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  1. Sussins

    Chapter 10

    This zombies don’t sound like the ones we know they are like vampires 🧛‍♀️ or werewolves on steroids 😂 or are feral
  2. Sussins

    Chapter 11

    Still waiting for the sequel
  3. Sussins


    It looks like there should be more what about the sea 🌊 horse man won’t he do anything thought he was going to do something anyway part 2 right?😼
  4. Sussins

    Calm Before the Storm

    If u could find a way to bring her back that will be great because M will need help because it’s only him and the agent is very strong the others are human and can’t really do anything to help him just support him
  5. Sussins

    Calm Before the Storm

    Great chapter thank you for bringing one so soon just wondering is The mother ship really dead? And am loving the change in Conner love this new Conner he seemed so angry 😤 all the time wasn’t healthy anyway thanks
  6. Sussins

    The Boy Next Door

    Wow so good the wait is killing though but loved this chapter (even though it was so short) excited about next one hope Carter tells him the truth about the swap because I think they belong together anyway thanks Laura
  7. Sussins


    Wow almost forgot about this story great to have a new chapter really worried 😟 about M any way cool 👍🏿👌
  8. Sussins

    Lost Little One

    Interesting story but there too many characters looks like every paragraph has a new character makes it difficult to read can u rewrite the story pls u never know who it is at every turn
  9. Sussins

    Chapter XI

    Finish it u will love it no violence at all second read still love it
  10. Sussins

    Chapter XI

    I have a past very bad but I will not let anyone blackmail me with it fuck the consequences they are not ur parents what are they going to do be disappointed ☹️ pls that is no big deal it’s my past not my present or future don’t care what you think I don’t understand why Chris is tolerating Gregory 🤔
  11. Sussins

    Chapter 36

    I don’t know anybody in their right minds who will want to be friends with their current lovers ex unless u have also broken up with them then u can trade stories even that is not a good idea
  12. Sussins

    Enough to Make a Difference

    Oh noooooooooo am so excited 😆 can’t wait for the next chapter
  13. Sussins

    Chapter 18

    Looking at the relationship of Kris and his dad it looks great so I don’t understand y he has abandonment issues Alex I understand y it was so easy for him to fall into an abusive relationship but Kris I don’t get it u didn’t really give a lot of background to the characters it’s like a continuation from another story
  14. Sussins

    The Wrathful

    Well this was a burst the story didn’t make sense what is going on am so confused 🤷‍♀️
  15. Sussins

    Chapter 13

    Well this sucks an incomplete story and I have been so into it annoying

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