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Though not present in every chapter, this story will contain graphic violence and coerced sex/rape, some of which involves underaged characters. Keep this in mind before reading. 

MageCrafter - 9. Chapter 9

Young Count Raudh of the Kingdom of Snade felt livid. Even marathon running passed wild galloping horses as he tore across Silbel towards the Bertolde Estate didn’t simmer his anger much. If one were to look at the fields he was sprinting through, one would think some sort of angry little red haired creature was hunting the spooked equines if it weren’t for the fact he sped passed their frantic galloping and kept going with his eyes glued in the direction of the Bertolde Estate. His darkly tanned and lithely muscular legs were sure putting their utmost effort to work off some of this broiling rage before he accidentally broke something when he finally did arrive to see Lord Baldric.

He had missed his best friend's birthday party! All because of that blasted storm that held his ship up on the open seas! Stupid thing came out of nowhere. It had been such a hellishly bad storm that whirled into existence so violently that it smacked around his medium sized vessel like it was a mere lifeboat! He knew he should have chartered something sturdier looking! This one that he had snagged since it was available on short notice for immediate departure was hit so bad by that blasted demonic storm from hell they lost the main mast and had to practically row to shore. Which wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact they were days from their destination at the speed they ended up going! Any attempts for the young count to help with rowing just resulted in the ship spinning in a circle from how much stronger he was than the other rowers, or broken ores from how firmly he was gripping them in teeth gritting frustration.

It didn’t help that he had received the invitation for the Birthday party far too late thanks to his father refusing to let his angry son handle the mail. Okay so he had flown into a rage over a letter he couldn’t even remember the context of now, but that was just one time! Thanks to that infuriating delay of finding out about the party, it made chartering a ship to go across the sea a chore beyond words! Add on top of that the foul weather they had had to deal with halfway to Silbel, he was about fit to punch something with how frustrated he was! He had not even waited for the ship to make it to port before he took a running leap off the side. He made onlookers both from the ship and on the docks let out noises of alarm when the deeply tanned boy had catapulted from the ship like he had been loosed from a cannon. Some would assume he would crash painfully onto the docks, however he effortlessly rolled off the impact and began at his full tilt sprint towards the estate he had not stopped since this very moment.

The Young Count was fourteen and a half years old, and hailed from one of the bloodlines of the heroes of old. The Giant Blooded. Coupled with his training in the sacred art of the Barbarian, he was an absolute force of nature in hand to hand combat. His ruby colored hair glistened with perspiration along with his sun kissed skin as he ran at full tilted speed towards the estate. He knew days had passed since the party, but heavy physical exertion kept him from tapping into his rage.

Though he still had the relatively lean and short body of a young teenager, his muscle tone that already rippled throughout his body hinted at the behemoth of a man he was going to be when he was full grown. His clothing was fairly light, with a short cropped black shirt that clung to his toned chest and revealed his toned abs and musculature of his lower torso to the open air. He wore a black and red kilt, as well as strapped on sandals that wove themselves up to his knees and held the same coloring of red and black in their intricate design. Fingerless black gloves with his Red family crest displayed proudly on the back of his hands adorned both his wrists.

In short, he looked ready to jump into a gladiator pit on a moment's notice, and his personality tended to reflect that appearance. His temper was absolutely legendary in his homeland, as well in the Bertolde Estate. His friend Lord Baldric knew how to get under his skin like nobody else, and he had had more than a few embarrassingly erotic dreams about the young lord that excited him worse than any fair Maiden had up to this point.

It was strange since he did not typically find males attractive, and he normally liked the company of maidens in his bed chambers, but Lord Baldric seemed to be one of those exceptions that his uncle had referred to as “the short list.” Or a list of males that someone would describe sharing a bed with despite that not being his usual proclivity. In terms of sexual attraction for the young Count, it went Baldric, Maidens, and everyone else after that. He knew that he’d ultimately settle down with some maiden eventually, but as his uncle said, this time in his life would be when to enjoy more experimental tastes while he didn’t have much in the way of social responsibilities.

