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The Odd, Onward Door 1. Doorways

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Sub-genres: Adventure, Soft Sci-Fi

Summer vacation had started out well for Derry and Caleb. There was much to occupy two adventurous boys in the rural landscape in which they lived. They had the woods, and the fields, and the waterways to occupy them.


And they had each other.


But then they made a discovery - a strange place hidden in the forest, a pathway to lands beyond description. And suddenly, the summer was not quite so simple any longer.

Copyright © 2017 Geron Kees; All Rights Reserved.

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  • Action Packed 8
  • Addictive/Pacing 9
  • Characters 10
  • Chills 2
  • Cliffhanger 1
  • Compelling 3
  • Feel-Good 3
  • Humor 3
  • Smoldering 2
  • Tearjerker 1
  • Unique 8
  • World Building 9

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  • 1. Chapter 1
    • 28,628 Words

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William King

   9 of 9 members found this review helpful 9 / 9 members

Perhaps you remember those old Sci-fi adventure books from the days before everyone had a computer and mobile phone. That bygone time when boys set out on fantastic adventures that were at once scary, always carrying a hint of danger, and also something that was a challenge not to be missed. 

In this super tale from Geron Keys two close friends (boyfriends, this is after all a story brought up to date) discover something incredible, something long since buried, and something they have to explore. We follow the duo as they prepare to embark on their journey into the unknown. What they find holds promise, sadness and danger, but our two heroes have their ingenuity to help them succeed and each other to rely on.

The story is so well narrated that you are right there with them and might find yourself reading faster just to see what happens as the suspense builds and we don't know if they will make it back. The author conjures up in our imagination a remote old farm in the middle of rural America that holds an incredible secret, and both need to be protected.

At the end you will come away feeling that was a great adventure, but wondering what might happen next? Well that is left open for a possible continuation and sequel, which I would bet a lot of readers would like to see!

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   8 of 8 members found this review helpful 8 / 8 members

A very intriguing story about two gay teens, who make an amazing discovery. The characters feel real, the story flowed, and I didn't spot any errors.


My only criticism is the story is long for one chapter. That makes it hard to read when you can't do it in one sitting. Aside from that, a most excellent story.

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   8 of 8 members found this review helpful 8 / 8 members

There is a good reason I am only giving this five stars.  I really would like to give it seven stars, but the system limits me to five, instead of seven out of five.

The story starts in a rural setting, as Derry and his boyfriend, Caleb (nickname: Cally) are having summer fun on the farm of Derry's Granddad, Mike.  Cally has discovered an interesting anomaly on one part of the farm; he shows Derry, and an adventure begins.  

The action builds gradually, and flows naturally. Each preparation, each discovery, adds to the story.  There are only five characters in the story-- Derry, Cally, Granddad Mike, Derry's mother, and Difris (in order of appearance and speaking role).    Various adventures take place, each proceeding with reason from a previous one, and it comes together in a harmonious whole.


An excellent read.  Looking forward to sequels.

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   6 of 6 members found this review helpful 6 / 6 members

This is the first in the marvelous and continuing Door Series.

If you were an incredibly advanced alien race and had to place one of your teleportation way stations on a backward and no tech planet, where would you put it? In the middle of nowhere; under a hill in the rural hinterlands of New York. Never imagining it would be discovered a millennium later by two intrepid teens. It's hard for me to praise this story enough. It's a touch of Stargate with benevolent ancient aliens meets teenage love story. You'll love it as much as I did and beg for more.

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Derry and Cally are two country boys who are more than best friends.  They play in and explore the huge adjoining farms their families have owned for over a hundred years.  Cally stumbles upon a remarkable mound and together they uncover a staircase and a black door. They don't say a thing to anyone, but back home at dinner they have an interesting discussion.


Granddad smiled at that, and sighed. "My life has been good." He seemed to consider that, and nodded. "When I was your age, Derry, my dad used to say that life is like a hallway lined with doors. Some doors lead forward in life, some lead back. Sometimes, you don't know which door you're opening when you grab hold of the knob."

What's behind the black door? Is it safe to go thru?  You'll have to read to find out what kind of adventure they will have as they search to find the secrets behind the black door.

Geron always fills his imaginative, fun filled stories with wonderful characters, humorous dialogue and intriguing twists in the plot. I recommend this great read.  I am sure you will enjoy the two sequels that follow the tale.

Just a note, this is a novella length story with plenty of places you can stop to take a breath if needed.

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Gandalf the Puce

   6 of 7 members found this review helpful 6 / 7 members

Having been a big fan of all your stories I was most impressed by this one. i hope you plan a sequel, or sequels. Considering the multiplicity, possibly infinite, of doors you could spend the rest of your life at the keyboard, but another trip to Amsterdam would be greatly appreciated. Enorm bedankt.

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