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Though not present in every chapter, this story will contain graphic violence and coerced sex/rape, some of which involves underaged characters. Keep this in mind before reading. 

MageCrafter - 5. Chapter 5

Some obligatory warnings to keep in mind for this chapter: This chapter will explore dark themes of underage exploitation and will feature graphic depictions of sex with an underage character. A character who, given the circumstances of him being a slave, does not have much say whether or not he can consent. With that said, the story continues...

“I swear to the gods above Sargis, my boy is going to send me to an early grave with the stress he puts this old man through.”

Duke Bertolde sat behind his ornately MageCrafted desk of Onyx and Gold as he cradled a whiskey glass in his hands. The tired and far off stare that was in the bluish white bearded man’s face was extremely telling of just how much stress his son’s Birthday Party was giving him.

They had an intruder. An infamous and powerful Warlock by the name of Darzi had infiltrated The Bertolde estate and had planned on assassinating the assembled leaders of many territories and neighboring countries. This had been thwarted by the efforts of his son and his freshly acquired MageCrafter he claimed as his birthday present. On paper that sounds like that would be a wonderful and momentous occasion to be celebrated by all!

Yet it was how the Warlock Darzi was taken down that was causing the Duke such a headache, and why he swore his hair was thinning when there was no such proclivity of that happening in his family line up to this point. His boy and his present hadn’t simply thwarted the infamously powerful warlock by the skin of their teeth. That might have been better!

No. Between the two of them, they had practically bullied and executed one of the most infamous and storied Warlocks to come out of Preja Bog, who had killed dozens of Maids and several butlers in his various assassination assignments, not to mention some nobles. They made Darzi look utterly helpless and terrified, and if The Duke had been in that Warlock’s place he probably would have felt the same way.

His boy had managed to make the fact that a Warlock got onto the property and nearly killed so many royals seem like the secondary problem that incident had made. He threw back another gulp of whiskey before groaning and sinking into his chair, pinching his nose in frustration with how this day was going.

“The young Lord promised that he would be...” Sargis cleared his throat. “...ready to attend the more private functions after he becomes better acquainted with his fledgling MageCrafter. Which he promised he would not let exceed an hour of his time.”

The Duke put down a second glass for his Butler and motioned for him to fill both glasses with his Whiskey. He knew the man and his impeccable work ethic would not be hampered by a small indulgence like this, and he could see that his Butler was feeling the stress as much as he was about this whole affair. Sargis went through the usual song and dance of attempting to refuse, but the fact that he only tried to refuse once before giving in and joining his Master in the drink spoke volumes.

“In his Master Bedroom of course.” The Duke groaned. His boy, after making his announcement that he was claiming the Lynxian as his Birthday present, scooped the flushed and awestruck lad, in full Bavaram dancing attire, up in his arms as if he were a fair maiden from a children’s story and whisked him off the courtyard towards his private quarters. He didn’t even look back at the Royalty he was in such a rush to bed that boy.

More whiskey, the Duke needed more whiskey.

“ Of course there's the fact that he left our entire guest list in a state of panic after he decided to deal with an intruder in the most Baldric way possible. A guest list which includes the Silbel Royal family who are almost certainly going to demand an audience with me about this incident.”

Silence rested in his private quarters as The Duke and His Butler sat across from each-other, staring at nothing in particular as they nursed their respective drinks.

“I love my boy to death Sargis, I truly do, but do you know how many diplomatic incidents that boy nearly causes a year?”

“Intimately Master Bertolde.” Sargis had handled the paperwork and delivering of apology gifts on more than a few occasions, “We do try to steer the young Lord towards those lads who would not cause you such troubles, such as our Estates slave boys, but our young Lord does enjoy a…” Sargis waved his hand around trying to search for the right word, “shall we say, ‘challenge’ on occasion.”

Duke Bertolde let out a snort at that.

“The High Elven Queen Felsalvia still sends me angry communications on how Baldric has, and I quote,” he fished out her parchment and found the line on it for emphasis of his point, “ ‘caused her son to turn away every fair maiden she sends his way, thanks to your Incubus Demon-spawn of a son.’”

“That is an improvement on her previous communications at least Master Bertolde.” Sargis said with a resigned sigh. He had thought he was going to die the first time she had confronted him about his Young Lord’s conquest of her First Born while within her Throne Room. Her Throne Room which was also an ArchDruidic Lair that had been gathering power for a thousand years up to that point.