He tried following his Uncle's advice and enjoyed himself with Baldric during this ‘short time of youth’, but that infuriating friend of his was far too good at teasing his brain into mush and making him a sputtering mess! It was thoroughly embarrassing! He was a warrior and already one of the strongest humans in the world thanks to his Giant Blooded nature, he should be able to handle Lord Baldric’s teasing better than he does! Or at least get more angry about it than he does. Yet by the time Baldric is usually done toying with him and sending him out the door he feels like a grumpy and shy maiden angry she wasn’t proposed too.

He was lucky they were such good friends or he’d be frustrated enough to punch the slightly older teen! The Gods and Goddesses Above know he’d threatened that more than a few times, only partially joking when he did so. His legs continued to pump at full speed, his body trained and honed to sprint marathons at a moment's notice because of how physically competitive his bloodline tended to be.

Most Giant Blooded ended up not having their bloodlines last long because of how they usually died in combat before they had children, and they faded into legends. Raudh’s family had been one of the few exceptions to that rule. They still had a battle lust and anger problems, but the Sacred art of Barbarian Training helped focus that.

It wasn’t long before he had entered the first checkpoints into The Bertolde estate, flashing his family crest to the sentries that dropped the powerful magical barriers that kept unauthorized entrances and teleportation from invading into the Estate. Silbel was rather paranoid when it came to being defensive like that, and the Bertolde Estate was no different in that regard.

He did not need to ask for directions to know where to go. He had been in this Estate so much it was almost like a second home to him. Whenever he traveled to Silbel by ship, he made sure to stay for enough time to make such a trip worth it. Soon enough the sprinting teen was out in the estate gardens with his eyes locked onto Baldric’s bedroom Balcony.

It was there he had spotted him.

Never since Lord Baldric had a boy practically smacked the giant blooded teen with a blush.

Casually leaning against the balcony dressed in Bavaram dancer’s attire was one of the single most gorgeous males he had ever seen. Not handsome. Handsome sounded too masculine for this creature. Gorgeous was the only word that fit this creature who’s almond hair seemed to shimmer in the sunlight while his feline ears twitched and scanned the area.

Around his neck was the single most expensive looking slave collar he had ever seen, Lined with priceless looking gemstones of the exact blue color of the Bertolde family crest. There would be many who would be tempted to wear such a collar as fine jewelry, the clearly expensive and expert craftsmanship and care that had been put into that slave collar would be insane if not for the delightful beauty it was attached to.

Those same gems were on bracelets on his slender ankles and wrists, each one sparkling in the light of the sun like he was a living work of art. That didn’t even touch this lad’s skin, By the gods he could see how soft and silky smooth those shapely and supple legs were through the bavaram attire that was almost lewdly exposed right up to his thigh. Then there was that well groomed tail, also shimmering in the light with how well cared for it was as it seemed to dance about behind him with a mind of his own.

Then this otherworldly beauty’s eyes looked down at him, as if feeling the gaze of the young warrior even at this distance. Those eyes were not even playing fair with how blue they were, and how the reflected light like that. They seemed to be made of the very gems that adorned his body, and this Divine creature was casually leaning on Baldric’s balcony like he belonged there.

He had heard Baldric was receiving a Fledgling MageCrafter for his Birthday, but this was beyond anything that Baldric had mentioned! By the gods he would swear off Maidens for life if he had a creature like that in his bed! He was surprised Baldric wasn’t ravaging his beauty twenty four hours a day, because gods above if he owned such a creature he wouldn’t be able to control himself!

“Who are you?” The beautiful creature asked, By the gods even his voice was pleasant to the ears! Flames of Jealousy towards Baldric like nothing he had ever felt before welled up in him.

“Fairest of Lynxians,” he bowed, summoning up all his courtly training to speak to this gorgeous creature so far above him in more ways than the physical! “ I am Count Raudh of the Snade Kingdom. Does your beautiful self know of Lord Baldric’s whereabouts this fine day. He must not be home if he is not attending to such a ravishing treasure of a pleasure boy such as yourself.”

To his surprise, the Lynxian’s face flashed a small bit of irritation at the words Pleasure Boy, but even that flash of grumpiness was a delight to his eyes. There was a joy in pleasuring a slave like his from their initial sullenness into pleading cries of passion. He could only imagine what it would sound like to hear this wondrous pleasure boy saying the Count's name in the middle of an immense orgasm.

“Lord Baldric left to attend to his duties as the Trade ambassador to the...” the lynxians face gave a frown of distaste before speaking the words, “Undersea Kingdoms at the moment. He should be back some time later today.”

