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  1. ShadowDancer

    Chapter 6

    What about the Hawaii house that Will bought? He never goes there anymore. If he needs or wants to just get away to think on what he should or shouldn't do about Zach, Brad or anybody else send him to the 4 million dollar house he bought. Or does Brad have his hand in that too? If I remember when Brad signed the papers the house was put in a trust but you (Mark) never mentioned what trust or who's trust. Will (in my opinion) needs to confront Zach then walk away.
  2. Hi everybody I am writing a little bit again. This move and then starting a new adventure being a Scentsy Consultant was a great timing for me. Since my Dad's passing I have had a rough time of it so to get my mind in a different direction I started with Scentsy. Should possibly have a chapter ready for edit soon.

  3. In California, my father passed away yesterday, made in time to say my goodbyes to him

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. AC Benus

      AC Benus

      I'm sorry for your loss, but glad you made the trip

    3. Ron


      I am sorry for your loss.

    4. Slytherin


      Sorry for your loss :( *hug*

  4. Have the first 4 chapters of 'Then Came You Into My Life' re'edited Thanks Kitt for all your hard work helping me correct my mistakes.

  5. Have the first 4 chapters of 'Then Came You Into My Life' Thanks Kitt for all your hard work helping me correct my mistakes.

  6. What happened to the story 'puppy for sale' it and writer disappeared

    1. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      West pulled his stories off GA but I think he plans to post them on his own site at some point.

  7. Chapter 17 of YCBL is up and posted...Happy Reading

  8. Chapter 17 Monday Night Heath walked out of the kitchen when he heard Rob’s truck pull into the driveway. “Hi Dad,” Rob said as he walked into Heath’s house. “Hi Rob, David. Have you had dinner yet?” “Yep, David cooked us dinner. Are we interrupting your dinner?” “No, I am waiting on Steve to get here, and then we can eat. David let me get your truck key, I will be right back.” Rob and David sat on the couch. “I feel like we are interrupting his plans.” David said looking at Rob. “We w
  9. ShadowDancer

    Prompt 250

    Thank you for your comment and thoughts. When I started this little story I was wondering if I was going to get it right or not. I don't have any family or friends using meth that I know of, so I am kinda going with what I read about and have watched on TV. Any input would be great help. Thanks again.
  10. Have next chapter to YCBL and next 2 chapters to Then Came You with the editor now should be posting them soon. Sorry it has taken a while to get them out but selling and buying a house is time consuming so hopefully I can get back to writing more soon. Thanks!!!

  11. ‘Here we go again!’ I was thinking when I walked in the house and closed the door seeing my mother standing there. “Here.” She was holding her hand out with some cash in it. “What is that for?” “You need to go and meet Robbie. He will be at Smity’s in half hour.” She crammed the money in my front pocket. “Why?” “Because I said so.” “That is not a reason.” “I don’t have to give you a reason, young man.” “If you want me to do something that could get me in trouble, then I think I deserve a
  12. Chapter 6 I walked off with Chance and Jarrod; we went in the doors of the school. “Chance, let’s go in the restroom and see if we can get you cleaned up a little before the bell rings for class.” I walked in the restroom, got some paper towels, wet them down for Chance and handed them to him. I watched him clean his gorgeous face and saw that there was a bruise starting on his cheek. “You might end up with a bruise on your cheek. Jarrod, do you have an extra shirt in your locker?” “Ya, I
  13. We close on our house the first week of April, then it moving time to the new place. Horses, dogs are going to the hardest since it will be a two hour trip for them. Will be back to writing when settled in the new home. Just keeping up with all the great stories that are being posted right now. Good job everybody.

    1. Valkyrie
    2. Cole Matthews

      Cole Matthews

      That's awesome! Cangratulations and good luck!

    3. Winged_Wolf


      plenty of hay for the ponies, and they won't even notice unless they hate the trailer.

  14. Chapter 5 After my last class, I walked slowly to my locker not looking forward to the conversation with Jarrod. I went out the big doors and saw Jarrod and Chance standing at the gate. I walked over there and all three of us took off heading home, I didn’t say anything to either one. If they want to talk then they would have to bring it up, not me. Jarrod looked at me and bumped my shoulder to get attention. “Yes?” I said to him. “You said you would talk to him so start talking,” Jarrod wh
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