Nobody ever wanted me in the team and I can’t blame them.

I noticed someone left some hair gel on the sink. I made sure nobody was looking, took a little with my fingers and started shaping my hair to look good for Dennis.

Dennis. Last night, we didn’t get to spend more time together than we did. The curfew was approaching and we knew Bartek would be back in no time. We eventually put on our briefs and Dennis went back to his bed. When Bartek returned, it was my turn to play on the Gameboy. After all, this was what it was all about from the start, right? Right. And even though I had been looking forward to playing, I couldn’t focus on it at all. Any pleasure coming from the game was nothing in comparison to… to the other pleasure.

There was something more to what we did last evening. I may have been naive but I wasn’t dumb. We did adult stuff and it wasn’t just fondling ourselves; it was emotional and special, at least it was for me. I didn’t feel abused and neither of us turned it into a joke. It was serious and I liked serious. And I wanted to be wanted.

When I achieved a desirable result with my hair, I put my shirt on which ruined it again, so I was back to square one. Eventually, I got it right and made a few smart poses in front of the mirror before heading back to our place.

The door to the room was slightly ajar and I stopped, hearing muffled voices of my roommates.

“What? Again?” Bartek was asking. Whatever it was, he didn’t sound very happy.

“Yes, and you’ll have the Gameboy all to yourself for the entire evening,” Dennis explained with forced patience in his voice.

“What are you two doing here anyway that you don’t want me to see?”

“I told you yesterday, the deal is you don’t ask any questions and you get to play all you want. It’s nothing big anyway.”

“Alright, geez, if you don’t want to hang out with me then just say so.” Bartek seemed a bit offended.

“It’s not that, I promise. We can hang out all day before it if you want.”

At that point, I was certain Dennis was growing up to be a lawyer or a police negotiator. His grades were mediocre but he had this talent to make people do as he pleased. Or maybe it was just his talisman, his magic wand, Gameboy. Well, as of recently I was more interested in the other magic wand he had and apparently, I was about to see it again this evening. My heart skipped a beat at the realisation.

I heard footsteps coming from the corridor behind me so I decided it was the right moment to interrupt. I walked into the room as casually as I could. I reminded myself not to make puppy eyes for Dennis but I felt I was looking good and a part of me wanted him to notice.

However, even if he did, he didn’t let it out. I was convincing myself it was because we were not alone and soon scolded myself for being desperate for attention. Keep it cool Damien, you’re not a baby. Dennis said so. Shit, I’m hopeless.

The breakfast was warm milk with soggy corn flakes which I detested. Today we were going on a boat trip and I was seriously worried If I could hold it inside me until dinner time.

We marched out right after breakfast and as Dennis promised, we actually hung out together with Bartek. Problems were forgotten and we chatted lively about all sorts of stupid things. It was almost unnatural how much fun we were having. At school, Dennis and his crew would never pay attention to us, losers, and here we were, joking like old friends.

In less than thirty minutes, we reached the harbor by the river. The arrangements were made, and small, six-seat rowing boats were to take us to the neighbouring town, not far away. The river flowed through some amazing canyons, so we were quite excited. We went to the end of the waiting line, close to each other so that the three of us could be in the same boat. As time flew by, we watched the boats take off one after another with small groups of kids inside. When it was our turn, I was right behind my friends but after Bartek got in, the harbor clerk blocked my way.

“This one is full, wait for the next.”

My face went green, then white and before I could protest, their boat was on its way. I only managed a short eye contact with Dennis at the last moment. He was looking worried and disappointed. But I really knew I was out of luck when I looked behind and saw there were only four people waiting with me and three of them were David & company.

All hope was lost. It no longer felt like the real world but rather like a scripted attempt to make my life a living hell. They didn’t pay me any attention yet, but I had no doubt I was a dead boy. I had to spend the next 30 minutes or so in an enclosed space with David. I started contemplating my ways out and jumping into the river seemed like a viable plan B.

Two minutes later, we got inside the boat. We were seated on the sides of the boat facing each other, and the oarsman was at the beak, facing away from us. Another boy and I were sitting in front of my three tormentors. I didn’t know what they were up to and I looked away, contemplating the water. I knew I had to endure this little episode and I’d be back to safety in no time. And there was an adult right next to us, so I was going to make it.