“He did not deign to bring a gorgeous pleasure boy like yourself along with him?” Again irritation flashed on the lynxians face, more pronounced his time, “What would possess him to leave one such as yourself unattended to in such a way. I have half a mind to challenge him to a duel over leaving the beauty of a pleasure boy such as you so alone like this! Truly, you must have been made by the gods above to be in the arms of nobility at all times!”

The lynxian’s irises contracted to slits, his face growing darker now.

“I’m sorry,” The Lynxian’s voice took on a tone that seemed to make the young count’s hair stand up on the back of his Neck. He had blundered somehow, though he wasn’t quite sure how until the gorgeous lad above him asked in a dangerous yet calm tone. “Did I hear you threaten Lord Baldric?”

He understood now! This precious creature didn’t want harm to come upon his owner. What a good slave this was to be so loyal so swiftly!

Alas, he would need to soothe the precious beauty’s concern. His tender little nerves must be so nervous hearing one such as the count threatening harm on Baldric. Why someone as supple and gorgeous as this Lynxian surely must never have had a rough day in his life. He probably was like a fair maiden who concerned himself with the plights of broken nails and such quaint topics as that. Such a creature would almost certainly have a nervous disposition.

“Fairest of Lynxian Pleasure Boys.” He said up to the angered lad in what he thought was a soothing tone that was trying to mask his patronizing amusement at the beauty. He was intending on explaining to the beautiful darling he meant no real harm. However his efforts to placate the beauty seemed to only make him snarl more.

“Call me a pleasure boy, one more time,” a dangerous cold edge came into the Lynxian’s voice “,and your face will be kissing that cobblestone, Noble boy.” He said those last words with a lot of derisiveness, as if he held no respect for noble titles.

Keep your anger in check Raudh, he does not know who he speaks to! Lord Baldric must appreciate feisty pleasure boys in bed, as he had to admit he liked even that side of this beauty! The almost commanding tone the slave took with him while being so unfathomably beautiful made his loins partially awaken.

“Fairest of Lynxians,” He tried again, perhaps the lad was a bit simple. Gorgeous works of art didn’t need to be quite the intellectual elite Baldric was after all. “ It is your beauty that saves you from me this day, as you are speaking to one of the strongest humans in the world, and I normally would not tolerate such a tone from a slave.” One of the lynxian’s eyebrows rose up as his lips thinned out, though the Young Count didn’t notice this as he kept on, “ I was merely expressing that Lord Baldric is being most irresponsible leaving someone as gorgeous as yourself unattended. Why if I had a pleasure bo-”

It took all of Raudh’s training to dodge out of the way when something struck the cobblestone like a lightning bolt out of the clear sky. His highly trained instincts of being ambushed by family on a near daily basis for practice only just managed to save him from a slender fist that slammed into the cobblestone beneath him and caused the ground to buckle and crack alarmingly.

His eyes nearly bulged out of his head seeing that the one who had dealt such a devastating blow to where he was standing and had kicked up so much debris and dust was the fair lynxian from the balcony above him. He had sped down towards Raudh with the intent on making good on his threat earlier.

“Huh,” The lynxian stood up and cracked his neck as he slammed his fist into his palm, “Been awhile since something dodged one of my punches.”

“Are-Are you challenging me to a duel?!” Raudh demanded in an angry tone, getting into a battle stance. He was more than a little alarmed with the display of strength he had seen though. He was not sure he could do quite that much damage to MageCrafted cobblestone even from a Balcony.

“No,” the Lynxian said with his pupils contracted even further into slits as he glared at the Count, “Just dealing with someone who keeps insisting on insulting me, and, more importantly,” his glare grew even more imposing, “threatening Lord Baldric.”

A deeply rumbling and primal growl of a lower pitch than his speaking voice erupted from the Lynxian’s throat as he seethed out his next words.


For the first time outside of dueling his own father, Count Raudh found himself desperately on the back foot in a physical altercation. He had never seen a creature move so fast in his life that wasn’t from his own family tree! Cobblestone, statues, and other things that decorated the Estate gardens soon found themselves cracked and knocked over as the two teens traded blow after blow. Though the Lynxian was nowhere near as refined as the Count in his fighting style, he made up for it with the sheer ferocity. Every time his slender fist collided with something solid thanks to a narrow dodge from The Count, it resulted in something getting shattered and crumbling to the ground, or at least getting severely cracked. It was alarming how eagerly this Lynxian was willing to use his full force against someone like Raudh, yet at the same time the ruby haired lad had never been so enraptured with someone in his life.