He had almost messed his Butler’s Suit that day.

“I at least managed to get the boy to promise to give me an Heir.” While The Duke was more than fine with his son’s proclivities, he did need to continue the family line one way or another. The negotiations for that with his son had been dreadfully long and with much arguing however.

“He said he refused to marry whomever the Maiden was, it would only be one time, and he demanded, again, quoting here, ‘a full harem of slave boys for the evening afterwards to cleanse his palette.’”

They both chuckled at that. Lord Baldric was many things, capable of feeling shame or embarrassment was not one of them. He was so boldly open about his interests that many a fair maiden had ran away crying at his look of confusion and annoyance at their propositioning him. If he had even the slightest, tiniest interest in women, the line he would have to his bed chambers would be long and would probably need a full complement of MaidStaff to manage.

“I think this incident might cause more ripples than his usual activities, If I may be so bold as to predict the future, Master Bertolde.”

“We are going to need to gift the royal family a large assortment of magical items to smooth this over. Last thing I need is another discussion about collaring my boy with them.”

When his son had first awakened as a True Dominion MageCrafter, there were quite a few tense negotiations with the King and his emissaries about what his son’s status would be. The compromise was that his son was to participate in any war effort Silbel should find itself in, and he should supply the Royal Palace with shipments of Magical items at designated times of the year.

“Do you think they’d push for such a thing Master Bertolde? He did save their lives from an assassination attempt by a rather infamous Warlock spy.”

“The only reason why they haven’t pressed that issue up to this point is because it’d be a truly international scandal if a Noble from Silbel was collared, especially one as well connected as my boy is. He knows more foreign dignitaries on a personal level than most Silbel ambassadors.”

Thanks to his son's abilities, travel over the seas was a distressingly simple affair for him. Unless expressly demanded to do so, Young Lord would never deign to travel by ship, instead warping and crafting the oceans to carry him to his destination at alarming speeds either above or below its surface. He even makes frequent trips to the undersea dwelling nations of Merfolk, Tritons, and Sea Elves, beings whom are normally inaccessible to the outside world.

One would think an outsider like him would be turned away or attacked, but not only had he earned those nations favor, he was now Silbels singular point of contact in trade with the Undersea nations, opening up an entire economy that had not been available before. How he had done this is a mystery, as only his son seemed to be able to speak their tongues.

“I will need to forcefully remind the king of my son’s influence should he attempt to press the issue. It will not go over well on an international scale if he tries.”

The Duke suddenly sat up as he recalled something he wanted to speak with his Butler about.

“Speaking of things that cause me no end of stress, I do not recall you telling me my son’s Fledgeling MageCrafter was that physically strong. He ripped a rather notorious and powerful Warlocks arm clean off and sent him flying across the courtyard, all in the same kick. I know Lynxians are rumored to be strong, but not THAT strong surely.”

“Master Bertolde,” Sargis without prompting poured the Duke another glass, which was not a great sign of things to come. “Shahnaz has been keeping me up to date on any information she can glean about the boy. We also have our Cloistered Scholars and Bardic historians looking into the matter. There does seem to be something they keep coming up with, but if this is true then we will need to keep this quiet from the Royal family. We don’t want him taken away from Lord Baldric and put in service directly under the King., not when Lord Baldric is so enamored with him.”

The Duke sat up and leaned over his ornate desk to His Butler with some alarm in his voice. His son would not take such an action lying down, and he shuddered to think what he’d do if the King tried such a thing.

“By the gods what could possibly cause them to do something so drastic as that?”

Sargis took in a deep breath, closing his eyes and steadying his nerves as he spoke these next words to his lord with much reluctance in his voice.

“The consensus between the Cloistered Scholars and the Bardic Historians is that this Kotik might just be Giant Blooded.”

The duke almost dropped his glass and had to spend a few seconds reclaiming his grip on the cup before placing down on the table. He looked at the orc across from him with wide eyes as he tried to sort out what he just said.

“Th-That’s not possible...the only legends about giant blooded heroes…”

“ They were all human. That is correct Master Bertolde. There has never been a recorded legend about a Giant Blooded being who was also a demi human.”

