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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Though not present in every chapter, this story will contain graphic violence and coerced sex/rape, some of which involves underaged characters. Keep this in mind before reading. 

MageCrafter - 21. Chapter 21

Some obligatory warnings to keep in mind for this chapter: This chapter will explore some mild fetish play and feature depictions of sex with an underage character. A character who, given the circumstances of him being a slave, does not have much say whether or not he can consent. With that said, the story continues..

Irritation etched on Queen Felsalvia’s face as she walked into the inner sanctum of the High King’s Lair. She hated even referring to that sloth as the High King, but there was nothing she could do about that. One did not simply oppose a Gigantes and expect to come out the victor, even with her being an Arch Druidess like she was. As much power as she had amassed in her lairs, she knew in her gut that she would not be able to bring down this infuriating lecherous hedonist, no matter how poor his drive and work ethic were.

Still, she had to hand it to him that he knew how to make a Lair. Vines thicker than any natural tree weaved together in intricate patterns far in the distance in all directions as it made the interior of this expansive lair. Flower Petals larger than most houses drifted listlessly through the air from massive flowers that looked almost normal sized from where she was standing. However should she approach any one of those colorful flowers that grew out of the walls of this Vine Hall she knew it would dwarf her body many times over. Beneath the bridge she was walking was a flowing river of fragrant and luxurious wine that was constantly being circulated throughout the subterranean Lair. She could already see several of the wine waterfalls spilling from further down the hall, it’s purple liquid pouring out in massive quantities and roaring into the flowing river of wine below. It filled the hall with the sweet scent of it all.

Felsalvia hated it here however. Just being in this place was liable to make her inebriated and prevent her from doing her job properly. Debauchery and Hedonism reeked from every pore of these vines. Debauchery that reminded her so much of that cursed Incubus human brat that corrupted her first born. That bluish white haired human brat who turned her firstborn away from the embrace of fair maidens and into the arms of a never ending parade of males she could not stifle no matter her efforts to stem the tide. She did not want her beloved first born to become like the High King, a lazy good for nothing layabout who spent his days in the company of his harem of men and boys of all ages and races while partaking in his never ending harvest that he could summon forth from his vines.

She could see the deplorable high king lounging back in a hot tub filled with fragrant liquids and oils. From a distance he looked no older than a lad of Fifteen years of age in human years. However one would have to stand so far back that they’d be looking at him from the horizon in order to get that sense. Despite his lithe and youthful looking proportions, he was so enormous that he made the tallest of normal giants look like little halflings in comparison. His green hair was immensely long and well cared for, draping over the vine tub he was leaning against and cascading down to the heated concoction he was bathing in. Covering his body from head to toe was hundreds of his concubines hard at work scrubbing, rubbing and licking various parts of him.

Queen Felsalvia had to look away in distaste from his lap, where an entire harem was taking care of his immense girth with their entire bodies, enjoying the precum that was dribbling out of his length like a mini waterfall for them to feast on. Some younger lads were even playing on his tip, taking turns dunking their head inside of his cock slit and laughing at how covered in seed their friend was when they pulled the person out of the entrance. Even as this happened the Gigantes High king lifted a Goblet made of Vines and a rose petal cup and daintily held it under a waterfall before bringing the delicious contents to his lips. Contents that he could change the flavor and age of however he saw fit.

Holding back her disgust at his open debauchery, Queen Felsalvia knelt down on the elevated platform above his steaming tub of wine and vines.

“ You requested my presence, High King Vinal?” She tried to keep her tone free of her internal judgment of the Gigantes, but every pour of her wished she was not subordinate under him. Her country was named after her. She had been in control of these lands for thousands of years. Everyone acknowledged her as the rightful ruler. Yet she knew deep down should this lout decide he wanted to, he could dethrone her immediately and assume control of the nation whenever he chose. She was only working as the queen because he was simply too lazy to be bothered with doing his duty as the high king.

“I sure did darling!” The youthful Gigantes said as he adjusted himself in his waterfall fed tub of wine, raising up his smooth leg and draping it over the other as he did so. The very act of doing so made the water below writhe and crash with waves like he were sitting in the very ocean itself. His concubines took this all in stride, knowing how to maneuver about his body and maintain their balance regardless of what little move or twitch he might have. They were trained for this after all, and quite thoroughly.