Who was this Beauty who put Fair Maidens to shame and struck with the force of a full grown Giant Blooded man? His heart was thumping wildly, and it wasn’t because of the fight. The young counts short list not only got a new name in its roster, it had rocketed up to the top in short order.

By the time Maids had arrived almost 45 seconds later, the grounds they had fought in already had become so upturned by the two scrapping youngsters that it looked like explosions had gone off. While the lynxian was much stronger and faster, Raudh’s training and experience facing opponents like his father allowed for him to even his odds a bit, landing some clean strikes on the fair Lynxian who surprisingly only looked mildly bruised for his efforts. He on the other hand had some battle damage that even his barbarian training couldn’t quite shrug off.

The Lynxian looked like he was still interested in fighting before chains of ice bound both him and Count Raudh up and held them both hovering in the air.

Lord Baldric seemed to come out of nowhere, materializing out of fog that billowed from the ground and grinned impishly at the two younger teens. Mirth dripped from his voice as he addressed the two of them.

“Sooooo,” he playfully let the moment drag out as he let the two younger lads hang there, both with ice gags over their mouths. It was clear he had enjoyed the spectacle quite a lot, ”I see you two have met. And what a meeting it was!”

The Young Lord let out a whistle at the utter devastation that was wrought against the stone and garden grounds alike. Debris was everywhere and the air actually had a light misting of dust.

“What is going on out here?” Duke Bertolde flanked by his own personal maids and his Butler Sargis came out into the Gardens after hearing the brief series of blows that had echoed and cracked around the Estate and drawn attention to their location.

Both Kotik and Count Raudh had a flush of embarrassment on their cheeks now that the adrenaline of the altercation had tapered off and they realized the mess they really made. This was especially embarrassing for Kotik considering this was in effect the first time he had met the Duke in person, and it was in such an embarrassing lapse in judgement on his part. This admittedly handsome but very aggravating noble brat had just struck his nerves in the worst way! Not in the fun way that Baldric liked to do.

“Son, your slave cannot go about striking out at nobility, especially from other nations.” The duke said in a very serious tone, addressing his son directly instead of looking at Kotik. The lynxian realized with some mortification that his actions were reflecting poorly on Baldric because he was his property. It really brought up to the forefront where his status actually was. It was almost easy to forget the fact he was a slave with how much he adored Baldric, yet being suspended in the air by hovering chains and being gagged in front of a bunch of maids and the Duke of this estate just brought it home.

The count gestured with his chin to his friend, and Baldric smirked as he ran his finger on the slightly younger noble’s mouth. Kotik thought for sure he was going to start angrily accosting Kotik and demanding repayment from the country. To his surprise the flushed noble did not do that.

“It was my fault, Duke Bertolde!” The ruby haired teen declared , with a blush on his darkly tanned cheeks, sheepishly looking between the Duke and Kotik with his eyes that Kotik recognized were quite emerald in appearance. “ I had unwittingly provoked a fellow Giant Blooded to a duel when I had assumed he was a mere pleasure boy. If not an unfathomably beautiful one.” Kotik had a light flush at that but rolled his eyes at the same time. The count's emotions weren’t registering Kotik like he was a ‘slab of meat’ now as Darzi had put it, so that was a small improvement at least.

He had no idea what he was on about with this Giant Blood business however.

“If I were to make a request, please be lenient with the beauty,” The count said in a clear voice, “ I’d imagine if I were mistaken as a mere pleasure boy and not the true warrior I am, then I would be greatly offended as well. I would also no doubt promptly challenge the offender to a duel regardless of theirs or my respective station.”

Kotik couldn’t hold on to the anger he felt towards the Count, letting it settle down to a more sullen grumpiness instead. The feelings of genuine contrition out of the Ruby haired lad were awakening pangs of guilt in Kotik to how he had responded. Maybe he wasn’t quite the brat his first impression gave off.

“Rest assured Father, that I have a punishment in mind for our wayward little Lynxian.”

