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A Place In My Heart - 2. Chapter 2 – It Was the Best of Times

The time after Christmas went by quickly, so before we knew it we were back in school and the basketball season had come to an end. We finished with an 11-1 record, to go along with our undefeated football season, which only proves what I told you. We were good at sports, but even more so when we played together. Soon, winter would be over and spring would be making its appearance and ushering in the baseball season.

We spent much of that in between time on Jordan’s computer and found some other sites with nude pictures, but we even found some that had sex stories. This helped us continue our sexual education until baseball season began and our free time was taken up by practices. Of course, Jordan was the pitcher/shortstop and I played third base, but I moved over to shortstop when Jordan was pitching. He batted third in the line-up and I batted fourth. The coach put us in the batting order like this because Jordan had a better batting average and I hit with more power. Everything we did seemed to compliment one another and I think everyone deserved to have a best friend like we were to each other.

The end of school was fast approaching and along with it the end to another sport’s season. Our last game was a joke, in that we literally walked away with the game and the other team never really had a chance. Jordan pitched a no-hitter and had five hits, while I had two homeruns and two singles. We ended up killing the other team 18-0 and finished the season with a 13-1 record.

Our only loss was an away game that Jordan couldn’t pitch, because he had pitched two days earlier. Our second pitcher was out sick that day, so we had to rely on our third pitcher. He started to have trouble in the middle of the game and was getting hit really hard, but we didn’t have any other pitchers. Knowing he couldn’t leave that pitcher in any long, the coach started using people who hadn’t pitched since Little League and it was all downhill from that point on. I guess you could say the pitchers he used at that point didn’t have their best stuff and ended up walking a lot of batters. When they did get the ball over the plate, the other team usually hit it, but mostly out of reach of one of our fielders. We ended up losing that game 16-8, but we weren’t about to cry over it, since we’d still had another great season.

Shortly after that, school ended for the year and Jordan and I had both done really well on our final exams and report cards. Summer was here and with it came a series of carefree days filled with fun and games, or so we thought. It seemed that Mr. Koontz, Jordan’s dad, had summer jobs planned for us, even though we didn’t know it until summer vacation began. He had decided to use us to help him build their new house.

My parents had already agreed to let me do this and I was actually going to get paid. My wages were strictly under the table though, because I wasn’t actually old enough to do this legally, but basically I was just helping out a family friend. The important thing, at least to me, was that I would be making money. Mr. Koontz was going to use Jordan and I to carry materials back and forth to the guys working for him, but we were also expected to clean up the mess the workers had made after they were done each day.

It wasn’t a bad job, although we had to work hard, but it was definitely easier to keep from getting bored because we were able to do this together. I also felt good knowing I was actually helping Jordan’s family build their new house, so whenever I stayed over after it was finished I would feel as if it was part mine too.

One week I had to work alone, because Jordan was off attending his yearly basketball camp. My parents couldn’t afford to send me, but next year I was going to join him and use some of the money I earned working for his dad this year. Mr. Koontz had already informed us that, if we wanted to, he would do the same thing for us next summer and let us help at whatever site he was working on at the time. It felt good knowing I’d be able to make my own money, which my parents had agreed to let me use as I pleased, but Mr. Koontz also thought we were doing a good job to boot.

On weekends, Jordan and I would play sports with our other friends, go swimming, go to the movies or play video games. We also somehow managed to find time to get on the computer and continue our ‘education.’ Our busy schedules caused the summer to fly by and we were soon ready to begin 8th grade and start playing on the modified football team for the second year.

After going for our physicals, the team had a meeting with the coach and he told us we had a very good chance to have another fantastic season. He admitted that he had been surprised by how well we had done the previous year, since a large portion of the key positions had been filled by seventh graders, so he felt we could do even better this year. He said we’d have to practice hard and improve our skills, but since we were bigger and more mature then that should help. Jordan had grown three inches [7.6 cm] and was now 5’7” [170 cm], while I had grown two inches [5 cm] and was now 5’10” [178 cm].

