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A Place In My Heart - 11. Chapter 11 – Justin’s Star Shines

When school started that fall, Jordan and I made two decisions. The first was that we were going to tryout for the varsity football squad and the second was that we were going to encourage Justin to spend more time with his girlfriend, now that his casts had been removed. Even though he thought he might be bi, we wanted to make sure he grazed in the straight pasture for a while, hoping that would stifle his impulse to try more gay sex. Even though things had been slowly improving for gays, we thought he’d encounter smoother sailing over the sea of life by not having that baggage to lug around.

Justin brought his girlfriend around after our practice one afternoon, so he could introduce her to us. I think he had an ulterior motive, in that he wanted to impress her by letting her know that he had two brothers on the varsity football team. He told her that I wasn’t his brother by blood, but that his family had sort of adopted me and we were all really close. Since she was aware of his accident this past summer, Justin told her that I had been the one to take care of him and did everything for him until the casts were removed, so maybe we were even closer than brothers.

He introduced her as Shannon O’Brien and explained that she was in several of his classes. She was very cute and I could see why Justin was attracted to her. She had short black hair, an olive complexion, green eyes and a nice figure for a freshman. I slapped him on the back and gave him the thumbs up when his new girlfriend was talking to Jordan and couldn’t see what I was doing. Justin left with Shannon, shortly after the introductions had been made, so Jordan and I headed into the locker room. Justin was back and waiting for us outside the school when we emerge after cleaning up, ready to head home.

“Where’s Shannon, little bro?” I asked him.

“She had to go home,” he stated and then paused. “Well, what did you think of her?”

“She’s cute, but I have one question,” Jordan told him. “Why in the world would she want to go out with you?”

“Very funny,” Justin scoffed. “She knows a good thing when she sees it. She thinks I’m pretty hot.”

“Compared to what?” I inquired. “A stiff or a middle schooler, seeing you’re in high school now?”

“You two are real comedians,” Justin mocked. “Too bad you’re not good at it.”

“She was cute though, smart-ass,” I chided. “So was she the same one you took to the dance and had a little fun with before your accident?”

“Yeah, that was her,” Justin confirmed. “I’m also taking her to the dance after the football game this Friday. Do you really like her?”

“Yes,” Jordan responded, “she seems really nice. I’m happy for you, so don’t blow it.”

A sly grin crept across Justin’s face, so I figured he was about to make another smart-ass comeback.

“I don’t think you can blow a girl, can you?” Justin asked, just before he broke up laughing. My hunch had been correct.

“Now, who’s the comedian?” I asked, while scowling at him.

“Yeah, but my jokes are better,” he shot back. “Yours are lame.”

I let his comment pass, but I was actually happy for Justin. Over the next few days, I also become his chief confidant and adviser. I don’t know whether it was because we had grown closer while I took care of him this past summer or if it was because I had also made love to a girl, but Justin was eager to tell me about his dates, in detail, every time he went out with Shannon.

When he arrived home after the dance Friday night, he told me they did a lot of kissing again and he was able to feel her ass through her jeans, while she was doing the same thing to him. Afterward, they spent a little more time in the shadows by the school, where she let him reach under her shirt and play with her tits again. She even let him slip a hand down her pants and finger her hole for a short time, while she reached inside his jeans and played with his cock.

He seemed pretty happy about his accomplishments, so I gave him a ‘way to go bro,’ to let him know I approved. He said they had a date to go to the movies the following night, so it was obvious my little brother wasn’t about to let any grass grow under his feet. When Justin decided to do something, there was no halfway for him. Once he made up his mind, it was all or nothing from that point on.

Sunday, he got me alone again, so he could tell me about his date Saturday night. He admitted he didn’t remember much about the movie, because they made out the entire time. He said they did a lot more kissing and he got to feel her breasts again, but only through her blouse this time, since there were others that could see what they were doing. She ran her hands all over his chest and back, but she also stroked his cock some more, but this was done through his jeans as well. He said he was convinced he could have gone further, if they had been alone, but her father was picking them up as soon as the movie ended.

