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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

A Place In My Heart - 1. Chapter 1 – My Special Friend

Author's Notes Although the people in these stories sometimes have unprotected sex, I strongly urge all of you out there to be smart and protect yourselves from various sexually transmitted diseases by using taking appropriate precautions before engaging in sex.

Jordan had been in my life for as long as I could remember. In fact, I don’t think there was ever a time when he wasn’t there with me. My earliest memories of him were when we were both around three years old. Our families lived down the street from each other, just four houses apart, and my parents would babysit for Jordan and his brother, Justin, when their parents wanted to go out or just needed to spend some quiet time alone.

It was around this same time that my mother went back to work, because our family was having problems paying the bills on just my father’s salary. Jordan’s mother, on the other hand, was always a ‘stay at home’ mom. His family was financially better off than ours, especially after his father started his own business, Koontz Construction Company. You see, since Jordan’s father had negotiated and handled many of the contacts when he was foreman for his previous employer, people were willing to give him an opportunity to see what he could do on his own. His business took off quickly, seeing he was known for his exceptional work, and his company was now doing very well.

Anyway, my mom went back to work, and I was dropped off at a babysitter near her job. A month or two later, Joan, Jordan’s mother, offered to take care of me at no charge. Even though my mother was interested in her offer, she wouldn’t allow her to do it without getting some reimbursement. After discussing this at great length, they finally agreed that Jordan’s mother would watch me for half the amount that my mom was paying the other sitter. It was a win-win situation. My family saved money, plus Joan and John had some extra cash, which they agreed to put into the boys’ college fund. It also meant my best friend and I would be able to spend most of our time together.

If you hadn’t happened to notice this already, Jordan’s mom had this alliteration thing about names. Hence the family was comprised of Joan, John, Jordan and Justin. Hell, even the cat was included in this naming process and ended up being called Jewel. It’s weird, but that’s the way his mom wanted it and Jordan’s dad didn’t argue the point.

Jordan and I were basically inseparable and did everything together. We ate, played and even took baths together. When we stayed at each other’s house, we even slept together. Our parents used to joke that we were attached at the hip and this closeness only grew stronger as we got older. When we turned five, we went to the same school and throughout elementary school we were always in the same class. Of course, this meant we ate lunch side-by-side and played together on the playground nearly every day. Oh, life was wonderful!

When we got old enough to sign up for organized sports, we always made sure we ended up on the same teams too. One wouldn’t join unless the other one was included. This generally wasn’t a problem, because we were both fairly good at sports and the coaches wanted us on their teams. The only exception to this rule was when we played pick-up games in the neighborhood. Since we happened to be the two best athletes among our group of friends, they would always make Jordan and me the captains, to keep us from being on the same team. This started our friendly little competition, which only grew as we did.

When we hit middle school, the amount of time we were able to spend together began to change, although not by choice. Seeing Jordan was very bright, he ended up in the advanced classes, while I was just an average student, so I was placed in the regular classes. For the first time that either of us could remember, we weren’t together. With the exception of lunch and PE we hardly ever saw each other during the school day, so we made lunch period our special time together. We used this opportunity to tell each other about everything that was going in our lives while we ate. We’d talk about our classes and teachers, which of the other guys in our grade were cool and we would talk about our upcoming practices and games.

We’d also talk about the girls in our class. We’d discuss which ones we thought were the hottest, and thus worthy our attention. By the time we were in seventh grade – that wonderful time of sexual awareness, sexual adventure and first dates – we took full advantage of our reputations as athletes. In my case, being friends with Jordan didn’t hurt either. All of the girls thought he was the cutest guy in our class, so he always had his pick of the litter, so to speak.

Being his friend meant that a lot of the cute girls were also willing to go out with me too, just so they could get close to Jordan, since we usually double-dated. Trust me, I was well aware of the fact that he was the reason I rarely got turned down when asking a girl out on a date, but I didn’t really mind. Jordan was my best friend and I didn’t care that he was better looking than me or more popular. It was due to our friendship that I was able to go out with the best-looking girls and even got a reputation as being a lady’s man. I reveled in the fact that you could always find the two of us with a group of good-looking, popular girls.

