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Though not present in every chapter, this story will contain graphic violence and coerced sex/rape, some of which involves underaged characters. Keep this in mind before reading. 

MageCrafter - 11. Chapter 11

Obligatory Notes here: Easily one of the most sexually charged chapters in this story to date. Similar warnings about underage characters and questionable consent / rape are applicable to this chapter. This will depict quite graphic sex so keep that in mind before reading. With that said, the story continues...

Count Raudh was deeply flushed and kept a lookout for Bertolde staff that may pass by, hoping against hope not to get caught. His Friend, Lord Baldric, was right behind him, teasingly nibbling on his earlobe as he had his hand slipped right underneath the muscular lad’s Kilt.

“Oh my~ somebody didn’t wear any undergarments when they came to see me.” Baldric cooed into the Ruby haired lad’s ear, making his face flush as red as his hair as the now steaming hand of the MageCrafter of water teased his shaft to life in the worst way. “Wonder why that is? Hmmm?”

“S-silence,You shall get u-us caught, yo-you incubus! I c-cant have my warriors pride making me sound like some m-maiden in front of others.” His voice squeaked and cracked even as he tried to keep his courtly voice in check, but the second hand that was now teasing his rosebud within his shapely and muscular cheeks only made his voice quiver harder as he leaned against the wall.

Baldric used the water in the air to move the Giant Blooded teen against the wall and smirked as he willed the lad up it and shackled him against the MageCafted stone right where his Kilt was eye level with him.

“You and your concern about being caught, It’s something I’ve always found adorable about you Raudh.”

In one fluid motion, Baldric went underneath and swallowed the immense girth, enjoying the familiar size of it filling his throat in one swift motion. He took a page out of Kotik’s playbook and made his throat rumble in a pur like noise as he moved from base to tip with a practiced ease that said he had milked this Ruby haired friend of his more than a few times in his life, despite his gargantuan length.

“Oh by the gods yes!” the giant blooded teen moaned, rolling his eyes as he tried to keep his voice level, “How can you do what I’ve only managed to get fair maidens to swallow half of at best! It is not fair that you were born a male! If you were a maiden I would have long since proposed to you!”

Baldric chuckled into his girth as he cupped the lads impressive ball-sack, enjoying the feeling of dealing with a male that had something of substance between his legs. He thoroughly enjoyed Kotik in bed, but the lad was exceptionally small in the boyhood department. It was quite adorable in its own way, but he did enjoy having his throat so filled out like this on occasion.

He freed one of the Counts arms to let him bite down onto his fist to keep himself from screaming out too loudly as he loosed his impressively stomach filling load down the young lords throat, rolling his eyes with the devastating tremors of an orgasm that he had been anticipating since he had received the birthday invitation.

With a flourish, Lord Baldric let the giant blooded teen collapse off the wall onto his knees and daintily wiped off his mouth with a handkerchief.

“Thank you for that, I was in the mood for a bit of a snack after my lecture with my Wayward Lynxian.”

The Counts legs trembled as he flushed and got shakily to his sandal clad feet, adjusting his kilt and looking around sheepishly to see if anyone had heard him making those girly sounding noises when he came to Baldric’s far too skilled mouth.

“I am not a traveling food cart!” he said with a flush of indignation while still feeling very aroused by how casually Baldric liked to do things like that, “ I have half a mind to duel you for that.” He said in a huff, though from how he was adjusting his ruby hair and looked like a flustered little maiden and not the powerful warrior in training he was. It only added to his charms in Baldrics eyes.

“How is the fairest of Lynxians? I trust you were not too harsh with the precious beauty.” He asked as he followed Baldric inside the Estate building.

“I had to put my foot down a bit, but I think after today’s punishment it will quell his desire to feel jealousy towards me being with other lads other than himself.”

“Oh is that what happened?” Raudh asked, gaining composure of himself but still needing to adjust his kilt now that his cock was still so sensitive. “ What is it with you and causing lads who have not insignificant levels of power either physical, magical or political, to become madly jealous over your person so often?”

“I’m still wondering if it’s a gift or a curse myself.” Lord Baldric said with a sigh, “Gods above knows I could use one less political blood feud caused by former lovers of mine.”

“Then of course there was the High Elven Queen’s first born. Honestly I may have the bigger physical package of the two of us, but your stones are mountains in spirit for daring to trifle with a thousands year old Arch Druidess.”