He told me that she asked him if he wanted to go to the dance next Friday night too and he agreed. I asked him how he felt about her and he told me that he liked her, but he just wasn’t sure how much yet. I advised him that was understandable, considering the short time they’d been together, and I told him he didn’t have to rush things. I also urged him to take his time and enjoy it while he could.

The next Friday, Justin and Shannon went to the dance, but this time Jordan and I went too, so we could see what the lovebirds were up to and watch them together. They looked really cute as a couple and she snuggled closely against him when they slow danced. I could tell she really liked him, so I stopped worrying that he might get hurt in the deal. I wasn’t merely concerned about the little hurts you’d expect from young love, but I wanted to protect him from any major scars that a significant rejection might leave. I just wanted to make sure that this wouldn’t be one of those times. I also noticed that they snuck out of the gym for over a half-hour and then Jordan and I left shortly after they returned. I knew Justin would fill me in on the details later, so I didn’t give it a second thought.

Just as I thought, Justin sought me out when he returned home, because he was excited and needed some advice. He told me that she let him run his hands under her blouse and into her panties and he got to finger her again. He also confessed that doing it made him totally hard, so when Shannon ran her hands inside his pants and over his stiff cock, he almost shot his load then and there. He then informed me that she invited him to her house tomorrow night and told him her parents were going out with some friends, so she was going to be home alone.

He then admitted that he took her comment to mean that she was willing to get into some serious action, so he wanted my advice about what I thought he should do with her, because he wanted to make sure she enjoyed it and would be willing to do other things with him later. After I gave him a quick rundown of things I had done, he seemed relieved and more confident about their next date. He gave me a hug and a kiss, after he thanked me for my help.

Saturday night, Justin got dressed in a nice pair of slacks and a dress shirt, but he must have also added a quarter-bottle of cologne, if the smell was any indication. Jordan and I teased him that he smelled like a cheap whorehouse, so he went back to the bathroom and washed some of it off. He smelled more acceptable when he returned and then Dad K gave him a ride down to Shannon’s house. He also told him to call when he was ready to be picked up, but warned him that he shouldn’t make it too late. Jordan and I wished him good luck and he was off. I don’t remember ever seeing Justin so nervous before, because he looked like the guest of honor at a public flogging.

Saturday night he woke me up and dragged me out of Jordan’s room and into his bedroom when he got home. He looked like the cat that had swallowed the canary.

“I take it things went well tonight?” I asked, rhetorically.

“Better than well,” he confirmed. “We were watching a DVD that her parents had purchased for her, but as soon as it started she began climbing all over me. She started sucking on my whole face and we were kissing like crazy, so I ran my hands up under her shirt and started feeling up her tits. She didn’t stop me when I unhooked her bra, so I took it and her shirt off as well and she decided to take my shirt off too. After that, I started sucking on her nipples like you taught me and she started moaning like crazy. It’s a good thing that nobody was home or we would have been busted, because of the noise.

After I sucked on both of her tits, I undid her pants and slipped them down. We moved off the couch and were lying on the floor when I started to run my fingers over her cunt lips. I was really playing with her and she was getting really wet down there. After a while, she began to jerk about in pleasure, so I think she must have orgasmed, but I continued and eventually slipped my middle finger into her pussy. When I did that, she reached over and undid my pants and pulled them down. She rubbed my dick around for a few minutes and then I swung around into the ‘69’ position you told me about, so we could both get at the other’s crotch.

As soon as we were in position, I began to lick her snatch and stuck my tongue in it, so I could lap up her juices. When I did that, she took my stiff cock into her mouth and started giving me a hummer. I had to stop her and give her some advice, because her teeth were making it painful, but she did better after that. She pulled off when I started to shoot and then used her hand to drain me. I think she might have even let me fuck her, if I had a rubber, but I’m kinda glad I didn’t, because I would have been afraid I’d do it wrong and mess everything up.”

He paused at this point and looked me in the eye. I could tell he wanted to ask me something, but he seemed to be shy about doing it. This was totally unlike Justin, so I wondered what he wanted. After a while, he finally found the courage to ask me.

