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  1. ShadowDancer

    Chapter 6

    What about the Hawaii house that Will bought? He never goes there anymore. If he needs or wants to just get away to think on what he should or shouldn't do about Zach, Brad or anybody else send him to the 4 million dollar house he bought. Or does Brad have his hand in that too? If I remember when Brad signed the papers the house was put in a trust but you (Mark) never mentioned what trust or who's trust. Will (in my opinion) needs to confront Zach then walk away.
  2. Hi everybody I am writing a little bit again. This move and then starting a new adventure being a Scentsy Consultant was a great timing for me. Since my Dad's passing I have had a rough time of it so to get my mind in a different direction I started with Scentsy. Should possibly have a chapter ready for edit soon.

  3. In California, my father passed away yesterday, made in time to say my goodbyes to him

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      AC Benus

      I'm sorry for your loss, but glad you made the trip

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      I am sorry for your loss.

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      Sorry for your loss :( *hug*

  4. Have the first 4 chapters of 'Then Came You Into My Life' re'edited Thanks Kitt for all your hard work helping me correct my mistakes.

  5. Have the first 4 chapters of 'Then Came You Into My Life' Thanks Kitt for all your hard work helping me correct my mistakes.

  6. What happened to the story 'puppy for sale' it and writer disappeared

    1. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      West pulled his stories off GA but I think he plans to post them on his own site at some point.

  7. Chapter 17 of YCBL is up and posted...Happy Reading

  8. ShadowDancer

    Prompt 250

    Thank you for your comment and thoughts. When I started this little story I was wondering if I was going to get it right or not. I don't have any family or friends using meth that I know of, so I am kinda going with what I read about and have watched on TV. Any input would be great help. Thanks again.
  9. Have next chapter to YCBL and next 2 chapters to Then Came You with the editor now should be posting them soon. Sorry it has taken a while to get them out but selling and buying a house is time consuming so hopefully I can get back to writing more soon. Thanks!!!