School was a blast, but we also resumed our social life and picked up our dating schedule right where we had left off the previous year. We were so busy over the summer that we didn’t have much time for girls, so now we intended to make up for the drought. Our dates often included a lot of kissing and some pretty heavy petting, well at least I knew that mine did and Jordan advised me that his dates went basically the same.

It seemed that in no time at all we’d finished off another undefeated football season and were moving on to eighth grade basketball. Whenever we had a day off from school, we helped Jordan’s dad work on the house, so as it got closer to Thanksgiving it was nearly done. We worked the entire holiday with him and Jordan’s family planned to start moving in during the first full-week of December.

Two days before Christmas, Jordan’s mom and dad threw a huge Christmas party for all of their friends and used this as an excuse to show off the new house. Of course, my parents were included in the festivities and I gave them the grand tour, since I knew the house as well as anyone. They both seemed very impressed with what they saw and everyone that came had a great time. I even helped Mr. and Mrs. Koontz clean up that night and throughout the next day, since they and my parents had agreed to let me stay overnight.

Two days after Christmas, I stayed over at their house again. Jordan and I spent a great deal of time on the computer and we were both extremely aroused as evening rolled around. That’s when Jordan hit me with something new.

“Tony, have you ever had a blow job?” he asked, totally surprising me yet again.

“No. Not yet,” I revealed, somewhat reluctantly.

“I was thinking about this and figured that most of the girls our age probably don’t know how to give one,” Jordan rationalized. “That means we’ll probably have to explain to them how to do it and it’s going to be hard for us to teach them if we’ve never had one.”

I nodded my head in agreement, although I wondered where my friend was going with this line of thought. It didn’t take long before I discovered the answer to my question.

“I thought, if you were willing, we could give one to each other and then we’d know what to tell the girls they would need to do,” he suggested. “I mean the other things we’ve done with each other have really worked out great and I think this would probably work out just as well.”

I merely looked at Jordan and didn’t give him an answer right away, because I had to take time to think this over. When I had finally organized my thoughts, I told him what I thought.

“I don’t know Jordan. Having a cock in my mouth would make me queer or something and I ain’t no fag.” I was very leery about doing this.

“It wouldn’t make us queer. We’d just be doing more experimenting, like we did when we tried those other things,” Jordan reasoned, in an attempt to persuade me. “Remember that article I told you about before? It said this is another one of those things that boys often try with each other. It says most of the boys end up being straight, even though they experimented and did these types of things with other boys first.”

“I still don’t know,” I whined. “It just doesn’t sound right to be putting another guy’s dick in your mouth.”

“Look, I’ll tell you what,” Jordan offered. “I’ll do it to you first and then you can decide if you want to return the favor.”

“If I let you blow me first, then you’re still willing to let me choose whether or not I want to blow you afterward?” I stated, in an attempt to clarify what he was saying. “In other words, just because you do it to me doesn’t mean I have to automatically do it back, right?”

“No, you won’t. I’ll suck you off first and then you can decide if you’re willing to do it for me,” he answered. “If you don’t want to try it, then I will accept your decision, but if you do, then that would be even better.”

“Ok. I’ll let you do it to me then, as long as I’m not going to be forced to do it to you afterward, if I decide I don’t want to,” I agreed.

“Don’t worry and you’re going to love it,” Jordan squealed, all excited. “Get undressed and lie down on the bed.”

I did what he told me and Jordan moved beside me, as he got ready to do the deed. Within seconds, he reached out, took my cock in his hand and stroked it a few times to make sure it was getting hard. Then, he bent over and started to lick around the head of my shaft, which caused sensations of pure joy to sweep over my body. As he continued to pay attention to my little friend, his tongue glided over it, but then he continued to lick down and around my shaft, before he worked his way down to my balls.

