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Genres: Science Fiction
Sub-genres: Science Fantasy

He was just another Average Joe. Then he was displaced, not just from his home, his school, or his country, but from the earth itself. Now he has to survive strange lizards, hostile humans, and becoming something more than just average.

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As in many stories on the Gay Authors forum, I am late coming to this one.  It is strange, as I have been a fan of dkstores's writing for more than a decade - but somehow I missed "Displacement".

I found the concept of this story to be very removed from the constraints of my normal thought processes, making it a difficult story concept to relate by the author.  It takes place in an alternate reality, it describes processes that are completely foreign to our thinking - and it involves so many bits and pieces of earth history stitched together that it would make an historian scratch his or her head!

Somehow, though, DK managed to pull off a narrative that kept me - the reader - involved in the alternative world, the drama, the intrigue - and, as always, his characters.  Somehow, he always manages to make characters real and involved with the reader - regardless of how different they may be from us!

And, as always, there are myriad military aspects to this story.  How does a writer take ancient military practices, blend them with newly created mystical creatures and stir in a little magic into the mix and make it believable?  dkstories can do it.  He did it with "Displacement".

This is a great story.  As always, his stories are well edited, with few grammatical errors.  It is fast-paced and every chapter leaves one hungry to see what the next one brings.

A thousand thanks to the author for the amount of enjoyment he has shared with us.


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This is a great read, fast paced and exciting. The author managed to create a unique alternate universe merging modern Americans, symbiotic creatures, baseball, 18th century English, ancient Egyptians, and evil lizards.  And it all makes sense!

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This was an excellent story, fantastically written, and had some interesting characters that kept me going. The first chapter starts off a bit slow but by the end you'll be hooked. The ending was a good place to end, but it does leave one wanting a Part 2, 3, 4, and more.

DK's love of baseball is featured throughout the story and I do agree their uniforms are great for ogling. 

A must read, and 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.

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