Bertolde wiped his brow with a handkerchief and stared off into the distance. Suddenly he shuddered and had to stand up from his seat and pace around as he asked his next question.

“C-correct me if I’m wrong Sargis, but are Lynxians supposed to be something akin to three times stronger than a human of a similar size and build?”

“The consensus,” Sargis gravely intoned, “ might also indicate that this carries over to him being giant blooded.”

“Are you telling me my boy,” He stared at his Butler with shock plastered on his rapidly paling face, “by absolute chance, stumbled upon some creature who not only is a True Dominion MageCrafter, of Wood no less,”

Another shudder of fear rippled through the Duke,

“ but he also has three times the strength of a Giant Blooded human?! Giant Blooded humans who we know about because they had legends written about their feats of strength?!”

“That would appear to be the case Master Bertolde.”

“I’m going to lose all my hair by the end of the year Sargis, I swear to the Gods above.”


A flutter of panic filled Kotik’s body as Lord Baldric kicked open the door to his master bedroom. That panic was because the lynxian could feel himself being swept into the moment as his mouth was locked passionately with the older teens. His mind was screaming that this was all moving much too fast, yet this cursed godling that held him in his arms knew how to use his hands and his mouth so well.

The older teen seemed to know Kotik’s own body even better than he did, eliciting one squeak or gasp after another out of the lynxian’s mouth as his cat ears were skillfully nibbled on. Each painfully pleasurable nip into the sensitive flesh of his cat ears were interspersed with Baldric’s oh so hot breath and tongue. A tongue coated with saliva that had been enchanted to be just hot enough to elicit half-hearted protests that Kotik didn’t truly mean. It all sent rushes of brand new sensations into his body he had not even known was possible. Lord Baldric began to hum as he worked each of his cat ears over, the lustful tones that reverberated in his sensitive flesh that was already getting expertly worked over by Baldric’s teeth and tongue finally made Kotik’s back arc in agonizing delight.

That wasn’t even touching how overwhelming Lord Baldric’s passionate feelings were. They deadened Kotiks own perceptions to the point where he hadn’t even realized he had been laid on the bed with the much taller male looming on top of him, sucking on and teasing his neck and collarbone. Steam lightly flowed out of The young Lords mouth as he did so, flowing out of him if he were a dragon breathing out smoke and aided in his efforts to stimulate his new prized possession. Wherever those wisps of hot vapor touched caused those sections of flesh all the more sensitive before retaking the cat eared boy’s mouth. Kotiks arms were pinned above him, both of his slender wrists clasped in one of his large and strong hands, splaying his body vulnerably beneath the young lord.

Part of Kotik wanted to give into this so badly. It felt so amazing.

Yet his growing anger was pushing back against the waves of passion from Baldric. Anger at how this felt exactly like how Darzi had said. That he was a slab of meat to be toyed with and fucked. Those words ate at him so much as he regained control over himself and pushed back against Baldric.

Baldric seemed like he was going to resist Kotik trying to push him back at first, but to the lynxian’s surprise he actually responded to him pulling away from his touch.

“What is wrong my sweet Kotik?”

“Stop saying that.” Kotik said as he looked up at the Young Lord. He was positively drenched in sweat now. His almond colored hair clung to the sides of his face and his forehead in a disheveled way. His cheeks were still so flushed even with him trying to regain control of haggard breathing. He could feel himself shaking with frustration now.

“What do you mean, Kotik?” Again Kotik was surprised that Baldric actually looked concerned for him. Wasn’t he supposed to be his present? HIs little pleasure boy to do with as he sees fit? Shouldn’t he be getting mad that his slave is pulling away from him? It didn’t make any sense, and the confusion that filled Kotik only made him more frustrated.

The Lynxian slipped out from under Baldric and stood away from him with his back turned. He expected this Lord to demand he return at once. He expected him to yell and screech that he was this Baldric’s property and he should do what he says. That is what it meant to be a slave right? Why wasn’t he doing anything that Kotik expected? Why was he so confusing?

Why did that scare him so much?

“You don’t know anything about me. You don’t know anything about me and yet you have all these strong feelings towards me.”

He couldn’t look at Baldric, he could only stare at the window’d wall in front of him some distance away.