Just when I thought it was going to be fine, I felt something bounce off my forehead and land on the deck. I gave a side glance to David. They opened a bag of sunflower seeds and made me a target for their empty shells. They weren’t abusing me verbally, not to risk being heard by the oarsman, but they didn’t need to. I was on the verge of tears, the third day in a row. With each projectile hitting me, I was breaking. What would Dennis do? I was supposed to handle such situations by now, why can’t I keep it together? Should I ask the man for help? And what would he do even if I did? Beat them up? I was hopeless and all confidence I took so long to build up was gone. I didn’t do anything. I only asked myself what will finish first - the trip or their snack bag. Because my will to live was long gone.

We arrived some 30 minutes later and when I stood up, dozens of empty shells spilled out from me like dead leaves from a tree on windy weather. The brutes laughed at me and left the boat. When I felt solid ground under my feet, I was relieved but I knew the trauma would stick with me for the rest of the day. At least they didn’t beat me or call me names. Otherwise, I would surely flood the deck with my tears and sink the boat.

When I saw Bartek and Dennis, I ran to them for shelter.

“There you are,” Dennis said, “I saw who you ended up with. Did they do something to you?”

“No…” I said and Dennis gave me the look. “... Alright, alright, yes. They were throwing empty sunflower shells at me the whole trip.”

“Son of a… I’ll slap his ugly face.”

“No, please don’t. I know I can handle it, I just wasn’t ready today… I was very sad to see you go without me and they just caught me off guard. I think I can handle them, I promise.”

“He deserves beating anyway. I’ll just wait till no one sees and will smack him like the bitch he is.”

“Dennis, please. Just don’t do it because of me. Give me one last chance. They will never leave me alone if I can’t stand up for myself.”

“... Okay but if I see them again trying funny shit then God help them.”

I had no choice but to leave it at that for now. I was still mad at myself. I really thought I could handle this stuff better but when actually confronted I felt like a little child again. Maybe I was a baby all along and it was about time to accept it. My therapy of choice was to hang out with my roomies again. Cracking one joke after another helped me shove the problems aside for now.

We were in yet another Polish tourist mountain town - with beautiful natural landscapes, swift brooks glittering in the sun and clouds hanging just above the roofs. Charming wooden cottages contrasted with depressing communist blocks of flats on every step. In the distance, I saw a general store and suggested we go get a snack, in reality thinking about getting myself a new Star Wars Tazo. We walked in and I asked the clerk to give me a big pack so I could share with the boys. Back outside, I almost bumped into David and his minions.

“Look at the blondie boy, all excited about his nerdy baby toy,” David mocked me. He didn’t see Dennis who only just emerged from the store door and challenged him.

“So what if he’s excited? Mind your business, asshole.” That really surprised David. He must have thought I was by myself and he can have his way with me. I saw his confidence fade away and his reply came rather nervous.

“How come you’re hanging with those dweebs now Dennis? You want to get herpes?”

“You’ll have herpes up your ass if I see you pick on them again! Get lost, you sack of shit.”

“That’s what I wanted to do anyway, it is clearly contagious.” David managed to keep his head up but seemed very eager to be on his way. Bartek was the first to speak once they vanished.

“Wow, that was harsh.”

“He’s all talk and no action, one punch and he’ll be crying on the floor. And his buddies would be long gone before his head hits the ground.” Dennis seemed pretty pissed.

But he was right. I don’t think I ever saw David in a real fistfight, like with someone his size or who could defend himself. He was only picking on the weaklings. Like a wolf, cornering a deer with his pack. Dennis in turn… to me he was like a trained hound, ready to take anyone by himself. I was so proud he called me a friend and happy to have him as a protector. I had to force myself not to worship him here and now with my watery eyes. But the angel on my shoulder kept telling me that it wasn’t his fight and that he shouldn’t be taking risks for me. After all, none of this would happen if only I could stand for myself.

“Thanks, Dennis,” I said. At least I could let him know I appreciate him being here.

“Don’t mention it. Actually, I’ll go after them, I’m too pissed now.” I had no doubt he was serious.

“Dennis, please, no. Let’s go somewhere else. Don’t beat him, you’ll be in trouble.”