Lord Baldric let out a scoff and waved his hand dismissively. “Her son is a thousand gods damn years old and, while he may be a High elf, he is about as Fairy as they come. She is deluding herself if she thinks I had anything to do with ‘turning’ that lad towards other males. If anything she needs to butt out of her own son’s affairs. He may not yet be an adult by High Elven standards but truly I think a thousand years is more than enough time to figure out what your proclivities are.”

“But Baldric,” The Count said, looking into the sky as if the Arch Druidess Queen was listening right this very moment, “She’s got multiple lairs! One of which is in her throne room, and that one alone is supposedly been gathering power for a thousand years! I know you have a lair of your own but surely you cannot see her as so little of an issue.”

“If she is truly so petty as to lash out at me for something as simple as this, she will get nothing but my derision, four thousand year old High Elven Queen or not. Truly not since Ms Addis have I found a woman so repugnant.”

“Balls of a giant I tell you.” Baldric’s ruby haired friend said in some awe. He decided to shift the topic before Baldric got any more heated however. “So, what will the punishment for the Fairest of Lynxians be anyway?”

“His name is Kotik, and I will be having him service my best lads from my personal harem as well as myself.”

A flash of jealousy shot through the Counts features, which Baldric caught with much enjoyment.

He looked over to his friend the count and gave him a devilish grin, “Oh and My sweet Kotik requested for you to attend and participate in his punishment for the evening.”

“R-really?! Truly?” The giant blooded teen was positively bouncing with excitement at that. “You’re not teasing me right Baldric?”

“He feels badly about how he reacted to you today and wants to make it up to you. I offered to have you participate in the punishment as a way of showing contrition.”

“By the gods that is the hottest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.”

Baldric grinned and leaned over to whisper in his friends ears. “His face went as red as your hair when I told him how big your cock was, and how good you were with it when you ram it into me.”

The Count’s Kilt pitched a tent immediately and his face similarly blushed at that lewd statement. “T-Truly? I thought the Fair Lynxian didn’t like me.”

The young lord chuckled, “Trust me, once you see My Sweet Kotik in action you’ll understand at least the tiniest fraction of why I’m so fond of the lad. Now what I want you to do during that time,” He pointed at The Count, “Is to hang back and let my pleasure boys do what they do best and set the stage for you. When it's ready then you’ll be able to jump in and have some fun with My Sweet Kotik. Believe me, My Sweet is every bit as entertaining in bed as he looks.”

“Did I ever tell you that you were my best friend?” Raudh said with the biggest silliest grin on his face as they walked towards their destination.

“Least I could do for having you so rudely greeted when you arrived. Though I will say I think My Sweet Kotik and you will get along just swimmingly after this. I did float him the idea of having him let you train him in the Art of the Barbarian. It might actually do him some good cause he does have some anger issues he needs better control over than he has.”

“He’s giant blooded! That comes with the territory even under the best conditions! Still I would be happy to train the beauty! Especially if he can share my bed on occasion while I’m here.”

“After his punishment I can almost guarantee you my sweet Kotik will be quite receptive to the idea. I would bet large amounts of coin on it even.”

“I am so happy I got your birthday invitation! Let us be off! The Fairest of Lynxians Kotik awaits!”

Baldric laughed as he led his now highly animated friend to his Harem’s bed chambers.


Seated upon a heart shaped bed, surrounded by pillows, a certain very flustered Lynxian boy found himself in an exceedingly compromising position. His hands were bound directly above his head and fastened to a block of ice that extended out from the wall behind the bed, and his legs were drawn back on either side of him and fastened with ice chains in such a way that left him utterly exposed for the room to see. His tail was free and desperately trying to cover his small yet very hard boyhood and tiny sack, but that somehow only made the flushed cat boy’s compromised position even more tantalizing to the onlookers.

Draped around the heart shaped bed, all in various poses or crawling closer to get a better position on the luxurious bedding they were so familiar with, a dozen of Lord Baldric’s personal pleasure boys surrounded the Lynxian. The air was filled with playful giggles and excitement as several of them shimmied closer to the bound boy, pressing their naked bodies against this new boy they had kept hearing about from their Master. The hands of elven, halfling, and human lads were already starting to lightly caress the chained up boy as he squirmed and flushed, his poor boyhood throbbing in rhythm to how hard his heart was pounding in his chest.

Count Raudh couldn’t take his eyes off the scene, looking at the flustered yet clearly aroused boy. Even his roomy Kilt couldn’t hide the full on erection his impressibly sizable shaft which was standing at full attention at excitement for what Lord Baldric had informed him was Kotik’s ‘punishment.’

