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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

I Will Sing for You - 6. Head-Over-Heels

This chapter contains vividly-described sexual activity between two young men.

“Fuck…” I purr as I force Chris onto his back with my body and grind my erection against his, intensifying our kiss with as much passion as I can summon.

“Oh yeah,” I hear beneath me as I work to rid myself of my briefs and then free him of his, needing to feel his nakedness fused with mine. And then I feel it; his hot, bare cock—larger than I anticipated—so incredibly hard against mine.

“How big are you?” I ask as I look down between us to see that his cock nearly rivals mine in length.

“I really don’t know. How big are you?”

“Eight inches,” I reply, “which means that you’re probably somewhere around seven.”

I resume the kiss, then slowly work my way down over his jaw, his throat, and down his breast until I find his nipple. “Oh, Callan,” he gasps, his naked body twisting and writhing beneath mine, as I tease the hard little nub with the tip of my tongue. I feel his fingers slip between us, circle my cock and squeeze, sending waves of blissful euphoria racing through every fiber of my body. “I so want to feel this inside me,” he purrs.

Moving back up and gazing down into eyes that glisten, I smile. “I’m assuming that tonight will be your first time having intercourse with a guy?”

“I’ve never had sex at all, Callan, so you’ll be my very first everything. I’m guessing that you have, though.”

“I’ve had only one lover, Chris. I was an undergrad. We were together for more than a year before… before he was killed in a car accident while driving home for semester break. I’d never had sex before him and I haven’t had sex since I lost him. I just devoted myself to school, work and my music.”

“How long ago, Callan?” The mood has become somber, something that I didn’t anticipate.

“Since the accident?”

He silently nods.

“Three years.”

“So you haven’t been intimate with anyone for three years?”

“You’ll be the first since Michael.”

“His name was Michael?”

I silently nod.

“Why me, Callan? I mean, what did you see in me that you didn’t see in anyone else in the three years since Michael?”

“That’s easy,” I smile. “The remarkable gleam in your eyes and the smile that reached all the way up to them when you approached me at the reception dais the first time I saw you. You rocked my world, Chris. It’s like you brought me back to life that afternoon. After that, I couldn’t think of anything but you.”

“But what if I hadn’t been like… like you?”

“You mean gay?”

He silently nods.

“I think deep inside I sensed that you were, or at least that you might be.”

“Well, thank God for that,” he smiles. “I’m so happy that we found each other, Callan.”

“I am too,” I whisper, then fuse my lips with his again.

A moment or so later I pull away and gaze down into his eyes again. “How are you holding up, Chris?”

“If you’re asking if I’m close, then kind of. But not dangerously close.”

“Good, because I don’t want to cheat you out of the experience of a lifetime because of my zealousness and your inexperience. I want us both to see this all the way to the end tonight.”

“I’m so happy, Callan.”

“I am too,” I intimate. “You’re so incredibly beautiful and so desirable it’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the wonder that you’re here, in my bed, and that we’re about to come together in the most intimate and holy union that two human beings can possibly experience with one another. I’ll treasure tonight and remember it for the rest of my life, Chris. I’m just so incredibly happy at this moment.”

“I’m not so unusual, Callan, and I’m certainly not what you seem to be making me out to be. I’m just a guy who finds you very attractive and irresistible. A guy who wants to give you the part of himself that he’s never given to anyone before tonight.”

“But that’s what I mean, Chris. First, what are the chances of a guy like me finding a guy like you who isn’t already taken, and secondly, a guy who still has his virginity, which is obviously very valuable to him or he would have given it up by now. And that you would offer something so valuable to me is… It’s truly special. I feel so fortunate, so honored that I’m to be the one person in this world who is that special to you. Like I said, I’ll remember tonight for the rest of my life because it’s such a special and sacred occasion for me and for you.”

He deeply inhales, obviously emotional. “I can’t wait to feel you inside me, Callan. You make me and what we’re going to do tonight sound so special and beautiful.”

“It will be special and beautiful, Chris. My first time was special and beautiful too. But this time will be just as special and beautiful for me because it’ll be with someone who I’m growing to value more than life itself.”