Maybe it would help if I gave you a quick description of us. By the time we were in seventh grade, Jordan was a 5’ 5” [165 cm], blond haired, blue-eyed god, with a real firm, athletic build. He wasn’t overly muscular, like one of those bodybuilders, but he had a set of well-developed muscles on every square inch of his body, which had been fine-tuned from playing sports. He also had a gorgeous face, with really great features, such as steely blue eyes that sparkled with his charm, velvety smooth, golden tanned skin that didn’t have a single blemish, as well as a beautiful smile that was accented by his dazzling white, perfectly straight teeth. In addition to all of his other great qualities, the girls rated his pert, firm, bubble butt as the best in the class.

He also had a great personality, a great sense of humor and was very outgoing. He was one of those people that God overly endowed with all of the best qualities. You just knew he was going to have a great life and be the one with a fantastic job, earn lots of money, have a gorgeous wife and great kids, plus own a huge house and nice cars – the very best of everything. How can God give some people so much and others so little? I didn’t mind though, because he was my best bud.

I, on the other hand, was a little taller than Jordan, at 5’8” [172.7 cm], with black hair, hazel eyes and a fairly muscular body, again from playing sports. I’d been told I was handsome, but compared to Jordan I was just the plain Jane at the dance. Everyone told me that I had three very attractive features, which were a killer smile, my shoulder length, curly ebony hair, plus a straight and noble Roman nose, which is due to my Italian ancestry on my father’s side. My last name is Stevens, but my father’s family changed it from De Stefano when World War II first broke out in Europe and anti-Italian sentiment began to run very high in the USA.

When school started that year, Jordan and I had one more thing in common. We both played on the modified (7th/8th grade) football team, and as you’d probably expect, Jordan was the quarterback and a defensive back. I, on the other hand, played both offensive and defensive end. It was great and we looked forward to having a terrific season.

You wouldn’t think that a modified team would pass very much, but we certainly did. Jordan was an awesome quarterback and since the two of us practiced together for years, including playing junior league football on the same team, we knew each other’s moves and what to expect when a play broke down. It didn’t hurt that I had sticky fingers too, but only in sports. That’s a joke, if you didn’t get it, and I wasn’t a pickpocket or thief. I just had a way of coming down with the football, even when it didn’t look as if I should be able to catch the pass.

By the time the varsity’s homecoming game rolled around, our team was undefeated, with only one game left to play. Since we were doing so well, Jordan and I had our choice of dates and attended the homecoming dance with two of the most beautiful girls in our class. Ah, life was good.

The day after the big dance, Jordan and I got together to compare notes about how far we got with our dates when we walked them home. It happened that the two girls lived in opposite directions from the school, so we had to walk them home by ourselves. It wasn’t a big problem though and possibly worked out for the best, because it gave us some privacy.

Don’t get me wrong. Jordan and I were always very open with each other, even when talking about girls and sex. In fact, our whole sexual development had sort of been a joint effort. When we were little, we were always together when we did the you-show-me-yours-and-I’ll-show-you-mine dare or whenever we played doctor with the other kids in the neighborhood. We even organized the first spin the bottle game after my tenth birthday party, when we were in fifth grade.

In sixth grade, Jordan introduced me to the joys of masturbation or beating your meat, as he colloquially referred to it. I was staying over at his house one Friday night and we’d just gone to his bedroom to get ready for bed when he popped the question.

“Tony, do you ever beat your meat?” Jordan asked, out of nowhere.

“Do I what?” I responded, confused.

“Jerk off. Play with yourself,” he offered in explanation.

After saying this, he also gave me a little hand motion to help me understand what he was talking about.

“Oh, yeah. Don’t all guys?” I responded, hoping I didn’t appear too dumb.

“I would think they probably do,” he agreed. “How often do you do it?”

“I do it more often now, maybe three or four times a week,” I confessed. “What about you?”

“Almost every night,” he confirmed. “When did you do it last?”

“Two nights ago,” I told him.