Kotik had expressed quite forcefully that he thought being called a pleasure boy was insulting, so almost immediately Baldric had thought of something rather fiendish to break that notion from his wayward little Lynxian. Today, Kotik would be getting a crash course on what it was to be part of Baldric’s personal harem, and he would do so…

By being the Boy in the Middle.

Boy in the Middle was a game Baldric and his harem had come up with as a way to spice things up in the bedroom. He had even had something of a class within his Lair in the same room setup he was teaching Kotik magic in which was attended by his pleasure boys and got them to think of ideas they could use to make one of their numbers quite flustered and worked to fill out the black board with their lewd suggestions. They had come up with quite a few engenious and pervy ideas that made them all giggle when they thought about getting to do those things to one of their friends within his Harem.

Kotik hadn’t had a chance to meet them after the birthday since Baldric wanted to break him into the idea of having sex and getting comfortable with it before he expanded the boys mind further. However with the rather legitimate pretext of a punishment on his side, The contrite and mortified Kotik had agreed to Lord Baldric that he’d submit to whatever punishment they would want to do in an effort to make up for damaging the gardens and attacking one of Baldric’s friends.

“Everyone, say hi to Kotik. He’s the birthday present I’ve been telling you about.”

“Hi Kotik!” The voices of youngsters around Kotik’s age chimed out with big grins on their faces. Kotik was quite nervous as he squirmed and blushed at the boys that were so close to him. He was beginning to realize with some embarrassment that his was probably the smallest boyhood out of everyone in the room, even with some of the boys who were shorter than he was. All the emotions being directed at him as well, this ever present and almost suffocating playful desire to tease and play with Kotik made his face grow ever darker shades of red, and that only increased further whenever he glanced up at the two nobles admiring the scene from afar. Baldric was handling it with his usual smirk, but Raudh was slack jawed and drooling with how excited and flushed the deeply tanned redhead was.

If it weren’t for the fact that Baldric held him back for now, he’d have shucked his clothing and dove for the little compromised Lynxian right there.

“Now Kotik. You’re supposed to say hi back. However you are not allowed to talk right now since this is your punishment. At least, not with your normal voice.”

Kotik had already been informed of what one of the things he was going to be required to do here, and it was almost more mortifying than being in this utterly exposed position on the heart shaped bed.

“What do you mean Baldric? You mean he has a different voice?” The count looked genuinely perplexed and confused enough to tear his eyes off of the gorgeous nude creature before him. Lord Baldric grinned devilishly as he kept his eyes on Kotik.

“My sweet Kotik knows what I mean. Don’t you Kotik. Show them your Lynxian voice.”

Kotik had a pleading look in his eyes to not make him do this, but he gave it up after a few seconds when he remembered why he was there and how he had screwed up so badly.

He steeled his nerves, and prepared to make the noise no self respecting Lynxian would ever be caught dead making. The noise that every lynxian had the ability to make, and had the innate ability to speak fluently from birth, yet found so humiliating and mortifying that no Lynxian would ever do so unless they were compelled into doing so.

That noise, that should only be uttered by the most domesticated of felines who had no survival instincts. That humiliating sound that only could beg for food and gave off none of the pride that Lynxian growls and purrs could give.

Kotik steeled his nerves and scrunched his eyes shut as every boy in the room watched the Lynxian intently. His mouth shuddered as he tried to force it out, just a little at a time. Then he finally let it out and made that awful, embarrassing noise for the whole room to hear.

Kotik Meowed.

Not a human voice mimicking a meow. No. This was the genuine article, a true meow that sounded like it was supposed to come out of the most well groomed housecat, not a proud Lynxian.

Giggles erupted as several boys let out noises of delight and appreciation of the adorable noise that made Kotik flush with embarrassment so terribly. The Counts and even Baldric’s loins awakened in full force with how delightful Kotik’s mortified expression when he made that noise with such a flush on his cheeks.

“Good kitten.” Baldric cooed to Kotik, which only made the Lynxian feel even more mortified. Baldric had been holding onto this particular joy for a while now, and he was glad he had waited.

“Now Kotik, the rules of Boy in the Middle are quite simple. If there is something in front of your face, you are supposed to treat it with your mouth. If there is something near your hands, you are supposed to stroke it, same thing if something is at your feet. You also need to scootch your rump forward a bit better for easy access, cause it’s going to get a lot of play today.”