“Part of me wonders why a being like you who can command the sky to do his bidding and shatter Warlocks with a snap of his fingers wants to do with a peasant boy like myself. The other part of me, the much larger part of me, wonders where the hell you get off having these strong feelings on someone you know nothing about. Just like I know nothing about you. All I know of you is that the Maids, Shahnaz and Sargis like you a lot, and I happen to think they are good people.”

He turned to face Lord Baldric who hadn’t interrupted him. He just looked at him with concern in his eyes and in his emotions. Concern and caring so passionately that only made Kotik more angry.

“I meant what I said to you by the way,” He said, his voice sounding harsher than he wanted, but the anger was getting to him. “If Darzi hadn’t threatened Shahnaz, I would have let him kill all those Nobles and Royals and gone with him. The only reason I called on you was because he threatened people I liked. This kingdom means nothing to me. No…” he let his voice get even angrier, “That’s wrong. This kingdom means a lot to me, but not in a good way. In fact I’m pretty sure I hate this nation more than anything I could think of.”

Kotik let those words hang in the air. He wondered if Lord Baldric was going to shatter him for that. He basically admitted to contemplating treason. Yet to Kotiks' ever growing anger and frustration he could feel the emotions of intrigue and desire building up from Baldric even more. What was wrong with this person! He was not responding how Kotik wanted him to at all.

Baldric took the pause to speak, asking a simple question.

“May I ask why you would have let Darzi assassinate the honored assembly?”

Kotik’s irises became contracted to thin lines as a deep feral growl flooded his throat. For someone who looked almost human save for his feline accessories, that sound ripping through his throat at a deeper pitch than his speaking voice was purely that of a primal animal.

How dare he ask such a question? He, of all people!

“Let me respond with my own question, MY LORD.” Bile filled Kotik’s tone as he said those last words, showing how much derisiveness he truly felt for the title. “Where is YOUR Collar?”

He didn’t let Baldric answer as he continued.

“Because I was fed this line from your Butler that we are capable of Great Good and Terrible Evil, and we had to give up our freedom to be controlled by the kingdom so bad things don’t happen. Then I come to find that not ONLY am I being given to you on my birthday, I find out that you are some all powerful MageCrafter who doesn’t even HAVE a Collar!”

He was yelling himself hoarse now as he glared at Baldric with rage boiling over in his eyes. All the frustration he was feeling over the past month, to having his birthday ruined, to having this infuriating Lord brat sit there and not doing anything about his disobedience, it was all too much! What was worse he could feel the older teen actually feeling stronger feelings towards him!

This bastard didn’t know how to read the room at all!

“You don’t even need to explain why some Noble Brat who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth doesn’t have a Collar. I know why!” He was going to die after this anyway, Baldric had the power to shatter him to pieces with a snap of his fingers. What did he have left to lose?! Finally unleashing everything he felt about this on this Noble, Kotik decided in his rage was going to keep going until Baldric MADE him stop.

“Your DADDY protected you from having one because he’s the Duke! The Kingdom only needs to control unruly peasant urchins like myself, that’s what that means right?! Just like how His Majesty…”

Kotik spat on the carpet after speaking that title before continuing, his enraged eyes daring this infuriating Lord Baldric to do something about him disrespecting his king as he kept going

“... passed the law of Compulsory Indentured Servitude to turn every orphan into a slave until their 18th biological year! Not Chronological year, nonono, biological year when we reach the physical maturity of a human of an equivalent age. A law specifically designed to keep Demi humans like ME enslaved for decades!”

He was pacing around wildly now as he kept ranting. His tail and ears had never been so frazzled. He never voiced this out loud to anyone before. He never thought it was polite to do so. Yet Baldric was pissing him off with his confusing emotions so much! Why was he only growing more attracted to Kotik with each sentence!

Why won’t he do what Kotik expected him to do!?

“You know Lynxians, after the first time they ejaculate, stop aging for the next one hundred years?! ONE HUNDRED YEARS, NOT AGING ONE DAY. I’ve never even touched myself because of that, because if I did and I got stuck being forcibly indentured somewhere I couldn’t get out of, I would be trapped there for a FULL CENTURY BECAUSE OF THAT LAW.”

