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  1. And let’s not forget Milo and Camp Echo by Talo. Both are very good reading.
  2. Arran


    Thank you Very much for the kind words, LD. I just noticed your comment or I would have replied earlier.
  3. I’ve learned by now that I don’t know what to expect from you, Dodger, so I’m just going to hang in there and impatiently await the “disturbing discovery.” Please hurry though. Another good chapter.
  4. Okay, so Dodger loved this comment… What does that mean???
  5. Arran


    Of JKW’s stories that I’ve read (I haven’t read Aiden YET), String is his best. While it is stand-alone, reading W.A.R. helps to put it in perspective. Talo Segura pretty much says it all, so no sense reinventing the wheel. Just read the story and you will be glad that you did. And read the chapter discussions, too, because they add even more to the story. I see JKW becoming a GA Classic Author because he is a classic author!
  6. Arran


    WAR was a very moody story and quite often dark and sad. String isn’t like that. I think it was very upbeat in comparison. After the last chapter, it was good that this one was brief. I really like how you centered it around a sunrise. Bright and up lifting. That it was fun to write is why it was so successful in my opinion. Thank you again for a marvelous ride!
  7. Arran

    Chapter 6

    Okay, this answers my question about dearpeter. It’s nice that you feel that way about your friend Peter. In the next chapter there were a few lines where I couldn’t figure out which of the boys was talking. I agree with avoiding he/she said for better flow. Maybe in confusing dialogues you could lead into the dialogue with: Harry gazed at Alex. “That was nice.” That way we know that Harry is doing the talking. Just a suggestion.
  8. Arran

    Chapter 7

    I don’t know why Harry won’t open up and trust his mother? I have the impression that she will not react like Alex’s mother. She genuinely cares about her son and his welfare. And she doesn’t appear to be intrusive and invasive like Alex’s mother. He must know something or suspect something that we’re not aware of. Nice chapter, dearpeter.
  9. Arran

    Chapter 6

    Hm… I would have never guessed that, Talo. It’s just that Dear Peter sounds like the salutation in a letter. What comes next? It provokes some thought. Maybe I should change mine to SincerelyArran. 😉 p.s. This is also a response to your question, dearpeter. I should have said “intrigues me” rather than “piques my interest.” Maybe it‘s a stimulant to get people to read what you have to offer. Who knows?
  10. Arran

    Chapter 6

    An uneventful chapter, except that Jill knows that something happened at Alex’s house that is affecting his performance at school. In the next chapter I expect Harry to invite Alex into his bedroom, where they will talk until they are interrupted by Jill. What she will learn from them is anyone’s guess. Good chapter, dearpeter. That name really piques my interest…
  11. Arran

    Chapter 6

    Probably because she trusts her son to open up to her in good time. I would expect your suggestion to be her last resort.
  12. Arran

    Aged to Imperfection

    The chapters are quite long, which you well know, and there are 39 of them, so hats off to you for getting through them in only two days. Welcome. Oh, and be real nice to Jwolf so we can keep him writing. He has a tendency towards truancy. Aye, Jon?
  13. Arran

    Aged to Imperfection

    So, for the last two days you’ve done nothing but read the English Year. Impressive!
  14. Arran

    Aged to Imperfection

    Did you mean Corbin?
  15. Arran

    Chapter 5

    Do you do this for a living?
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