“You didn’t happen to feel that immense burst of magic recently have you?” He asked with a simpering grin, looking down at her through lidded eyes from high above her as he sipped on his flower goblet. “The one that came from over yonder in Silbel?”

“Of course your highness. That happened a day ago.” She gritted her teeth, knowing now what this was about.

“You see Darling, I have been curious as to why you did not come by and talk to me about such a thing transpiring. Especially when I made it quite clear that I wanted you to report to me immediately if such an emanation should occur.” He smirked behind his perfect red goblet while taking a sip before continuing, “Is there perhaps a reason why you did not want to report to me about this?”

“I’ve just been very busy with handling matters of national concern, your highness.”

“See now that’s disappointing to hear,” He said dryly as he swished his goblet and stared into its contents, “Because I delegated such matters to you because you said that you could handle them. If what you say is truthful and you truly have just been too busy, then perhaps I have entrusted too much authority to my little Queen and need to start considering getting you...help.” He let that last word float in the air, enjoying her steeled expression as she tried to maintain her composure.

“I will not let my duties lax again Your highness.” She wanted to use every single attunement in all of her lairs to wipe this smug hedonist off of her country's map! Damn him threatening her sovereignty like this!
“No matter Darling,” He said lazily, willing up some wine out of the pool and creating a reflective mirror in the air, before revealing the Kingdom of Silbel on it. “I ended up getting curious while I waited for you to do the job you’ve been graciously granted to do.” she gritted her teeth at that jab letting her know her place so casually. “I ended up taking care of the investigation on my own. It's actually rather fun! Haven’t had a reason to use the old Vicar authority I have in a long while.”

He grinned down at the high elf queen as he adjusted himself and rested the side of his head on his fist. “Turns out I have something of a nephew! Isn’t that fun Felsalvia?”

“Th-That magical emanation was from a Gigantes your highness?” She asked with a subtle gulp. The last thing this world needed was another one of him lazing around making things harder for her!

“Not just a Gigantes darling, an especially young and adorable nephew of mine! Look at this little cutie!”

He waved his hand, revealing the image of a Lynxian with staggeringly blue eyes, beautiful almond colored hair and an ornate collar on his neck fastened with a truly luxurious array of blue gemstones. One in the middle in particular had a crest that made her jaw clench and a vein pop out of her head.

Of COURSE that accursed Dukedom had something to do with this! This disastrous magical emanation that set international politics ablaze in the past twenty four hours.

“Turns out my Uncle Cernunnos was a naughty little deity thirteen years ago and had some fun with a Lynxian maiden. See this is why it is better to bed with the fellows instead of you ladies Darling. My relatives upstairs would get in much less trouble if they just found a nice lad to bed instead of risk seeding a maiden. Still, to each their own I suppose.” He said the last part with a shrug before letting out a grunt and climaxing. She had to turn her gaze in disgust as his cum rained down upon the harem working his shaft, drenching them in his seed.

“Feeding time boys! Get on down there and help your fellow harem mates clean me up.” he called out to the other men and lads in the chamber, who all responded by sliding down his smooth body or diving into the steaming wine to swim over to his hips so they could taste his seed.

“Where was I,” He continued, sipping on his goblet and enjoying the woman’s clear distaste of his antics, while also basking in the feeling of so many bodies hard at work to consume his seed. “Ah yes, I think I am going to pay my dearest nephew a visit!”

She nearly fell out of her kneeling position at that proclamation. “Y-you are going to leave your Lair your highness?”

“Now why would I do a thing like that Darling?” He asked curiously, resting his head even further into his fist. As he did so, he lazily willed one of the lads on his lap upwards by the ankle with a lasso-like tendril from the wine below before dunking him entirely within his cock, moving the youth around inside of him before pulling him out completely coated in his seed. Boys his age and a bit younger swarmed the lad and began cleaning him up with their mouths as they did so.

“Y-you said you were going to visit your Nephew. Does that not mean you would leave your Lair?”

“Do the gods visit in person when they go over and meet someone darling?” He asked her with a raised eyebrow while repeating his lewd act with another lad, this time a halfling who held his nose and breath before getting dunked inside the entrance of his shaft. He enjoyed the writhing sensation inside of him before he pulled the lad back out by the ankle and plopped him next to his similarly treated friend.

