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  1. IBEX


    Melancholy is the graceful acceptance of sadness and despair. I’m left holding a lily quietly in my heart.Remembering those that went too early PS: I would like to see the inspiring picture?
  2. Unsure if you're still reading but in last week's chapter I introduced a new character. A biker who does NOT own a Harley LOL

  3. Are you from Kentucky? And living in a city now, missing all the little noises and the smells of the country?

    1. Wayne Gray

      Wayne Gray

      I certainly am, and I certainly do.

    2. IBEX


      Damp soil...fresh grass in spring, the sweet, unctous smell of magnolias on a quiet night....hay of summer, rays of sun through weathered old boards, lighting up faint clouds of dust, flies burring round...

    3. Wayne Gray

      Wayne Gray

      Fireflies at night.  The roar of cicadas in the day.  Birds.  The water running over a shallow streambed nearby.  The warm, humid days in the summer, the leaves turning in the fall.  Wetness and chill in the spring, and snow in the winter.

      Yeah.  I miss it.

  4. IBEX

    Not Boyfriends

    Obviously I am binging on this beautiful story, so I have no time to comment on each of those nicely crafted chapters...I only use annoying, if inevitable breaks to refill the Bourbon and get some Chet Atkins and Earl Scruggs going! Longing for a languid night in the country, by a fire, under a starlit sky....
  5. IBEX

    Broken Blood

    At the last sentence I had to break out a bottle of good Bourbon and get my Gretsch....one for Papaw! And one for good luck for Wren....
  6. Can I please have basketball boy - to court, nurture love and cuddle?
  7. Interesting people. To think “proper toilets” are more important than water to survive.... And Ian should know once water is distilled it’s clean, no matter where you got it from...
  8. Ah, that consent thing...good on ya mate! I love their vows at the end.Very mature....I should copy, so I can paste should ever such a beautiful moment arise in my life! Thanks for this wonderful story!
  9. Perfectly sculpted the scene! Their feelings touchable...
  10. Daft still, but stumbling closer....
  11. Ah, blokes be daft....time they get their act together!
  12. We are but prisoners of our upbringing and surroundings....try a Gretsch! Or an Alembic - bass perhaps? Dingwall fan fretted five string, anyone? Keep the music going! Thanks for introducing me to a new band!
  13. Ah, and by the way - for those of you that don’t know or care - there ARE other guitars than Fenders around! Not talking fancy blue Ibanez acoustics here.... There’s nothing wrong with the assorted Tele, Strats and now even Precys here, good stuff, but the adepts know.... ....about the hidden world of wonders beyond Fender and Gibson....lol (now I probably get banned...)
  14. Good. Getting there. Steadily.
  15. Brian showes more restraint and sense than most would probably given him credit for
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