“Do you want to do it now?” Jordan pressed.

“You mean here… now… in front of each other?” I wondered.

I wasn’t exactly a prude and we’d seen each other without any clothes on plenty of times, but this didn’t seem like something you’d do with another dude.

“Why not? We’ve seen each other naked hundreds of times, so we’ve seen each other’s cock often enough” Jordan reasoned. “We used to take baths in the same tub and now we shower together at school. We’ve even played all those games with the other kids together and change in front of each other, so why not?”

“I just thought this was something you did in private,” I answered.

“Think about it,” he challenged. “Does it sound like fun doing sex stuff alone? I mean I’ve done it by myself before, but only because there was no one else to do it with, except for my little brother and he’s not old enough to do those things. Don’t you think it’s kind of a waste to be having a sexual release all by yourself? Besides if we do it so we can watch each other, then maybe we’ll be able to learn some different things at the same time, so we can make it even better.”

“Like what?” I challenged.

“Well, I don’t know,” he replied, “but we might find out there are other things to try, if we watch each other. You know, stuff we’ve thought of doing, but the other one hasn’t. What do you say?”

I considered this for a minute, but just a minute. Hell, he was my best friend and we didn’t have any secrets from each other, so why not?

“Well, I will if you will,” I agreed.

“Great. Undo your pants and sit next to me on the bed,” Jordan urged. “We can lean against the wall while we’re doing it.”

I did what he told me and we were ready to start. I spit in my right hand and then used my fingers to spread the saliva evenly on my right palm.

“What did you do that for?” Jordan wanted to know.

“I heard some older guys talking one day,” I began, “and they said it felt better if you wet your hand with spit or use baby oil when you do it. They told me it makes your hand slide easier on your dick, so it feels better.”

“Really? Wait here and I’ll get the bottle of baby oil from the medicine chest,” Jordan suggested, as he jumped off the bed. He was gone less than a minute before he came back carrying a small bottle. “Here, I’ll squirt a little on your hand and you can spread it around. Ok?”

“Sure,” I agreed.

We both took a squirt of the baby oil and smeared it over our hand, before we started stroking our rigid tools.

“Wow, it does make it better!” Jordan exclaimed. “I’m glad you told me about this. Sometimes my skin would get all red and sore if I did it for too long or too often, so doing this might make it so it won’t hurt so much. I really like the way my hand seems to glide up and down on my dick.”

“Jordan. What are you doing now?” I asked, after taking a quick glance to see what he was up to.

“When I am playing with dick, I like to use my other had to rub my balls. I do that for a while, but then I slide a finger from that hand up my butt.”

“Why do you do that?” I asked, shocked and confused.

“Well, when I was at basketball camp last summer, some of the guys that I hung around with told me about doing it this way,” he explained. “They said it makes doing it feel better and they were right. You should try it. It just increases the sensations you experience and makes it feel so much better. I would always suck my finger and coat it with spit before I slid it up my ass, but now I’ll just make sure its coated with the baby oil. It will slide in and out a lot better that way.”

I tried what Jordan suggested, even if I wasn’t exactly sure that I wanted to do it, but it did feel good. In fact, it felt great. I guess he’d been right when he said we might be able to learn things by doing it with each other. From that day on we did this together quite frequently and experimented with different grips one of us had heard about somehow or even tried. It was a time of great sexual awakening.

Once football season ended, Jordan and I moved on to basketball. Jordan was the point guard on the 7th grade team and I played center/forward, depending on who else was in the game with us. Just like we did in football, we knew each other’s moves and used it to our advantage. Our inside-out play impressed our coach and made us valuable to the team, so we both got a lot of playing time. This kept us busy until Christmas.

Over the Christmas break, Jordan and I reached the next plateau in our sexual adventures with each other. This happened after I went over to visit him on the day after Christmas. We started out by playing games on his new X-Box first, which his parents bought as a joint present for both him and his brother. We were deep into one of the games when Jordan made an announcement.

“You know we’re going to be moving, don’t ya?” he asked, completely knocking me off my game.

“You’re what?” I screamed.