“Th-they do not Your Highness, they use an Avatar.”

He grinned down at her even as other lads and even some of the older males on his laps hopped up and down wanting to try the game he had done with the first two. “Precisely darling. Which is what I’ll be doing.”

Rising out of the tub of wine rose a vine that kept spiralling up till it reached the platform she was kneeling on. The tight rosebud that rested on the very top of the vine opened up with a flourish and revealed something that made Queen Felsalvia’s eyes widen in barely repressed alarm.

Standing before her was a perfect replica of the High King, but this time at the scale of a normal high elf lad about his apparent age instead of his enormous body that was behind him.

“Hello Darling! Do you like my new body?” He twisted around and checked out his new form. She looked up to see that the Real Vinal was perfectly present and aware of his surroundings, in fact he didn’t seem different at all. Yet this small duplicate was unmistakably the same person.

“This little fella has a duplicate of my mind and I can assure you he is not lacking an ounce of my power as a Gigantes. In fact, as long as I am in my lair, my avatar here has all the lovely little benefits of being in one as well.”

Felsalvia blanched at the very idea. He had the power to make a copy of himself that he could walk outside of his lair while still maintaining all the benefits of being in one. She never felt her position as queen threatened more completely in her life. He could easily just use an Avatar to do his day to day tasks while his true self lounges about in his lair having his lecherous fun all day.

“Darling” Both versions of the High King spoke at once, “would you mind setting up a visit between myself and the Bertolde estate. I know you have some inexplicable bad blood with the duke’s boy, but I am absolutely fascinated with meeting my little nephew! Oh...one last thing.”

His face took on a dangerous look as his eyes began to glow bright white. “Warn the Silbel government there will be dire consequences should they attempt to harm My Nephew, and make it very clear I am speaking of that Lynxian when you do so. Tell them this is coming directly from the High King of Felsalvia, and I will be more than happy to follow through on such promises.”




Berhanu shook in the presence of Marigold who had come in person to speak the matter of what they had witnessed days earlier. The air within the Golden Maiden’s temple seemed denser as the powerful being walked in regally. She had just arrived from overseas, leaving the Central temple almost immediately and traveling as quickly as possible to the Silbel Temple branch where the Werewolf Paladin now called home. There was not a single person within the golden Temple that did not drop to their knee in her presence.

To an uninformed observer Marigold might seem like a Priestess who wore a gold and white habit that covered her body head to toe, and wore a strange white mask that held the smooth, glossy appearance of a nondescript but beautiful woman. However those of the faith of the Golden Maiden knew the truth of what Marigold truly was. It was a deeply held secret that few outside of the faith would ever even think to ask.

Berhanu would have not believed the tale had he not seen her take her mask off to reveal nothing underneath it. Marigold was in truth, a magical item in the shape of a Pendant with the Golden Maidens insignia upon it. She had been crafted long ago by a Hero Cleric from the Days of old, and fought alongside her master in many battles during the dark age wars. Eventually, as the story goes, the Cleric used so much power through this magical item that it gained an identity and will all its own. Even long after her former master perished, Marigold has remained a faithful follower of The Golden Maiden religion, and has learned to even maneuver the entire wardrobe she is wearing all on her own.

She is, by all reports, an entirely self taught magic item with a high degree of intelligence. She also houses within her far more attunement slots than the normal individual, as she was crafted before the Dark Age Wars when magic was stronger upon the world. It isn’t known how many spell slots Marigold has, but she is capable of performing some truly miraculous feats on behalf of her goddess the Golden Maiden. Some even consider her a Messenger from the Golden Maiden herself.

She reached down and lifted the wolfen face of Berhanu to gaze upon him with her facsimile of a face. He shivered a bit as the mask smiled in a frightfully natural way and gazed into his eyes with her own, despite the fact that not a speck of her face was painted. Yet he could feel her gaze upon him all the same.

“Hello Brave One. I do admire your strength to find a new path in life like you have. Know that the golden maiden does not judge you for your past, only the actions you take based on your oaths going forward. You will find comrades in our ranks back home, of that I am certain.”

