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  1. IBEX

    Songs of Magic

    Ah, the power of music! The Song of Songs has been played.
  2. IBEX

    Chapter 9

    Jamie is a twat. And the bartender will regret preying on the vulnerable! Hope it’s not taking Jamie too long to get his head back on straight
  3. IBEX

    PS Ch 17

    The paranoia doesn’t yet make sense...
  4. IBEX

    Masters of Earth 1

    A threesome coming up, courtesy Victor's generosity - and/or curiosity... Along with the PR efforts Chris should travel and export the realm. And get a feel of the elves and their respective governments in each province...strengthening the unity will be his job after all...and countering all the mischief of Halvar dear
  5. IBEX

    Chapter 7

    There's girlfriends, and then there are beards...
  6. IBEX

    Chapter 10

    Never knew one could sail into Mexico City...
  7. IBEX

    Voices from Beyond

    So he absorbed some essence of the Great and Ancient ones from the books.....
  8. IBEX

    Chapter 28

    And naive old me thought of a cylinder head gasket issue or some other wear and tear on the old engine. Sabotage.... a little webcam surveillance should end that quickly. Taking Andy off auntie without any questions was perhaps a bit quick for me. He could possibly have a good home with family and still be supported by the gang
  9. IBEX

    The Ascension

    Most powerful, and awe-inspiring! Nothing beats a body of white and gold light levitating! I can't wait to hear the reporter gushing over what had transpired in the great hall of Haldruin! I expect the city to be thunderous upon the Prince exiting the Hall. A grand Royal Banquet will follow - where Chris will be introduced to the ancient and most powerful past King. I wonder, how Chris will crash, come down, from this immense high....it will take him a while to realise for himself what had happened. And he will need the help and guidance of the Kings and High Mage to understand the significance of what transpired...I wonder if al this power in the Hall during the Ceremony did change his entourage a little bit more? The smell of Victor was an indication, as were previous faint signs of magical ability in his dad and Leo. And how did it affect Vampires in General? Obviously they could all withstand the brightest of lights...
  10. IBEX

    Welcome to the Realm

    I am totally with you on that one! (...and I'm your senior, lol!)
  11. IBEX

    Welcome to the Realm

    Ah,but then a chapter BEFORE the Grand Act? Like exploring the palace and capital, perhaps? Give it time to build up, to savour!
  12. IBEX

    Welcome to the Realm

    Grand! So Victor got THE TALK! I just had to burst out laughing....but Elves are not ones of idle threats. Powerful focused and very much guarding what's important to them
  13. IBEX

    Preparations 3

    That whole trip should last AT LEAST three chapters (since they are soooo short anyway...whine)I want to see the Pomp and Circumstance, worth a few centuries!
  14. IBEX

    Preparations 3

    I see another UNVAK coming, what with all the new tribal tattoos ingrained in Chris now. They seem to be the source of his special, and so much stronger, powers than other seasoned and well trained elves can achieve...
  15. IBEX

    Sire 4

    This Latham guy stinks to high heaven! Chris should visit with Gramps now...
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