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A Place In My Heart - 3. Chapter 3 – The Summer of Our Discontent

That night, Jordan slept with me in my double bed and my parents set up the cot in my room for Justin. We were all really down, because we were so worried about Mom K, so we went to bed fairly early. Justin fell asleep somewhat quickly, since he was emotionally drained, but Jordan and I had too much on our minds and remained awake. Jordan was very worried about his mom and kept thinking about her situation, and even though I was worried about her as well, I was probably more concerned about him.

It really got to me when I began to hear him sobbing softly next to me, because I could feel his pain and uncertainty. Wishing to comfort him, I lifted my arm and placed it over Jordan’s head on his pillow. When he saw what I’d done, he lifted his head slightly, so I could slide my arm under his neck. As soon as he did this, I moved my arm lower, so it was not only under his neck, but my hand was also touching his shoulder. I then gently pulled his body closer to mine, such as a parent might do when comforting a child. When he responded, he buried his head in my chest, so I reached up with my other hand and began to tenderly stroke his hair.

“It’s going to be all right, bud,” I said reassuringly. “The doctor said your mother is doing fine and we’ll all see her tomorrow. You have to get some sleep though, so she won’t think you belong in the hospital too.”

“Tony, I know that’s what everyone keeps saying, but I just can’t help myself. It just doesn’t feel right,” he replied. “The doctor talked to my dad for a really long time, but they did it in private, so we couldn’t hear what he had to say. I’m sorry, but I don’t think Dad is telling us the whole story. No matter what he says, I think he’s holding some of it back and there is more to what’s going on than he’s sharing with us.

“He looked really upset while he was telling us everything had gone as expected and Mom was going to be fine,” Jordan continued, “but then he sent us away right after he did that. I know my dad and I’m telling you that he doesn’t like to be alone, except when he’s upset or has really serious stuff to think about, so I think he knows a lot more than he’s willing to admit. I’ve got a feeling it’s not good either.”

“Jordan, you’ve got to stop worrying and thinking the worst,” I urged. “Your dad is just concerned about your mother and needs some time alone, so he can think things over. He also wants to have an opportunity to be with her by himself and that’s not a bad thing. Give him a chance and I’m sure that if there is more to share, then he will tell us.”

I squeezed Jordan in my arms, but he remained tense and his body didn’t relax even the slightest. He was really down and I knew it would take something major to bring him around. It was time to pull out the heavy artillery, so I tugged my arm out from under his neck and threw the blanket off of us. He looked at me with a questioning expression on his face, while trying to decide what I was up to. I got on my knees and moved down beside him, grabbed his briefs and began to pull them down his thighs, until they were completely off his legs.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“You need to relax and I know just how to get you to do it,” I answered.

“Not now, Tony. This isn’t the time,” Jordan protested.

“This is exactly the time,” I corrected. “Now, lie back and enjoy.”

With that said, I bent over and began working on his cock. I licked the pink tip of his flaccid penis, as I lifted it up with my hand. I licked around the entire head and slowly ‘Little Jordan’ began to wake up and enjoy the attention I was giving him. Jordan spread his legs a bit, in order to give me better access to the area, and eventually he began to relax and relish the sensations coursing through his torso.

I knew my efforts were accomplishing my hidden agenda when I heard little whimpers beginning to emanate from Jordan’s throat. His dick was now rock hard and I gently began to fondle and tug at his testicles, as I continued to mouth his organ. I eagerly played his slide trombone and hummed out a rhapsody of love that was meant solely for his enjoyment. Jordan was now moaning audibly and I took a quick glance over at the cot to make sure Justin was still asleep. He was lying motionless on the mattress, turned on his side with his back toward us, so I felt it was safe to continue my efforts.

I then removed my hand from Jordan’s scrotum and slipped my middle finger in my mouth, while I was still working on his penis. I got my finger nice and wet, removed it from my mouth, slid it between Jordan’s legs and slipped it into his rectum, just as I had done to myself so many times since Jordan had taught me this trick. This surprised Jordan, since I had never done this to him before, and his ass jumped off of the mattress, but then he let out a big moan. I checked on Justin one more time and noticed he hadn’t moved, so it appeared he was still sleeping. Hell, it looked as if the kid could sleep through a hurricane, even though this time his deep slumber seemed to be working to our advantage.

