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Hello, Stupid An Ordinary World

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Sub-genres: Suspense, Drama

Taylor (From the Ordinary Us) has a lot to learn about being with that special someone. Luke (Desert Dropping) Might be just the guy to teach him. That is, if Taylor can stop being stupid long enough to figure it out

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I read Ordinary Us first and then Dessert Dropping. I am really not ready to give up these characters and NEED you to update Hello, Stupid asap please!!

I loved Luke so much in DD and wanted a happily ever after for him. (I wanted him with Rory for a little while, now it seems icky)


Please, please update as soon as you can... wub.gif

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Like everyone else I want to be able to hit next chapter like a thousand times (ok a hundred will do :P) and I think I've even gone through the five stages of loss at the abrupt ending of this sweet tale.


Denial...no, another chapters coming...sure it's been over two years but any day now I'm gonna get that notice in my email :unsure2:.


Anger...WTF DomLuka how can you leave us hanging :pissed:?


Bargining...Okay so here's the deal, I will edit all of your stories existing and unwritten going forward if you just finish this one out (the others would be cool to but I'm trying to be reasonable) sounds good huh :/?


Depression... :no: this can't be all.


And finally...


Acceptance...You know what? It's okay, the story stopped in a pretty nice place and I was really lucky to get the four awesome chapters that I did with Luke and Taylor. In my mind they get a fantastic HEA with confetti cannons, balloon drops and a light show that would make Flaming Lips' light guy green with envy. In fact, they run away for a week in California and elope and then enjoy the sights and good weather before visiting Rory, Seth, Jase and Eddie in Azrizona :*). This all happens because you brought them together in chapters 1-4.


Thank you for sharing your work, finished or otherwise each story is a gem.

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This is a lovely combination of characters from “Ordinary Us” and “Desert Droppings” (Luke being a special favorite of mine).  
I hope the muse for this is still somewhere around you and that this can get a conclusion, (as long as all is well with you); it wouldn’t even take a whole lot of chapters if you wanted to wrap it up….this engaging effort whets the appetite for more, thank you for it.

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