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    Grumpy Bear
  • Author
  • 3,430 Words
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Serpent Mound - 2. Mt Savage Boys Academy

Gary sat in the office of the Academy reviewing the paperwork and transcripts for a new cadet who would be arriving the next day. All the boys at their school came from troubled backgrounds and had a variety of emotional and academic problems, but that was exactly the kind of student they had formed the Academy to help. Gary and his mate, Bill had an uncanny knack to be able to connect with these boys at a deeper level than your standard public-school teacher. Part of that could be attributed to the fact that the Mt Savage Boys Academy only had about 80 students total enrolled, spread across a four-year program, so each instructor was able to really focus on a handful of students and mentor them through their years at the academy. The other advantage was that all the instructors and support staff at Mt Savage were werebears and were able to use their centuries of experience and their heightened senses to tap into the boys’ emotional needs.

Gary and Bill had founded the Academy a few years following the incident with the rogue werebear Christopher and his eight dababbi monsters. Bill was a graduate of Gary’s old academy, and had enlisted in the Marines, serving with distinction in two tours of battle overseas and rising to the rank of Staff Sergeant. His military career ended after a bomb went off inside the barracks during a July 4th ceasefire celebration, and after carrying twelve wounded Marines out of the fiery wreckage, he went back in to rescue a small group of local civilian children who were in the barracks latrine. He saved the children from a second bomb in the nick of time, but not without sustaining horrible injuries to the entire right side of his body. This injury permanently disabled him and forced him to retire from the Marines, but not before receiving the Medal of Honor from the president for his heroic bravery.

Bill thought that his life as a useful member of society was over until he met his old instructor Gary at the five-year reunion for his Academy’s graduating class. It was then that Gary let him know that he was bear kindred, and if he would choose it, Gary would breed and bite him, turning him into a werebear, which in addition to being able to transform into a bear, would grant him almost unlimited healing powers and a fully restored human body, free from any disability.

Bill eagerly agreed, and the first necessary step in their new life together after Gary turned him was to fake the deaths of their old identities so that they could start anew. If the public had seen Bill made a miraculous recovery over the course of four months from frail and disfigured to tall, muscular and healthy, there would have been too many questions asked. So, a mere week after it was agreed by all that Gary would become Bill’s new caretaker, an unfortunate accident occurred, burning down their modest house in the middle of the night. No bodies were recovered due to the intense heat of the fire, but a full military funeral was held at Arlington Cemetery to honor Bill’s heroic life.

The truth was that after they carefully started the fire, Gary’s werebear friend Daniel Arnold had whisked them away in the night to the big, empty mansion where he lived alone in Mt. Savage, Maryland. Gary and Daniel worked as a team to support Bill through the four-month period in which his body grew and repaired itself in preparation for his first change into his bear form. Bill had it much worse than most werebear cubs during this transformation period, as the healing process to his body was not without a great deal of pain, but Bill was trained as a Marine, and was not unaccustomed to pain in his life.

On the day of his first transformation, Bill changed into a magnificent grizzly, just like his Papa and Daniel, and when he changed back, he was a gorgeous specimen of man, standing six foot, four inches, with bulging muscles and the hair and beard of a Viking.

After Bill’s first change was settled, and he was once again a healthy example of masculinity, it was time to start thinking of the future. Gary had been wanting to open his own Academy for at-risk boys for many years and had proposed the idea to Bill even before turning him. Daniel was the cub-brother of the rogue bear Christopher, and after the death of Christopher and their Papa, Daniel had been seeking to find a use for the massive property and mansion that was left to him. There were several acres of land surrounded by a high wall, and the centuries-old mansion was the only building, standing alone in the middle of the property. It was the perfect location for a private school, and Daniel readily agreed, turning over ownership of the land that had been his and his Papa’s for hundreds of years to the newly formed Mt Savage Boys Academy of which he was a founding partner.

They determined that Gary, Bill, and Daniel would continue to use the third floor of the mansion as their primary residences as the Headmaster and Deans of the school, and that the rest of the empty rooms on the first and second floors would be used for classrooms and administrative offices.

All that was required to transform the empty grounds around the mansion into a campus was construction of a dormitory, gymnasium, cafeteria, and instructor apartments. Gary had enough money saved from his previous life to pay for the construction, but they wanted to get the Academy up and running within a year. Fortunately, he and Daniel had connections, and a week after making some calls, a crew of werebears from Atikokan, Canada arrived, ready to begin. These bears were no strangers to massive construction projects, as they had built their entire enclave on what had once been an empty tract of land, and transformed the outskirts of the town of Atikokan into a thriving community for werebears. They quickly divided themselves into project teams with a lead for each project who conferred with Gary, Bill, and Daniel, and drew up the plans to their specifications.

