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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Damien, the Shy Boy - 4. Chapter 4

The next morning after breakfast, we found ourselves on the road again. The weather was fine the entire stay so far but let me tell you, that day was scorching hot! The bus didn’t have any air conditioning and even though all the windows were open, the apathy was taking its toll on everyone inside. What’s worse, I was experiencing a food coma after eating scrambled eggs with sausage and was dozing off on Dennis’s shoulder. The moving bus felt like a giant cradle and I was having weird dreams, mixed with flashbacks of yesterday.

Our after-sex snuggles were the last remarkable event of the previous evening. Eventually, I had to tell Dennis to go back to his bed which felt like saying goodbye to him at the airport, knowing he won’t be back until Christmas. One more thing that happened was when Bartek came back to the room and turned on the light for a while. He put the Gameboy away and stopped there, staring at the cum-covered t-shirt on the ground we forgot to get rid of. He looked like he was about to say something but just went straight to bed, giving us perplexed looks. Was it so obvious? I hope not.

We woke up early, the heat blazing in from the opened window. The plan for today was to climb the highest mountain in the area. It was only 1600m high but we were positive we would all be toast well before we can get there. As we gathered in the main hall, ready to go, one of our guardians stepped out and cleared his throat.

“Hey gang, you’re probably thinking it is way too hot today for climbing and you’re right. I’d like to announce there’s been a change of plan and we’re going to the lake instead.”

I think he wanted to say something more but he was deafened by excited teenage screams. Agitated and relieved, we left the building in high spirits.

Dennis nudged me gently to wake me up and I realized the bus had come to a stop. It took me a few seconds to remind myself where I was and what was my name but soon we were out in the sun again.

We found ourselves on a parking lot with a view stretching out on the lakeside. It was a big one, dotted with sailboats and even some motorboats. There were mountains on the other side of the lake, creating an impressive view. After a few minutes, we were on the beach. The sand on the shore was fine and clean but hot like fuck. I felt like it was melting my shoe soles and burning my poor, delicate feet. Fortunately, a small cliff nearby was casting some shadow and that’s where we went.

It was a typical tourist place with some food booths, a bar, water equipment rental and a few other similar facilities. Luckily, there weren't many people except for us. It seemed the weather was too unforgiving and it was wiser to stay at home. I reckon we were not wise but neither we ever claimed to be, too. I’ve sworn to stick to Bartek and Dennis the entire time. I desperately wanted it to be my first day without being kicked about.

We found a nice spot just by the water and spread out our blankets on the sand. We undressed and wrapped ourselves with towels to change into our swimming trunks. Bartek left to find a toilet and I searched my backpack for the sunscreen.

“Hey Dennis, will you help me put on sunscreen?”

“Sure, buddy.”

He carefully covered my skin with a thick layer of sunscreen, giving me a few playful tickles while rubbing near my sensitive areas. Then I did him. I was working on his legs when Bartek came back.

“Guys, can I use your sunscreen? I forgot mine in the room.”

We shared a knowing look with Dennis and attacked Bartek from both sides. I was greasing his front while Dennis got him from behind.

“Argh, stop… Ack, I can do it myself… Ouch!” He almost jumped when I applied cold cream near his armpit.

“It won’t hurt as much if you stop moving!” Dennis said, making sure his neck is oiled.

After a while, we were good to go. We splashed with the other kids near the shore and tossed a beach ball for a while. I was having fun but then my eyes landed on the swimming gear rental place I saw before.

“Guys, do you want to check what gear do they have there?” I asked Dennis and Bartek. They shrugged and followed me. Indeed, they had a pretty wide choice of equipment, mostly inflatable stuff for kids but also kayaks and boats. My eyes fixated on water mattresses. Dennis must have noticed them, too, because he approached them and turned back to us.

“Let’s get three of those and swim to the middle of the lake?”

“Okay, Dennis let’s get them but promise me we won’t go too far.” I only pretended to be concerned and was actually pretty excited. We each got one when Bartek said:

“You go, guys. I’ll pass.”

“Wait, what?” Dennis asked, “why?”

“Uhm… I can’t swim, alright? I don’t want to be that far when I fall from this thing.”

“Come on, we’ll save you if you fall over. And Damien will give you mouth to mouth respiration, am I right?”

“Ewww, better just let me drown then. No, I’m serious, you go lovebirds and I’ll go play with the rest.”