‘Do not worry’, Baldric added in the center of Kotik’s mind, sounding light hearted and playful about the prospect of getting the perfect excuse to have some fun at his lover’s expense, ‘No whips or things like that. I prefer my neck un-strangled after all.’

‘I would never do that to you Lord Baldric.’ Kotik projected at Baldric with a great deal of sincerity and embarrassment at his actions in his mental tone. He was upset he had made Baldric look bad.

“I hope so. I do not want to hear of your Slave striking out at Nobility again, it would be a great shame to the Bertolde estate if such a thing went unchecked and I will not leave it to you to handle should it happen a second time. Understood son?”

“I understand Father. Raudh, welcome back.” He greeted as he let the Count down and removed his restraints. He brought Kotik down to his feet as well, but he left his restraints on and activated his leash so he could lead the boy off when he was ready to go. “I’ll get the three of us properly introduced after I handle some disciplinary actions with My wayward Kotik.”

“Please be lenient, it truly was my fault for provoking him.” The Count said with a bow, making Kotik’s opinion on the lad soften further. Maybe he wasn’t so bad after all. Still he didn’t like the fact that he was here. It felt like he was imposing on his time with Baldric. That thought was interrupted as Baldric tugged on his leash and led him off.




Kotik’s face was on fire with embarrassment as he knelt nude and prostrated in the most uncomfortable position on the floor. His wrists and ankles were in stiff chains that robbed his arms and legs of leverage, and he was required to hold a very awkward position with his bare rump in the air and his neck held in a thick block of ice that was fastened to the ground with no way to get into a relaxing position inside of it. He could not get any leverage into any part of his body with how he was positioned at all. This effectively nullified any superior strength he might have on Baldric.

Lord Baldric was sitting on a throne of ice with one leg crossed over the other as he looked down at his lovely little lynxian who was quite uncomfortable and embarrassed both by how the restraints had him and his actions that brought him there. The more mischievous side of Baldric rather enjoyed this, but he had business here he had to take care of before the ‘punishments’ could really be doled out.

He had seen this happen with quite a few lads he had been with over the years, and he’d probably see it again in the future. Right now however he needed to deal with his Wayward little lynxian.

“So, Kotik.” He appreciated that the boy winced at him not using modifiers like ‘my sweet’ or similar pet names. He could tell the lad had grown to quite like hearing those. “Why did you attack my friend Count Raudh,” he let a breath of silence before he added this next point, looking at his prostrate Lynxian in the eyes as he continued “, whom I personally invited to my estate for my birthday?”

“I’m sorry.” Kotik sounded so dejected and embarrassed at that moment. However Lord Baldric knew better than to let it sit at just that.

“I asked you a question, Kotik. You are a smart lad, I do not think I need to repeat myself to ask it again.”

Kotik couldn’t even wiggle uncomfortably in the cold room. His hips were similarly held in place which made such squirming nearly imperceptible. He didn’t want the Lynxian to focus on anything except this very important conversation.

“He threatened you.” Kotik said in a grumpy and petulant tone of voice. Lord Baldric knew he’d try that one.

“No, he did not.” Lord Baldric said in a more serious tone as he maintained eye contact with Kotik from his position on the floor. “He made a half hearted quip about challenging me to a duel,” Kotik’s eyes darted down and to the side as Baldric continued, “which he has been doing for the entire time I’ve known him.”

His voice became slightly more serious as he asked the next question, lacing his fingers around his elevated and crossed knee. “Do you believe my estate would allow someone on my property if they would legitimately threaten to attack me?”

“No…” Kotik admitted, deflating from his mild willfulness he had displayed earlier.

“So, Kotik,” Lord Baldric continued, not changing his tone of voice, “since you know that my estate would not allow a dangerous individual to my person on my property, then it stands to reason that you knew that he was not actually threatening me at the time, is that correct?”

Kotik didn’t say anything. Baldric was a patient individual however, and he simply kept his stare down at Kotik until the cat boy could take it no longer and proffered up his next answer.

“He kept calling me a pleasure boy.”

“Was he doing so in a mean way Kotik? Or,” he raised his finger as he continued in that same calm tone, making sure he had Kotik’s eye contact, “was he doing so in a way that said he misunderstood who you were? A misunderstanding you could have easily rectified by explaining who you were to him?”