He felt guilty for finding her so scary and creepy after she had spoken those kind words to him in that smooth motherly voice of hers. The mouth on the mask didn’t move, her voice emanated from the pendant itself that resided inside of her outfit. However the mask she was wearing could assume any number of expressions to aid in her communication in how she was feeling.

“Faithful Paladins and Clerics of The Golden Maiden.” Marigold said as she stood to her full height inside her puppet body. “Thank you for meeting with me on such short notice. My understanding is you have information regarding the awakening that took place within the borders of this nation of Silbel?” ”

“Yes High Priestess Marigold.” Berhanu’s blond captain said with a deep bow of her head, not daring to look up from the floor at such a holy being. “Our company bore witness to the battle that would rival the Dark Age Wars of yore. We saw with our own eyes two young lads whom we now know to be Lord Baldric of the Bertolde Estate, as well as his slave and fledgling MageCrafter by the name of Kotik utterly decimate and slaughter the forces of Babica Preja and then Babica herself with feats of magic not seen in these modern times. Though the young lord Baldric was the one who wiped out Babica’s army, it was his slave who slayed her with such viciousness and brutality that I confess I needed to pray to the Maiden for strength to not flee where I stood. My Lieutenant Berhanu claims to have had an interaction with the young lord before.”

Marigold turned her facsimile of a face to the large kneeling werewolf in paladin armor, and it took him all of his willpower not to shake even more visibly in her presence. “Before I was touched and changed by Babica, this Lord Baldric was invited into her home and had a conversation with her. At the time I had thought they were allies, but the sheer finality in which he ended her and all her creations tells me he was merely lulling her into a false sense of security. He did seem quite scarily intelligent when I met him that time. The dislike he felt towards me speaking ill of demi human races seemed quite genuine.”

Marigold seemed to mull this information over, stroking the chin of her mask in thought. “This is good information. From the sounds of it his ideals may not be in line with the greater nation of Silbel, and that is something we can latch onto. Now what do we have on this slave, this Kotik?”

The Captain nodded in her bowed position again. “Not much. We know he had been picked up from that very village they were fighting in not but a few days ago, however; The power he displayed. The Strength. High Priestess He didn’t just Kill Babica Preja in battle, that would be one thing. No High Priestess, he brutally and effortlessly beat the hag giant to death with his bare hands, and did so with such an animal-like savageness that it made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. He strangled and suffocated a being many times bigger than him in the mud and blood of her creations. I know of nothing that could possibly have such power.”

Marigold straightened up and nodded. “I however know exactly what could have done that. It appears a deity has broken Greater Pantheon Law and had a child in this realm. Though which one I know not as of yet. I hear all wood temporarily became dark and thorny for a few minutes after the awakening?”

The captain nodded with a shudder. “The residence of Silbel already dubbed it, ‘The day of Black Thorn’ as it was such a pervasive thing and many people ended up getting injured by the eruption of thorns out of so many places. From what little we have gleaned we did learn he was a True Dominion MageCrafter of Wood.”

“Vicar of the entire Wood Pantheon? Interesting.” Marigold said almost to herself as she started to ponder what this could mean. “My understanding is you have already arranged a meeting for me in this Bertolde estate, correct?”

“That is correct High Priestess. We shall accompany you as well since one of our number has personal experiences with one of the people in question.”

Berhanu gulped. He really did not want to visit the home of a person who had so effortlessly slaughtered so many creatures just like him with those unfathomable storm powers of his. He had bore witness to the strewn remains of werewolves that had been men just like him. He was certain some of his old comrades must have been on that battlefield, but there was not a single body that was intact enough to tell which part went where. The glacial shards seemed to have broken apart and sliced in such a way that it left no chance for Babica to rebuild them.

Still, if he ever wanted to fully believe in his change for the better, facing the being that shocked him out of his life of ever spiraling evil might end up being good for him. He prayed to the Golden Maiden that this was the case, even as his tail tucked under his legs in barely repressed fright.




Lord Tugast did not like the feeling of uneasiness within Silbel as his circus touched into Port. He had not intended on bringing his troop to the nation for some time yet, however he had received a request that he simply could not refuse. He smiled warmly as he watched his ships being unloaded and assembled on the docks and adjusted his hat as he thought about the lad his troop was going to go visit.