And with that, I fuse my lips to his again in a kiss that I hope will prelude all the pleasures to come tonight.

“Oh yes…” he purrs, his hot, passion-charged body writhing serpent-like beneath me as my fingers survey the taut landscape of his torso, his hips, his thighs and his cock, no part of his body forbidden to me now.

Feeling that he’s ready for more, I ease my body up off of him and sit back on my haunches between his legs, getting my first look at where I will enter his beautiful body and become one with him tonight. Taking his rigid cock in my hand, I feel it throb with a life of its own. “I’m going to suck you,” I whisper. “But you need to tell me if it gets to be too much. Okay? I want to keep you on the edge, but I don’t want you to cum until I’m inside you, hopefully at the same time that I cum.”

“I want tonight to be perfect, Callan.”

“Me too,” I smile as I lower myself onto the mattress beside him, then take his rigid cock into my mouth and begin to suck.

“Oh fuck…” I hear as I take it all the way down to the root and constrict it with my throat.

I pull off of him and look up to see that his eyes are closed, an expression of sublime euphoria on his face. “Are you okay, Chris?”

“I’ve never felt anything like it in my life.”

“Is it too much for you?”

“I‘m okay. I’ll warn you if I’m getting close. Just don’t go all the way down on me like you just did, or I probably will cum.”

I smile, then go down on him again, discovering that his cock has a wonderful texture; hard and sinewy, yet spongy and soft. And the aroma is heady, musky, sexy. I feel an oily-like fluid accumulating on my tongue. He’s leaking pre-cum, which becomes more abundant the longer I suck him.

“Stop, Callan!” he suddenly gasps, pushing my mouth off of him a few minutes into it.

I look up to see a panicked expression on his face. “Are you okay, Chris?”

He relaxes a little. “Yeah, but I was really close.”

“Don’t want that yet,” I smile as I move up onto him and press my lips to his in another desirous kiss.

“God, I love how you kiss, Callan,” he smiles when we end it.

“That’s because I love kissing you,” I whisper, gazing down into eyes that glow, hopefully with the fire of his growing love and desire for me. “How about we try something else now? I think you’ll like it.”


“I need you to roll over onto your stomach,” I instruct. As I push up off of him, he responds by rolling onto his stomach and spreading his legs, giving me my first full look at his naked butt.

“Beautiful… So incredibly beautiful…” I reverently murmur, feeling a stirring in my cock as I part his butt cheeks with my thumbs and gaze at his tightly-puckered hole. It looks like a rosebud awaiting pollination.

I lower myself onto my stomach between his legs, press my nose to it and inhale, finding the aroma both sensuous and intoxicating. Then I inhale again, allowing it to permeate my senses. “Ummm… so many new and wonderful experiences with you,” he purrs as I kiss it, then delicately circle it with the tip of my tongue a few times before forcing it inside him.

“Oh my God…” he gasps, raising his butt up off the mattress and pressing it against my mouth.

I raise my head, look up over his back and smile.

“Oh my God!” he exclaims, craning his neck to look back over his shoulder at me. ”I’ve never felt anything like it.”

“That’s because the anus has more nerve endings than anywhere else on the body, Chris, thus making it highly sensitive to any kind of stimulation.”

“That’s really weird.”

“Why, Chris?”

“Because of it’s purpose.”

I smile. “Maybe the creator had guys like us in mind and designed it for sexual purposes as well.”

“Yeah,” he muses, then drops his head back down upon the mattress.

I resume pleasuring him with my tongue, determined to make this the most pleasurable and memorable night of Chris’ life, which I must be doing considering the nearly constant moans of euphoria and four-letter expletives coming from the head of the bed.

Several minutes later I withdraw my mouth from Chris’ butt and prepare for the highlight of tonight’s sexual repertoire. Pushing up onto my knees between his legs, I reach to my nightstand for the tube of K-Y Jelly that I recently bought after discovering that sex with Chris was a distinct possibility. I remove the cap and squeeze a generous amount onto his hole, then move to lie beside him, slowly ease the middle finger of my right hand up into his butt and feel around until I find the small, walnut-sized gland of his prostate. “Oh fuck…” he purrs as I gently tease it.