I picked up my rhythm, as I continued to constantly raise and lower my head up and down the length of Jordan’s rod, as I attempted to siphon his concerns out of his body. After many repetitions of this routine, I felt his balls gradually being drawn up toward his body and his penis started to expand in my mouth. I was anticipating his load when the first shot entered my mouth and Jordan began to fill me with spurt after spurt of his sweet boy milk. There was much more of this liquid than he usually expelled, but I didn’t pull away. I merely kept swallowing to get it all down.

Even with my best efforts, a few drops escaped from the corners of my mouth and trickled down my chin. I wasn’t discouraged though and continued to suck on him until every drop had been siphoned from his testicles. Once that had happened, I allowed his limp penis to reluctantly fall from my lips.

I could tell Jordan was more relaxed now than he had been at any point since his parents announced the news of his mother’s illness and this whole nightmare first began. Seeing he was looking much better now, I gently slid my arm back under his neck and drew his body close to mine again. From that point on, I caressed him and tried to squeeze the remaining tension from his body.

“Thanks, dude, that was really great,” Jordan whispered, a few seconds later. “You were right. It was the right time and I really needed that. Why don’t you lay back and I’ll do the same thing for you now.”

“No, Jordan. That’s not necessary,” I objected. “You just lie there, relax and try to go to sleep.”

“I won’t be able to get any sleep until I return the favor, so don’t argue with me,” he insisted.

“But you don’t have to…” I began to protest, but Jordan cut me off.

“I know I don’t have to, but I want to,” he stated, in a very soft voice. “You’ve been just as worried about my mom as I am, so you need to relax too. Just let me do this for you, so lie back and enjoy.”

I knew there was no sense in arguing with Jordan once his mind was made up, so I lifted my hips off of the bed and let him slide my boxer briefs down and off my legs. He attacked my dick like a starving child and there appeared to be urgency to his actions, yet there was also gentleness in his touch. Once he had me fully erect, he performed on my skin flute and played a magnificent sonata.

He worked my ball sac, as I had done to him, and then he shoved his finger up my ass. As his digit wiggled around just inside my entranceway, it brushed against my magic button and that sent shivers up and down my spine. The electrical sensation was awesome and I started to pump my butt against his finger, so I could experience the sensation again.

At the same time, Jordan continued to work feverishly on my prick and slid his lips up and down the soft skin that covered my firm shaft. Eventually, he was rewarded with the biggest orgasm of my life. Not only did I fire several shots into his mouth, but I could also tell that the volume of sperm I deposited in him was far greater than I’d ever produced in any single session prior to this. My body shuddered from this tremendous release and then I lie on the bed silent and spent.

“That was a pretty awesome load there, buddy. I’ve never seen you cum that much before,” Jordan confirmed.

“I don’t think I’ve ever shot so much either,” I replied somewhat astonished. “I think it might have been the result of the little extra work you did on my balls and in my hole that catapulted me into such a tremendous explosion. Thanks, Jordan, that was really great.”

“Hey, you’re my best bud and the two of us will do anything for each other. Right?” Jordan added, with a grin.

“Absolutely, but I think we’d better get some sleep, so we’ll be ready for tomorrow,” I offered.

Jordan nodded and we both retrieved our underwear and put them back on. I slipped my arm under and around him again as we got comfortable, which caused him to turn into my body and place his arm across my chest. He then whispered another ‘thank you’ in my ear and planted a tender kiss on my cheek, before he rested his head on my shoulder. It didn’t take long before I could feel the steady rhythm of his breathing against my side, so I knew he had finally fallen asleep. Shortly after that, I fell asleep and was able to get some rest too, since I knew I’d been able to help my best friend in his time of need.

The next morning, we awoke, showered, ate breakfast and then rode in with my parents to the hospital. We went directly to the waiting room that was close to Jordan’s mom’s room and found Jordan’s dad there as well. He was wearing the same clothes he’d had on the previous day, so we knew he’d been here the entire time and hadn’t gone home at all. He also appeared to be much older than when we left him, so I began to feel that Jordan might be right about the things he’d told me the previous night.