He was the single greatest decision he had ever made in his life. As sceptical as he was with the rambunctious tyke back when he was so dreadfully young, he had been proven so very wrong not only by the boy's presentation but the dedication to the craft he put into those two years. If the boy had been orphaned, Lord Tugast would have gladly and without hesitation adopted the lad without a second thought. Even now he held a pride for that performer that far outstripped his own false bravado he wore on stage. Never before or since had he met someone who absorbed his lessons with such zeal and earnestness.

Lord Tugast remembered with a growing grin under his mustache the absolute state that he had been in when he finally allowed the boy to run the show as the Ringleader and Arch Magician. Never before had he been more stressed about a show going well as he had been biting his nails for the lad to do well and not croak right on stage. Yet the lad not only killed it that night he did it in such a spectacular fashion that he became the talk of the city they had performed in afterwards. Crowds came in even bigger numbers the next night to witness the spectacle of a tiny boy wielding the pride and presence of a godlike man.

They had not been able to arrive on the exact day Baldric had wanted, but the lad had said that it’d be fine if he showed up a few days later or even just as soon as they could. He knew the boy well and he had probably figured out a slew of contingency plans should they not arrive on time. The boy admired Tugast for his planning ability, but the elder Lord simply could not understand why. His Lord Baldric far outstripped his capabilities by many factors and he held no shame admitting that fact. If anything he took pride in being able to mentor such a driven boy into a profession he adored so much.

Still, he was not liking the atmosphere that he was reading in the air in Silbel. Something had happened recently, and it had caused quite a stir among the inhabitants. With a snap of his white gloved fingers several of his acrobats in plain clothes appeared seemingly out of nowhere, and he gave them the slight hand gesture commands to scout the area and come back with news regarding current events. They nodded and did so soundlessly, melding into the crowd and disappearing from the docks like they had never been there. If there was one thing that Lord Tugast prided himself on, it was information gathering for a prospective audience. He would know why these citizens were so spooked before he even saw the Bertolde estate.




The tension that was within Duke Bertolde’s office between father and son could be cut through with a knife. The older man tried to steady his breathing as he stared out of the window and clenched his drink in his hands. Lord Baldric stood in the room with his hands behind his back, holding his head up high and maintaining a calm and collected demeanor in front of his father. This only served to piss his father off more as he finally snapped and threw the glass he was holding hard against the wall, shattering it utterly as the shards rained on the floor.

“Who are you?!” Yelled the Duke, pointing out his window towards the direction where a destroyed village and a blood-soaked battlefield. “Who are you and what did you do to my son?! Cause you cannot be the boy I know. The boy I know is a carfree noble boy who gives his father a hard time sleeping around with other noble boys his age. The boy I know caused me stress for sure, but it was nothing I shouldn’t expect out of a typical noble’s son. Why I was even proud of your accomplishment with your Lair, thinking it a hobby for that scarily intelligent mind of yours. But this!? This!?”

He raised up a handful of letters with seals of various nations as well as a few from Silbel itself.

“Do you have any fucking idea the kind of pot you’ve stirred boy?!” The Duke was spitting with how he was yelling so hard and frantically. “I thought you had crossed the line when you had killed that Warlock the way you did, and I was quite concerned about your choice for a Fledgling MageCrafter. Yet never in my wildest dreams did I think my own boy would wage all out war with Babica Preja herself! Wage all out war almost entirely on your own, slaughtering nearly her entire army, On Your Own, and finally sicking your slave on her who beat her to death with is FUCKING BARE HANDS.”

Duke Bertolde paced like mad as he ran his hand down his face. “I knew your slave was trouble the second he awakened. I didn’t like the feel of it at all, it felt wrong. It felt so enraged. Yet you were finally excited to have a Fledgling MageCrafter so I reluctantly went along with it. Sargis and the maids gave promising reports at first, but then it started going downhill fast.”

He raised a finger in the air as he kept pacing and running his hand over his face in agitation. “One is the fact that he dealt so casually with Darzi. I should have seen that as a warning sign, but everyone we tasked to investigate the matter thought he was giant-blooded. It was strange, it was unprecedented, but still not out of the realm of possibility. Your best friend Raudh is giant blooded after all so it’s not like this estate was entirely unfamiliar with them.”