“I’m massaging your prostate,” I inform him.

“Oh my God…” he growls, lifting his butt to better facilitate my finger.

“My penis will feel even better because it’s larger, Chris. I’m stretching you with my fingers first so that you’ll be able to more comfortably accommodate it.” As I say it, I slowly ease my annular finger up into his butt and tease his prostate with both fingers.

“Ummm…” he purrs, writhing his butt as I gently work my fingers in and out inside him, gently massaging the miraculous little gland. Then I repeatedly scissor them as I do it, loosening and stretching his hole. When I feel that I’ve loosened him enough, I slowly ease both fingers out of his butt and reach to my nightstand for a condom.

“I don’t want you to use one, Callan,” he says, pushing up on both elbows and looking back at me.

“But it’s mostly for your protection, Chris.”

“Did you wear one when you made love to Michael?”

“We did in the beginning, but we quit using them later in our relationship because we were exclusive and sexually transmissible diseases were no longer a concern for us.”

“And you said that you haven’t done it with anyone else since you two were together, so if you’re telling the truth, then I figure that I’m as safe as he was. You were telling me the truth, weren’t you, Callan?”

I look him seriously in the eyes when I say, “I wouldn’t lie about something as serious as that, Chris.”

“Then I want to go all the way with you, Callan, which means that I want your cum inside me too.”

I smile, then squeeze a generous amount of lube into my palm and thoroughly lube my cock, then move up over his back, my rigid cock lying upon the crease between his butt cheeks, and pinch apart his right butt cheek with the fingers of my right hand. He twists his torso, craning his neck to look up at me, and we kiss.

“Lie down,” I smile when we part lips.

When he complies, I position my glans against his hole, then lower myself onto his back. “Relax,“ I whisper as I begin to gently push. “Push out as I push into you. Okay? It’ll make entry easier for me and less painful for you.”


Feeling my glans almost immediately breach his sphincter, I press delicate kisses to his neck and shoulder as I slowly ease my cock up into the glorious warmth of his body until I feel my cock buried all the way up to my balls into him. “God, you’re so incredibly tight,” I whisper as I weave the fingers of both hands under, then up around his shoulders and begin riding his back as I slowly thrust deep into his bowels, feeling his delicate insides hug my cock like a glove.

“Oh my God… It’s been so long,” I murmur against his shoulder as I ride him, feeling his butt shift beneath me, presumably to more easily accommodate my very rigid length. “I’m not hurting you, am I, Chris?”

“Oh, no way,” he grunts beneath me. “It feels so good. I can feel it throb inside me.”

“I’m so happy that we’re doing this,“ I whisper. “I feel like a part of you tonight, Chris; one with you. Like we can’t possibly be any closer than we are at this moment.”

“I don’t think we can, Callan. All I feel is you, both inside me and all around me, such a very intimate part of my body.”

“One body…” I whisper as I suddenly drive my cock hard into his bowels, wanting to get as deep into Chris as possible.

“Oh my God!” he gasps beneath me, arching his butt up against my pelvis to take me deep into his body. “Do it, Callan. Give it me.”

I quicken my thrusts, feeling the friction intensify in our connection as I briskly drive my cock as deep into Chris’ body as I can get it.

I don’t know how long he is going to last. Hell, I don’t even know how long I’m going to last since I haven’t felt this kind of stimulation for three years, but it’s inconsequential because my libido is now in control. I just know that it’s been too long for me… way too long, and I need to do everything I can to make this incredible young man lying beneath me an integral part of my life. We’re just so right for one another.

“Ummm…” he purrs, twisting and writhing beneath me as I repeatedly thrust my cock deep into his bowels.

“It feels good, huh,” I whisper, assuming that I’m hitting his prostate pretty regularly.

“Oh fuck… does it ever,” he grunts beneath me, arching his butt up to meet my thrusts. “You’re so incredibly hard, it feels so much bigger than it looks.”