“Tony, I need you to do two things for me,” he began. “First, I want you to buy some rubbers for me, for the next time, but I also want you to teach me how to fuck. Will you do those things for me?”

“Are you sure you’re not moving too fast?” I challenged. “I don’t want you to get in too deep here and then regret it later.”

“No, I’m fine Tony. The things that I’ve done with you have helped me out so far, so I haven’t felt like it was my first time when I did stuff with Shannon. She seems pleased that I seem to know what I’m doing, because I think I would have been scared to death to try any of these things with her otherwise. I also don’t feel I would have ever had a chance to get this far, if you hadn’t taught me as much as you did. I owe you big time, so thank you, Tony. I love you bro.”

“I love you too little man and I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself, but I’m not sure about teaching you to fuck,” I confessed. “I’ll think it over and let you know, but I suppose I could stop at the drugstore and pick up some of those little foil packets for you before your next date. Just be careful and don’t go too fast.”

“I won’t, but I really need you to teach me about fucking and using a rubber. Please?” he whined. “I know you do that with Jordan and I don’t want to use the rubber wrong and end up getting her pregnant, so please do this for me?”

Justin then flashed me that same puppy-dog look that his brother always gave me, whenever he was trying to talk me into doing something for him. Damn! Are these boys two peas from the same pod or what?

“Like I said, let me think it over and I’ll get back to you,” I offered, and then I went back to Jordan’s room and got back into bed with him.

“What’s up? What did Justin want?” he mumbled, half awake.

“He wants me to teach him about fucking,” I admitted. “To quote Yogi Berra, ‘It’s like déjà vu, all over again,’ but this time your role is being played by your little brother. He wants me to do the same thing for him that I did for you and let him practice on me.”

“He actually asked you that?” Jordan countered, sounding more awake this time.

“Not in those words, but when he hinted that he knew I did it with you, his meaning was pretty clear,” I replied. “He also wants me to buy him some rubbers.”

“So are you going to do that for him?” Jordan followed.

“I don’t know. What do you think?” I asked, seeking his opinion.

“I’m kind of conflicted about it,” Jordan confessed, “but I think I’d feel better knowing he knew what he was doing and wouldn’t have any accidents. I don’t think he’s ready to be a father at 14.”

“I agree with that,” I confirmed. “So you think I should do it?”

“Yeah, I think we’d all feel better knowing he knew what he was doing,” Jordan agreed. “It’s ok with me, if you are willing to do it for him.”

“Yeah, he’s my little brother too, so I feel the same way,” I concurred. “Just like I always gave in to you, it looks like I’m going to do the same thing with him.”

Jordan just chuckled and rolled his eyes. He knew exactly what I was talking about. After that, we just cuddled and fell asleep.

Justin burst into Jordan’s bedroom first thing the next morning. Although he didn’t say anything, we all knew what he was there for, because he was staring at me with that same pleading look I’d seen the previous evening, as he waited for my answer.

“Ok, I’ll do it,” I agreed, and he began jumping around, totally excited.

“Thanks, Tony. You’re the best,” he gushed, as he wrapped his arms around me. “Come on and we’ll go over to my bedroom.”

“Am I allowed to at least wake up, go to the toilet and have breakfast first?” I teased, which caused him to stop and look at me sheepishly.

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that,” he apologized. “I guess I’m just a little excited.”

“A little?” I mocked, but I didn’t need to say any more. He got my point.

After going through my morning ritual, we all went to the kitchen and had breakfast with Dad K. I think he was a little surprised to see us all up so early, but we weren’t about to tell him Justin woke us up so I could teach him how to fuck. We just told him we’d heard the neighbor working with the leaf blower, which we heard AFTER we were awake, but we told him that woke us up. I think he was a little surprised by this, since the three of us could sleep through just about anything, but he didn’t press the issue.

Seeing it was Sunday, he asked us what we had planned, so we told him we were just going to do our homework and get that out of the way, so we’d have the rest of the day free. He replied that since we’d all be busy, he thought he would go do the grocery shopping and told us he’d see us later. As soon as he was gone, Justin grabbed me by the arm and dragged me down to his bedroom.

