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    Grumpy Bear
  • Author
  • 3,094 Words

Arctic Roots - 2. Cabin Fever

The days following Adam’s first change were a whirlwind of activity. He was thrilled to have a built-in fur coat, and spent much of his time outdoors, romping in the snow and foraging for wintertime edibles. Axel did his best to entice Adam with the natural benefits of hibernation during the winter months, but he was much too excited about his new body, both human and bear, to spend all day sleeping.

In between the outdoor playtimes, Adam showed off his new forms to the other seven cubs who hadn’t yet had their first shift, and generally kept everyone excited for what was to happen to them in the upcoming months.

Axel, Ezekiel and Joel also began to focus on history lessons as a part of the new cubs’ continuing education. Adam was the eldest, and had no human memories beyond 1952, so he was the first student as they covered world events, politics and cultural advancements. There was a heavy focus on the Korean War, Cold War, and the start of the Civil Rights Movement.

When they reached the year 1960 in the lesson plan, they invited his next ex-monster brother to begin attending as well, and the lesson plans revolved around the Kennedy assassination, the Vietnam War, the counterculture movement, and the Space Race.

When they reached the momentous year of 1969 in history, they had three attending the history lessons. Vietnam was still a major topic of the early ‘70s until the fall of Saigon, but lessons also involved Nixon, Watergate, and transformational cultural events like disco, Jaws, Roots, and Star Wars.

Adam was an immediate fan of Star Wars and had a habit of shifting to his bear form, standing on his hind legs, and imitating Chewbacca’s growl for everyone’s entertainment. He repeated this impression at every opportunity until it got old, and then Axel had to remind him that he was referencing a forty-five-year-old movie, and that everyone in the enclave had already heard Chewie impressions a hundred times before.

The trio of Axel, Joel and Ezekiel decided to take a break before adding the fourth cub to the history class when they would begin tackling the 1980s and letting them know of the plague that befell their gay human friends during those dark times. They weren’t sure how the cubs would take the news that many of the friends from their old lives had most likely died during this period while they were being held in cages as monsters in a madman’s basement.

This break was perfectly timed, as a sudden February blizzard that lasted days kept most bears indoors during the worst of the storm.

Adam had already told his Papa his entire life story up to his encounter with Christopher, and he used this snowbound time to attempt to prod Axel for more information about his life.

“What exactly do you want to know, Cub?” Axel asked crossly as they sat in front of the fire in their cozy living room and Adam tried to prompt him to divulge information for the hundredth time.

“Well, you can start with your Papa, I guess,” Adam replied. “I haven’t heard you say anything at all about my own Grand-Papa. What was he like? Where did you meet him? When did you meet him? Were you mates? I want to know everything.”

“If I tell you everything,” Axel said, “It would take a very long time, Cub, but I suppose I can get started if it will shut you up for a while. I met my Papa in the year 1648. I was shipwrecked in Alaska and my shipmates and I were being held captive by a tribe of natives.

“Out of the blue, this old, old grizzly bear wanders into the village and before our very eyes, transformed into a huge, naked, muscular, bearded white man. He seemed very out-of-place among the darker-skinned natives, but they seemed to worship him as a kind of deity. Women came running out of their tents and huts to put robes of fur around his shoulders and boots upon his feet. He was given something warm to drink and was invited to inspect the prisoners.

“This mysterious stranger walked down the line of us, leaning down and sniffing at each man as if he was a wild animal. After smelling each prisoner, he would wave his hand, and that shipmate of mine was taken away, never to be seen again. When he got to me, I looked him defiantly in the eye and said, ‘Хуй тебе!’ which means ‘Fuck you!’ in Russian. He stared at me for a few seconds and then he replied, ‘Я насрал на твою мать,’ which means ‘I shit on your mother.’ Then, he leaned in and pressed his nose against my neck, inhaling my kindred human scent.

“He stood upright and spoke a few words to the natives in their language before turning back to me. He told me, ‘Теперь ты моя сука, засранец,’ which loosely translates to ‘You’re my bitch now, asshole,’ and then he hauled me up onto my feet by the back of my neck. He bound my arms behind me, and he forced me to walk endless miles. Each night, when I could walk no more, he would transform back into the bear and curl around me, keeping me alive with his warmth. During those days, he called me ‘молочница’ which literally translates to ‘milk sucker’ but means a boy who is so young he is still suckling at his mother’s breast.

“After many days walking, we reached a lone itchalik, a dome-shaped tent constructed with a willow pole frame and sheathed in caribou skins, built upon the tundra. He led me inside and started a warm fire. He freed my hands and fed me dried fish and seal meat and made a hot tea from rare arctic plants that he had gathered himself.

“I would do chores for him during the day, and he taught me to hunt and fish the wild Alaskan game. At night, he would call me to his bed, and would fuck me fast and hard. He didn’t seem to care whether I enjoyed it or derived any pleasure from his brutish lovemaking, but over time, I began to look forward to those nightly bouts of rough sex, and after the first few weeks, I always came whenever he pumped his bear load into my guts.