“Good, because I want to make tonight the most thrilling and memorable night of your life, Chris.”

“You don’t have to worry, Callan. It is. I’m so happy that I have your incredible, hard cock inside me tonight.”

Your incredible, hard cock inside me tonight… The words both excite and incite me all the more, and I begin driving it even harder into him.

“Oh God, yes, Callan! Give it to me! Fuck me! Fuck me hard and make me yours tonight!”

“Oh my God, Chris!” I gasp as I drive my dick even harder into his bowels, knowing that I can’t possibly last much longer. I cradle his head in the elbow of my right arm, then press my left hand to his cheek and devour his mouth with mine, fueled by a lust and a desire that I haven’t known in years as I thrust my cock deep into his receptive body, hearing the sounds of two people lost in their singular desire for completion resound throughout the bedroom. Sounds so surreal to me because I still can’t believe that this is happening.

I feel a tingle beginning in our connection and spreading out into my body, a feeling that I haven’t had since my nights so long ago with Michael. I feel the building anticipation, the familiar churning in my balls and I shudder. “I’m getting close,” I pant. “But I need you to cum too, Chris.”

“I’m close too,” I hear beneath me.

Again, I increase the fervor of my thrusts, hoping to bring him over the edge before me when I hear, “Oh my God, Callan!” beneath me as his sphincter suddenly cinches tight around my cock. “I’m coming! I’m coming!”

And with that, I move my hands from his shoulders down to grip his waist and thrust deep into his bowels for the last time, feeling like I’m growing even harder inside him. My vision goes white and there’s a roar in my ears as I repeatedly pulse hard inside him, filling his bowels with what feels like more cum than I’ve ever ejaculated in my life.

Then, reduced to the consistency of Jell-O, I slump heavily onto his back, totally spent and exhausted. “Oh my God…” I pant as I languidly piston my softening cock slowly back and forth through all the cum that I’ve just ejaculated into him. “I think I just pumped three years worth of my cum into you, Chris.”

“I felt it. You’re an actual part of me now, Callan.”

“Which makes you very special to me, Chris.”



“I want us to be exclusive like you were with Michael.”

“I want that too, Chris. I want to be as close to you as I can possibly be.”

I snake my hand beneath his hips to feel that the sheet beneath him is wet and slimy with his cum. Then I circle his cock with my fingers, feeling it soft and flaccid as I hold it. “It feels like you came a lot too,” I whisper.

“That’s what an incredible lover you are, Callan.”

“I want you inside me too, Chris.”

“I’m sorry, Callan, but I don’t think I could get it up again if I tried. You really wore me out tonight.”

“It doesn’t have to be tonight, Chris,” I whisper, drawing the duvet up over our naked bodies as I press amorous kisses to his neck just below his ear, relishing the lingering afterglow of the most incredible sex that I’ve experienced in years. “Right now I just want to lie here inside you, savor the feel of your naked body beneath mine and your warmth around me. I think that the post-coital afterglow is the most beautiful part of making love, Chris. And just so you know, I think I really am falling head-over-heels in love with you.”

And with that, I allow myself to drift into the most relaxing sleep that I’ve had in years.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed the chapter. More to come soon. And please read my story Those Cerulean Eyes if you haven't already read it, then tune into the CSR blog on the main forum page on Monday, Nov 25 that will host my interview and take your comments. Thank you.

Copyright © 2019 Arran; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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Driving myself into his Bowels , not the kind of word I associate with sex makes it sound weird not sexy at all hahahaha Bowels haven't heard it in ages

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16 hours ago, Nana Atuwa said:

Driving myself into his Bowels , not the kind of word I associate with sex makes it sound weird not sexy at all hahahaha Bowels haven't heard it in ages

Thanks for the comment, Nana Atuwa. I have to think about that. But biologically I think that’s what happens, as unattractive as it sounds. But maybe I could describe it differently, though.

Edited by Arran
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4 hours ago, KayDeeMac said:

It was beautiful Arran.  Thank you.

And thank you too, KayDeeMac.

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