I stopped for a moment at his remark but decided it would only make him more suspicious if I get triggered.

“Alright, suit yourself. Come on, Damien!”

And off we went. We stepped into the water, which was quite cool by the way and climbed our mattresses, laying on our bellies for best steering experience. It took me a while to get the thing moving but eventually, we increased our distance from the land. We swam for a while next to each other. When we stopped and turned around, we saw we left the rest of the group quite far behind us but still could clearly see them play the ball and splash around.

“Hey Dennis,” I said looking at the other kids playing, “don’t you think that Bartek is onto us?” The thought was lingering in the back of my head and I felt relieved to say it out loud. But Dennis seemed unconcerned.

“Nah, he’s too dumb. I mean, I love him but he won’t connect the dots.”

“I’m not so sure. He’s been asking me a lot about what we’re doing and all.”

“Don’t worry about it. Anyway, we’re not doing anything bad, are we?”

“I didn’t say it was bad but…”

“Hey Damien, grab my hands, I have an idea.”

I was a little annoyed by this abrupt change of subject but I couldn’t say no to it. I was missing his touch and wanted him around all the time. Lying on our bellies, we swam towards each other and our hands connected.

“Okay, now do what I do,” Dennis said and started kicking the water gently, giving us slow rotation. I mimicked him and soon we were spinning with our legs kicking outwards and our hands in the center of the circle. I was bloody sure this was extremely symbolic and subtly portrayed our special relationship but couldn’t find the right words. I was too happy looking into his smiling eyes and sharing yet another stupid moment.

I realized how much was still unspoken between me and him and yet, we seemed to be getting closer with every day. I had to admit, I liked it even better like that. Words are fine and all but even the most beautiful ones carry the burden of inflated expectations and jealousy. Beautiful words can force you into commitments you’re not ready to make. And, like in that Depeche Mode song some radio stations liked to play ten times a day, they can only do harm. Without words, everything is exactly what it is, not less, not more.

After a while, Dennis got a little more serious and looked me in the eyes. I felt his hands squeeze mine tighter and he started pulling me closer. Our faces were just inches away when we heard a whistle.

“You two! Get back here right this moment!”

We jerked our heads up to see the lifeguard with a megaphone in the distance, clearly pissed. Pretty much everyone was looking in our direction but I think we were too far for them to see fine details.

We wore our best apologetic faces and headed back to the shore. To be fair, we went well beyond the safety buoy. The question was, why did it take them more than 10 minutes to notice? We could’ve been drowning and no one would bat an eye. First, we were scolded by the lifeguard and then by our guardians and we agreed it’s about time to return the cursed mattresses back where they came from.

When we found Bartek, he was sunbathing on the blanket, with his hat covering his face. He wasn’t really my type but I admired his smooth, muscled body for a while. He has been doing chores on his parents’ farm since he was a child and it showed. And his bulge was huge for his age! That’s our farmer boy here. Dennis joined right next to him and I was more than okay with this double treat.

When I was done perving on them, I looked around and spotted an ice cream booth nearby.

“Do you want ice cream, boys?” I asked.

Bartek smiled, groped his crotch suggestively and said: “Is it my birthday? Yes, please!”

We all laughed. You must know that “ice cream” can also mean “blowjob” in Polish. So yeah, I was low-key interested but instead told him to go to hell and left to get us ice cream, chirpy like a morning bird.

When I approached the booth, I saw a familiar silhouette by the counter. It didn’t take me long to recognize one of David’s little helpers, whatever his name was. Suddenly, when all by himself, he didn’t seem intimidating at all. And I was on a roll.

I stood next to him. He was waiting for the lady to give him his change. I looked at him and said,


He looked at me pretty confused, clearly unprepared for the confrontation. I never stopped staring at him.

“What?” He asked.

“You don’t like me, do you? Why?” I asked.

“What are you talking about, leave me alone!” He looked so uncomfortable I could almost sympathize with him. He took his change hastily and left. After 5 seconds, he came back when he realized he had forgotten to take what he paid for and went all red.

“Enjoy your ice cream, dude!” I called after him when he was leaving. I’ll let you figure out the double meaning by yourselves.

I looked at my hands, kind of expecting laser beams to shoot out in all directions. I had the power. And Dennis was right, these mud golems were helpless without their mastermind.

I must have looked like a nutcase because the gum-chewing lady behind the counter gave me a worried look.