The crew of bears went above and beyond Gary’s wildest dreams. In addition to building beautiful and functional dorms, apartments, gymnasium, and cafeteria, they also created football and baseball fields, basketball and tennis courts, military parade grounds, paved sidewalks and a boathouse with a dock on the property’s pond.

The crew finished all the work in six months, during which they worked hard during the day, and played equally hard at night. Neither Daniel or Gary had much experience being around large numbers of werebears, and Bill was just a Cub, so the crew took pleasure in introducing them all to the joys and benefits that come from having a large group of close werebear friends.

When the work was complete, Ezekiel himself visited the new Academy to give the construction his review and approval. He also wanted to have a discussion with Gary concerning the future.

“Since bears have taken a more active role in the operations of the North American Lycan Council,” Ezekiel explained, “More and more werebears have been coming out of seclusion and making their existence known to the Council. Many who have been struggling to survive alone for many years have been contacted, and those in need have been invited to join the enclave in Atikokan. Many of the crew working on this construction are relative newcomers to our community.

“As you can imagine, with all the new arrivals, Atikokan is bursting at the seams, and we have been looking for opportunities to expand and create new communities of Bears. Councilmember Gunnar and his mate Mike have been helpful in establishing homes for some of the mated pairs of bears within their neighborhood in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, and have started up a new commercial fishing business to employ the bears in useful occupations.

“I’m here now to ask if you would consider staffing your new Academy with werebears. We already have four unmated bears in our community who have teaching experience in their past, and a few more who have been sufficiently educated and could easily pass any tests required to get their teaching certification. If you were to employ an all-bear staff, it would eliminate any potential questions that could be raised by non-lycan adults within the Academy and could drastically extend the amount of time you are able to continue with your current identities!”

“I hadn’t thought as far as staffing yet,” Gary replied, “An all werebear staff is something that I hadn’t even considered but would certainly make a lot of things much easier in terms of Bill, Daniel and I running the school. Bill and I are mated, and it would be a lot easier to explain why the Headmaster and the Commandant of Cadets share a one-bedroom suite in the main house. Daniel is to be our Dean of Faculty, so ultimately, he would have a say in the hiring as well. We would want to meet and interview the bears whom you feel would be good candidates.”

“I had a feeling you might say that,” Ezekiel replied with a sly smile, “And I’ve been planning this conversation months in advance. Eight of the bears whom I feel would be excellent teachers for the boys in your Academy have been on your construction crew, so you could say that they already know your campus inside and out!”

“Sneaky old bear!” Gary said with a grin, “Since we’re looking to keep our student body at 100 or less, eight would be an ideal number of additional teaching staff. If you think that a few more would agree to be on the maintenance, janitorial, and cafeteria crews, we could run the entire institution with werebears!”

“I don’t think I’d have a problem finding a few more to take on those positions,” Ezekiel replied, “Probably even from some of the other bears on your construction crew. Let’s find Daniel and we can start conducting interviews right away.”

So, it came to be that when the Mt Savage Boys Academy opened their doors in the fall for their first students, the parents were surprised and pleased to be greeted by a faculty of teachers and support staff consisting of sixteen tall, muscular, bearded men, ready to mold their troubled boys into fine, upstanding citizens. The fact that the entire staff was gay was kept a close secret, and other fact that they were all shapeshifting bears was kept an even closer one.

Soon after opening, the Lycan Council took an interest in the Academy as well, and it was determined in the Fall Session of that year that wolf packs who had pups with discipline problems could take advantage of what the school and its werebear staff had to offer. Young unruly wolf-lycans who were facing banishment from their packs due to their behavior were given the option of leaving home for four years to join the Academy, with the agreement that upon graduation they would be allowed to return home as members of the pack in good standing. So, it came to be that a small number of the Academy’s 80 cadets were, during any given school year, wolf-lycan pups.

Bill walked into Gary’s office now and closed the door behind him. He had just finished teaching a physical training class with the Juniors, and he was still wearing the olive drab green t-shirt and short shorts that the Marines referred to as “silkies”. Even though the Marine Corps discontinued the use of silkies as their PT uniform years ago, some ex-Marines still liked to keep the tradition alive.

“Gods, Bill,” Gary said, looking at his sexy, sweaty mate. “Don’t the boys laugh at those skimpy shorts?”