Kotik looked up at Baldric with wide eyes as his cheeks were as ruby red as Raudh’s hair. However Baldric wagged a finger at the boy.

“Ah ah ah. I told you this was going to be both embarrassing and humiliating, I also want to help you get rid of this notion that being a pleasure boy is somehow something to look down on. We will do that by letting you be the boy who pleases the pleasure boys, the boy in the middle.”

Kotik was about to speak, but a dark elf lad had already reached over and began to tenderly stroke off the Lynxian, making him squirm from the touch and curl his toes. His face was on fire as another boy was beside him with his hairless crotch right in Kotik’s face, with his boyhood at full mast as he pointed down with a cheeky grin at the cat boy.

“Get to suckin kitty! I want those lips around my peter.” Kotik flushed even darker red at the playful yet commanding tone as he looked at the lad with his hands proudly on his hips, jutting his shaft right into his face so lewdly. Before he even knew what he was doing he had taken this boy’s shaft, who he had never met in his life, right into his mouth and began to suck on it. Surprisingly, Kotik found that he liked the texture and the feel of the smooth fleshy thing between his lips more than he expected, and he even liked that slightly salty flavor it had on it.

“Oh gods that’s so hot.” Count Raudh said with much appreciation as he watched the embarrassed lynxian’s face seem to warm to the idea of what he was doing almost as soon as his lips had wrapped around that first youthful cock. Soon boys began to take up positions around Kotik, coaxing him to service their shafts as well. Before long, Kotik was lost in the sensations of stroking boys off with his hands, feeling the spongy heads of cocks rubbing up and down on the soles of his feet, and seeing no matter where he looked a several cocks in his face that pleasure boys were eagerly masturbating and pointing right at the Lynxian.

That excitement only got worse for Kotik as a boy positioned himself and swiftly began to insert himself inside of Kotik’s already lubricated rosebud and began eagerly pounding away at him while stroking the Lynxian off at the same time.

Giggles filled the room as Kotik got his first faceful of cum from one of the boys that had been masterbating, jolting him out of his stupor he had settled into. He watched through one opened eye and the other closed to protect itself as that small cock spurted more ropes of spunk out onto his cheeks and chin even as he kept sucking on someone else. It felt so debasing, especially when the boy was soon replaced by another who started right where he left off.

Yet he couldn’t deny this all made his heart thump like mad. It was almost too exhilarating for words to be so helpless to all these laughing and playful lads his own age. His face only grew hotter as he realized that after a boy came on his body, they would go up to either his hair or his tail, or even more embarrassingly, his lynxian ears, and use the fur and hair to wipe off the residual seed from their shafts before reporting to Lord Baldric to become magically erect and ready to go all over again.

He could actually hear and feel the spongy heads of a dark elf on one sensitive cat ear and a human lad on the other one, using both his twitching and warm feline ears as rags to wipe off their residual seed, right after painting the cat boys neck and chest with several spurts of cum.

Before he knew it, his belly was starting to feel full with how many times he had swallowed their proffered loads, and yet the cocks never seemed to die down.

He was in such a haze he hadn’t even realized he was getting into this humiliating yet so exhilarating experience until the largest cock he had ever seen in his life leveled itself in front of his gaze, which had an eye catching patch of ruby red pubic hair framing its massive girth that he locked onto with his beautiful blue eyes.

“Fairest of Lynxians, I cannot handle it any longer. Please assist me in my time of need!”

Baldric watched with much appreciation, as he had his own cock attended to by an eagerly sucking halfling lad standing on tiptoes between his legs, while he watched his sweet kotik’s mouth stretched so lewdly open and took in the girth of Count Raudh into his mouth. He couldn’t get it far in there, but he bobbed on what he could while several of the lads helped suck on what Kotik couldn’t get to from the sides. It wasn’t long before Kotik’s cheeks absolutely bulged to their limits with the deluge of cum that fired out of the Giant Blooded. Count Raudh let out a noise of utter appreciation for the lynxians efforts, throwing his head back and relishing the powerful climax immensely. Kotik had to perform some herculean feats of swallowing to keep up with the well endowed Giant Blooded teen, focusing his brain entirely on the task of not letting himself choke on the proffered loads even as his cheeks puffed out time and time again.