“You alright there, kiddo?”

“Uhm, yes, I’m sorry. Three big ice creams, please.”

“Should’ve said so. I was worried you were overheatin’ or somethin’.”

I blushed and mumbled something in reply. Here I was again. Gone were the laser beams, just my old, shy self.

Going back to the boys, I was bouncing like a ball. We sat there for a while eating and then we sunbathed for another while. Then, we jumped into the water again, wrestling and splashing around. Wow, that was going to be the best day so far. And it somehow got even better. The boys left me sunbathing and came back with two Lay's packs. I jumped to my legs and hugged them both. The Star Wars caps I found inside have already been in my collection but that was the sweetest thing ever! I was close to tears but this time for all good reasons. Then, we sunbathed even more. At one time, Dennis poked me with his foot and soon we were sword-fighting with our toes. I know, very mature of us.

I was quite disappointed when our guardians told us we should get moving. Make no mistake, I’ve always been a domestic creature and thrived in the safety of enclosed spaces. But today, I was genuinely sad when it was time to go. Reluctantly, we changed back to our normal clothes and got inside the bus. It got cooler near the evening and the journey back was quite refreshing.

Back in the hotel, we unpacked and played cards for a while.

“So, you want me away after showers again, eh?” Bartek teased. It was the first time he confronted both of us about it.

“Listen, man,” Dennis said, “We’ve talked about it. It’s not like I’m making you do it for free. You can always say no.”

“Nah, I’ll leave you. I was just asking. I don’t want to seem like I’m envious or something. Today was super fun with you guys. If you need some alone time, then I’ll give you space.”

Wow. This was the most mature thing that has come out of his mouth, ever. Dennis and I looked at each other, feeling guilty. We could’ve just asked instead of bribing him with a console like he was some kind of a tool. The silence was ringing in my ears and finally, I mumbled:

“Uhm, we’re sorry Bartek, I had a great day with you too, you know? You’re one of my best friends. I’m sorry we didn’t just ask.

“No, don’t mention it. I’m sorry I was pushing you. Thanks for hanging out with me. And Dennis, thanks for letting me use your Gameboy. I’ve always wanted to have one but my parents can’t afford it.”

Dennis still had a look of guilt on his face but he was the first one to react.

“Oh, come here, you,” he said and we all went into a hug, calling each other morons and dim-wits.

Soon, it was shower time! - almost like this stupid MC Hammer song. Dennis was kind enough to wait for me while I was getting my stuff in our room. It seemed we were becoming inseparable. I felt sad whenever he wasn’t around and beamed when he was back. He appeared to enjoy my presence too, which was comforting.

When we reached the bathroom, I realised I'd forgotten my toothbrush and told Dennis I’d join him in a while. I rushed through the corridor and was almost in our room when the door opened and I saw the strangest thing. Coming out of our place was David, who seemed just as shocked to see me as I was to see him. He got around me, not looking me in the eyes, and retreated to his room before I could react. He acted weird. And what the hell was he doing in our room? I was pretty sure none of us had invited him.

I was getting increasingly worried after I came inside. I switched on the light and looked around, not knowing what to expect. However, everything seemed normal and I grabbed my toothbrush, ready to move on with the day. Then, I got a weird feeling. Breathing faster, I opened my drawer and froze. My album was gone. My Star Wars album was gone and I very well knew who took it. I never cared too much about material things but this was my most precious belonging. I got enraged and, without thinking too much, walked out of the room, ready to kill.

I pushed open the door to David’s room down the hall and it slammed against the wall.

“Give it to me!!”

He was sitting on his bed alone, looking uneasy. He thought he had come up with a perfect crime and now it was too late to abort.

“What are you talking about, you psycho?” He retreated a little on his bed, surprised by my outburst.

“Give it back to me!! Now!!!” My heart was beating super fast and I knew I probably looked hysterical.

“Geez alright, stop screaming, I just wanted to borrow it for a while.” He reached behind himself and presented the album to me hastily. He didn’t even have time to hide it properly. It looked unscratched. I realized I was still grasping my toothbrush like a knife and my knuckles turned white. I snapped the album out of his hands.

“Don’t you EVER touch it again!” I stormed out of the room and rushed back to ours.

I won. I won but I was trembling and the tears started coming to my eyes. I realized I can never be like this. I came victorious but the confrontation took a massive toll on me.