“Oh, they do the first time,” Bill replied, striking a pose that showed off his rippling quadricep muscles, “And then I make them run till they collapse, faint, or puke. After that, they don’t question my methods or fashion choices ever again. Besides, it’s like I always say… ‘Sky’s out, thighs out!’”

“I think you wear those just to tease your fellow bears Rodney and Marcus in the cafeteria,” Gary said with a grin. “Their eyes always pop out of their heads like cartoon characters anytime you go running by in your workout clothes.”

“Maybe I wear them just to make sure I keep my Mate on his toes,” Bill replied, sitting on the edge of Gary’s desk and looking at the papers he was going over. “Are those the transcripts for the new student arriving tomorrow?”

“Yeah,” Gary said, eyeing the bulge in Bill’s shorts, “Ward of the state in Tennessee. Been bounced around from foster home to foster home since he was five and kicked out of more public schools than Catcher in the Rye. But look at these IQ scores, Bill…”

Bill took the transcript from Gary’s hand and studied it quickly.

“Shit, Papa,” Bill replied, “This boy is a certified genius! How are we supposed to teach somebody like that?”

“Even the smartest man still needs to learn, Cub,” Gary said, “And even though this kid’s IQ is off the charts, his schoolwork doesn’t show it. Something happened to this kid early in his life that has caused him to build psychological walls as a defense mechanism, and those defenses make him come across as less of a smart kid, and more of a smart-ass. We’ve got our work cut out for us this time. Either we have a breakthrough with this kid, or he’s headed for a life in and out of prison.”

“That’s what you do best, Papa,” Bill said, setting the transcripts down on the stack, “Well, it’s one of the things you do best.”

Bill stood up and turned himself around, bending over Gary’s Headmaster desk seductively.

“I have an hour till my next PT class, Papa,” Bill said softly, pulling his silkies down to expose his bare ass framed by the elastic of his jockstrap. “And I know that your schedule is clear right now because I manage your schedule. I think there’s just enough time for a certain Papa Bear to show his Cub how much he appreciates the work he puts into staying in shape.”

Gary stood up behind Bill and leaned over him, kissing him behind his ear.

“Is the door locked?” Gary whispered.

“I locked it when I came in,” Bill whispered back. “Please, Papa. I need it.”

Gary unbuckled his pants and let them drop to the floor before pulling off his Academy polo shirt. He knelt and pulled his cub’s ass cheeks apart before diving between them with his tongue, invading Bill’s puckered hole and letting his beard rub against the cub’s balls in the way he knew drove him wild.

“Oh fuck, Papa,” Bill gasped, “I’m gonna come already!”

As Gary continued to prod his tongue further into the tight hole, Bill cried out and came into his cotton jockstrap, soaking the material and leaking through the front.

Gary grinned and stood up, spitting into his hand, and rubbing it onto his thick cock to make it nice and slick.

“I’ve got what you need right here, Cub,” he said as he pushed into Bill’s wet hole until his hairy balls were pressed against the cub’s round ass cheeks.

“Fuck, yes.” Bill moaned, still not recovered from his first orgasm. “Give it to me hard, Papa.”

Gary grinned and began to pound his mate in a fast rhythm, his thighs and balls slapping against Bill’s ass with each thrust.

Bill managed to get a hand beneath himself, and he pulled his cock, slick with his first load, out of his jockstrap and began to stroke himself in time with his Papa’s thrusts.

Gary kept up his fast and almost brutal jackhammering pace for nearly half an hour, knowing that his cub would reach climax a second time if he continued at that pace. As predicted, Bill began panting heavily and moaning once again.

“That’s it, Papa. Don’t stop, I’m almost there…”

With a few more thrusts from Gary, Bill came again, spraying his second load all over the back of the headmaster desk. As Bill’s ass muscles clenched around his cock, Gary finally lost his rhythm and pushed himself in deep before pumping his load into his mate’s gut.

“Shit, Papa,” Bill said, panting, “You will always be the best fuck I’ll ever have.”

“You’re going to have to go upstairs and change that jockstrap, and maybe shower before your next PT class, Cub,” Gary said. “Your jock is soaked with cum and you reek of sex.”

“Nope,” Bill said, stuffing his cock back into the damp jock and pulling up his silkies. “I think I’m going to run some laps before I meet with the Sophomores for their PT class. I know the rhythm and schedule of this entire campus as well as I know the back of my hand, and in five minutes, Rodney and Marcus are going to have their early-evening beer break out behind the cafeteria before they open for the dinnertime rush. I want them to get a good whiff as I go jogging by!”