“Don’t worry. It won’t be for about a year and we’re just moving up the hill,” he clarified. “Do you remember the old Dodd farm up on top of the hill?”

“You’re moving to that old dilapidated farm house on the dead end road?” I asked, puzzled.

Jordan chuckled and gave me a strange look.

“Not quite,” he replied. “Dad bought the farm, but he’s tearing down the old house and is going to build a new one for us. It’s his Christmas present to my mom, but he says it won’t be completed until around next Christmas. Justin and I are going to have our own rooms and won’t have to share a room any more. There will even be a bathroom in between that will be for just us to use. It’s going to be great and you and I will be able to spend a lot more time together by ourselves, because we won’t have Justin in the room with us all the time.”

“Yeah, I’m sure it will be nice, but then I’ll have to walk up and down that damn hill to see you,” I moaned. “It won’t be as simple as it is now”

“I know, but I’m going to have to walk up and down that same damn hill to see you and my other friends and…” Jordan replied, until I cut him off.

“Alright. I get the idea,” I agreed. “Don’t get me wrong, because I’m really happy for you.”

“Thanks. I knew you would be,” Jordan confirmed, and then he paused for a moment. “Hey, Tony, let’s quit playing games and I’ll show you something on my computer. What do you say?”

“Yeah. Go for it man,” I urged.

We walked back to the room Jordan currently shared with his brother. Justin wasn’t there at the moment, so Jordan shut and locked the door, turned on the computer and signed on to the Internet. Once he was connected, he typed in a bunch of things, but I couldn’t see exactly what he was doing. He was just going too fast for me to follow and then, before I knew it, there were pictures of a bunch of naked people on the screen. This was obviously some sort of nudist site and there were men, women, boys and girls doing all kinds of things in the buff. They didn’t all have perfect bodies, like you see in the skin magazines, but some of them weren’t bad. Well, to make a long story short, after looking through all of the pictures, there were two horny young men staring at a blank computer screen.

“Well, I guess it’s time to meet Rosie Palm,” I said to Jordan.

“Tony. How about if this time you do it to me and then I’ll do to you?” Jordan suggested.

“Why?” I responded. “That sounds kind of weird.”

I was completely astonished that Jordan had suggested we try anything like this and couldn’t imagine why my best friend had just asked me to try it with him. I mean do guys really do that for each other?

“I read somewhere that all guys our age often experiment and do things like that as part of growing up,” Jordan explained. “It said it feels better when someone else does it for you, so I just wanted to see if it actually does.”

“You read that? Where?” I asked, while wondering where he’d come up with such outrageous information.

“Yes. It was some kind of scientific report written by some doctor,” he verified. “It said that at some time or other most boys try doing sexual things with their friends. After reading that, I couldn’t think of anyone else I’d be willing to experiment with except for you. How about it? Are you willing to give it a try?”

“It really said that most guys do those sort of thing with other guys?” I pressed.

“Yep, and usually in their teens,” Jordan replied, smugly.

“Well, ok then, I guess,” I conceded. “Like you said, if we’re going to do it, then we might as well do it with each other, like we have everything else.”

“Here’s the baby oil. You put some on your hand while I get undressed,” he suggested.

Jordan quickly took his clothes off, all of them, and then jumped back on the bed, on my left side. I sat beside him and reached my right hand out toward his stiff cock.

“Go ahead. You’re not going to hurt it,” Jordan offered, when he saw my hesitation.

I had never touched anyone else’s penis before and I was struggling with the idea of doing it. Finally, I just gave in and wrapped my hand around his stiff member and began stroking it up and down. Jordan let out a slight moan and closed his eyes. Doing this didn’t feel bad to me, but it was kind of strange, because I’d never thought I’d ever touch another guy’s cock.

In a way, doing it to Jordan was kind of like doing it to myself, except I wasn’t feeling the sensations from stroking up and down. I really didn’t mind stroking his dick and it was sort of neat to see him enjoying what I was doing to him. I kept running my hand up and down his stiff rod, pumping his young joystick for all it was worth, when his cock began to throb and twitch in my hand.