I closed the door behind me, turned off the light and jumped on the bed, shaking. I curled up, holding the album close to me and started crying. Why did I have to be so emotional? I couldn’t even talk to people normally. I'd either stay silent or go all hysterical. There was no middle ground for me. At least nobody could see me crying there. It doesn’t matter anyway, I thought, I’m not coming out of the room ever again.

I was laying there for a few minutes, weeping silently when the door opened.

“Hey Damien, you coming or what?”

Dennis entered the room and, in the darkness, it took him a while to see where I was. He closed the door and rushed to me. I was still rocking on the bed, tears coming down my cheeks.

“Oh God, Damien, what happened?”

“He… he took it!” I sobbed.

“Who took what?”

“D… David, he sneaked in here while we were away and t… took my album!”

“But you have it right here, did he give it back?”

“Y… yes, I shouted at him and he gave it back.”

I looked at Dennis. The room was dark and my eyes were wet but it looked like he was smiling.

“There there, buddy, you showed him! I told you he’s all words.”

“I feel awful!”

“You’re not awful, you’re fantastic! And he’s a piece of shit.”

“Stop it… I’m the opposite of fantastic. You are fantastic and I’m clumsy, too emotional and weird.”

Dennis didn’t reply but just caressed my hair.

“Can you stay with me for a while?” I asked.

Again, he said nothing and just climbed onto the bed with me and spooned me from behind, rocking me gently.

“There there, you’re my baby. You did great. And I will beat this fucker to the ground when I see him, I guarantee you.”

“...?” I mumbled.

“What was that buddy?”

I sniffed and tried again, barely audible: “You... called me a baby?”

“No, silly, I called you MY baby. You’re my baby.”

“Really?” I lifted my head, wiping my face to look him in the eyes.

“Uhm, well, yeah. And I think I need to tell you something.”

“What’s that?” I turned over completely and now we were lying facing each other, our noses almost touching.

“So… Damien, remember how I was telling you I want to do all the stuff with you to help you build your confidence?”

He’s gotta be kidding me.

“Yes, Dennis, I remember.”

“Well, I wasn’t completely honest with you, you know? What I really wanted was to be together with you. Like boyfriends, you know?”

I wiped the remaining tears off my face and smiled.

“You’re a big dummy, you know that?” My voice was still a little shaky but I couldn’t help but chuckle a little.

He looked a little bummed and was about to say something but I took the back of his head and kissed him on the lips, muffling any words that were coming. Oh my God, we were really kissing. I dreamed about kissing boys for a few months now but this was beyond any dreams.

We were both unshowered but he tasted and smelled better than ever. The kiss felt a little strange at first but soon we were exploring our mouths and making out vigorously. We only stopped every once in a while to remove a piece of clothing from the other. I almost tore his t-shirt when taking it off. I threw it on the floor and started licking his chest like it was covered in chocolate. No, it was better than any chocolate. I never felt so much lust. He was a little sweaty and his muscles glistened in the dim light. I went on to lick his nipple, biting it gently once or twice. He was ruffling my hair and then pushed me back to remove my shorts. Soon, we were both in our underwear, grinding our erections against each other and making out. Dennis broke the kiss and went for my neck, licking and biting it. Then he attacked my armpit, licking it and everything around it. I thought I’m about to lose consciousness and I held onto him like to the last bit of reality.

Then we kissed again, but this time gently, focusing on the feeling. Our boy scent was omnipresent. Without breaking the kiss, we readjusted and started slipping off our underwear. Naked, we continued kissing and stroking each other gently. Thank God the window was open, otherwise, we’d be turning the place into a sauna.

“Dennis?” I whispered, hornier than ever before, panting.

“Yes, baby?” He looked me deeply in the eyes.

“I want it.”

“What do you want, baby? I’ll give you anything.”

“I want the D. I want your dick inside me. Please, Dennis.”

I couldn’t believe we were doing sex talk. The boy stared at me with the manliest look I ever saw on him and I melted inside.

“I’ll give you anything you want, baby. You’re my boyfriend, remember?”

He rolled me on my back and grasped my ankles, motioning me to move my legs behind my head, revealing my entrance. Dennis was shaking out of excitement when he took his dick and started rubbing against my hole. The feeling was amazing. We didn’t think of using any lube but our horniness and boy fluids caused me to open for him like an oyster. I was a little scared. His dick was pretty much adult-sized in terms of length and thickness but I wanted it more than ever. He was my boyfriend and he was allowed inside me anytime.