Jordan then flicked his tongue out against the sensitive skin of my nut sac and delicately washed the entire surface, like a mother cat cleaning one of her kittens. He also took one of my testicles into his mouth, ran his oral muscle around the delicate surface and swished it around in his hot, moist mouth for a few seconds. After gently sucking and nibbling on it for a while, he let that one fall from his lips, before he searched out the other one.

At this point, he surrounded my other testicle with his with his warm oral cavity. Once he had that watery nugget in place, he performed the same ritual on it, as he had on its twin. When he had finished playing with both of my nuts, he licked his way back up my dick and then swallowed nearly all 6.5” [16.5 cm] of my circumcised member.

Jordan kept licking my steel-like rod with his tongue and then his head started to bob up and down over more than half of its length. He was very careful about keeping his teeth from scraping the skin and sucked on my prick like he was trying to inhale a thick milkshake through a straw. The sensation was overwhelming and it was becoming nearly impossible for me to lie still. My body began to wiggle and squirm under him, as I also moaned in delight. After a very short time, I could feel my testicles beginning to tingle, as they prepared to send the hot load of juices up my shaft.

“I’m almost ready to shoot,” I warned my friend.

I was trying to give him the opportunity to pull away, before the inevitable explosion. Jordan, however, didn’t move away and merely continued to bob his blond head up and down my quivering member.

“Jordan, I’m… going to… cum. I’m… almost… there,” I gasped, since I didn’t think he’d want to take my load in his mouth. “I’m… ahhh… cumming.”

With that pronouncement, a tingling sensation swept over and through my body, as my seed erupted into Jordan’s oral cavity. There were several forceful spurts of that creamy white fluid, but Jordan just kept sucking on me until my penis deflated and the last of my juices had been completely drained. When I had sufficiently recovered from this tremendous climax, I looked down at Jordan and spoke.

“Why the hell didn’t you pull off?” I wanted to know. “I warned you in plenty of time, so why did you go and swallow my load?”

“I figured you’d enjoy it better that way and it wouldn’t be any worse that eating a cunt and swallowing some girl’s pussy juices,” Jordan reasoned. “Heck, it didn’t even taste bad, so I didn’t mind doing it at all.”

I was totally confused. I wasn’t sure if he meant what he said or if he just told me this in order to convince me to do the same thing for him. I mean I understood what he was saying about it being about the same as getting a mouthful of pussy juices, but I still don’t think a guy is supposed to swallow another guy’s spunk. Is he? Jordan just sat there looking at me, grinning at my expressions, as I pondered this dilemma.

“Well, you seemed to enjoy it. Didn’t you?” Jordan pressed, seeking some recognition for his effort.

“Yes. It was really great and all,” I confirmed, although I was still leery, “but it just didn’t feel right when you swallowed it. I want to thank you for what you did and I don’t want to seem ungrateful or anything, but it just seemed strange to know you were doing that.”

I paused for a minute, so I could look at my friend and see his reaction. Did he really expect me to do the same thing for him?

“How was it for you? Was it gross?” I wondered. “Did you feel terrible while you were doing it?”

“Like I said, it wasn’t bad and I didn’t feel funny at all,” Jordan assured me. “Actually, it kinda felt good that I could give you as much pleasure as I saw you having from it. It wasn’t icky at all. We both shower often enough, so we’re both clean, and your dick didn’t have much of a taste to it at all. Your cum was a little salty, but kind of sweet too, so I didn’t mind doing you in the least.”

Jordan stopped and looked into my face. He was flashing me a grin that went from ear to ear and I could tell he wanted to say something more, because his mouth would start to open and then he’d just shut it again, without uttering a sound. After several false starts, he finally asked what was on his mind.

“What about you?” he asked, while staring me in the eye. “Have you decided whether you want to try doing it to me?”