A second finger goes up as his pace gets even more forceful, his shoes slamming against the floor with each step. “Then your slave punches your MageCrafted stone wall so hard it shattered the MageCrafted window next to it. We asked your friend the Count casually by the way, and he said he would only be able to slightly crack one of our walls, and certainly not put enough force to shatter a window next to it. That raised even more concerns but still I let it slide cause we did know that lynxians are stronger than normal humans and we figured that translated to him being Giant-Blooded as well.”

A third finger goes up as his face gets even angrier. “Then your slave attacks a member of nobility entirely unprovoked, Despite the count's best efforts to convince me otherwise. There is this growing pattern of rage and instability within your slave that I keep noticing, but like a fool I keep pushing it away cause you seem to be happy with your new slave and other that initial altercation he seems to have taken quite a liking to the Count. I try so very hard to ignore all these warning signs that make my hair get thinner by the day.”

He turned on his son and threw up his fourth finger, “Then you go and pull this and justify every fear I ever had about this slave. Not only that, you show that I should have had more concern about what you’ve been getting up to. No normal person has the magical capabilities to utterly destroy Babica Preja and her army boy! Do you have any idea how dangerously close you are to Silbel collaring you?!”

The man rushed his son and Hugged him tightly before proceeding to shake him in his grasp. “I love you boy! Yet you are terrifying the ever loving shit out of me with all this! You need to tell me what the hell is happening and who you really are, cause clearly you have been leaving a lot of who you really are out with me! I do not know how to handle the Silbel government right now, much less these other ones that are currently knocking on our door. ‘We already have no less than two Nations coming to talk with YOU and your slave, one of which represents the High King of Felsalvia who claims your slave is his nephew!”

He looked deep in his son’s eyes and tried to read anything he knew out of him. “Son, I don’t know how much longer I can protect you from getting collared, and I will be Blisteringly frank with you,” His face hardened slightly, “I would be more than fine with having this slave off of my estate at this point. He’s been far more trouble than he’s been good for our estate’s standing with this country, and honestly I do not have a compelling reason to justify housing such a powerful being on our land when he could be in the capable hands of the Silbel capital.”

“That is not your decision to make Father. He is my property.” Lord Baldric said simply, but there was a warning that lay beneath his tone that almost made the Duke back up. He instead stood his ground and got loud at his son.

“He’s your property, but this is My estate. My estate that he has repeatedly damaged by the way. We were lucky we had the necessary Maids to fix what happened in the Garden, or else I’d still be looking out at rubble right now from where your slave had tried to fucking kill a noble like he did with Babica Preja.”

“Would you rather she be alive?”

“This isn’t about her! Of course I’m glad to finally be rid of her presence in Silbel! She was a menace to society! Yet you didn’t just kill the hag giant who has thwarted every military effort to capture her Bog over the centuries, no you completely obliterated her military force and crushed her utterly within a day! You just showed the Silbel government you have the capability of taking on an entire military single handed with just your powers! Add on top of that this claim from the Giant High King of Felsalvia that this slave of yours is his Nephew, and I’ll be lucky if either one of you will be on this estate before the week is out! Do you understand how hard I’ve been fighting to keep a collar off your neck just to have you go and prove that you are not only a threat to the nation un-collared, but that you can and have toppled an actual country nearly single handed! That’s what Babica’s Bog is Baldric! It was an entire country to itself, and you completely obliterated its population! How is Silbel supposed to respond to that?! I don’t even know how to respond to this and I’m your father!”

Silence stretched on between the two for an agonizing moment as they stared each other down. Baldric noticed his father had more wrinkles than he used and his father did indeed start to have something of a bald spot growing on the top of his head now, as much as he tried to fight it. The more logical and level headed side of Baldric understood where his father was coming from. He was largely in the dark to Baldric’s plans and to him his brief and decisive war with Babica Preja came entirely out of left field. The side that cared for Kotik however felt nothing but seething rage at his father for threatening to send Kotik away from him to the single place Kotik would hate the most in the world. Kotik wouldn’t take kindly to being sent to the Capital. In fact at this point he’d probably have the strength to just rip the palace down around their ears if his fight was any indication.

It looked like he needed to trigger one of his contingency plans, which he knew Kotik was not going to like one bit. Duplicates of his were already setting up the necessary preparations. The contingency had been laid down months ago, but now the final touches were being placed down. He didn’t want to have to do that, but if it came down to choosing Kotik or the Bertolde estate, he’d pick Kotik every time.

