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  1. Can I please have basketball boy - to court, nurture love and cuddle?
  2. IBEX


    The anger issues and constant substance abuse are quite annoying, right?
  3. Interesting people. To think “proper toilets” are more important than water to survive.... And Ian should know once water is distilled it’s clean, no matter where you got it from...
  4. Ah, that consent thing...good on ya mate! I love their vows at the end.Very mature....I should copy, so I can paste should ever such a beautiful moment arise in my life! Thanks for this wonderful story!
  5. Perfectly sculpted the scene! Their feelings touchable...
  6. Daft still, but stumbling closer....
  7. Ah, blokes be daft....time they get their act together!
  8. We are but prisoners of our upbringing and surroundings....try a Gretsch! Or an Alembic - bass perhaps? Dingwall fan fretted five string, anyone? Keep the music going! Thanks for introducing me to a new band!
  9. Ah, and by the way - for those of you that don’t know or care - there ARE other guitars than Fenders around! Not talking fancy blue Ibanez acoustics here.... There’s nothing wrong with the assorted Tele, Strats and now even Precys here, good stuff, but the adepts know.... ....about the hidden world of wonders beyond Fender and Gibson....lol (now I probably get banned...)
  10. Good. Getting there. Steadily.
  11. Brian showes more restraint and sense than most would probably given him credit for
  12. ....finally....movement
  13. Brian is just the facilitator. Nick refuses to act and confront his demons. He does what thousands if not millions have done before him, seeking the shortlived but ultimately destructive relief drugs offer. That and any warm body with a minimum of ( fake or not) kindness
  14. I don’t hate Nick, actually I can relate to hin. At that age and with his background in particular, it’s easy to slip,mto act on impulse, especially when hurt, not thinking of consequences...which brings me to Brian. Not sure what to think of him. Not a bad bloke, lacking perhaps some standards we like, but not a predator? I only hope Nick does NEVER get hooked on drugs. All else is easily reversible...if people would only talk.... but then we know, they usually don’t. Or too little. Or too late.....I certainly made the mistake
  15. IBEX

    Chapter 19

    Still wonder what Stefano’s relationship to Corbin and Liam is. And what Luca’s plan for Corbin might be. Corbin WAS instrumental in getting the Reinas wiped out after all, even though they might have been minor rivals of the Giovannis....a no no!
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