“Oh, Ohhh, Tony. I’m gonna shoot. I’m… I’m cumming,” he yelped.

Jordan’s body then became as stiff as a board and a giant rope of white cream shot from the tip of his dick and sailed across his body. It landed with a splat and trailed down from his nose to mid chest. Then a second spurt jettisoned from his rocket launcher and landed just below his chin and extended downward to between his nipples, while the following spurts coated the area from his nipples down to his navel. The final few drops merely oozed out of his penis and wound up in his pubic patch, but it left Jordan’s body and my hand covered in his boy juices.


Jordan remained quite still for about a minute, as his breathing gradually slowed back to normal. When he’d recovered from his powerful release, he looked directly into my eyes and flashed me one of his killer smiles.

“That was fucking awesome,” he gushed. “It was ten times better than it ever felt when I did it to myself. I thought it might feel a little better, but that was absolutely fantastic. Hurry up, Tony. Take your clothes off and I’ll do you next.”

I threw Jordan his shower towel, which was lying on the floor beside the bed, and then turned my focus to getting myself ready, while he cleaned himself up. After hearing how Jordan had raved about what I’d just done for him, I nearly tore my clothes off in anticipation and then jumped on the bed and waited. After Jordan finished wiping the cum from his body, he grabbed my stiff cock with his freshly lubed hand and started to pump it. I also quickly discovered the joy of having my body administered to by someone else, as I closed my eyes and focused on the pleasurable sensations.

It certainly didn’t take ‘Little Tony’ very long to fall in love with his new playmate and he throbbed eagerly with every movement of Jordan’s hand. I started breathing in rapid, shallow gasps, as my friend continued stroking my dick, and I heard all sorts of little noises emanating from my throat, as my mind floated above the clouds. I could sense the pressure building within my groin and then felt the tingling and churning overtaking my balls. The end was near.

Suddenly, my body stiffened and arched off the bed, as I grabbed handfuls of the bedding in both fists and my toes involuntarily curled toward the soles of my feet. Just as soon as that happened, Mt. Stevens erupted in a series of powerful blasts, as several bursts of boy cream shot from my dick. A few moments later, I was covered in a hot, sticky mess.

I was too overcome to speak at first, so I just basked in the afterglow of my orgasm. I couldn’t believe that I had received so much pleasure from having another boy’s hand on my dick and all sorts of thoughts and questions were going through my mind, when Jordan brought me back to my senses.

“Well, what did you think?” he wanted to know.

While he waited for me to respond, he kept searching my face to see if he could tell if I’d actually enjoyed it. Eventually I found my tongue and formed my answer, which came out as sort of a hiss.

“Fucking great!” I wheezed, breathlessly.

Jordan beamed at my response.

“See I told you so. You’ve got to listen to me more often. I’m learning all kinds of neat things on the computer, so now that I have my own, I expect to learn a lot more.”

I nodded in agreement and remained motionless on the bed, unable and unwilling to move. After I was coherent again, we cleaned up, dressed and then unlocked the door again. We stayed in his bedroom though, with the door closed, so we could talk about what we’d just done.

During this time, we discussed our impressions of how the powerful climaxes we’d just experienced had felt, as well as what we thought about having done this and touching each other’s penis. We also compared this to how we enjoyed doing it to ourselves and then we talked about how it was different when we did each other. We talked for a long time and covered every facet of this new and different experience until there was nothing left to discuss. Eventually, we both prepared for bed and then crashed for the rest of the night.

Copyright © 2010 Bill W; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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On 01/30/2012 09:12 AM, Rebelghost85 said:
I thought it was cute that right after the sex scene you censored fuck.

Great chapter. Now on to the next one.

I'm currently working on revising this story.
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I must say how well you wrote this first chapter which was simply perfect.  I look forward to the next chapter!

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1 hour ago, Albert1434 said:

I must say how well you wrote this first chapter which was simply perfect.  I look forward to the next chapter!

Thank you for the feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed this first chapter.  I also thank you for your kind words.  I hope you enjoy the rest of the story. 

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