He angrily waved at Baldric, “Now YOU own me, and you are more than capable of doing such a thing to me. I’m going to be trapped as a thirteen year old, having to fight off one bastard after another even if you did release me, which you can’t! ”

He wanted to punch something so badly. He didn’t know why he was spilling all of this out to this being, and he didn’t know why The Young Lord was just watching and listening attentively to him. No interruptions, no admonishments, Just listening. Why won’t he do anything? Damn him just get it over with.

That dark feeling brought up something he had never dared speak a word to anyone about. At this moment this Lord Baldric was an avatar of this cursed nation that had wronged him so thoroughly, and he was going to let him know exactly what he thought of this wretched place. Part of him wished Darzi had approached him even slightly differently.

The very idea that he had saved the King that had made that damnable law from Darzi made his skin crawl. He should have let the bastard burn.

“You know what my first memory is, My LORD?” His heart thumped wildly in his chest as his blood filled with adrenaline.

This was it. He was going to tell someone. He was done being polite.

Right now he was finally going to let someone know what he did.

“Those two men I killed when I became a MageCrafter were not the first humans I’ve killed.” He was crying despite himself now. He hated how his tears always showed up at the worst possible moment.

“My first memory was strangling a man to death in his bed. My hands were too small to fit around his grossly fat neck, but my grip was strong enough that I managed to choke him out. He punched and thrashed trying to get me off of him, but I just let his fists hit me and shoved into his throat harder till he finally stopped moving. ”

He turned away from Baldric as he was trembling now. He was going to die for sure now. Baldric would execute him and it would all be over. Till then he’d spill everything till this infuriating lord did something about it.

“He was my first master I had been forcibly indentured to. I remember I killed him because he kept hurting me with whips and kept me chained to his bed. I had just turned three at the time.”

He let the fact he had killed at such a young age hung in the air before continuing, keeping his back turned to Lord Baldric.

“I escaped into the woods, and over those years I met nice people who would bring me to a town, and then almost every time some wretched despicable waste of human garbage would come along and enact Compulsory Indentured Servitude on me with guards on hand all over again because it was revealed I was an orphan. They would surround me in the middle of the street, threatening me with their spears and lead me away in chains while I cried. I would try to see if they would be nicer master than the last, and then they’d whip me bloody, and I’d strangle them to death that same night. Over and over and over again, one town after another, one farm after another, one shipyard after another, one territory after another.”

Finally, Kotik grinned in bitter satisfaction, he could feel the dawning realization emanating from Lord Baldric, and a feeling of apprehension at the puzzle pieces he had put into place. Kotik turned and smiled, his eyes still shedding tears as his slitted eyes met Baldrics.

“That’s right Baldric. You probably heard about me at some point growing up. I believe the Name they dubbed me with was…”

“You’re The Silbel Strangler…”

Kotik couldn’t help but throw his head back and laugh mirthlessly through his tears at that. His body was quaking now. He never told anyone this.

“I told you you didn’t know anything about me Lord Baldric. I’m wanted in quite a few territories, though not a single person ever figured out who I was or what I looked like. I even hear they think 'The Silbel strangler' kills those people to kidnap their slaves! The irony!" it sounded like Kotik had tried to say that as a joke, but his voice trembled too much to really allow him to pass the admission off as light hearted. He was a terrible liar, which is why he chose not to speak of things at all. "All this because nobody would leave well enough alone. Nobody would let me just be in a town without someone going too far and trying to enslave me again. It wasn’t until I was older and I learned how to fight that I could actually make people not try anything with me. I could stay in the woods and hunt without people trying to whip and beat me for the crime of not having parents.”

A vulnerable look overtook Kotik as the next part came into his mind. “Then I met The Old Man. The very first and only person to ever offer me employment without trying to enslave me. The very first person to actually teach me things and ask me about my day, and tell me I did a good job. I love that man. He was so good to me.”

He was sobbing now, but he couldn’t stop talking as his body quaked.

“That day Shahnaz came, she managed to get out of me that my birthday was coming up. I never talked about my birthday cause nobody cared. The Old Man did. He was actually really cross with me that I hadn’t told him, and he was grumpily demanding me what kind of cake I wanted and wouldn’t take no for an answer about having a party.”

a trembling smile was on Kotik’s lips as he weakly chuckled at the nice memory. He looked at Baldric, his eyes no longer filled with anger, only loss and heartache.