Once we were alone, I advised him that if he had oral sex with Shannon or fingered her first, then she’d probably be wet enough not to need any lube, but I also told him I’d purchase lubricated condoms for him, just in case. Then, I reached into my wallet, pulled out a condom I’d kept there for when I was going out with Amber and handed it to him. We’d use that for me to teach him how to put it on properly.

After we got undressed and I sucked Justin to erection, I showed him how to put the condom over his dick. I taught him how to leave room in the tip for the cum, so it didn’t accidentally burst, and then how to roll it into place. Once he was ready, I added some lube to it and then some to my hole, but I didn’t need to stretch it out for Justin, especially since I had taken his brother’s larger dick the night before. Once he was ready, I got on my back, as I felt he’d probably do with Shannon, and told him what to do next.

Even though he didn’t need to, I had him enter me gently, since I wanted him to learn how to do that so he wouldn’t hurt Shannon. Then, I advised him to go slowly, even though I doubted he’d be able to fight his instincts to go as rapidly as he could, but I was hoping to make it more enjoyable for Shannon and him during their first time doing this together.

Justin was a quick learner and a good student, so he did quite well on his first time trying intercourse, although it was the anal, not the vaginal variety. Once he filled the condom with his seed, I told him to clean up and get dressed, and then we went off to start doing our homework, since that had been our cover story with his father.

Later that afternoon, Shannon called to speak with Justin. They talked for about an hour and then he came to find me. I saw him signal that he wanted me to head back to his bedroom with him, so we could talk some more.

“Tony, Shannon just told me that we were invited to a party next Friday night,” he began. “She said it was going to be at the house of one of her sister’s friends and she also told me there would be mostly older couples there. She even suggested that I come prepared this time, so I think that means she’s going to let me do her. Can you make sure I have what I need before then?”

“Sure. You don’t have to worry little bro,” I agreed. “I wouldn’t let you go out in the rain without your raincoat, so I’ll pick them up for you before Friday and then give them to Jordan to give to you. Just remember that they can fail, if you don’t put them on properly.”

“Yeah, I’ve know, so I’ll be careful,” he confirmed. “Thanks, man. I owe you, bro.”

Justin then gave me a big hug and we left the room. I was happy to see him doing this well and feeling so good about himself. He seemed to like his newly found relationship and was eagerly looking forward to the next level. I’m glad Jordan and I had encouraged him to date girls, because after watching him when he was with her, plus what he’d done with me, I was convinced he was bisexual. Now, he just had to decide if this was the type of relationship he preferred and wanted to make long term. This wasn’t something he had to decide immediately, although I was going to suggest that he should start thinking along those terms.

The following Friday, Dad K dropped Justin off at Shannon’s house, but he didn’t realize they were planning to leave there and go to a party. Justin had told his dad that he’d find a ride home later, so his father wouldn’t have to stay up or come back to get him afterward. I think it was also so his dad wouldn’t ask him any questions about what he’d done, after he picked him up.

Jordan and I spent the evening together at home, because we felt we needed some quiet time by ourselves. From time to time, however, one of us would make some sort of comment about wondering how Justin was doing, so we weren’t totally focused on each other.

Later that evening, after Jordan and Dad K went to bed, I stayed up and waited for Justin. I know it probably sounds strange that I did this instead of his father, but it was probably because I felt Justin would want to chat with me when he got home. When I noticed the clock later and saw it was just after midnight and he wasn’t home yet, I started to worry. I began to pace around the room and was still doing that when I noticed it was now after one o’clock and still no Justin. By two o’clock, he still wasn’t home and I was going crazy with worry.

I hurriedly attempted to think about what I should do and if I should walk down the hill, but I didn’t want to call Shannon’s house or wake up Dad K, because I couldn’t see what good that would do. It would only cause Dad K and Shannon’s parents to lose a good night’s sleep and then come down hard on their kids when they arrived home. Besides, I didn’t want to create a panic or get Justin and Shannon in trouble. One worried parent, or in this case a very worried big brother, was more than enough.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t thought ahead and asked Justin for the address of the place where the party was going to be held, so I couldn’t go there to see if I could find him. It was almost three a.m. now and I was beginning to panic, so I considered walking down and snooping around Shannon’s house or even to just wander around her neighborhood to see what I could discover. I was just about ready to take off when the front door opened. It was Justin.