I looked at him, but didn’t answer right away, because I was still mulling it over in my mind. I kept looking up at Jordan and he had this sad, pleading look on his face, like a puppy that felt it had just done something wrong. He didn’t say anything or try to put any pressure on me, but I could tell by the look on his face and the hope in his big puppy-dog eyes that he wanted this badly.

“If I do this for you, then you’ve got to promise that you will never tell anyone what we did, not ever,” I stated, emphatically, since I was worried about what our other friends would think if they knew what we’d done.

“Of course. I promise,” he answered, as a huge grin reemerged across his face. “I’ll never tell a soul. I wouldn’t want anyone to think were fags now, would I?”

“No, I guess not,” I agreed, although I still wasn’t totally convinced. “Ok then, get undressed and I’ll return the favor.”

As he had done when I agree to give him the hand job, Jordan nearly shredded his clothing in his attempt to get them off in a hurry. Once he was naked, he sprawled out on the bed beside me with that damn grin still plastered across his face.

“I knew you wouldn’t let me down, Tony,” he confirmed. “You’re the best friend a guy could ever have.”

“Yeah, well you’re not so bad either,” I agreed, although not quite as enthusiastically as he had done. “Now, shut up and let me get to work.”

I bent over Jordan and gave his cock a tentative swipe with my tongue, since I still wasn’t convinced that I wanted to do this. I wanted to check out the taste first, before I made my final determination, and to my surprise, Jordan was right. His penis didn’t have much of a flavor at all and what there was wasn’t bad. It was kind of like sucking on a finger, so I let my guard down a little more and licked it with more conviction than my previous attempt. I ran my tongue around the helmet, as he had done to me, and then I flicked my tongue at his slit.

Jordan let out a fairly loud moan when I did this and his head jerked to one side. Taking that as a sign of approval, I licked my way down his shaft and moved toward his testicles, before I lapped and sucked at the entire, mostly hairless area. After coating the surface with my saliva, I took one of his balls into my mouth, so I could suck and nibble on it gently, the same way he had done to me. After performing an identical act on his other nut, I licked back up the length of his organ until I reached his perfect helmet.

Jordan’s 5.5” [14 cm] circumcised shaft stood at perfect attention and pulsed slightly with each beat of his heart, as I opened my mouth and prepared to engulf it. I let my tongue lick at his flesh one more time, before I let my head slide down his shaft and allowed my lips to caress the silky skin that covered his rigid pole. I could feel his thin coating of pubic hairs tickle my nose when I reached the base and then I began pumping my lips up and down on his prick.

Jordan was writhing in pleasure beneath me as I worked on his joystick and the sounds he was making were becoming more pronounced as I continued my efforts. His hips started to thrust up and down, as he shoved his cock upward, into my mouth, as I began my return journey down his pole. His thrusting was getting more frantic and forceful, which gave me an indication that he was getting close to his release. I had already determined that I would take his load in my mouth, at least the first shot, to see what it was like. Suddenly, Jordan’s voice broke into my thoughts.

“Yeah. I’m cumming. Ohhh. Ahhh,” I heard him moan.

Within a second or two, his throbbing penis expanded in my mouth and I felt the first string of cum explode against the back of my throat. It wasn’t as disgusting as I’d feared it was going to be, so I kept sucking on his joint, as I siphoned out the next few spurts of boy juice. Wave after wave of his fluids filled my mouth and I swallowed as quickly as I could, in order to make room for the next blast. I did fairly well, but a little of his seed escaped from my lips and rolled down my chin.

After Jordan has finished releasing his wad, I finally felt his body relax, until it was lying motionless on the bed. I continued sucking on his deflating member and attempted to draw every drop of his sweet milk from his boy factory until nothing remained. Finally, I let his penis fall from between my lips and looked up into his perfect face. It was a few seconds more before I saw him start to move again.

“That was fucking great!” he exclaimed, once he regained his senses. “You did an awesome job for someone who wasn’t sure if he wanted to do it. Thanks, man, you’re terrific.”

