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  1. Arran

    Chapter 1

    First of all, thank you for the tribute, Talo. When you were trying to decide whether or not to finish Hustle, I encouraged you because I saw a lot of potential in what you had allowed me to read at the time. I’m glad that you chose to complete it. As with your other stories, you have the enviable ability to develop solid, believable characters and describe events and surroundings to the degree that the reader can actually feel a part of what he or she is reading. This is a great beginning to what I hope many readers will enjoy. We get a glimpse of Clinton and Morgan Bloom. Though we know nothing of their past, we anticipate that it was no better than the conditions under which they are now living—products of abuse and neglect. Clinton is feisty and challenging, with a fierce drive to protect his brother. Morgan is the typical younger brother who follows his older brother, yet has a mind of his own as well.
  2. Very good chapter, Dodger. Robbie maturely handled his problem with Conner. And he’s shown a more mature attitude towards Rory, recognizing that there is more value in Rory’s friendship than his desire for him as a sex partner. He demonstrated an admirable level of maturity throughout the chapter. I don’t know if Conner will seek revenge by going to Don or not. I hope not. But I can understand the way he reacted to Robbie’s breaking up with him. This was perceived as life-changing for him. Hopefully his parents have instilled enough of their goodness in him that he will take it in stride once he’s had time to think about it. In any case, Don will find out about it because I don’t think that Robbie will keep his relationship with Nathan a secret from him. If Don reacts like we anticipate he will, this may well be the meeting of his Waterloo with his family as Robbie appears to have more support than Don. Don will have demonstrated that vengeance is more important to him than maintaining the strength of family. So, where are we with respect to Nathan’s legal problems? He still has them to deal with. Lastly, how are you going to tie up so many loose ends by the date that you propose to end this wonderful story, Dodger? Maybe you’re a master of miracles too. 😉
  3. Arran

    The Komsomol

    A poignant and beautifully written little story about secrets shared between a loving grandfather and his grandson. The scene is in front of a fireplace in a two-story house in a small village somewhere in Russia. it doesn’t take long to read, but once you have you’ll feel a little better afterwards.
  4. Arran

    The Komsomol

    A poignant and beautifully written vignette, Talo. The characters were well-developed and the scene in front of the fire felt cozy. Just so well done! Maybe you should tell your readers what inspired the story? To me, it gives the story added depth. Good work, Talo.
  5. Arran

    Chapter 11

    I was going to say that the ball is in your court, Ethan, but you capably handled it in your response and handled it well. I agree that you owe your readers no more than what you’ve already given Them. If we are not happy with the ending, then so be it. Nevertheless it is a good story as evidenced by reader reaction throughout the story. I encourage you to continue writing and expect that you’ll get the same level of interest in the future. Thank you for what you gave us.
  6. Arran

    Chapter 10

    A revealing and heartfelt letter. Enough to rouse Jamie’s curiosity to meet Ali. Let’s hope that he does it. I look forward to the next chapter. Thanks, Ethan.
  7. Arran

    Chapter 9

    And how old are you…?
  8. Arran

    Chapter 9

    And then there is the letter. Why will a 10-year-old letter prove to Jamie that Ali is telling the truth? My thoughts exactly, which is why I eagerly look forward to chapter 10. Thank you, Ethan. Maybe it will take an even longer chapter for Ali to prove it.😉
  9. The problem is that if Robbie doesn’t address it with Nathan now, it is most likely to become an issue again. How will Robbie handle it then?
  10. Arran


    Judging by the warning at the beginning, I expected more in this chapter. But I also understand Lautaro’s reluctance to further explore, especially with Valentín’s father somewhere in the apartment. Obviously Lautaro had a desire for something to happen, though, given what happened at the end. It also says something about Valentín’s character to respect Lautaro’s reluctance to take their first night in bed any further. Thanks, gor mu.
  11. Although he had been close a time or two, Robbie kept his cool and didn’t lose his temper. He was focused on his objective, handled it rather maturely and got what he wanted despite the roadblocks that Nathan put in his way. I can’t imagine things going that smoothly with Connor, though. He is probably going to at least want a breaking up present from Robbie. But Robbie is determined, something that Connor probably won’t expect. A wonderful chapter, Dodger, with lots of humorous inserts. I hope things work out this time once Nathan gets beyond his legal problems and whatever drug problem he might have. But I’m sure that Robbie will be very supportive there, too. A real feel good chapter that probably made many of your readers happy. Thanks, Dodger.
  12. Arran

    Chapter 8

    My vote? Shorter chapters and faster updates, please. I am so thoroughly enjoying all the unexpected twists in this story. And you are ending the chapters at just the right places to keep your readers on the edge. Which, of course, is quite evident in the responses. I think the present chapter lengths are good for a reading session. 8,000 words is too long, in my opinion. But you’re the driver here, Ethan, so you should do what is most effective for what you are trying to achieve. We’re just along for the ride—and what a fun ride it is! Yeah for math and science. Spent my life in math and science.
  13. Arran

    Chapter 7

    No, I definitely didn’t see that coming. I could say hurry up with the next chapter, but I think you’re doing a very good job as it is. Great story, Ethan! I’ll probably reread it when you’re finished just to put everything in perspective.
  14. Arran

    Chapter 6

    This is the best way to publish a story. That way you don’t keep your readers waiting seemingly indefinitely. The problem is when hiatuses between chapters are months at a time, your reader doesn’t remember what transpired earlier and has to reread the earlier chapters. After a time or two, I just lose interest. My stories have been completed before I publish them here. I also think there is more continuity in a story that is completed before publishing. When chapters are written over a span of months or years, it is easy for the writer to forget things and the story suffers in continuity. My thoughts anyway. I’m interested to see why these guys didn’t remember one another when they met at the bar. But then maybe they did and the author chose not to divulge it at the time. Jamie having physically changed after the accident doesn’t make sense because Ali visited him In the hospital after the accident. But then things are explained as the story progresses, so I’ll just patiently wait for you to weave all the intricacies together.
  15. Arran

    Chapter 8

    Evan is certainly a different bird. It’s like he has totally insulated himself from everyone. Bryan and his father seem to be trying to penetrate his shell and hopefully they will judging by Evan’s response to his texter, who I assume to be someone who hurt him. Who is part of the reason why he is where he is presently. Looking forward to chapter 9. i think offsetting received messages from sent messages is a good idea. No confusing who is doing the talking. Thanks, Ratio. Ratio… First time I’ve ever heard that name. So you must have a numerator and a denominator. Hopefully the denominator isn’t 0.
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