“Where the hell have you been?” I nearly screamed. I guess I must have sounded like his father, because Justin gave me a surprised look.

“Take it easy, Dad,” he said sarcastically. “I thought I could get a ride home, but everyone who was old enough to drive was too drunk to see straight. I wasn’t about to take any chances, so I walked Shannon home and it was a really long way. When Dad dropped me off earlier, her sister’s boyfriend drove us all over to the party, but we couldn’t find a ride back. Shannon’s parents weren’t worried about her though, because they knew she was with her older sister, so luckily they weren’t waiting up for her either. Once I got her home, I still had to hurry up and walk the rest of the way here.”

After he fold me this, I merely reached out, grabbed him by the arms and pulled him tightly against my chest, so I could hug him with all of my might.

“You had me scared to death,” I sighed. “I was beginning to think that something had happened to you and was afraid you’d been in an accident or were lying in a ditch somewhere.” I hugged him again.

“Thanks for being so concerned, but I feel like I should tell you that I’m old enough to take care of myself,” he offered, but not in a mean or vindictive fashion. “But it still makes me feel really good to know you love me enough to wait up and worry about me until I got home though.”

“Not only did I wait up, but I was just about ready to walk down the hill and search the neighborhood looking for you.”

“Thanks, Tony. I love you too,” Justin confessed. “Now, I want to tell you want happened tonight. Ok?”

“Yeah, but let’s go do it in your room first, because I don’t think you’d want your father to hear us talking about it, if he happens to wake up and hears voices,” I suggested. “Besides, I don’t think I’d be able to sleep until I knew about how you made out anyway.”

“Very funny. You want to know how I made out,” Justin groaned. “Is that the best you could do?”

“Well, I am tired, because you kept me up all night worrying about you,” I offered in my defense. “Now, what happened between you and Shannon?”

“We went to the party, but we were the only ones there that weren’t a junior or senior. Everyone else was drinking, but we passed on that. Instead, we found a quiet spot in the basement and got away from everyone else. It was actually a small office, but there was a carpet on the floor and it had a door that locked, so that’s where we stayed. We started kissing, and before either of us knew what was happening, we were both totally naked. Well I guess we knew what was happening, but it didn’t really sink in until we saw each other without anything on.”

He flashed me one of those killer Koontz grins at this point, to emphasize the fact that he had managed to do that without her complaining or stopping him along the way.

“We started kissing again and then Shannon started to move down my body,” Justin added. “She kissed and licked all over my chest and sucked on my nipples, but she also tongued all around my crotch and thighs, before giving me a pretty good blowjob and even let me shoot in her mouth this time. I don’t think she’d ever performed oral sex before she did it with me the last time, so I was really surprised when she didn’t pull off. I was even more surprised when she swallowed all of my spunk too. Maybe she couldn’t think of anyplace to spit it out and didn’t want me to get all messy before we had some more fun”

Justin took a brief pause at this point to catch his breath, but I believe he was also mentally enjoying taking a moment to think about the oral gratification he had just been telling me about. Then, as if he suddenly remembered I was still there with him, he continued his story.

“After she had finished with me, we started kissing again and then I started nibbling on her neck and ears. I did that for a while first, before I moved down and started to nurse on her breasts. She isn’t that big yet, but she certainly has bigger boobs than you and I’ve sucked on your tits before. Her nipples get a lot bigger than yours do when they’re hard though, and she really gets off when I use my tongue and begin to suck on them.