Jordan hurriedly sat up on the bed and then leaned over, so he could give me a tremendous hug. Not only did this move surprise me, but he also nearly squeezed all of the air from my lungs in the process. Since he had caught me completely off guard by the spontaneity and forcefulness of his embrace, I didn’t react at all. It more or less had the same effect as if he was embracing a statue, because I wasn’t hugging him back. We hadn’t hugged one another since we were very little, so I just shrugged it off as being generated by the extreme pleasure he’d just experienced. It was kind of nice, in a way, so I wasn’t totally opposed to having him do this though.

“Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it bud,” I gasped out, once I’d caught my breath. “It wasn’t all that bad, but remember that you promised we’d never tell anyone else about this. Agreed?”

“Without a doubt,” Jordan concurred. “Thanks, again, Tony. You’re awesome.”

It seemed as if this type of thing was becoming a Christmas tradition for us. For the past two holiday seasons, Jordan and I had explored a new sexual experience over the Christmas break. Last year it was mutual masturbation and this year oral sex. Trying a new sexual activity was becoming part of the holiday season, sort of like hanging the mistletoe or breaking the wishbone. I wonder if he’s going to try to convince me to do something new with him every Christmas season from now on.

Since it wasn’t as disgusting an experience as I’d first envisioned, Jordan was able to convince me to do it again before New Year’s Day. Actually, I was kind of glad he brought it up again; I mean the suggestion, not our penises, because this time I wasn’t as nervous about what we were doing. Not only did I enjoy it more, but I was also able to concentrate on what pointers I’d want to give some girl, if I found one who was willing to do this for me.

Although it seemed to happen too quickly, the holidays came to an end and we were back in school again. A month later, another sport season was drawing to a close and we ended basketball with another 11-1 record, which was identical to the previous year. We beat the team that had beaten us the last time and then turned around and lost the next game 43-42, after suffering an emotional and mental letdown. It was still a great season though.

During the two months that followed, we impatiently waited for the baseball season to arrive. Jordan and I would play catch in the driveway, as the snow continued to melt around us, but it was difficult to loosen up or accomplish much with our winter clothing on. It felt good to be holding a baseball again and seemed to make the time pass by faster, although not quickly enough. When physicals and try-outs were finally held, we were eager for our final athletic season of the school year.

Jordan pitched better than he had the previous season and the team was more in sync when fielding, but all of us were also hitting better than we ever had. We won our closest game by a score of 6 – 2, but we also blew out another team by scoring over 20 runs. This season turned out to be just another of our great sport accomplishments and we finished undefeated, with a record of 14-0.

Everything was really going well for us as summer arrived and Mr. Koontz asked me if I was still planning to work for him again. I immediately answered yes, which brought a huge grin to his face, so I guess I now know whom Jordan inherited his killer smile from.

It was shortly after the Fourth of July when Mr. & Mrs. Koontz sat down to talk with Justin, Jordan and me. They said they had something important to tell us and, because I was like another son to them, they wanted me included in this conversation.

“Boys, we have something to tell you,” their father began. “I think you realize your mother hasn’t been feeling well for a while now and I’ve been taking her to see the doctor, so he could run some tests. He sent us to a specialist who ran some more tests and he just notified us about the results. We want to share this information with you now.

“It seems that your mom might have some cancerous growths on her lungs,” he continued, “and the doctor wants to admit her to the hospital, so he can operate and remove them. He said that afterward she’d have to have chemo and/or radiation treatments, but that’s pretty standard when cancer is discovered. We thought you were all old enough to know what was going on, so we wanted to share this information with you together.”

We all sat on the couch with our mouths hanging open, not knowing what to say. We knew she had gone to see the doctor a couple of times, but we thought it was just for something minor, like allergies or a seasonal bug. We had no idea it was for anything this serious. Finally, Jordan broke the silence.