“You’re so bad!” Gary exclaimed with a laugh. “Sooner or later, they’re going to catch you and make you sorry for teasing them so badly, and when they do, don’t come crying to me after they’ve tag-teamed you from both ends!”

“I’d like to see them try!” Bill boasted, flexing his muscles. “See you tonight, Papa.”

Bill unlocked the office door and jogged out, his ass muscles wiggling in his tight silkies as he trotted down the staircase.

Gary chuckled and shook his head, turning his attention back to the new student’s transcripts.

The boy had been found at the age of five, wandering the streets of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, telling anyone who would listen that his parents had died in a fire and that he’d been lost in the woods. It was impossible to confirm his story as he didn’t know his last name, only his first, which he said was Bernie. The police detectives ran a search for any couples in the area who had died in fires and also had a five-year-old-son named Bernie. They initially came up empty, but after expanding their search parameters nationwide and going back a year earlier, they did discover a couple by the name of Hansen who had lived in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado with their four-year-old son Bernie, but the official report stated that all three had died when their house had burned to the ground. It was unlikely that Bernie Hansen had somehow managed to survive a fire in Denver, only to show up a year later in Gatlinburg, so he was put in the foster system, and the rest is history.

Now, at age seventeen, this boy had exhausted all other options, and if the Mt Savage Boys Academy couldn’t break through his shell, his future was looking pretty bleak.

There was the question of class placement. Most boys, with the exception of some of the wolf-lycans, entered the Academy at age 14 or 15, and it was a very specific four-year curriculum that produced results and molded them into young men. The boy could certainly use the additional classwork by joining the current Freshmen, but with his extraordinary IQ the lessons would probably just bore him, and he would be older than any of the other cadets in his class. If he was placed with the Juniors, he would be with cadets closer to his own age, but he’d be missing out on two years’ worth of personal growth that comes with their program.

Somehow, Gary sensed that all this boy needed was a breakthrough to uncover the source of his troubles, and he would make a point of ensuring that breakthrough happened within two years. He filled out the paperwork enrolling him in the Junior class at the Academy and then filed the documents away. The boy would be arriving bright and early the next morning, and then the staff would determine what was needed to bring him out of the cocoon of anger and defiance he had woven around himself.

They had not failed any of their cadets yet, and Gary was determined that Bernie Smith was not going to be their first.

Copyright © 2021 Grumpy Bear; All Rights Reserved.
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The Accademy sounds awesome and being staffed by were-bears is great. I like the fact that lycan pups attend there as well. The new boy sounds like a challenge for the Academy.

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We can hope that Gary knows what he is doing with Bernie; of course, once he meets him he will realize he is kindred.  

Daniel found a great use for his Papa's house and land.  Gary and Bill found an outlet for their caring nature.  Let's hope that they bond they formed with the other teachers and the other Were Communities holds and when the time comes, they will be able to stand against the tide.

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Seeing as how they faked Bill's death i wonder what became of sean? Was he tipped off and told to keep it a secret? Seems unfair that after his closest friend manages to escape death by a whisker he just goes poof, never to be seen again. I was always salty that sean and bill didn't end up together but i guess it would have thrown a wrench in this storyline 😂 

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44 minutes ago, SnowBear said:

Seeing as how they faked Bill's death i wonder what became of sean?

Sean was married, and had a wife of his own.  Although they were committed to taking care of Bill for the first few months after Bill got out of the hospital, Bill was afraid of becoming a burden on their life together as a couple.  Bill preferred the option to go "poof" and disappear rather than have to force his best friend to put his life on hold to take care of him.

Yet another of Bill's sacrifices.

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You certainly have the ability to draw me right in and get me engaged in these folks.  Can hardly wait for the next chapter.

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Back to one of my favorite characters of yours! I forkin' love Gary! This really brings back my days in Scouts. I can only hope you're revisiting Gary's rules of nature...

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A very nice setup to this tale.  I liked the way that the two chapters have quickly formed a solid foundation for the story.  I love that Gary and Bill are back and teaming with Daniel.  Considering what we know about Bernie's background and his high IQ it doesn't surprise me that he is a kid in trouble.  Also, considering Axel and Adam's jobs on the council, I wonder if we will see them in this story involving Ancient Were people. I am sure by my comments you can tell you have hooked me once again.

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This is the story I would have voted for in your earlier poll  but missed out on. I am so glad that you have decided to write about these characters and I can't wait to see where you go with this story.

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