“After many months of this, he finally explained to me that he was what was called a werebear and told me that certain humans had a special scent which indicated that they too could become a werebear if they were bred and bitten. He said that these humans were called ‘kindred’ and that I was one of them. He stated that although he had been breeding me nightly for months as befitted my position as his Cука, his Bitch, he had not yet bitten me. He asked me if I would want to become a werebear such as he, and lacking a wealth of options, I agreed.

“That night, as he mounted me from behind and pounded my hole brutally, he shifted into his full bear form, and as he came, he bit my shoulder savagely, tearing the skin and causing me to bleed severely. As you know yourself, the bite only hurt for a moment, and was followed by the euphoria of the turning process. The bleeding stopped after a minute and the wounds closed. He told me that from that moment forward I was no longer his Cука, but rather his Mедвежонок, his Bearcub. He said that I could call him, ‘Cтарик’ which means ‘Old Man.’

“After turning me, my Old Man lifted the straw mattress that we had been sleeping on for months and showed me a trap door in the floor of the itchalik. We descended a ladder, and he revealed an entire underground home with separate living, sleeping and cooking spaces. There was even a stone oven and cooking fireplace that was vented with a hidden chimney to the surface, and a variety of pottery cookware. The bed in the sleeping area was stuffed with goose down and was far superior to the straw bed that we had been using for the last several months.

“I asked my Old Man why we had been living above in the small uncomfortable itchalik before now if he had all of this living space the whole time, and he replied that he wasn’t sure he could trust me until I had made the decision to become his Bearcub.”

Axel paused his tale at this point and sighed, staring into the crackling fire in their cozy living room. Adam walked over to where his Papa sat and wrapped them both up in a blanket. He cuddled up against Axel’s warm body and stroked his hairy chest.

“Did you love your Papa?” Adam asked.

“I did love him,” Axel admitted, “But emotionally, he always seemed to keep me at a distance. Sex wasn’t a problem, since he was always just as horny as I was and we were the perfect outlet for each other’s needs, but there was something about him that prevented us from really bonding.”

“Did he ever even tell you his real name?”

“He said once that his name was ‘Matthias’ but anytime we conducted business with any of the natives, they just called him ‘Matti.’”

Axel sighed again at the memory, and tears began to fill the big man’s eyes.

“Papa,” Adam said, laying his hand on the side of Axel’s face, “You know that I love you, don’t you?”

Axel smiled and leaned his head into his Cub’s gentle hand.

“Yes, Cub,” I know. “I love you more. You have made me happier in the last few months than I’ve been in my entire life. I’m so thankful that we were able to save you and cure the terrible curse that Christopher had placed upon you.”

“Do you think that your Papa is still alive up there in the Alaskan tundra?” Adam asked.

“Well, I haven’t seen the Old Man in over two hundred years, Cub,” Axel replied. “Anything could have happened to him by then, but I did ask him how old he was once, and he told me that he was nearly four thousand years old. If he’d managed to survive that long before I came around, I’m sure he’s been able to fend for himself just fine after I left.”

“Four thousand!” Adam exclaimed, “That’s even older than Ezekiel! Have you ever asked Grand-Papa if he knew any old bears named Matthias or Matti?”

“No,” Axel replied, “I don’t talk about my past with the other bears at all. This conversation with you now is more of my history than I’ve told anyone else in the world. It must be because I love you so much, Cub. You soothe my savage beast.”

“Papa, I know what we have to do,” Adam stated, sitting upright.

“Oh, you do, do you?” Axel said with a chuckle. “And what would that be?”

“You and I have to go to Alaska and find your Papa,” he replied. “He needs to see that you’re alive and doing well, and he needs to meet his Grand-Cub. Knowing that his family line has been continued will soften even the most hardened heart. It will give the two of you the chance to bond that you didn’t have before.”

“I’ll make a deal with you, Cub,” Axel said, “If we can get you through all of the rest of your history lessons, and get you completely up to speed on the modern twenty-first century by the time the snow melts in the spring, I will see if I can arrange an expedition for the two of us up to the Arctic Circle to see if the Old Man is still alive and kicking.”

Adam’s face lit up with a huge smile, and he hugged Axel tightly.

“Just don’t expect any kind of warm welcome from the old bear!” Axel added. “I doubt that the last two hundred years have done anything to improve his grouchy mood.”

“Before we go, you have to tell me the parts of the story that you left out,” Adam said, twisting his Papa’s nipple playfully.

“What parts did I leave out?” Axel asked, swatting his cub’s paw away. “I thought that was a pretty good tale.”

“It was a great tale, Papa, but there’s much, much more. Where were you born? Why were you at sea? How did you get shipwrecked in Alaska? When did you leave Grand-Papa? Where did you go next? When did you get all these tattoos?

“When did I become such a mean ol’ nasty grouch?” Axel added grumpily.