We all went over to hug him and each of us gave him a peck on the cheek or forehead too, but we also asked him how Mom K was doing. He said she was resting at the moment, but he assured us that she’d come through the operation with flying colors and the doctors said she was responding well.

Since Dad K looked so exhausted, we asked if he’d been able to get any sleep at all and he said he’d slept on the sofa, while he pointed at the uncomfortable looking piece of furniture for added emphasis. Since he’d been able to get some rest, we talked him into going home to shower, change and eat next, while we stayed at the hospital. Reluctantly, he agreed and Jordan, Justin and I were soon sitting there, waiting by ourselves.

After remaining in the waiting room for a few minutes, I went over to the nurse’s station and inquired about when we would be able see Mom K. The nurse on duty asked who we were, so I told her we were her sons. Satisfied, she said we could go in and visit, just as soon as she’d finished her breakfast and received her sponge bath. I thanked her for the information and then went back to tell Jordan and Justin the news. They were both relieved to hear what I had to say, since it meant they’d get to see their mother soon.

After a short delay, the nurse came in to the waiting area and told us that we could go in and spend some time with Mom K. We were all thrilled that we’d finally been given permission to do this, although we were still somewhat anxious as we walked into the room. Even though we were aware that she’d just undergone a very invasive surgery, none of us were quite prepared for what we saw next.

Although Mom K was awake and lying in bed, with her head slightly elevated, we weren’t expecting to see so many tubes and wires extending from her body. She had tubes running from her nose and out of both arms, but there were also a couple of different monitors recording her vital signs. Different parts of her body were also grotesquely discolored from the effects of her surgery and I heard the other two audibly gasp when they noticed this. I could also see tears beginning to trickle down their cheeks as well, even though I wasn’t doing much better. We all tried, however, to put on our best faces as we approached her hospital bed, because we didn’t want her to detect our surprise and concern.

Mom K flashed a faint smile when she first noticed us, but other than a slight turn of her head, she hardly moved at all. We all tried to tell her that she looked great and the doctors agreed they had removed all of the cancer, so everything was going to be fine, but I’m not sure how convincing we were. She did, however, nod slightly and whispered a barely audible ‘thank you,’ before she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

The three of us sat in her room a while longer and then we all went back to the waiting room, where we could talk without her overhearing. Both of the boys walked ahead of me, so I could see their bodies were hunched over in despair and their heads hung dejectedly toward the floor. This let me know that our quick visit might have done more harm than good, at least as far as their morale was concerned. I decided to gage my words very carefully, after we finally reached the waiting room.

“I know you’re upset after you just saw how your mom looked, but I want to point out that most people don’t look particularly well after going through an operation. It’s just the way it is. I remember seeing my grandmother after her operation and she looked a lot worse than your mother did. Even Johnny Davis looked bad when I visited him after he had his appendix out, but both of them recovered and they’re still doing fine. It’s just how it works. It always appears worse than it is. She’ll be fine. You just wait and see.”

They seemed to be a little better after my inspirational speech, although I knew their spirits were still down in the dumps. They stayed that way until their father returned, about an hour later. He looked at the three of us and noticed our expressions, so he pulled me aside to ask if we had been in to see Mom K yet. When I said we had, he wanted to know how the boys took it. I was very honest and told him that they reacted very poorly to seeing her in that condition and Dad K merely shook his head and looked upset. He then moved over to speak with his sons.

I left the waiting room and stayed away for a while, to give them some privacy. I spent my time walking up and down the corridors, while trying to think about what I could do to make things better for them. When I returned, the boys were both sitting on their father’s lap, one on each leg, with their arms wrapped around his neck. He winked at me when I entered, so I sat down in one of the chairs near them. I don’t know what he’d said to them, but it seemed to have done the trick, because Jordan and Justin each appeared to be less depressed than when I’d left them a few minutes earlier.

The three of us visited with Mom K from time to time over the next several days, but it was almost two weeks before she was able to return home. Dad K had set up a rented hospital bed for her in the living room and that would be her bedroom until she was back on her feet. A nurse was also hired to check on her every few hours and to take care of her when Dad K was at work. The nurse was primarily there to keep her clean, change her dressings, feed her and administer the drugs she was required to take, since none of us were capable of doing those things for her. As time passed, Mom K became increasingly independent and more like her old self, which helped Dad K and the boys to become more optimistic about her prognosis and recovery.

