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    Most of my writing has been technical in nature. Now I’m trying to find my niche in recreational writing. Favorite genres are sci-fi, adventure and human interest. Favorite authors are Douglas Preston, Catherine Ryan Hyde and GA’s Dom Luka. Currently have four stories on this site.

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  1. Dead Body Inside

    By Arran, in Fiction. 02/22/2020 (Updated: 02/26/2020)

    This story, a short three-part adventure, is different from my others, hopefully to demonstrate my versatility.

    Talent Morrow, a 28-year-old guy with a big heart, drives a hearse for a living. One day he absconds with the hearse and its deceased occupant and he, his boyfriend Josiah Dixon and said deceased occupant take off on a zany spree that takes them to Las Vegas.

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  2. I Will Sing for You

    By Arran, in Fiction. 11/02/2019 (Updated: 12/11/2019)

    Chris is a nineteen-year-old community college student and part-time bartender who lives at home with his parents. Callan is a 23-year-old post-graduate student living on his own, 1,200 miles from where he grew up, who discovers while working on his Ph.D. that he has become an inspiration for the younger Chris. Both are aspiring musicians.

    The story begins as Callan seats himself at the bar at the Saguaro Grill where Chris works, and before the evening ends Chris has offered to help him land a gig as the Grill’s musical entertainment a couple of nights a week, an arrangement that works out well for both of them.

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  3. Those Cerulean Eyes

    By Arran, in Fiction. 09/07/2019 (Updated: 10/03/2019)

    Mickey is a rather shy twenty-year-old first-year college student majoring in interior design and Mark is a more worldly twenty-two-year-old first-year law student. Mark has an eye for Mickey from the moment that he sees him and strikes up a conversation with him as soon as Mickey seats himself at the table next to him in Starbucks. As fortune would have it, Mickey moves to Mark's table and they forge a friendship. But sensing that there is more to this enigmatic young man than meets the eye, Mark sets out to confirm it, hoping that he and Mickey can become more than just friends.

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  4. The Calculus Connection

    By Arran, in Fiction. 08/26/2019 (Updated: 09/01/2019)

    Two young men become casual acquaintances at a grocery store when Tyler bags Sean’s groceries and loads them in his car. Then Tyler quits his job.

    The story begins during an unexpected meeting in the college library a year or so later. Sean is a third-year engineering student and Tyler a first-year business major. Tyler’s problem: he’s in a hopeless quandary over his required calculus course. Sean, being a third semester calculus student, offers to help him. Tyler accepts, and under Sean’s tutelage begins to understand what he can’t seem to fathom in the classroom. He also learns something about Sean’s hidden side.

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