  10. ‘Here we go again!’ I was thinking when I walked in the house and closed the door seeing my mother standing there. “Here.” She was holding her hand out with some cash in it. “What is that for?” “You need to go and meet Robbie. He will be at Smity’s in half hour.” She crammed the money in my front pocket. “Why?” “Because I said so.” “That is not a reason.” “I don’t have to give you a reason, young man.” “If you want me to do something that could get me in trouble, then I think I deserve a reason.” ‘Slap’ “There, is that reason enough.” I looked at my mother with hatred in my eyes. “No, it is not. If you want drugs, you go get them. I am not your errand boy anymore.” I turned to go back to my room. “You get your ass back here right now,” she screamed. I turned around looking at her. “No, if you want them, you go get them. I am not going to get arrested for drugs when they are not mine.” I finished walking to my room shutting the door and locking it, knowing she would come through the door screaming at me. I pulled out the money to see how much was there, which I counted out five one hundred dollar bills. My god, how much did she want me get this time. I put the money in my top drawer. I sat down on my bed, pulled out my math textbook to start on the work that I had to turn in tomorrow. Just like clockwork, she started pounding on my door, yelling at me to open it. I ignored her and kept on working. I was so used to her yelling that I just blocked it out anymore. I got done with the Math homework and started on the English stuff, which is one of my best subjects besides Math. I am carrying an ‘A’ in both classes, which will help me for when I go to the college I want to. I have been thinking of going back east since my parents will be here on the west coast. My grandparents left me a big trust fund and I know that I can get a scholarship so all my expenses would be paid for. I can find an apartment of my own and get me another car so I did not have to depend on anybody. But most of all, I will be away from my sweet, loveable mother. Bitch…. I finished all my homework and was putting everything away when I heard the front door slam shut. I guess Dad was home, pissed off again. “Get down here, JR.” I opened the door, looked over the banister seeing my dad standing there. “What? I was doing my homework.” “I need to talk to you, come downstairs.” “Where is Mom at? I don’t want to fight with her Dad.” “I know she called me. Come downstairs so we can talk.” I went downstairs knowing that mom was in the house somewhere. I walked in the family room and sat down in one of the big chairs with the back to the wall so I could watch if she comes in the room. I don’t trust her coming up behind me and attacking me when she is coming down off her drugs. I look at my father seeing that he was not mad at me, he was just mad being pulled from some meeting he was probably in. “JR, what did she say and do when all this crap started? I want your side of it, since her side is so far-fetched it is unbelievable.” I told dad everything that was said and that she slapped me. He just shook his head. “Ok, I am going to call her doctor and let him know I am signing the papers. She will be going into a rehab clinic or she will be leaving this house. I am tired and I know you are with all her crap. This was the last straw when she wanted you to go get her drugs for her.” “Dad it was not the first time this has happened. It is the first time I told her ‘no’, so she went ballistic on me. I had to lock myself in my room to keep her away from me.” “You mean to tell me you went and got her drugs for her.” “Yes, I had to. She told me she would take my car away, take all my stuff and toss it, if I did not get them. I have been doing it for a couple of months, since CJ left. He was getting them before that. Why do you think he left? He almost got busted by the cops, with them on him. He told me that he was not going to be her Ginny pig anymore and that he was leaving.” “So that was the real reason he is not here.” He looked at me with tears in his eyes. “Can you get him on the phone for me; he will not take my calls for some reason.” “Sure.” I got my cell out and called. “Hey, are you busy? Ya, can you come over to the house? Dad and I need to talk to you. Ya, she is crashed I guess. Ya, dad wanted me to call. No, I’m ok but something is coming down and we need you here. Ok, see you in a bit.” I hung up the call looking at dad. “He is on his way. He did ask if mom was here and was not going to come by if she was going to cause trouble.” “As long as I am here it will be fine, I hope.” Dad got up and went to the kitchen. I looked at the doorway and saw mom standing there with glossy eyes staring at me. “You are nothing but a faggot; I want you out of my house right this minute.” She came at me with her fist raised to hit me. I jumped up ready to defend myself but dad beat me to it. He grabbed her around the waist to hold her back from me. “Susan, calm down. If you don’t, I will have you arrested for assault to a minor. You will not hit on these kids. I have had enough of your shit. Either calm down or you will leave this house right now.” Dad got her to sit down on the couch. I stayed where I was; ready to defend myself if she came at me again. I looked at dad. “She hits me one more time I will defend myself. I don’t care if she is my mother, she will not hit me again.” Dad stood there looking at me. “Son, do what you have to do, I don’t care anymore, I’m done with all her crap.” Dad looked at mom. “This is it, we are all done. I know the truth now about the drugs. It is either you go in the rehab clinic or you will leave this house and not be allowed back. I will file divorce papers and sign them. You will no longer be in our kids’ lives or mine.” He stared at her waiting for an answer. “Well, what will it be Susan? Are the drugs more important than your family?” The doorbell rang. “I will get it.” I opened the door and CJ was standing there. “All hell has broken loose around