By the beginning of August, Jordan’s parents had convinced us that she was doing fine, so they felt Jordan and I should plan on attending the basketball summer camp. Our hearts really weren’t into it, since we were still so worried about her, but we agreed to attend, mainly to prove we were truly optimistic about Mom K’s recovery.

My father drove us to the camp and helped us check in on Sunday afternoon. He explained our situation at home to the gentleman at the registration desk and the man agreed to pair us up in the same room. This was against the rules, since they wanted us to mix with others we didn’t already know, but he thought we needed to be together so we could support each other. Since the clinic was being conducted on a college campus, everyone attending was assigned to one of the dorms for the week and we were told where to go. The college students weren’t scheduled to be back on campus until the week after we left, so our being there wouldn’t interfere with them returning for the fall semester.

That first night, Jordan slept in my bed with me, and I held him close to help reassure him. In the middle of the night he must have had a nightmare, because he suddenly became very restless and agitated. He woke me when he began to moan and whimper, but then he also began to squirm about on the bed. In order to comfort and calm him down, I pulled him tightly against my body, stroked his hair, kissed him on the forehead and whispered in his ear that everything was going to be fine. I don’t think he awoke at any point during this episode, but he did calm down after that and then had a fairly restful completion to his evening’s slumber.

Monday morning, we attended the first session of the clinic and it didn’t take long for Jordan to start acting like himself again. I was really excited when I noticed his sudden transformation and hoped he wouldn’t revert back to being depressed again later.

Since this was my first basketball camp, I didn’t realize there were a couple of big time college coaches on the staff too. I hadn’t read any of the brochures and Jordan hadn’t mentioned this fact, so I never realized this was more than just some high school coaches and college players. In fact, I was so overwhelmed after I became aware of their presence that I made numerous mistakes as we ran the first couple of drills. This made me feel like a big klutz, but I was eventually able to settle down enough that the rest of the session went smoothly.

The afternoon session went by quickly as well, but this time I did a lot better when running through the drills. We finished up the day with a scrimmage and Jordan and I were on the same team. This was just like old times for us and we beat the other squad we were playing against by ten points. I think this impressed the coaches I’d failed to win over during the morning session.

After dinner, we called Jordan’s house and his father told us that his mother was doing much better. Jordan seemed to relax after hearing this news and his spirits were greatly improved by bedtime. He still slept with me that evening, but this time he had an uneventful night, free from the nightmares of the previous evening.

The next couple of days went much like the first, except I didn’t have a repeat of my poor performance, which I’d had in the initial morning session. After we finished eating dinner each evening, we attended film sessions where the coaches went over videos of one of their college team’s games. They eagerly pointed out both the good and bad moves their players had made, so we could learn from watching them. This proved to be a very interesting and informative session.

Wednesday night in the dorm was slightly different as well, since Jordan slept in his own bed for the first time. As far as I could tell, he had no problems during the evening either, although it wasn’t quite as easy for me. I actually missed Jordan being with me that night and felt very lonely, so I wasn’t totally rested when I woke up the next morning.

Thursday’s drills were geared more to individual positions, instead of the general skill sessions of the first few days. This time, Jordan and I were in different groups and were engaged in drills suited to the positions that we were used to playing. We didn’t see each other again until the afternoon scrimmage, but this time we were on opposite teams and had to play against each other. Neither of us even remembered whose team won that scrimmage, since we concentrated more on our individual play, rather than the score.

We called his house again after dinner and this time Dad K let Jordan talk to his mother for a few minutes. After he finished his conversation with her, Jordan was in such a good mood that he couldn’t seem to stop talking or wind down, once we returned to our room. After a couple of hours of watching him figuratively bouncing off the walls, I pushed him down on his bed, removed all of his clothes and gave him another blowjob, which I hoped would make him relax.