The time went by in a haze for Kotik, fading in and out of clarity as he was put into various positions and drenched in more and more seed. He could recall sitting on the side of the heart shaped bed and having the boys around him cheer him on as he was tasked with licking the feet of Count Raudh by Lord Baldric’s playful suggestion. The giant blooded teen had ran the whole way to the Bertolde estate from a far off dock, so Kotik had his work cut out for him. The lynxian experienced the mortifying yet exhilarating tastes on his tongue as he set to work cleaning those large soles and toes with the encouragement of the lads around him.

They didn’t taste good at all, and it made his face scrunch and stick his tongue out in mild protest, but he actually found that amusing in a weird way with how the boys egged him on with those big smiles on their faces. He even found it as something of a challenge as they pointed out spots he missed, and they gave him on the spot tips and tricks on how to deal with tougher sections between The Counts toes, demonstrating on each other for a visual aid for the cat boy’s instruction on what kind of tongue shape worked best for various sections of the foot.

The Count seemed more than pleased to have such a thing done to him as well, finding it quite exhilarating seeing the delightful beauty do something so debasing for him that most maidens wouldn’t even dream about trying. He was also quite liking how two lads lounging on either side of him were stroking him off with both their hands each. The two were aiming his shaft, lining up the shot like they were wielding a crossbow at just the right angle while Kotik was dealing with his unpleasant tasting and sweaty feet, lapping at his soles and sucking on his toes. The Count let out a groan of pleasure as he watched his seed fly out in an arc and rain down upon the diligently working Lynxian who had his head lightly pressed into his large and broad soles by the giggling boys, who got caught in the crossfire of the giant blooded teen’s deluge of seed.

Another moment of clarity in the haze of cocks and skin and the overwhelming scent of sex in the air was being taken from behind by The Count. Lord Baldric had been absolutely wonderfully right about his friends capabilities with using that shaft of his, for Kotik was absolutely beside himself writhing on the bed as his face was mushed into a pillow, letting out muffled mewls into the soft cushion in delightful pleasure as that enormous thing ravaged him from behind with abandon. The count had his wrists in one of his strong hands pinned to Kotik's back, while the other hand gripped the base of Kotik's tail and used it to lift up the boy and get even better access to his rump as his enormous shaft worked like a piston with each buck of his hips.

Thanks to Kotik’s own giant blooded nature that he wasn’t quite aware of yet, The tanned Count was able to really put his back into the thrusts with Kotik like he couldn’t do with other people, and it turned the Lynxian into a puddle of an overstimulated mess before long. The whole while the other boys watched with great appreciation of Kotik’s ability to handle such a shaft being pounded so forcefully into him, as they themselves had doubts about being able to do so and enjoyed it quite as much with him being rammed as hard as he was.

That was one thing that stood out the most in that fog of sex and debauchery to Kotik. None of them exuded any maliciousness towards him. This was just a game they were playing together, one that was meant to make you feel embarrassed but enjoy yourself at the same time.

By the time they were winding down, Kotik was lazily working on Lord Baldric’s cock who had finally stepped in to enjoy his Lynxian after his friend had had his fill, sleepily sucking away as Lord Baldric admired his little Lynxian’s body that was now covered head to toe in seed. Kotik’s belly was almost too full now with how much he had ended up swallowing and taking up from behind. Yet he didn’t feel like he had done anything all that terrible. In fact he was realizing that he had had quite a lot of fun doing all of this. It was different than when he was alone with Baldric, less intimate and nowhere near as romantic, yet more like some kind of exciting game to play instead. Just something casual to have fun with, not look down on.

Copyright © 2020 Demented; All Rights Reserved.
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Okay, and ice bath may be more appropriate.  I do think that Kotik enjoyed what happened, I was worried about this.  Perhaps Baldric can read men/boys better than most and realized that it was something that even though a punishment that Kotik would enjoy.  And I hope that we get to see more of Raudh, he is truly a delight.  Him training Kotik could prove both very entertaining and important.  

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Nice. Orgies are important in gay culture and they are rarely depicted in stories on sites like this.   You read all this true love romance stuff but nobody writes about the bath houses, back rooms & other play places. A most welcome adventure.

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How am I suppose to be productive working from home if I read this during my “breaks” ... extended breaks at that 😂😂😂

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5 minutes ago, gabz2000 said:

How am I suppose to be productive working from home if I read this during my “breaks” ... extended breaks at that 😂😂😂


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19 hours ago, gabz2000 said:

How am I suppose to be productive working from home if I read this during my “breaks” ... extended breaks at that 😂😂😂

I was thinking the same thing! lol

  • Haha 2
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