Kotik’s face flushed as he dropped his gaze to the floor. Lord Baldric was not yelling at him, but he felt way more terrible than he ever did when someone actually did so.

“So to recap what we’ve gone over so far Kotik,” Lord Baldric said, assuming his professor's voice as he adjusted his legs, flipping how they were crossed so he had the other one on top now.

“We’ve learned that Count Raudh is a personal friend of mine.” He raised one finger on his raised hand.

“We’ve learned that he was personally invited by me for my birthday.” A second finger went up,

”We’ve learned that you understood at the time that the Bertolde Estate would not allow for someone who would actively threaten me into the property. Thus you understood that The Count was no threat to my person.” The third finger of his hand joined the others.

“Finally, we’ve learned that he had a simple and very easily fixed misunderstanding about what your status was as to whether or not you are a pleasure boy.” Fourth finger went up now, leaving his thumb resting in his palm.

“I’d also like to add that there is nothing wrong with someone being a pleasure boy, and I do not approve of looking down on people who are of that station.”

He let his four fingers hang in the air poignantly as he made sure he had his prostrate student’s attention.

“Student Kotik, are you noticing something missing in these things we’ve learned so far? Do any of these points sound like the reason you attacked my friend Count Raudh? Cause I’m thinking they are not.”

Kotik had never felt so thoroughly verbally thrashed in his life, and Baldric hadn’t raised his voice once. It was becoming more and more clear to Kotik why he had put him in these awkward restraints on the floor in front of his frozen throne. His eyes were watering at how bad he was feeling.

“Do you hate me now?” Kotik asked in a vulnerable voice.

Baldric felt a pang of hurt from that, but he knew he was getting close to breaking through Kotik’s mental defenses against this particular question he was asking the Lynxian.

“Kotik” Baldric said with a slight sigh, ”I’m more than allowed to be upset with you and still care for you at the same time. What would have happened if you had attacked a friend of mine who didn’t happen to be of comparable strength as you?”

Kotik was crying silently. He couldn’t say it.

“You know what would have happened.” He said in a tone that spoke of his disappointment in Kotik, which hurt worse than any screaming, “You would have killed him, and you would have done so for what was effectively a misunderstanding and an inside joke among friends. So to bring the lesson back to the topic of today’s impromptu class.” He made sure to get Kotik’s eye contact even as tears flowed from his beautiful blue eyes.

“Why. Did you. Attack. My friend?” He dragged out the question, pausing to emphasize how serious this question was.

“I...I…” Kotik was shaking, “I don’t know.” his voice cracked as he cried, “He just talked about you like he knew you better than me, and then he thought I was just a slave and a pleasure boy, and his emotions just saw me as something he wanted to have sex with and nothing else… You just make me feel so special and he just made me feel like I was just nothing but some,” his voice quivered as he used Darzi’s words, ”some slab of meat. “

“Did my friend make you feel this Kotik, or did you let yourself feel this?” Kotik winced at that question. Especially as memories of The Count actively defending Kotik and asking for leniency played in his mind.

“As we’ve already discussed, he had a misunderstanding with you, one you could have easily fixed if you had kept a clearer head on your shoulders. Instead,”

He made sure to lean in so Kotik’s eyes were drawn back up to him so he could drive this next point home to Kotik directly and really emphasize his next words seriously. His tone didn’t get any harsher, but Kotik could feel none of the playfulness Baldric usually had as he spoke these words.

“You allowed fear, insecurity, and jealousy to dictate your actions. Fear that my friend might take me from you, insecurity about what our relationship is, and jealousy that my friend has known me significantly longer than you have, and that we’ve had sex more times than I’ve had than with you.”

Kotik hated how Baldric seemed to be able to dig through his mind and read him far better than he could with the older teen even with his emotion reading abilities.

“I’ve been with a lot of boys over the years, Kotik. This is not the first time i’ve had this conversation with a new partner either.” He let out a small sigh, “You are experiencing a whole lot of new and exciting emotions and sensations with me, and you do not want to lose that to anyone.”

Baldric let his voice get softer.

“I appreciate and love that you see me as yours just as I see you as mine,” He smiled as Kotik looked up at him in mild alarm, “yes Kotik, I heard you say that. I was there the whole time, just quite invisible to both Yours and the Count's senses. However there is a difference between my declaration to Darzi and yours to Raudh.”