As soon as he reached his orgasm, the peaceful expression on his face let me know he had really appreciated my effort and it helped him tremendously. Of course, Jordan felt obligated to return the favor, even over my protests that it wasn’t necessary, so he ended up giving me a hummer too. We both went to sleep that evening with smiles on our faces, which was a rare occurrence in recent times.

The first part of Friday morning’s session was spent limbering up and running individual position drills again, and then the second half of the session was spent with us running through more drills and then a scrimmage. The college players basically ran this second session, because the coaches were sitting in the stands, evaluating our strengths and weaknesses. They were busy taking notes about what they observed, but they wouldn’t share this information with us until later that evening. In between, they would use the time to organize their thoughts into written evaluations for each player, which we’d be able to take home with us when the clinic ended.

While the coaches were busy preparing our evaluations, some of their current and former players were either coaching or refereeing a double scrimmage session for us. We were assigned to teams on four separate occasions, and sometimes I was on the same team with Jordan, while at other times we played against each other. At one point, when we were on the same team again, the college players decided they wanted to see what we could do at different positions. During this time, I was given an opportunity to play both the forward and center positions, while Jordan got to shift between point and shooting guard. I did better when I played forward, but Jordan did really well at both positions.

After the evening meal, we were divided into groups, so we could meet with one of the coaches. The coach we’d been assigned to had the evaluation that had been compiled from the notes the various coaches had made about our level of play. He then went over each of our strengths and weaknesses with us individually, and he was very thorough and encouraging as he did this. He wanted to make sure we understood each skill we had mastered and did well at, but he also told us which skills we needed to continue to work on, in order to get better.

Since Jordan and I both wanted to improve and get better, we took this opportunity very seriously. I learned a lot from my discussion with the coach and thanked him for all of his help. Once we were dismissed, Jordan and I returned to our room and compared notes on how we had done. We also packed our belongings, so we’d be ready to leave Saturday morning, just as soon as my father arrived.

My dad showed up around ten o’clock and we talked about the camp with him, as he drove us back home. As soon as we arrived at Jordan’s house, we all went inside to see his mother. Jordan and I were totally surprised by how much better she looked, especially when compared to what she looked like when we left for camp. Her color was much better now, more than half of the tubes were gone, plus she was sitting up and joking about a variety of topics. That afternoon was also the first time that I noticed the sparkle had return to Jordan’s eyes, something I hadn’t seen for quite some time.

Mom K kept getting better as we headed into the fall, so Jordan and I began preparing for school and J.V. Football. We were going to be freshmen when we returned to classes this year and we’d be going to the high school for the first time. I spent the last three nights before school started by staying with Jordan and he was his old self again, as well as up to his old tricks.

“Tony. Do you know what a 69 is?” he asked, as soon as we were in bed.

“Yeah, I’ve heard about it,” I admitted, while quickly trying to figure out where this discussion was going

“Have you ever done it?” Jordan followed, as soon as my answer had escaped my lips.

“No, have you?” I wondered.

I was now fairly certain about what was coming next, but I was curious if he’d ever done this with anyone before.

“No, but I was thinking that maybe we should try it,” he explained. “That way we can get used to being in that position, before we try doing it with some girl.”

“What am I, your human guinea pig?” I challenged. “You always seem to want to try everything on me first, before you do it with anyone else.”

“That’s only because I don’t want to look like some inexperienced jerk when I’m attempting to impress some girl,” he reasoned. “You’re my best friend, so who else would I want to try these things with, and it’s worked out pretty well so far. Hasn’t it?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I conceded. “So far you seem to have been right about everything, so get undressed and I’ll do this with you too.”

Jordan flashed me one of his ‘I talked you into it again’ smiles and we arranged ourselves on the bed. We were lying on our sides, facing the other’s genitals, and soon began to lick each other’s penis. Jordan let his tongue slide down my shaft, as he worked his way to my scrotum, but then kept going. Before I knew what he was doing, Jordan was licking my tain’t. This is the area between the testicles and the anus, which our friends all joked tain’t either one. When he started licking up the crack of my ass, I became startled and scooted away from him.

“What in the hell are you doing now?” I asked, somewhat perturbed.