“Exactly! These things are all important to me,” Adam said, “I want to know everything that made my Papa bear the big, tough, bad-boy Kodiak that he is today.”

“Yes, those are some very good questions,” Axel replied. “I suppose I’ll have to tell you the rest of my story, but it isn’t going to be tonight. Tonight, I want to take you to the bedroom and show you how much I love my Cub.”

“Anything you want, Papa,” Adam replied, “As long as you remember that I don’t top. I’m strictly a bottom bear. Okay?”

“That’s fine with me, Cub, but I think you’re going to break the hearts of the other bottom bears in the village who have been drooling over that giant hog of yours. If we ever do manage to track down the Old Man, I think it will be fine with him as well. For now, come with me…”

Axel stood and took Adam by the hand to pull him upright and into the bedroom. Their California king-sized bed had a frame made from polished solid pine logs. It could take anything that two massive Kodiak bears could dish out, and Axel was going to put it to the test.

He undressed his cub and then quickly removed his own clothing. After giving Adam a long sensual kiss, he pushed him down onto the bed and laid beside him in the opposite direction so that they had easy access to each other’s heavy cocks.

Axel engulfed his cub’s cock into his mouth and partway down his throat, making Adam moan with pleasure. The moans were quickly muffled as Adam took his Papa’s massive tool into his own mouth and they proceeded to work each other’s organ with all the skill and finesse they could manage with something so large.

Adam had youth and enthusiasm on his side, but Axel had years of experience and self-control. It wasn’t long before Adam was moaning around his Papa’s cock again and bucking his hips as he shot a massive volley of bear cum down Axel’s throat.

Adam laid back on the bed, panting and trying to catch his breath, but there was no time to rest as Axel grabbed his legs and hoisted them up onto his shoulders exposing the cub’s pink twitching hole. Axel spit on his hand and rubbed it into Adam’s pucker before plunging his thick length in to the root.

Adam bellowed and begged his Papa to fuck him hard, but Axel was in no hurry. He wanted to make this night one that his cub would remember the rest of his days. He began a slow pace, dragging his cock out slowly until just the bulbous head remained inside, and then pushing back in equally slowly, rubbing against the cub’s prostate with each stroke. Adam thrashed his head back and forth, lost in waves of ecstasy, and dug his fingernails into his Papa’s shoulders.

“Do you want me to fuck you faster?” Axel asked after a while, as he continued his slow, sensual pace in and out of Adam’s stretched hole.

“Oh God, Papa. You’re killing me. Fuck me! Fuck your cub good!”

Axel increased his tempo just a bit, allowing his hips and heavy balls to slam against Adam’s ass on each downstroke.

“Oh! Oh yes! Fuck!” Adam screamed and came for the second time, shooting his creamy load onto his and Axel’s bellies, where it was smeared by his Papa’s constant thrusting.

“I think my cub is ready for me to give it to him a little faster and harder. Do you agree?”

Adam could only mumble a few incoherent syllables, as Axel picked up the pace, his heavy ball sack swinging back and forth with each thrust, slapping his cub’s ass cheeks.

“Gonna give it to you, Cub,” Axel said after an eternity of thrusting, breathing heavily with sweat beginning to roll down his face and body, “Gonna fill you up with Papa’s cum. Do you want it?”

“Papa,” Adam mumbled, his eyes glassy.

“Tell me you want it, Cub. Beg Papa for his load.”

“I want it Papa,” Adam said, coming back into focus, “Please give me your cum. Fill me up with your manly seed. I need it! I need you inside me!”

“Here it is Cub!” Axel roared. “It’s all for you!”

For the first time in the last half-hour, Axel began to lose his steady rhythm as he pounded Adam’s ass, and with a final thrust he let out a massive bellow that rattled the windows as he emptied his heavy balls into his cub.

Sweaty, and cursing softly under his breath, Axel let his cub’s legs go and collapsed on top of him, kissing him deeply as he pulled his softening cock out from Adam’s stretched hole.

“Damn, Papa,” Adam said breathlessly after Axel finished kissing him. “I officially give you permission to do that every night for the next two thousand years. After that, we’ll probably be ready to try a new position.”

“Horny Cub,” Axel teased, “How did I ever get so lucky?”

“You picked the right kindred human ex-monster to take under your muscly wing, Papa,” Adam said with a smile looking up into Axel’s eyes. “We’re going to make each other so happy for so many years to come!”

Axel slid his sweaty body off his cub and snuggled up against his back, spooning him and pulling the blanket over them both.

“If every day can be just like this one,” Axel whispered into his cub’s ear, “I’ll be just fine taking it one day at a time.”

With that thought, they both drifted off to a contented sleep as the blizzard continued to rage and blow outside on that cold winter’s night.

Copyright © 2021 Grumpy Bear; All Rights Reserved.
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I wonder about Matthias, have we heard that name before?  A trip to visit the artic during the thaw, such as it is, might be a grand adventure...

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