He let the moment rest before he continued.

“One was me protecting you from the torture and horror that Babica Preja would almost certainly put you through had you’d have gone with Darzi, who was making just a convincing enough argument to nearly sway you to making a horrible mistake. Not to mention taking our best chance to fix some of the wrongs of Silbel.”

He looked down at Kotik with a serious expression.

“The other is you unhealthily clinging to me for fear that you might lose me to a friend of mine that you have readily admitted to me here that you knew at the time wasn’t a threat to me.”

Tears were spilling freely out of Kotik’s eyes as Baldric tore past every excuse and defense he had and laid his raw feelings that even he didn’t fully recognize out in front of him. He couldn’t even run away thanks to the restraints holding him in that awkward prostrate position on the floor.

“Now, you are aware of my reputation of being promiscuous. I have been with a lot of boys, and I will be with more in the future. I make no effort to hide this fact. I think you intellectually understood that before now, and even joked about it,”

he leaned back while still keeping eye contact with Kotik below him.

“However seeing Count Raudh brought home to your heart and emotions that you will not have complete ownership of my body like you think you want, and that scared you enough to find any excuse to lash out at someone you perceived at that moment was a threat to your relationship with me.” He raised his eyebrows as he spoke seriously to his Lynxian.

“Trust me Kotik, I’ve seen this song and dance plenty of times before.”

He personally did not like the hardline stance he was going to take, but if this relationship of theirs was going to work he was going to need to put his foot down and hard on this front. Especially with how strong Kotik was and how he won’t hesitate to kill those he deems as a threat.

“You have a very tough decision to make, Kotik. I told you before that I would not do something that you truly would not want to do. I hold to that. However there are things I will not do as well.”

He let his voice get the most serious sounding it had been in this conversation.

“One thing I absolutely will not do is be in a single monogamous relationship.”

Kotik’s eyes widened in fear, but Baldric pressed on. He needed to lay this groundwork down immediately before this got anymore out of hand.

“Yes Kotik, that is a line I absolutely will not cross. Do you know why that is?”

Kotik shook his head as best he could given his strong and awkward restraints.

“Because Kotik,” he let his voice soften, “ I am not wired to be in a monogamous relationship. I enjoy the company of a wide variety of boys for a wide variety of reasons. No two relationships I have with someone are the same, though there are similarities. IF you do not want to be in an open relationship, then we cannot proceed in a healthy manner.” He made sure Kotik understood the implications of his words. He would do it as well. As much as he cared for the Lynxian he simply could not budge from this stance.

He made sure Kotik understood why with his next words.

“I will do many things Kotik, but I will not be in a relationship where doing what comes naturally to me will be seen as ‘cheating.’ I have seen what happens to people like me who try to force themselves to be monogamous, and I have yet to see it end well. All that path has to offer is suspicion, distrust, and sometimes even graver consequences like what could have happened today.”

Kotik felt so terrified! He messed up so badly! He wanted to plead and apologize and make excuses but Baldric had dismantled his arguments so thoroughly that he couldn’t formulate words.

Baldric got up from his throne and sat down on the floor cross legged in front of Kotik, bringing himself more eye level with his lynxian. The groundwork had been laid, and now it’s time to build from it.

“I love you Kotik.”

He said it so simply, so calmly. Yet it shocked Kotik to his core and made him tremble even more.

“I don’t say that lightly to someone. You can ask any boy I’ve been with. I do not say those words unless I mean it, and I think you are more than equipped to tell if I’m lying on that front.”

It was true, He meant every word, which made how badly he messed up filled Kotik with even more dread.

“Do you trust me that something as simple as casual sex with another person isn’t going to change that feeling for you?” He leaned in, not to kiss, just to make it very clear he was being serious as he sat there cross legged on the floor.

Kotik’s lips trembled as his eyes flowed with tears. “I-! want to! It’s hard though. I...I don’t know how to handle any of this! It’s all so new and big a-and scary!”

“I know Kotik. I was there once apon a time myself.” Baldric said with a far off look and a small smile before he brought his eyes down to Kotik again. He had done what he had set out to do with this conversation. He had laid out the groundwork and made sure Kotik fully understood where his stance was on this matter.

Time to bust the tension.