here. Come into the family room but watch your back.” CJ just looked at me like I had three heads. “Led the way. Is dad ok?” “Ya he is letting mom have it with both barrels. Just keep your temper to a low level.” We both walked into a firestorm. “I will not have a faggot living in my home. I already got rid of one of them and I will see the other faggot gone too. I am not going to the clinic; I am staying right here in my home.” Mom was spitting out her words like a rabid animal. “Oh you think so do you? JR do you have your phone still on you?” Dad asked looking at me with wild eyes. “Yes, why?” CJ put his hand on my shoulder to keep me calm. “Dad, do you want me to call?” CJ asked. “NO, I will call.” Dad took my phone and dialed 911. Mom was sitting there with a smug look on her face. “What the hell are you doing here?” she was looking at CJ. He ignored her, and motioned me into the kitchen. “What the hell is going on?” I told him what happened and he went off when I told him that she slapped me when I would not go get her drugs for her. “That bitch.” He went to walk back in where mom was at but I stopped him. “Let dad handle it CJ. I told him everything so he can handle what needs to be done.” “She has not right to put her hands on you. I should have told dad a long time ago and then none of this would be happening.” CJ slumped into a chair at the table. “CJ, she is out of control. The drugs she is on is going to kill her if she does not get the help she needs. Dad is forcing her hand in all this. This is not your fault or mine. She is to blame for all this.” I walked up behind him and gave him a hug. “I have missed you around here. Move back home, please.” “I can’t as long as she is here JR, I would probably end up in jail because of her and I am not letting her have that control over me.” “If she leaves will you come back?” “Ya, I would. I hate sleeping on Nick’s couch.” “Good because she is leaving tonight one way or the other.” I had a smug look on my face. “What is going on that you have not told me?” “Dad is going to have her arrested for assault on a minor, since I am still under 18 years old. That is why he wanted my phone.” “Shit.” We were standing there talking when we heard mom yelling. We walked back in the living room and saw two cops standing there trying to talk to mom. She looked over at both of us standing there. “You’re the cause of this. If you had done, what I told you to do, none of this would be happening, you damn faggot. I want you out of here, both of you.” “I’m not leaving and neither is CJ. You’re the one that hit me because I would not go get your drugs for you. Mom you need help, go to the clinic and get clean then maybe we can have a relationship. But until then I don’t want you in my life.” I said with tears running down my face. CJ took me into a hug, which I needed bad. “Calm down bro, she is not worth it when she is this way.” The cops were talking to dad. “Yes I want to file charges against her for hitting my son.” The cops put Susan in handcuffs. She was yelling so load you could not understand anything she was saying. We walked over to dad. I gave him a hug along with CJ. “Dad, she needs help. Let them do their job and maybe she will get better.” “I know CJ, but this is hard seeing her like this. She has completely gone off the deep end and I hope she can find her way back to the surface. I am still going to file divorce papers. I am done with her. I cannot trust her anymore.” “I know dad. We will be here for you, you won’t be alone.” “CJ will you move back here and help with the house and your brother?” “Yep already talked to him and he said he would.” I looked at CJ smiling. “Ya Dad, I have to go get my things but I will be here for you and my brother.” “Good, I love you both. Thanks. I need to call Sam and see if he will bring over Danny. I need his dog to check the house out for drugs so she can’t say we have them in the house and that they are ours. Do either of you know where she keeps them? I feel so stupid not knowing what is going on in my own home.” “Dad, don’t do this to yourself. This is her fault not ours. JR, go check their room but don’t touch anything if you find it. Her prints will be on it if there is any to be found. Dad call Sam.” “What are you going to do?” I asked CJ. “I am going to get some reinforcements and have this house searched from top to bottom. Sometimes those dogs don’t find everything.” He smiled at us getting his phone out walking away. “Sir, we need you to come to the station and sign the paperwork as soon as possible. Can anybody tell us what kind of drugs she is on?” One of the cops asked. Dad looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders. “Maybe CJ would know? CJ come here.” I yelled since I did not know where he went to. CJ walked back in talking on the phone. “Hey, do you know what drugs Mom is on. I don’t know and neither does dad?” CJ looked at me with a strange look on his face. He looked at the cop and told him ‘meth’ and that she has been on it for about six months. He looked at dad and told him, “I will explain everything later.” He turned back around and went into the kitchen talking on the phone again. The cop thanked us and left. We were just standing there looking at each other. Dad grabbed me and hugged me like there was no tomorrow. “I love you son.” “I love you too dad. We will get through this, I promise.” I squeezed him back and then walked into the kitchen seeing CJ still on his phone. I tapped his shoulder motioning that I was going to my room. I got to my room, pulled my phone out and called Greg. “Hey can you come over for a bit. I really need you to hold me. Ok, I love you. See you soon.” I hung up the phone.
  11. We close on our house the first week of April, then it moving time to the new place. Horses, dogs are going to the hardest since it will be a two hour trip for them. Will be back to writing when settled in the new home. Just keeping up with all the great stories that are being posted right now. Good job everybody.