“For the first time in my life. I was going to have a birthday party. I was so happy. I was so so happy. And then… AND THEN…”

All at once his rage returned he rushed over to a wall and punched it as hard as he could, cracking the stone into a spiderweb and shattering the window beside it as he wretched out his next words.


He crumpled to his knees and wept on the floor next to the cracked wall. He had held all of that in for so long, always keeping it locked away behind a polite smile.

And then he felt it. He felt Baldric’s passion for him grow even more, and it finally made him turn on the older teen.


“My Lord is everything alright?!”

Shahnaz and other maids came into the room from the sounds of yelling and the shattering of glass and stone. It was time. They would kill him and he wouldn’t have to worry anymore.

“Everything is fine, please leave the room. This is between Kotik and myself.” Lord Baldric told his maids.

Why was he so confusing!?

They left the room, though not without much trepidation in their expressions as they did so. They could clearly see the harsh indent in solid MageCrafted stone where his fist had punched, and small hunks of stone fell from the spiderweb of cracks the impact had made onto the floor.

Kotik let out a surprised noise as something formed around his wrists and pulled him up into the air, and another thing formed around his ankles binding them together. He tried to demand what was happening, but his mouth couldn’t open as something was over it. He looked up to see what seemed like Ice shackles, but they did not freeze him. He didn’t fight the restraints much, just letting himself hang there for whatever fate awaited him.

He was so tired after saying all of that.

Lord Baldric walked behind Kotik and began stroking his tear streaked cheeks, before calling up a pane of reflective ice before them so Kotik could look at the two of them in his reflection. He now saw why he couldn’t talk, since that same ice that didn’t feel cold was now over his lips in a near perfect square. None of this felt particularly uncomfortable, and he had to admit he felt the older teen’s touch somewhat relaxing.

“I want to thank you for sharing this with me, my sweet Kotik.” He kissed the boy tenderly on the top of his head between his cat ears, making him flush despite himself, “When you first awakened as a MageCrafter, I had felt a glimpse of the rage you had been bottling inside of you all this time towards this country. I knew the second I felt that rage, coupled with that power of yours, that I had to have you no matter what you looked like, what gender you were, or any other inconsequential thing.”

He smiled at the boy through the mirror, “The fact that you just so happen to be the most enchanting beauty I have ever had the privilege to lay my eyes on is just a bonus.”

Kotik’s cheeks were flushed crimson at that. He was rather surprised with how he found himself not struggling with the restraints, or pulling away from Baldric’s touch. Maybe it was because he knew that these words of his were genuinely felt and expressed. He still felt confused though, and he wanted to ask him questions, but he couldn’t talk.

“I know you are confused, Kotik, but once you hear my story it will all become clear.” He gently spoke to Kotik as he calmed him down, drying his tears and letting his body relax from the heightened state of agitation he had been in. It was somehow comforting to have that mirrored ice to know exactly what Baldric was doing behind him, and it felt nice having him speak so softly in his ears.

“Each of my Maids have very similar stories to yourself. They suffered terrible hardships at the hands of callous laws and cruel people who exploit them since they can get away with it. Shahnaz was starved to such an emaciated state as a child that you could count every rib in her frail body. My father had to comfort me for hours after I had seen the poor girl and demanded to know why anyone would do anything like that to someone around my age. It had been so far outside my realm of experience up to that point that it always stuck in my mind.”

Kotik was listening now, he felt his heart flutter at feeling the genuine care he had for Shahnaz, and how seeing her like that had left such an impression on his young mind.

“At the time, I was simply an illusory wizard, and an apprentice one at that who fumbled with what few magic items were compatible with my field of casting. A magic user whom didn’t have a single ounce of attack power to his name and could not use a single item that could work offensively. Only illusion magic items worked. That is how finicky it is to be a magic user.”

He kissed Kotik on the cheek again, soothing him as his hands caressed him to a calmed state.

“I practiced with what I had however, because I did not like what this country was doing to its people. Yet we are a relatively small dukedom in this nation, and I was not exactly prepared to change anything at the time. It wasn’t until one day, when I had become lost inside this thick white fog that seemed to obscure even the hand in front of my face that my MageCrafting abilities activated. Sargis had managed to find me through that thick fog because of that.”