“I won’t beat him, I just wanna talk. You two go back and wait for me, I’ll be there soon.”

There was no negotiation. I started saying something to convince him but he was already moving away fast.

“Come on,” said Bartek, “he can handle that.”

Sad and resigned, I followed Bartek back to our meeting point. We sat on a bench and I opened the chips pack I was carrying. I rummaged a little in search of a Tazo and opened it impatiently.

“Look! It’s Bobba Fett! I’ve been looking for it for ages!” I exclaimed.

“Good for you Damien, but can I have some chips now?”

“You can have them all as far as I’m concerned. Bobba. Fricking. Fett.” David was right, I was the biggest nerd on the planet. And for the moment, the happiest one, too.

Bartek also seemed happy enough, devouring my red paprika Lays.

“Hey, leave something for Dennis, alright?” I scolded him.

“You said I can have them all, didn’t you?”

I rolled my eyes. “Yes, I did, but I changed my mind. I want him to have some too.”

“Ah right, he’s your new best friend after all. Don’t worry, I will leave some.”

“Why are you calling him my best friend? He hasn’t been talking to me at all until two days ago.”

“Maybe, but yesterday he wanted you all to himself for some reason. And he made me leave you two alone today again.”

“Oh, that…” I wasn’t ready to talk about it.

“Yeah that. What are you two doing in there anyway?”

“Uhm, nothing, really, I can’t tell you exactly.”

“Why?” He asked and looked at me suspiciously. How in the world do I answer that without letting out what was going on? And what, apparently, might happen again today.

“Uhm, because… because he said he won’t let me play with his Gameboy if I tell anybody.” Smooth! Nice save, Damien.

“That’s what he’s telling me whenever he wants something. The manipulative little shit…” That made me laugh uncontrollably.

“It’s exactly what I thought about him yesterday,” I chuckled.

“Is it? So what did he made you do?” Bartek jumped from excitement like he was onto something again.

“Oh come on! I really can’t tell you, please stop asking. Maybe I’ll tell you later.”

I stood my ground. Everything that happened between me and Dennis must remain a secret. It would be my end if the word got out. Meanwhile, Bartek was asking questions and it didn’t look like we could get rid of him that easy. At least Gameboy was keeping him at bay for now.

I think he was about to go on nagging me forever when we saw Dennis approaching from the distance. He was looking quite chirpy when he sat next to us and reached for a fistful of chips.

“So? What happened?” Bartek asked. I admit I’d rather not know.

“Nothing, I didn’t find them. But I saw two dogs screwing in the middle of the street and it was funny.”

“You let them go because you saw two dogs going at it?”

“Yesh,” he replied, munching.

“Right. Nevermind, let’s go, I think it’s dinner time.”

We met with the whole group and went to a local bar. We browsed the menu for fancy stuff but it turned out we could only get chicken broth with noodles and pierogi. Which probably would be my choice anyway, so whatever. Stuffed, we all gathered near the town square, waiting for our bus to take us back. I found an empty seat and Dennis soon joined next to me.

We enjoyed the view in silence for a while when Dennis poked me.

“So, I wanted to talk to you earlier but there were always people around.”

“Yeah, about what?” I pretended to be clueless and watched him going all awkward and shy with delight.

“You know, I think it worked pretty well yesterday and you weren’t so shy about your body anymore. But you remember the Discovery Channel show I was telling you about? So yeah, the woman also said that it takes a long time to actually overcome your fear and… Uhm… that one session may, like, not be enough? So, what I’m trying to say is, I thought that since we are still here and...”

“Alright, I want to do it,” I cut him short, mercifully.

“Really? Oh, that’s cool because, you know, it worked for you so well and I think…”

“Yes, Dennis, it worked miracles, let’s do it again,” I placed my hand on his lap discretely and he grabbed it, smiling. He seemed adorkably oblivious of the fact that I was a few steps ahead of his clumsy plot. It felt weird to be the confident one with Dennis but I have been preparing myself for the conversation the whole day.

“Yeah, uhm… I’m happy I can help.” He squeezed my hand a few times and I had to fight myself not to hug him right there. “So, yeah, I will ask Bartek to leave us again after showers, right?” I considered telling him that I overheard their conversation in the morning but decided against it and played along.

“Yes Dennis, please ask him. The plan worked fine yesterday.”