“Anyhow,” he continued, “I worked my way down her stomach and then I tongued her navel for a short time. She has an outie and it wasn’t as good as burying my tongue in your innie, but it was okay. After that, I licked my way over her bush and then I attacked her beaver. I rubbed my fingers all over her cunt lips first, before I inserted a finger and began to rub her clitoris. When it got real hard, I replaced my finger with my mouth and I sucked on her clit for a while, before I ran my tongue all around her pussy and lapped up her juices. She must have had a couple orgasms by the time I worked my fingers into her and began to finger fuck her.

“By now she was begging for me to fuck her and I was once again hard as a rock. I’m sure glad you took the time to show me how to put a rubber on, because even with your advice, I still had some problems getting it on. If you hadn’t worked with me earlier, I might still be there trying to get it in place or maybe even tried to fuck her without one. Anyway, once I got it on, I crawled up to kiss her some more. She was so hot she reached down and grabbed my dick and pulled it into her. I tried to do what you said and enter her slowly, but I then hit a spot that I couldn’t get by. I pushed a little harder and the resistance finally gave way and I slipped in. She let out a little scream when that happened, so I asked her if I hurt her. She said she was fine and told me to continue, so I guess she was all right.”

I interrupted him here, because I thought it was important that I explain something to him.

“Do you know what that resistance was?” I asked, and he shook his head no. “That was her hymen, which is the membrane that closes off her vagina until it’s broken. That means you popped her cherry, bro, so she was definitely a virgin.”

I then punched him in the arm, before I placed it around his shoulder. Justin merely gave me a shy grin, before he continued.

“I was pretty sure she was and she was pretty tight too, once I got in there. At first I was a little scared, especially after she screamed like that, but since I’d practiced on you, I started to feel like a pro. I pumped her slowly and worked at a nice easy pace, just like you told me, and she was moaning like crazy. If there hadn’t been so much noise from the party going on, we probably would have had people banging on the door to see if she was sick or injured.

“Seeing I had already shot one load and I’d done this with you,” he went on, “I lasted about twenty minutes before my cock erupted again. I couldn’t even guess how many orgasms she had while we were humping though, but I finally reached a point where my balls felt like they were on fire and my gut began to ache. I must have fired about a quart of cum into that poor little rubber, so I prayed it would stretch a little and not burst. I didn’t think the excess space I’d left at the end, like you showed me, would be enough to hold all of my jizz, but it definitely passed the stress test.”

Justin released a nervous little giggle after he’d said this, which I think was to indicate his relief that it hadn’t broken. I had emphasized to him many times that a girl could get pregnant the first time she had intercourse, so he had to be careful.

“I let my dick stay inside her for a couple of minutes after I finished cumming, before we finally separated,” he added. “She hugged me for a long time after that and kept telling me how wonderful it felt and how great I was. I have you to thank for that, because without your instruction and the practice on you, then I probably would have been just an inept amateur. I owe you so much, because Shannon thinks I’m a love god. That was actually what she called me.”

Justin stopped his story there and his head dropped toward the floor. I knew this meant there was more to this tale, but he was unsure if he should tell me. In an effort to spur him on, I told him about my suspicions and he looked at me with a very sad expression. After much coaxing, he gave me the additional information.

“After we had sex, Shannon told me she had been afraid I was gay like Jordan, especially since he’d admitted that he’d also dated girls for a cover,” Justin confessed, in a whisper. “She said she didn’t think I was a fag like him, but she wanted to make sure. I’m convinced that was the reason she wanted to do this so quickly in our relationship, so she could find out if she was wasting her time with me or not.”

“That’s not that unusual and there’s nothing wrong with that,” I responded, trying to assure him. “I can understand where she was coming from and can appreciate her concerns. When one member of a family discovers they’re gay, it often turns out that other siblings are gay too, so I don’t think she meant any harm. I’m sure Jordan will feel the same way and won’t be hurt by what she said. How about you? Did it bother you that she thought you might be gay?”

“Not really, because I do think I’m bi,” he admitted, “but it still makes me feel badly when people talk about Jordan that way. She actually called him a fag and it almost made me want to dump her afterwards.”