He smiled into the mirror, holding Kotik’s beautiful blue eyes within his own gaze through the reflective surface. “I knew then, when I had found out I had become a True Dominion MageCrafter of Water, that I had to become as powerful as possible to enact some level of retribution against this nation that wronged my MaidStaff so terribly. I’ve been planning and building power for years. I figured out how to make a Lair faster than any arch magic user to ever exist, and I’ve used that chamber to the absolute fullest to hone my skills for my future plans.”

He pressed his cheek against Kotik’s own as he began to feel down the boy’s stomach. Kotik responded to his expertly teasing fingers with a flush, leaning into the hand even as it snaked into his dancer’s costume and around his small, yet quite hard cock. Kotik let out a moan behind the ice holding his lips closed shut in that perfect square, his hips responding eagerly to the touch as Lord Baldric continued talking ever so softly.

“Yet I knew at the end of the day I could not do this alone. I needed another True Dominion who felt just as strongly about seeing justice brought to bear against this country as I do. I shuddered the day you awakened, my sweet Kotik. I felt your rage and your power call out to me and I knew you had been the one I had been waiting for all this time.”

Lord Baldric fashioned a water magic item he had made so many times in the past when dealing with virgin holes such as Kotik’s. A simple Item that did not require attunment and was made of water, able to shoot into his rectum and work its magic with ease. Kotik moaned into his gag as something filled his insides and made ever so small changes, increasing his sensitivity, making his entryway easier for the lad to relax, and permanently and perpetually transmute any and all waste within him into the sweetest tasting and nutritious of lubrication. From this day forth, the lad would never have to do more than urinate ever again.

He kept speaking even as his fingers began to venture inside of Kotik unexplored rosebud, making him squirm and blush at the brand new sensations from his backside. That grew into almost frightfully into shocked and lustful noises that Kotik didn’t even know he could make. Whatever his Lord had found inside of his body with those probing fingers, it was jolting his body and mind to attention with an ever growing need for release. Lord Baldric loved watching his adorable toes curl and flex in delight at the sensations he was giving him, while listening to the noises emitting from Kotik's throat that he knew all too well was words of begging and pleading to let him finally cum, that he was being driven half mad with all the stimulation. He couldn’t help but take a second to nibble on his Lynxian ears, which he had read was an erogenous zone for the race when he had done research on how to make Kotik squirm.

“You asked me why I feel so passionately about you even though we had not met. You asked me why I only feel stronger in that conviction with each new thing you reveal about yourself to me.”

He took a moment to kiss his neck, enchanting each wet spot he made to make his skin that much more sensitive for this first time. Kotik began purring loudly, an involuntary noise lynxians made when they were getting very aroused or happy. The young Lord could see the fruits of the belly dancer training shahnaz had given him with how his hips shimmied and bucked to the hands working either side of the lad. He had made sure the boy would not cum with a bit of enchanted water, holding it off and teasing him just to that edge.

He wanted the boy’s first ejaculation to be memorable.

“My sweet Kotik, I desire your rage against this country as much as I desire your mind and body. I want to train you to be the most powerful MageCrafter this world has ever known, and I want to hone that power into rectifying all the wrongs that have been done to you and so many others. I was born in a noble family, so I am in a unique position as a MageCrafter to operate without restraint, and I have been using that opportunity to its fullest. Now is the time for you to join me in this fight.”

Kotik’s body was on fire now. Never in his wildest dreams had he thought Baldric would say such a thing to him. This changed everything, this was so much different than he had expected. It only made how pleasurable the older teens touch was more exciting. His free tail brushed and caressed the Young Lord affectionately as he tried in some small way to show how receptive he was now.

“We will play our parts for now while we build you up. To the outside world you will seem like my slave. While I do plan on enjoying your body to the fullest, and I suspect you will enjoy mine just as much, that is not why I had initially desired you. No...this is merely a delightful and more than welcomed surprise for me.” Kotik was rubbing his cheek against Baldric’s now, being driven wild as his rosebud winked in approval of his touch and his small shaft twitched and pleaded for release.

“We are going to tear down this Nation of Silbel and craft a new one. One where the evils that had been done against you and my Maids will not be tolerated ever again. Other MageCrafter collars are built with a small effect that builds in a fail-safe into every MageCrafted item they create so that it cannot be used against nobility or royalty in an offensive way.”