“Well, if I’m practicing this to get ready to do it with a girl, then I’ve got to practice on something more like a cunt. I’ll blow you as we practice being in this position, so I’ll get you off, but I’m going to work on your butt too. I want to do that so I can try to get an idea about what it will be like to work on a pussy.”

“Hold on right there, bucko,” I objected. “This is starting to get into some pretty heavy-duty gay shit. I don’t mind that you talked me into some of these things, but I’m not going to become some fairy ass rimmer.”

“Look. A girl’s pussy isn’t that much different from your asshole,” Jordan reasoned. “Therefore, we can use it for practice and develop our techniques. Come on. Haven’t I always been straight with you? Haven’t I always been right about most of this so far?”

“Yeah, but it sounds downright gross and really queer,” I protested.

“Is it any more gross than sucking each other’s cock or sucking on a pussy?” Jordan countered.

I thought about what he’d just said for a minute, before I answered.

“No, I guess not, but it still seems pretty gay to me,” I stated. “The next thing you know, you're going to be asking to fuck my ass to practice intercourse, before you try it with a girl.”

“I hadn’t thought of that, but it’s not a bad idea,” Jordan agreed, while flashing me one of his pleading expressions.

“Wait just one damn minute here, partner,” I protested. “I’m not fucking no ass and nobody is going to fuck mine.”

“Think about it, Tony,” Jordan shot back. “Some guys fuck their girls in the ass too, to avoid the risk of getting them pregnant. They also do it that way when the girl’s on the rag or after her cunt gets stretched out from too much sex or having a baby.”

“Well, I ain’t a girl,” I pointed out.

“I’m not saying you are and I’m not suggesting we should do that tonight,” he offered, reassuringly. “Why don’t you just let me use your ass to practice tonight and you can do the same to me, but only if you want to.”

I thought about this for a really long time, constantly looking up to see Jordan’s pleading puppy-dog expression, so I finally ended up giving in to him again, like I normally do. I don’t know what it is about Jordan, but he can usually talk me into doing all kinds of shit with him that I’d never consider doing at any other time or with anyone else.

“I should have my head examined, but all right,” I told him. “I’m not going to give in about you butt fucking me though.”

Jordan released a little chuckle, before he gave me a big hug and a thank you. Then, we got back into position and this time Jordan licked up my crack, spread my ass cheeks and started licking around my anal opening. I wasn’t keen about letting him do this, so I was surprised when it started to feel good. After putting it off for as long as I could, I finally gave in and started doing the same thing to him. Before I knew it, Jordan stuck out his stiffened tongue and pushed it against my pucker.

At first, my sphincter muscle tightened and refused to allow him entry, but he was persistent and kept it up until I began to relax and my sphincter gave way. When this occurred, Jordan’s tongue finally penetrated my virgin hole and began working its magic. My entire body actually trembled from the sensations I was currently feeling, as Jordan began to lap at my butt hole, like a dog attacking a spilled glass of milk.

I couldn’t believe I was allowing this to happen, let alone enjoying it too, but I was soon mimicking his behavior and performing the same ritual on him. Even though I suspected my mind would dictate otherwise, I wasn’t repulsed by my actions and even began to enjoy what we were doing. I kept telling myself that I wasn’t gay, but the thought that I was possibly bi-sexual kept popping into my head. That wasn’t quite as bad as actually being gay, so mentally I began to grow more comfortable with what I was doing.

This small acknowledgement appeared to do the trick and got me past my natural revulsion for performing these acts. Before I knew it, we were working our way back to the other one’s cock and finished by giving each other the blowjobs we had initially agreed to. We also ended up shooting our loads nearly simultaneously, before we settled in to go to sleep. I was just starting to dose off when I heard Jordan speak to me again.

“Thanks, Tony. You’re a great friend and I really love you.”

Copyright © 2010 Bill W; All Rights Reserved.
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Tony and Jordan are sure enjoyable to read about and of course you do it so well. With great dialogue and great description makes for a very enjoyable chapter!:thankyou:

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8 minutes ago, Albert1434 said:

Tony and Jordan are sure enjoyable to read about and of course you do it so well. With great dialogue and great description makes for a very enjoyable chapter!:thankyou:

Thank you again for the feedback, Albert, but be prepared, because there will be some bumps in the road along the way. 

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