He was rubbing his penis between my cheeks for a while but shortly aimed it directly and started thrusting. At first, he was trying to be gentle but soon became impatient and pushed hard a few times. It stung a little, but after a moment, I realized he was deep inside me. The feeling of his dick filling me was unlike anything I've ever felt. I might have experimented with putting a thing or two there but this was a living, throbbing peace of meat that felt like it always belonged there. Once he was there, he stopped.

“I love you, baby,” he said, looking me in the eyes.

“I love you, Dennis,” I replied.

This was all the permission he was looking for. He grasped my hair with one hand and started plowing like there was no tomorrow. We were looking at each other, relishing the sight of each other’s pleasure. Soon, he started hitting the right spot and I laid back, my eyes closed and mouth open. My erection, which faded a little earlier, was now back on but I was too overwhelmed to even touch myself. We were making love with passion, merging into a single organism. I have no idea how long we were going. I was in heaven.

With time, Denis’s thrusts became slower and deeper. I felt like I could ejaculate with a single touch now.

Suddenly, his face expressed unearthly delight and I sensed his dick pulsate inside me several times. He screamed in pleasure, surely alarming anyone who happened to be near our window. The boy made a few final pushes, as deep as he could go. This triggered my own orgasm and, moaning, I shot on my chest and belly, without even touching myself. I had no idea it was possible and I swear the feeling lasted at least a minute before Denis pulled his dick out and rolled onto the bed next to me, panting like the wild dog he was.

I have never been this happy or exhausted in my short life. Every inch of my body was overwhelmed with a sense of bliss. There was no gravity. We were floating in space.

Lying there, I got a strange feeling that I was forgetting something but it was gone before I could focus on it. I only managed to hug my lover, drifting off to sleep.



In my dreams, I was flying.

… or is it?

Copyright © 2020 Arch Hunter; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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"...or is it?"

Oh, a question?

Then the emphatic answer is, "Hell No!"



Next chapter please player...

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Words like violence
Break the silence
Come crashing in
Into my little world
Painful to me
Pierce right through me
Can't you understand?


11 hours ago, GanymedeRex said:

Maybe we think or feel in a similar way but the way you capture the character thought process and emotions really hits me.

Me too, I don't believe drama gets more real than this.

11 hours ago, GanymedeRex said:

I'm a little disappointed that the sex did not escalate a little slower

Idk, I think given the ages it's pretty realistic, even works for older guys 😉   I find it realistically refreshing not to have all the going on a date stuff that comes with every American teenage romance, but maybe that's because it was much more like this story for me, so I can easily relate to it.

I'll definitely be careful when asking for ice cream in Poland 😂

If you end it here, that's fine, why not? I loved it btw 👍👍👍

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7 hours ago, Arch Hunter said:

Thanks for commenting guys. I know things probably happened a little more quickly than they should but I really didn't want to drag my first story and was afraid it would get repetitive. It's better to leave the audience hungry for more rather than bored to death :) I know there's middleground but well... I hope it's not a huge spoiler that this was not the last chapter. 


i might have been wrong about the polish threesome but I'm definitely not disappointed lol 

Never say never!

Next chapter please player...


 I'm a little disappointed that the sex did not escalate a little slower though I'm still very interested in maybe reading MORE.  The story stands if you want to end it here, but please continue writing on this forum.  You have something rare in how you write that I find really compelling.  Maybe we think or feel in a similar way but the way you capture the character thought process and emotions really hits me.

Thanks so much. As long as I'm getting such amazing feedback, I will continue writing forever. Writing this first story really taught me a lot. More coming soon!

Well..you know what that say...practice makes perfect!!!!

Please sir...may we have another bowl...ooops.. chapter or ten????

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This is the only chapter that sounded Polish, lol. In your introduction you mentioned people told you there was awkward sentence structure and such.  Likely the Americans’ comments. 

To me, this is where your voice comes through. Less measured, more natural. Beautiful. Your writing today is less like this but this is … charming.

I have a dear friend who is Polish and Ukrainian, lives in Poland, and this was like reading his words. Beautiful!

 I’m hesitant to comment on teen sex but this, all of it, has been sensual. An awakening for these boys. And (semi) autobiographical? Phew.

You were so brave to share this. Thank you!


robić loda

Edited by Dan South
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