    1. Valkyrie
    2. Cole Matthews

      Cole Matthews

      That's awesome! Cangratulations and good luck!

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      plenty of hay for the ponies, and they won't even notice unless they hate the trailer.

  12. Chapter 4 I must have fell asleep because the next thing I knew, my mom was knocking on my door telling me that Jarrod was on the phone. “Hey what’s up?” “Nothing, just wanted to let you know that Chance called and asked me to go to the movies with him and a couple other guys from school. I know we had something planned today but I was hoping you would be ok if I passed on going to the arcade with you,” Jarrod said to me. I got pissed off but I didn’t let him know it. “Sure go have fun and I will talk to you later,” I told him and hung up not waiting for a response. I know it was childish but we have always hung out on the weekends. Now Chance moves to town and Jarrod doesn’t want to hang out with me. I guess I could go to the arcade by myself but that would not be fun. I took my shower and went back to my room to get some clothes on then went down stairs to find something to eat. I walked in the kitchen and Mom and Dad was sitting at the table. “Good morning.” “Morning Zane, what have you and Jarrod got planned today?” Dad asked me looking up from the paper he was reading. “Nothing, he is going to the movies with some other guys from school. I’m just going to hang out here I guess. Why you asking?” I asked looking back at my dad while I was looking for some bread so I could make some toast. “We are going to go see your grandfather. Do you want to tag along? You know he would like to see you.” My dad asked. “Ya that would be great. I miss talking to him as we used to do. Is he feeling better?” “He is a little. They are going to do that laser thing Monday. It is to be an in-out procedure so no hospital stay. If you want to go we will leave when you get done eating then,” Mom said getting up from the table helping me fix my toast. I got done eating then went to my room to get my shoes on. We went to my grandparents’ house and stayed a few hours with them. We got home late afternoon and I went to my room to do some more homework and watch TV until Mom called me down for dinner. I got to the dining room and Mom told me. “Jarrod had left a message on the phone while we were gone for you to call him.” “Ok I will call him later,” I said to Mom. I ate dinner then went back to my room to finish watching the movie I was in the middle of when Mom called me down to eat. I was not going to call Jarrod back, I was still mad and did not want to talk to him right now. Monday morning will be soon enough. I know he will not be around tomorrow because he and his parents were going to go to his aunt’s house a couple hours away. I finished my movie then got a book out to read. I was laying there when Dad knocked on my door. I pretended to be asleep. I know that when I heard the phone ring it was probably Jarrod. Dad opened the door and told whoever was on the phone that I was asleep and he would tell me in the morning who called. I thought dad closed my door but when I opened my eyes, he was standing there looking at me. “Now tell me why you don’t want to talk to him. Are you two fighting about something?” “No, we had plans today that we made Friday on the way home from school and he just thought that he could just break our plans and make some other ones with another guy from school. I got mad at him but I did not tell him I was mad. I just hung up on him not waiting for a response. I will talk to him Monday if he shows up to walk with me to school; if he doesn’t then I guess I know where I stand with him then.” “Who is this guy that he made plans with today?” Dad asked coming into my room sitting on the side of my bed. “His name is Chance and he just moved here a couple weeks ago. I have him in a couple classes. He is an all right guy I guess, Jarrod and he hit it off great. They have been hanging out at lunch so I have been going to the library,” I said to Dad laying there with my arms behind my head looking at him. “Why don’t you find someone else to hang out with? That way if Jarrod has other plans, you will have someone else to hang out with. I don’t like you just laying up here not doing anything,” Dad said laying his hand on my shoulder smiling at me. “I know you and Jarrod have been friends for a long time now but you need to understand that he can have other friends too.” “I know that is why I’m doing my own thing not interfering in his right now. He can’t just think that when Chance is not around I will be here for him. Dad it was not right for him to break our plans the way he did, I would never do that to him or any friend I had plans with.” “Ok, I see where you are going with this and I agree with you to a point. See what happens Monday, but promise me you will try to have an open mind when he talks to you.” “I promise Dad. I am going to go to sleep; I will see you in the morning.” “Ok son, good night,” Dad said leaving my room shutting the door. ****** I got up to have breakfast with my dad knowing mom is at church. See my dad and I don’t go to church, Dad and Mom made a pack that she doesn’t get mad at him for not going to church and he doesn’t get mad when she does. Mom had learned over the years that Dad does not want to hear anything to do with the church so she just leaves everything at the door when she gets home. Dad and I just hung out and watched football all day. I took my shower for school and made sure my homework was completed then went to bed. Jarrod did not call all day so I didn’t know if he would be here in the morning to walk with me to school. I hated Monday’s; I got up and got dressed and ate some cereal, grabbed my backpack and walked out the door at my regular time. Jarrod was not there, I waited five minutes for him then decided to go ahead and walk to school by myself. When I got to school, I dropped my backpack off at my locker and went to the cafeteria to see if Jarrod was there. I walked in the doors, looked at our regular table, saw him sitting there with Chance and a couple other guys that I did not know. He looked over at me and gave me a weird look. I just went back out the door and walked over to the library. I found me a book and sat at one of the tables waiting for the warning bell to ring. I was so into