A devilish grin grew on Baldric’s face, meeting the lustful, pleading and pleasure filled eyes of his overstimulated Lynxian he was teasing so expertly. Had he not prevented him from cumming, he suspected the lad would have shot a few times by now.

“Your collar has no such restriction. I made sure of that. Any and all MageCrafted weapons, armor, and other devices you craft will be fully operational against this kingdom.”

Kotik’s purr only grew louder now, between His Lord’s words and how good he was feeling, he was on cloud nine.

“Yes my sweet. I share in your desire for retribution completely, and when we take this Kingdom’s throne for our own…” He spoke these next words huskily into the boy’s ears as he let the boy cum at last, “I will trade that collar of your in for a crown that you will wear by my side.”

Kotik squealed into his gag and arched his back powerfully as he came for the first time in his life. Pleasure the likes of which he had never felt in his life, racked his thoroughly sweating body, making him let out all sorts of wonderful little noises to the delight of Baldric’s ears.

He gently moved his finger across the boy's mouth, releasing the gag and dissolving the ice.

“I trust you agree with such a proposal?” he asked lightly.

Kotik responded by forcefully pressing his mouth against Lord Baldric's own, his purring filling the older teen with a pleasant sensation as they kissed.

“Your present is more than happy to agree to that.” Kotik said with heavy breathing and a broad smile, “If your Butler had told me you wanted this plan, I’d have been skipping out the door with him.”

Kotik looked into the mirror as a positively menacing grin played on his face, his catlike irises once again contracted as his facial expression grew to that of a predator. The look so many saw as they breathed their last at the hands of the Silbel Strangler. “Let's bring this nation down to its knees. It deserves no less.”

Lord Baldric only loved the lad more for it, “I knew you would see things my way.”

Copyright © 2020 Demented; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

Great chapter, Lord Baldric's father seems to be in over his head! Kotik's rant was very interesting to see, and the ending was fantastic! ♡

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It's an intriguing twist in the story. Both Baldric and Kotik are much more than they seem on the surface. Baldric has been honing his plan for years just waiting for someone like Kotik and then to find Kotik is beyond perfect for him in every way is amazing. Kotik and Baldric together are an unstoppable force like nature itself. No wonder Baldric has been so intrigued.

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I hope they are The Good in this story and not lightly veiled evil. It could so easily be either or.

 Very interesting twists and turns.

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4 minutes ago, Buz said:

I hope they are The Good in this story and not lightly veiled evil. It could so easily be either or.

 Very interesting twists and turns.

So much power can easily corrupt. I hope they use it wisely.

Kotik was neither as innocent or vulnerable as he appeared.

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Okay, totally did not see that coming...  Not sure that what they are proposing is any better than what has been done; just doing it to other groups instead of those it has been done to.

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I felt that there was some resentment lingering in Kotik...but my God...my eyes are aflutter! The amount of power that these two possess is absolutely bonkers! Pure bonkers! I was not ready for the plans of kingdom domination, but it seems their intentions are pure, even if it seems there's going to be a lot of pain along the way. Pain that may come from our heroes...or members of current nobility. Consider me addicted to this story...

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Not to mention that Kotik will live beyond human years and won’t age a day. A long reign of freedom for Maids and Butlers. 🤔

Edited by Solus Magus
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On 12/15/2020 at 5:41 AM, Solus Magus said:

Not to mention that Kotik will live beyond human years and won’t age a day. A long reign of freedom for Maids and Butlers. 🤔

I agree with Solus! Awesome chapter!

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OMG... so exciting. 
I’m so rooting for Baldric and Kotic to bring down this wretched kingdom. 
What a surprising twist to the story and I love it!!! 

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19 minutes ago, gabz2000 said:

OMG... so exciting. 
I’m so rooting for Baldric and Kotic to bring down this wretched kingdom. 
What a surprising twist to the story and I love it!!! 

Glad you're enjoying it! 

I love that that twist managed to hit as well as it did with so many people. 

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Hummm. Our hero is 13 years old,  but is that human years? His body was forcibly changed without his consent to only gratify his new owner. Yes, I did read the warning that came with the chapter heading,  but perhaps the plot would have been better if dialogue was first and then the chance for Kotic to decide if he wanted what was on offer rather than forced. That aside, I did like the idea of not having to douche!

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