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  1. IBEX

    Retribution 1

    So it seems Gustav IS one of the bad guys, (or at least one VERY bad guy). We'll see, if Chris came out the pressure cooker truly a better, a more mature man/boy, and not only a half-baked time bomb, with a short fuse still. I like to think, Victor is exonerated by the revelations behind the mind barrier, and Chris surely will find it in his heart to rekindle the flame... Hiatus is bad! Even worse when initialised by a cliffie! The only reason Stratos are not being called in, is because of Gustav we can't fully trust them...but why not sic a platinum level elvish guard on the sorry writer?
  2. IBEX

    A New Place 2

    Don't I just hate people that are all emotional, never even considering to hear the other side.
  3. IBEX

    Chapter 16

    It might be aNICE touch, to pick Rob up in London, and help him get settled in that LA institution.....
  4. IBEX

    Chapter 15

    Excellent description of the downward slope with drugs...
  5. IBEX

    Chapter 26

    Blessed be Ruarri, he of Solaris
  6. IBEX

    Chapter 17

    And just how did Lester get Mick's car to such a remote place?
  7. IBEX

    Chapter 14

    Lester is EXACTLY as could be expected, he has always been like this. Only Mick is stupid as fuck and pays for it now...until beings with good noses can track him...perhaps after an alert from a woke waitress
  8. IBEX

    Chapter 13

    I am still wondering about that first"intervention" of the Fae in Takashi's old home? The glamour never came off Mick, nobody has seen his true shape and face yet...and his inner knot/turmoil, at least the one regarding Lester doesn't seem to have been resolved. So was it a fail, just some hot sex?
  9. IBEX

    Chapter 11

    Tak could be Tiger, perhaps even a white one...but since Mick could read weres so far, but feels only a comforting void in Tak, maybe he is a Mythical? There be radon's in Asia...who knows
  10. IBEX

    Chapter 4

    "...Besides, I hadn't eaten supper yet. I could get him off, see him out, and nuke some leftovers. I liked my plan. .." This one had me crack up. Hard. Like floor rollingly hard. Good job!
  11. IBEX

    Playing with Fire 1

    Good one! I never thought of what Chris would be wearing when appearing in the tower. Now in the Palace! can't have the young Princeling ambling about in pyjamas or boxers and a ratty t shirt!
  12. IBEX

    Of Wolves, Bears and ...

    Life in the very North inspired by Sasha Distans Tales
  13. IBEX

    First Surge 3

    Ah, just what I needed, when I needed it! A good elven fix....actually my court physician recommended a dose of Surge twice daily again...
  14. IBEX

    First Surge 2

    I'll try a Kumhakta later. pretty sure I'll sleep much better afterwards!
  15. IBEX

    Chapter 12

    Stage outfit? Now THAT needs. a. visual. A very detailed description, this being a GAY site and all! The guys want to look FABULOUS! We are talking rockstars here, right? 😉
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