Just like how his physical body wasn’t actually in the room with his father right now. He had been experimenting with just the right ratios of snow, water, and pliable ice for awhile now along with his illusory powers. From the fact that his father had not reacted when he had hugged his body, the fully solid double of himself seemed to have been a success. The applications for fully solid duplicates of himself or other people he could impersonate were staggering, and would certainly prove useful in pulling off this contingency plan.

“Let me think over what you said to me Father.” Baldric finally spoke to him, “You have given me a lot to think about and I want to make sure I address your concerns properly. For now we have guests that we need to greet and attend to. Thankfully the present I had planned on giving my sweet Kotik will end up paying quite the dividends for these unexpected guests. If there is anything that could welcome foreign diplomats, it is a private showing of the Bavaram Circus.”

The Duke sighed wearily and sat down behind his desk, running his hand through his hair. “Fine, you’re right we need to handle one thing at a time. However once all these guests are gone you and I are going to have a seriously in depth conversation about everything you’ve been keeping from me, and there will be no more ‘thinking it over’ when that time comes. I expect and demand explanations when that time comes.”

“I understand Father.”




Meanwhile the real body of Lord Baldric and Count Raudh were working to lift the mood of the little Lynxian who had had such a rough birthday to put it quite lightly. Strangely enough, nothing quite lifted the Lynxian’s spirits and distracted him from his current thoughts like engaging in some debauchery. The three of them had been lounging on the bed, and Kotik had been watching with some fascination on his features as Lord Baldric utterly inhaled the girth of Count Raudh in one fail swoop and worked him in and out of his throat effortlessly. Kotik had been wallowing in depression before then, thinking about how he had strangled someone else, even if it was the hag giant, when Lord Baldric completely unprompted began to suck Count Raudh off. The Ruby haired tanned youth let out a noise of complaint at first, but it died almost as soon as it appeared as he settled back and let Lord Baldric work his magic.

The Depressed Kotik tried to ignore what was happening to persist in his wallowing, but his curiosity and own libido which was getting more and more intense lately was getting the better of his dark train of thought.

“Lord Baldric, how do you do that?” Kotik finally voiced in some awe, turning his head to the side as he watched the girth actively making itself visible in Lord Baldric’s neck whenever he bottomed out into Count Raudh’s ruby colored pubic hair and breathed in his scent. A smirk of satisfaction at pulling his lovely Kotik out of his funk played on Baldric’s occupied lips as he pulled off his girth with a pop.

“Some of it is just practice my sweet Kotik, but I also have some enchantments in my throat and mouth that allow me to handle larger shafts than normal. Would you like for me to apply them on you so you could try?”

Count Raudh got even harder at the prospect of being able to get the entirety of his length down the fair Kotik’s throat. While it was adorable to see him barely manage his tip in it’s own way, there was something amazing about having his entire cock treated that he could not pass up. His excitement only grew as Kotik nodded and smiled at the idea.

Lord Baldric lifted Kotik and settled him in between his legs and conjured up some water. With some coaxing, Kotik opened up and let Baldric send the enchanted water inside of him, making him feel a tingling sensation from his lips down into his throat.

“Now I’m going to hold you just like this so you can lean into me for comfort. Try to breathe through your nose.”

As Count Raudh stood up on his knees and got into position, he could not help put feel how unbelievably lewd this was to be looking at two lovers like this, the larger one hugging the smaller one from the back, and they were going to share that love by letting him shove his cock right down the fair Kotik’s throat. He almost came at the very thought!

Not only had he got to punch and elbow the great and feared Babica Preja in the face, multiple times, he was going to get to enjoy the throat of the most beautiful lad he had ever seen. One who had utterly destroyed Babica with his bare hands.

Kotik let out a moan of surprise and light protest as his mouth was invaded. Suddenly, with some effort, Count Raudh could get his girth farther into kotik’s mouth than he could the last few times he had done so. Lord Baldric helped his little lynxian adjust the angle of his head and calmed him down from straining so much as more and more of that cock was squeezed down into his still quite tight throat. He whispered sweet nothings into Kotik’s ears, telling him how beautiful he was right then and how he so enjoyed seeing him do something so lewd. It made Kotik’s cheeks burn bright red and his heart thump wildly.

