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  1. Looks like “Puppy” might be left behind with his old life…in this chapter the new and more assertive Jensen emerged…
  2. IBEX

    Meeting Steven

    Puppy has been quite the champ on this first day in his new life! First time in such a crowd...the whole experience must have been pretty overwhelming, but he managed really well!
  3. IBEX

    Manic for Max

    you manage to portrait puppy and his anxiety so well - I almost get into a state myself, just by reading it! Well done
  4. IBEX

    Chapter 28

    Wasn't Ezekiel the legal brother?
  5. IBEX

    Chapter 15

    The last chapters, with Aric in hospital took me back to my stint I had the honour to spend in Boston Children Hospital in the late eighties. Exciting, if strenuous times, with great staff and some of the best surgeons around. Just had to look up some names again….Aric surely got the best care possible!
  6. IBEX

    Chapter 28

    Wow, just wow! What an exciting chapter. Glad the full conspiracy is laid open now - safe for Lady Baizas side game. I think I'd like to learn more about Prince Zure and his lands.... Rashan was so courageous, a testimony to his fathers!
  7. IBEX

    Chapter 3

    In the first chapter Emily said one of the granddads is dead. Tony or Ron? Then they waltz not the hospital room…
  8. IBEX

    Chapter 2

    Reading the comments I wonder - is there a prequel I should read first? This story isn’t marked as part of a series…
  9. IBEX

    Chapter 85

    wasn't it 200 silver? Someone upped the ante, it seems!
  10. IBEX

    Chapter 24

    No, no, no....this can't all end with one single chapter! -There's Baiza and the butcher for one - Lord Ravi needs to secretly be moved to the capital to be shown to the Emperor without Rushi getting wind... -The whole conspiracy needs to be laid bare! _ Jihan needs to become established, accepted and loved in Silver Valley - The Empire needs re-arranging after the execution of Rushi , Ravi and the rest like Baiza and the butcher.... ....then, and only then, we can think of ending this book! Please take your time finishing this! To wrap it all up in one single chapter would be rushed...
  11. IBEX

    Chapter 1

    are the parents divorced already? Can't imagine dad having no say in kicking his son out...
  12. IBEX

    Chapter 25

    The love they share is catching!
  13. IBEX


    I just love how "Heinrich" forecasts became a thing!
  14. IBEX

    Chapter 21

    You realise, 100 Lira is and has been, a Nickel's worth...so it's more an insult than a fare tbh! lol
  15. IBEX

    Chapter 4

    The introduction to the rents was a hoot. Didn't think little nerdy Scot would ham it up with strangers!
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