“Do you think Count Raudh is hot?”

“Wh-what?” Kotik was so shocked by the question that it actually snapped him out of the spiral of misery he was finding himself in.

“Do you, My sweet Kotik, find my friend Count Raudh of the Kingdom of Snade,’ He grinned at Kotik as he emphasized the next word. “Hot?”

Kotik’s face flushed as he squirmed and looked around sheepishly at that. “M-Maybe…”

“Do you know he has a big cock?”

“What?!” Kotik’s voice cracked at that, his face blushing even brighter. Baldric’s grin widened.

“Oh yeah, He’s hung like a stallion Kotik. He knows how to use it too, he’s one of the few boy’s I let ride me from behind,” he spoke his next words in a sultry whisper, ”cause I know he’ll do it right.”

Kotik’s shaft was harder than diamonds right then. “R-Really?”

“Really. That’s part of why he wears Kilts, cause Trousers are too uncomfortable for him.”

Kotik audibly gulped at that as he squirmed. He was not used to someone talking so casually about this stuff, but it was making his heart thump like wild.

“Did you also know he’s mostly into Fair Maidens, yet he finds you exceptionally attractive. I’ve never, ever, in my entire time knowing him, seen him try to flirt with a boy that wasn’t myself.” He grinned, “ever.”

You could cook eggs on Kotik’s face with how hot it was getting.

“I think the two of you could get along together. You have a lot in common. He’s also one of the best hand to hand combat teachers you’re going to find. I think you could benefit a lot from letting him teach you how to fight while I teach you about magic. He’s also quite strong like you are, and can handle you going harder than you normally can with people. Though” he grinned impishly at his prostrate Lynxian, “ I will ask you to not do so in our gardens again.”

“I’m sorry I broke your statues and stuff.” Kotik said sheepishly, embarrassment welling up again.

“Oh we still have your punishment to dole out My Sweet Kotik. This was merely the lecture so you could understand WHY you are getting the punishment so there are no questions about who is in the wrong here. However you do have a small choice on how the punishment will be delivered.”

“Wh-what’s the choice.”

“Let me put it like this Kotik. I do not enjoy bringing pain to boys like your former masters, however, embarrassment and a flavoring of humiliation is another matter entirely. Your punishment is going to be both in spades, and I suspect you are going to enjoy it even if you will find it quite mortifying in the moment.”

Baldric’s grin broadened, “However, If you are truly sorry about what you did to my friend, then I think you should allow him to help participate in this punishment. It is your choice whether or not he attends, I shall have slave boys helping with this punishment regardless. However, I think you’ll end up coming out with a better understanding on why I prefer open relationships over monogamous ones if you should choose to allow Raudh to help deliver your punishment with me and the slave boys.”

Kotik felt a whole bunch of emotions at what he was being told, chief among them being fear and arousal. Fear that Baldric wouldn’t tell him what this punishment was, and arousal at the idea of being humiliated, which was another revelation about himself he had not expected.

Baldric’s grin grew wider as Kotik managed to gulp and nod his assent for his friend to attend his punishment, and he relished the kiss with Kotik even as he stayed in his uncomfortable restraints on the floor.

Copyright © 2020 Demented; All Rights Reserved.
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Wow, this was really eye opening. The fight between Kotik and Raudh was a lot more complicated than I originally thought, and that conversation at the end was super intense and embarrassing, I feel for the boy! 

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The brief but intense battle between the two boys was epic. They may be close to equal in strength, but the count is lucky Kotik didn't use his mage crafting on him as well.

This ended up as another lesson, surprisingly in trust, love, and the dangers of jealousy. Baldric will not be monogamous. I get the implication he isn't expecting Kotik to be either.

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1 minute ago, Hellsheild said:

Don't get honry...Don't get horny...Don't get horny! DAMMIT!

My response: 


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Well, that was truly intense.  I am not sure that Kotik understands what is involved in a relationship that is not monogamous.  Adding a third can always be spicy, are they were it will work or cause additional issues down the road.

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I have always wanted a open relationship with someone! But never got that. Maybe I should have been born a man then I would have cause the men in my life was always jealous of other men if they just looked my way. I do have a lot of talents! lol

I hope Kotik will enjoy his punishment if it goes the way I think it will! So going to the next chapter to find out!

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