“You’re going to be all right, aren’t you Mom?” he wanted to know.

“Of course, dear,” she replied, as calmly as she could. “I just have to have these growths removed from my lungs and then I’ll be fine.”

We all started to breathe a little easier again before I spoke.

“Mom… uh… I mean Mrs. Koontz,” she smiled at my slip. “When is the operation going to be?”

“I’m to go to the hospital on Thursday,” she offered

“That soon,” Justin blurted out, sounding nearly panicked.

“Yes, dear,” she replied, in a calm, steady voice. “The doctor doesn’t want to wait any longer than that and said we should do this as soon as possible.”

“How long will you be in the hospital?” Jordan inquired next.

“I’m not sure, but I’d guess it would be for three days to a week,” she replied. “It will depend on how well I do after the operation and what the doctors discover.”

“Do you mind if I stay here during that time?” I asked. Not only was I concerned about her, but I felt Jordan and Justin might need me around to help them get through this. “I’ll check with my parents tonight to make sure it’s ok with them too, but I want to be with the rest of the family while you are gone and having this operation.”

“That’s very sweet of you, Anthony, and I’m sure the boys will appreciate your company,” she agreed.

I hardly ever had anyone call me Anthony, unless I was in trouble with my parents, but somehow it just seemed so right at this moment. I stayed with them for another hour, and when I returned home I told my parents the whole story. They were very shocked and upset by the news, but they rapidly agreed to my request. Before I left to go to my room, my mom was talking to Mrs. Koontz on the phone and asking if there was anything any of us could do for them.

While she was doing that, I packed enough of my things so I could stay with Jordan’s family for the entire time. I also took quite a few minutes to consider how this might turn out for her. It’s also when I realized this was the first awful thing that had ever happened in Jordan or Justin’s young lives. Having come to this conclusion, I knew I wanted to be there to help them get through this and I would do whatever it took to keep them positive. Justin was two and a half years younger than Jordan and me, but he was just like my little brother too. Jordan was my best friend and his family was my family as well. In fact, just a short time before we found out about her condition, Jordan had suggested I might want to start calling his parents Mom K and Dad K, so I felt I had to be there for all of them.

When Thursday came, the four of us sat in the waiting room outside of the operating room while Mom K was in surgery. My parents took some time off from work and stopped by the hospital around lunchtime, but they also brought sandwiches and sodas with them, so the rest of us wouldn’t have to leave to get a bite to eat. My mom and dad hugged and kissed us all before they left and Dad K thanked them for their thoughtfulness. This was one day when I was extremely proud of my parents.

Mom K had been in surgery for several hours before the doctor came out to talk to Jordan’s father, alone. We waited until Dad K returned and then immediately began to question him about what he had learned. He told us the doctor said that the operation was over and they had removed all of the cancerous growths they’d found. He also told us that Mom K wouldn’t be able to have any visitors, other than himself, until tomorrow, so we wouldn’t be able to see her to then.

After that, he said my parents had mentioned earlier that they were going to stop back later, on their way home from work, so he was going to ask them to take us home for the night. He told us he would also ask them to drop us back off in the morning, so we could visit with Mom K as soon as she was able to have visitors.

After some mild objections, the three of us finally agreed to his proposal, as long as we would be allowed to come back in the morning. Then, we went over and gave him a group hug, and it was then that I noticed Dad K looked as if he had aged ten years in just one day.

Copyright © 2010 Bill W; All Rights Reserved.
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Well, that was so beautifully written it was just perfect:yes:. I can't wait to see what will come of all this:thankyou:

Thanks for sharing this story!

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1 minute ago, Albert1434 said:

Well, that was so beautifully written it was just perfect:yes:. I can't wait to see what will come of all this:thankyou:

Thanks for sharing this story!

Thank you for the feedback and I'm so glad you are enjoying this story and hope you continue to enjoy it as it progresses. 

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