“I can appreciate how it must have made you feel, but it’s only because people don’t know any better,” I offered. “I’m sure that once she gets to know Jordan, then she won’t be so insensitive with her remarks. If I were you, I’d just let it slide this time, but you should also make sure to let her know how you feel about that type of comment. If she keeps repeating the error, then you might have to reconsider the relationship, but I think you should at least give her the benefit of the doubt for now.”

After I’d said that, I grabbed Justin and gave him a huge hug. I was just so proud of him, but not because he’d had sex, but how he handled the situation about his brother. It just proved how much he really loves Jordan.

“My little bro is growing up and has become a man and a stud muffin all on the same night,” I teased. “I’m proud of you Justin, and you’re the one who deserves the praise, not me for what I did for you. I know Jordan is going to be just as proud of you as I am.”

I knew I was beginning to sound like a proud father, and maybe I was. Even though he was only two and a half years younger than me and I loved him like a brother, I also protected him and doted on him like a son. Jordan and I were lovers, so he could never have that designation, even though I’d done stuff with him. In his case it was only for learning purposes, but he was still more than just a brother. I believed Justin felt that way too.

I gave him another big hug, kissed him on the forehead and told him that we should get some sleep. He agreed and we moved over to Jordan’s bedroom, so we could all be together. I crawled in next to his brother and Justin hopped in next to me. Jordan woke up and asked what time it was, but I just told him it was late and he should go back to sleep. He did so without any arguments, and tonight I cuddled with Justin and let him feel my love. I was just so excited for him and knew he would probably have erotic dreams all night long. When that happened, I wanted him to feel a warm body pressed against him, so he could enjoy those sweet dreams as they played out in his psyche.

The next morning, I filled Jordan in about the things Justin’s had told me, in vivid detail. Jordan had a big grin on his face the entire time he listened to the account, and then he went over and squeezed his brother and congratulated him, as soon as I had finished. Jordan was as proud of Justin as I was and told him so in no uncertain terms. Justin was beaming from the attention and we asked him if he had another date tonight. He said he didn’t, but he felt Shannon might be a little sore after the ride he had given her. We both slugged him in the arm, one on each side, and then we both responded with something like, ‘dream on.’ We all had a good laugh and then Jordan and I had to get ready for Saturday football practice.

Once we were alone, Jordan told me Justin’s accomplishments had taken a big load off his mind. When I asked him what he meant by that, he explained that he’d been afraid that people might assume Justin was gay, just because he was. He didn’t want Justin to be abused or have problems because others felt he was guilty by association, so this alleviated his concerns. Now, he felt that once Shannon told her girlfriends about what happened and word got out, then the chances of Justin being considered gay were nearly zero. Jordan was very relieved that Justin’s character wouldn’t be defamed or called into question now, just because of him.

When we returned home from practice later, we found Justin on the phone with Shannon. We made all kind of kissing noises and pretended that we were hugging an imaginary lover, hoping that would get him going. He tried to wave us away, but when that didn’t work, he turned his back toward us. Wrong move. Jordan and I made a quick plan and Jordan goosed him, while I tweaked his tit. Justin screamed out as we ran off, and then he quickly said goodbye to Shannon and hung up, so he could come after us.

He chased us into the bedroom and we all wrestled on the bed for a while. Finally, we all gave in to exhaustion and collapsed on the bed. Justin gave us both a quick kiss on the cheek and said ‘thank you.’ When we asked him what the thank you was for, he told us it was because we were his brothers and had shown him many times how much we loved him. Then, he added a final comment.

“I couldn’t have picked two better brothers, even if I had tried.”

We all hugged and Jordan and I told him we felt the same way about him. After a few more minutes of participation in our mutual adoration society meeting, we went out to find Dad, to see if he needed anything. He didn’t, so we all went into the living room and watched a college football game together. There we were, just one big happy family.

Copyright © 2010 Bill W; All Rights Reserved.
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Another very enjoyable chapter. I just love your dialogue and description so darn good!:yes:

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2 minutes ago, Albert1434 said:

Another very enjoyable chapter. I just love your dialogue and description so darn good!:yes:

Thank you, Albert.  You're very flattering .  I just hope I'm worthy of your praise.  Thank you.  :hug:  :heart:

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