“A… Alright, I will when we’re back in the hotel,” he stuttered. He was probably expecting more resistance from me.

The feeling was really weird. And Dennis was saying the truth, the session yesterday helped. But most of all, my relationship with the boy changed and I felt like I understood him better with every moment. I knew very well the “therapy” was only an excuse but I had no idea where he was getting with it. Why was he so different when we talked alone? My anxious mind would probably suspect some foul play but he protected me in public, risking his reputation and possibly getting in serious trouble.

“So, you like Star Wars?” He asked after a moment of silence.

“Yeah. Do you?”

“Well, I watched it this year for the first time, I think I liked it.”

“Cool! Look what I got,” I beamed and showed him my Bobba Fett foundling.

“Oh, cool, I remember that guy. Never said a single word and then got eaten but this giant, sabertooth turnip in the ground, right?”

I laughed, “Yeah, the giant turnip dude, that’s him.”

We talked about similar stuff for the rest of the ride and it was awesome. Was I one of the cool guys now? Or did HE got demoted to a lousy nerd? Time will tell. Back at the hotel, I added my precious Bobba Fett to the album (yes, I got myself the official album and carried it everywhere) and admired my collection for a while. I had 46 out of 50 caps. It started looking really well. I didn’t know anyone who had as many as I did.

Fast forward to the showers. I got a little nervous. I thought that maybe once in my life I have something under control, but now the feeling was slipping away from me with every second. I still took extra care of getting myself clean, paying special attention to the private parts. Grinding my teeth, I wore nothing under the towel again and met Dennis outside the bathroom. Next thing I knew, we were in our room and the sound of the door lock worked like a trigger, making me tense up. I turned around and Dennis was right behind me, only in his towel.

“So… you ready?”

I wasn’t ready, I felt conflicted and hated myself for that.

“Uhm, Dennis, could we do it like we did yesterday?”

“You mean on the bed? Or with the lights turned off?”

“Uhm… both.”

“Okay cute boy, get in there”. Dennis switched off the light and I sat on my bed, insecure.

“Actually, I want to see better this time,” said Dennis and without asking me, opened the window wide. The moon and the stars gently illuminated the room and I could clearly see him drop his towel on the ground. I was rocking on the bed, a little nervous. When he joined me, already naked, he asked:

“Want me to help you with it again?”

“N… no,” I said and reluctantly removed my towel. Now we were both nude and I was hoping Dennis will come up with something to put me at ease.

“So, is it easier than yesterday?" He asked.

“Yes, but the Discovery Channel lady was right, it still feels awkward…”

“Let me try and…” He moved closer, our legs intertwining, our dicks mere centimeters away. Then he took my chin, looked me in the eyes and said: “It’s ok.”

I nodded. Soon our hands were touching, exploring and at one point even pinching. Every now and then, we looked at each other to check if we’re not causing any pain or discomfort. His hands moved lower and he started massaging my thighs. If we weren’t fully hard earlier, now we definitely were. Next time our eyes met, Dennis asked:

“Can I?”

I closed my eyes and nodded. His hands went slowly up my legs and I gasped when he touched my sensitive balls, that retracted a little on contact. The right hand went even higher and gently wrapped around my dick. I opened my eyes and watched him slowly caress and stroke. I forced myself to keep eye contact but my vision was blurred. That was the first time someone touched me down there and the feeling was unspeakable. Every time my foreskin slid up or down my glans, it sent electric jolts down my spine. I was struggling to keep my head straight.

It took me a few minutes to realise I was being selfish, but before I could reach down to return the favor, Dennis let go of my dick and gently pushed me on the bed. I laid on my back, fully accessible and vulnerable. Dennis surveyed my nakedness for a while and then the boy’s mouth went straight to my penis. I supported myself on my elbows and watched as his head goes up and down, sending me straight to cloud 9. I started gently pumping my hips to match his rhythm and it felt even more amazing. He was gentle enough to make it last but eventually, I felt my orgasm building up.

“Dennis… stop… I’m almost cumming… let me do you now,” I whispered between breaths.

“Okay Damien, you sure you want it?”

“Yes, please,” I almost begged.

Still on my back, I was about to switch positions but he was faster again. He went on his knees and aimed his dick at my mouth.