Before he knew it, the moaning and thoroughly filled lynxian had his nose pressed right into the ruby colored pubic hair of Count Raudh, who was letting out wondrous noises of delight with how tight Kotik’s throat was. He adjusted his knees as he set himself up to do something he wouldn’t dare do with Lord Baldric or anyone else.

“Oh fairest Kotik, please allow me to do the work this time. You are the only one I can trust to be able to handle this request for me.”

Kotik’s eyes glistened with tears at the strain in his throat but he leaned his back and head into Lord Baldric and gave a hand gesture of assent, telling the Count to have at it. Lord Baldric gripped the lads hands and proceeded to bring them behind his back and shackle them with ice, making Kotik even more excited for what was going to happen even as Baldric went back to hugging him.

As Kotik experienced his very first face fucking, a rapturous look of delight came across his features that the two noble lads quite enjoyed. Kotik enjoyed the feeling of surrender he had, and the fullness he had in his throat. Part of it was ruined by him drifting into thoughts of Babica beneath him all blue and suffocated, but he quickly quashed that out of his mind and let himself enjoy the moment. It was easier for him to do that since he had gained that new MageCrafter title. His emotional state was much more flexible and malleable than it had been. He hadn’t quite experimented on how to make magic items with this new power yet, but he thought he’d ask Count Raudh how that worked when he had a moment.

For now he just wanted to enjoy this new experience, feeling his friend piston in and out of his mouth with abandon as he let out increasingly girly sounding noises that made Kotik giggle into his length. He liked the fact he was leaning against Baldric and being hugged by him while he experienced this. It really gave a new meaning to what an open relationship could be like. Maybe everything was going to be okay after all. That was the thought that crossed his mind even as Count Raudh gripped his head and fired off one of his most powerful loads he had ever felt down into Kotik’s welcoming stomach.




A fearful family who recently bought a slave boy shook violently as they rode their cart towards the borders of the Dukedom of Bertolde. Several members of their family had already died without so much as a scratch before being unceremoniously tossed out of the cart into some bushes by the pink eared bunny boy among them. The grinning lad had given them all the same order to get him to the Dukedom of Bertolde, but each family member had been given a different time-frame to get him there. Some time frames were more unrealistic than others, and their family members flopping onto the ground and growing still and dead without a touch simply for disobeying his unreasonable order had made them all very compliant to his commands.

Little did they know they were all going to be dead and soulless before they even reached the town, and the trail of bodies he left along the way in such a strange and mysterious way would only serve to help stoke up more fear among the Silbel inhabitants. The more fear they had, the more he could do with them.

“I’ll be there soon my Silbel Strangler.” He said wistfully into the sky as he stroked the head of a trembling child who had watched so many of his family die in such a scary and sudden way by this Hareling's power. “I heard you calling out to me. I did. I did hear you call me! Such fear you had, but so controlled as well! My love, I am so happy you finally understand we are meant to be together! I’ll be with you shortly! I promise!”

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i don't think I like baldric's father too much, not much at all. baldric could so easily overthrow him it's comical that the duke thinks he can order his son around after what he just accomplished on the battlefield 

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Well not sure that the conversation between father and son when like either of them planned exactly, but Baldric really does need to come clean with this father.  Even with all his powers, he will need his father's support at some point to keep some of the others at bay.

I do find it interesting to know what will happen when all of these groups, with positions that don't really line up with each other, show up and try to stake out their idea of what should occur.

I am actually worried about what will happen with Kotik and the Hareling come face to face...  I don't doubt that Kotik has much more power or ability; but he is already feeling vulnerable for killing again in that manner.  The Hareling may well be able to take advantage of that.

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Duke Baldric talking with the Sibel government: Hi, yeah, uh, you know how you wanted to collar my son, because you thought he was too powerful. And I fought you tooth and nail to keep him unchained? Yeah... well, you were actually right all along, so... oops...

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Baldric did say he was going to overthrow his dad's title, so his dad bbetter watch what he says to him about Kotik. As for the hareling, I have a feeling his visit will not go very well for him. As far as Kotik's uncle, I have a feeling his visit will not go the way he plans either! I will go read more to find out now!

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