the book, I didn’t hear anybody walk up to the table until somebody cleared their throat to get my attention. I looked up and saw Jarrod standing there. “Hey you doing ok?” Jarrod asked. “Yep, just fine. Waiting on the bell to ring,” I said to him then went back to reading my book. He should know now that I am pissed at him. “Why you mad at me then?” Jarrod asked then set down next to me. “I guess when you had time you would find me. Since you have been hanging out with Chance and his friends, I didn’t want to interfere with your friends,” I said looking at him with a frown. “Zane, I know we had plans Saturday, but Chance called me and asked if I wanted to go. I did not think you would get mad at me for going, I asked him if you could tag along but he said that there was not enough room in his Mom’s car for six people.” “That was fine; I went and spent time with my grandparents anyways. So don’t worry about it. Did you have fun?” “It was alright. I didn’t like the idea that you were excluded. I did get a few minutes’ to talk to Chance and he said that you don’t like him and that was really the reason he didn’t want you to go with us.” “That is fine, you can make whatever plans you want to. We don’t have to hang out every weekend together. You can have other friends to do things with. I got to go to my locker before class, I will see ya at lunch if you want me to be at OUR table,” I told Jarrod as I was getting up and putting the book back on the shelf. I left him sitting there, went to my locker and Chance was standing there. I opened it up and got my backpack out, turned and looked at Chance waiting to see if he was going to say anything. When he just stood there and looked at me not saying anything, I walked off heading to my homeroom. I don’t know what he wanted from me and I was not going to stick around to find out. ****** I went to all my morning classes, Chance tried to talk to me but I just ignored him and then he finally got the hint to stop. I went and put everything in my locker and then went to the cafeteria to eat. I got to the door and looked at the table that Jarrod and I sit at and saw Chance already there with Jarrod. I got in line to get my food then went out the door to sit under one of the trees on the side of the building. I know Jarrod will find me if he wants to talk. When I was done eating, leaned back against the tree with my eyes closed. Thinking that I might lose Jarrod as a friend and that was hurting so much. He was always the one I could go too when something was bothering me or just to talk too. I don’t want to lose him as a friend but I could not compete against Chance. I won’t do that if Jarrod wants to do things with Chance and not me. I will just have to live with it and be by myself for now on. “Hey Zane, you ok? I thought you were going to eat lunch with me at the table.” I opened my eyes when Jarrod started talking to me. I shrugged my shoulders at him. “I saw the others sitting there and just figured you had enough people there already,” I said then brought my knees up to my chest looking off in the distance thinking that I wanted to go home and not be here. I know I can go get the nurse to send me home but then my mom would be all over me when I got home wanting to know what is going on. “Zane” Jarrod said sitting down on his knees next to me, looking concerned. “Zane look at me please.” I turned my head and looked at him. “You know I will not lose you as a friend by being friends with Chance but I want you to give Chance a little lead way on not knowing what he did wrong. I want you to talk to him and explain it to him please. I know we would have a lot of fun together, he has a lot in common with you,” Jarrod said wigging his eyebrows at me laughing. “And what would that be?” “I know you don’t want me to say it here, no telling who would hear me. We were talking and he told me the same as you did, but I did not tell him about you. That would be up to you if you want him to know. His Mom knows about it, matter of fact that is why he and his Mom moved here. He came out and his dad freaked and almost killed him. His mom got him out before it got too bad but he still thinks his Dad will come and finish what he started. He just wants to have some friends that he can be real around. Do you think you can talk to him?” Jarrod asked me. “Ya I guess, I’m just not in a good mood today. I don’t like what you did Saturday to me when we had plans already. I feel that he is trying to take your friendship away from me. If that is what you and he want, let me know now because we have been friends too long. I don’t want to lose being a friend but if that is what you want I will just walk away and be by myself.” By the time, I was done saying what I had to say I had tears in my eyes. I turned my head so Jarrod would not see them. “Zane, we will be friends until we grow old and die. You won’t lose me as a friend just because we are friends with Chance, I promise. Ok?” I looked at him and shook my head not saying anything. The warning bell rang so we got up and went to our lockers. Jarrod’s locker was three down from mine so we walked together. I got my books and looked over at Jarrod to see if he was done and seen Chance standing there. They both looked at me, I told Jarrod that, “I will see you after school.” then walked to my next class. I don’t have any classes with Jarrod or Chance in the afternoon so I know I’m in the clear for a while.
  13. ShadowDancer

    Chapter 33

    I must have missed something. What happened to the papers that Sean was filing on Zach's parents. Will and Zach talked to Sean on a wed (hope that is right) and the papers were being filed the next day but then Zach, Will, JP and the rest of the gang was in the plane on fri and there no mention of the papers and what happened when Wally got them. Not complaining in any way cuz your story is great and I don't miss any chapter, as matter fact I am rereading them all for the second time. I am just wondering if I missed something or if you have it maybe planned out that when they get into Claremont it will come to light. Keep putting out them chapters, totally enjoy reading and keeping up with the story line.
  14. Happy Holidays Ya'll, Have a safe and Happy Christmas

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      and the same to you.

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