“I will put it in now, okay?” He asked before proceeding. I just nodded again, inviting him. I wasn’t 100% positive what was about to happen but I was up for it no matter what.

Dennis was clearly very horny but somehow managed to stay chivalrous and ask me for permission. At first, he went in very slowly and not too deep. The feeling and taste of his penis in my mouth was something completely new and at first, I was on the fence about whether I liked it. At least until about 30 seconds later, at which point I was all on board, overjoyed with pleasuring him. He was sliding his dick in and out of my mouth and moaning with every push. Meanwhile, I was learning to keep my teeth away and to put my tongue to good use. Every time I heard him moan louder, I made a mental note to give him more of the same. I didn’t see his face but he seemed to enjoy it a lot. After a few minutes, he started pumping faster and deeper. My mouth got a bit sore by then and I wasn’t sure if could do it much longer. Fortunately, Dennis suddenly backed off, and with his eyes closed, started jacking off, sitting on my legs. I immediately knew I had to act fast. I took his hand away and replaced it with mine, doing him as fast as I could. His surprise only lasted a heartbeat and in a while, we were masturbating each other with passion.

This time I came first. I got an overwhelming feeling from everything we’ve done and came all over his hand and my belly. He was only 5 seconds late. He moaned loudly, coated my groin area with his sperm and collapsed on me, breathing heavily.

We laid there, with our eyes closed, motionless and happy. His firm boy body resting on mine was everything I needed. Small discomfort coming from the sticky wetness between our bellies was shoved deep into subconsciousness.

One eternity later, Dennis raised enough to look me in the eyes.

“That was so great, thank you, Damien,” he said and placed a kiss on my forehead. I just smiled and rubbed his dark hair with my dry hand.

“You are welcome. And thank you… for the therapy.”

“Oh yeah, the therapy. No problem. I had a feeling it would work.”

We finally got up and Dennis used his today’s t-shirt to get us clean. I didn’t want to say it out loud but I knew he was in for a heavy questioning back home. Once clean, we got back to bed.

“Dennis?” I asked sitting naked next to him.

“Yeah, buddy?”

“Uhm, I know it’s not possible but it would be cool to, like, sleep together in one bed. It feels cozy when we’re like this.”

“Oh, yeah that would be cool. But I don’t think we can keep Bartek off for the night.”

“I know, I just thought maybe one day…”

“Hey, we still got like 30 minutes before he’s back, wanna snuggle?”

I smiled at him and a few moments later, he was laying on his back with me snuggled against his side and my head resting on his chest. I loved having his body so close. I was painting pictures with my finger on his chest and belly, trying to memorize every inch of his skin. I gave a little scratch to his pubic hair, amazed by its softness. He scratched my scalp in return.

“Dennis?” I asked sleepily.

“Yeah, Damien?”

“You’ve been really good to me. No one usually cares for me the way you do.”

“Sure, you’re my friend, right?”

“Yeah… you’ve been a real friend and I thank you for that... Uhm, Dennis… Have you done it before, like with someone else?”

“No buddy, I don’t think so. I'm as new to it as one can be. But whatever helps you with your shyness, y’know?”

“Yes, Dennis...” I smiled.

...Whatever you say.

Thanks for reading! Damien, the Shy Boy chapter 4 is on the way. Please let me know your comments.

Copyright © 2020 Arch Hunter; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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Another good chapter as things develop on this school trip. I had to look up pierogi, but sounds like a delicious meal, very eastern Europe, very Polish. The little descriptions you throw in are perfect, reminds me of a school trip when I was fourteen, there were the "cool" guys and the nerds, only the cool guys weren't really that cool, they just thought they were.

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Just found you and your story love what I'm reading.Why couldn't I find a Dennis when I was 13? I just hope its not a case of Dennis being curious and when they get back to school he ignores Damian but I digress.Its late I'll finish this tomorrow

Edited by weinerdog
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1 hour ago, weinerdog said:

Just found you and your story love what I'm reading.Why couldn't I find a Dennis when I was 13? I just hope its not a case of Dennis being curious and when they get back to school he ignores Damian but I digress.Its late I'll finish this tomorrow

Thanks so much! Makes me want to write a follow up to this story... maybe one day. I hope you like the next two chapters too!

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