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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Stepping Out in Faith - 10. Chapter 7b

Warning: This chapter may contain sexually explicit content. Reader discretion is advised.

Back at Marcus’ apartment, the pristinely made bed called out to Andy and reminded him of all the scintillating experiences Marcus had introduced him to. Andy blinked as the memories sent a blush across his cheeks and ignited a roiling heat in the pit of his stomach.

“Here.” Marcus handed Andy a tumbler with amber liquid. Their hands brushed, and the contact sent tendrils of fire up Andy’s arm and across his body.

They stood close together in the middle of the apartment, close enough for Andy to breathe in Marcus’ scent, to feel the heat of Marcus’ body. Andy’s breathing quickened at the tension building between them.

Andy lifted his eyes that one-inch difference in height between them; it wasn’t much of a difference, but Andy still felt so much smaller than Marcus. His heart skipped a beat at the strength Marcus exuded; it was solid and dependable, a rock when Andy’s life felt so unstable. Andy desperately wanted to cling to that rock and never let go. His soul yearned for that safe place that he had only found with Marcus, that place where he forgot his burdens and could just be.

Marcus’ ran his thumb across Andy’s cheek. Andy turned into Marcus’ palm and closed his eyes to savor the contact.

“Beautiful,” Marcus whispered.

Andy peeked up at those words. He disagreed, but gave Marcus a slight smile, anyways.

“Sit for me?”

Andy blinked. “Sit?”

“So I can sketch you,” Marcus explained.

Andy swallowed; his mouth suddenly felt dry. He had never sat for anyone before, wasn’t sure how to do it.


Marcus smiled broadly. “Yeah, but only if you want to. You had this look on your face… I want to capture it.”

Andy didn’t know how to respond. His heart tumbled over a few times at how well Marcus could read him. That yearning for Marcus grew stronger until it was a tangible thing in Andy’s chest. There’s no way he could refuse Marcus such a gracious request.

Andy nodded, not trusting his voice.

Marcus’ hand trailed across Andy’s shoulder, down his arm and grasped his hand. The touch left a path of heat, and Andy had to physically suppress a shudder.

“You sit here.” Marcus led Andy over to an armchair. “Make yourself comfortable.”

Andy sat and folded his hands in his lap.

“That doesn’t look very comfortable.” Marcus laughed. He settled himself in a chair opposite Andy, a sketchpad and pencil in his hand.

“Um…” Andy glanced down at himself. Marcus was right, he looked kind of stiff. Shifting in his seat, he slouched down until he could lean his head against the high headrest. He crossed his ankles and tucked them off to the side while propping an elbow on the arm rest.

“That’s better.” Marcus smiled.

Andy watched Marcus work, his eyes flicking back and forth from Andy to his page, his drawing hand moving in sure and confident strokes. His brow furrowed in concentration as he got lost to his work, and a small smile tugged at the corner of Andy’s lips in response.

This was nice, Andy thought. No expectations, no striving to be something. Just sit comfortably and watch a skilled man at work in his element. Marcus’ hair fell across his forehead and into his eyes; he brushed it back occasionally but the curls would fall right back down again. Marcus’ lips were pursed together in a tiny pout; Andy doubted Marcus even realized he did that.

Marcus was just… Beautiful was the only word Andy could come up with. How in the world had he managed to get himself in this position? Andy didn’t consider himself particularly attractive or smart or charismatic. If anything, he was a walking contradiction, a nutcase who couldn’t get his life figured out. And yet, here he was, in Marcus’ apartment, the center of attention. The full potency of Marcus’ graciousness settled on Andy’s heart; he didn’t feel worthy.

Without giving it too much thought, Andy stood and walked toward Marcus, pulled by that invisible force and a physical need to be close. He had already closed half the distance before Marcus glanced up and noticed. Andy couldn’t tear his gaze away from the darkening pools of Marcus’ eyes; the swirls of passion he saw sent heat radiating through his body and gathered in his groin.

When he came within touching distance, Andy took Marcus’ sketchpad and pencil and set them on the coffee table. Without pausing, he lifted one leg and then the other to straddle Marcus’ lap. The heat building in his body burst into flames when he felt Marcus’ hands settle on his hips. Andy buried his fingers in Marcus’ curls and lowered himself until he was pressed flush against Marcus’ body. He felt Marcus’ arms wind behind his back, and he sighed.

Yes, this is where he wanted to be; this is where he belonged. The rightness of being in Marcus’ arms broke something deep in his psyche and released all the tightly guarded longings of his soul. He angled Marcus’ head just so and took his mouth in a deep, invading kiss. He couldn’t get close enough; he was desperate for Marcus, needing him in a basic, primal way that defied all thought, reason or faith.

He pressed his body up against Marcus, chest to chest, groin to groin, his cock jumping at the feeling of Marcus’ hardness rubbing through layers of clothing. Marcus helped; his hand grasped at Andy’s ass, kneaded the muscles through his pants. Andy groaned at the sensation and rubbed himself harder against Marcus, eliciting a groan in response.

Andy couldn’t take much more of this, he wanted skin on skin contact. He needed to feel Marcus without any barriers between them. He pulled away abruptly, surprising Marcus.

“Clothes,” Andy explained in a breathless voice. He made quick work of his shirt and started pulling at Marcus’ t-shirt before Marcus could process the command. Then he pressed close again, shocked at the feeling of Marcus’ hot skin against his chest. It sent sparks flying, and he couldn’t help rubbing himself up and down Marcus’ torso.

“Oh, god, Doe Eyes.” Marcus groaned. His hands tightened on Andy’s ass.

More. Andy needed more.

He disentangled himself from Marcus and dropped his pants. Naked, he pulled Marcus toward the bed while Marcus was still working on his belt. Andy sat down on the edge of the bed and positioned Marcus between his spread legs, his hands on top of Marcus’ as they pushed down the jeans together.

Without ceremony, Andy buried his face into Marcus’ crotch, in search of that musky scent of cinnamon and spice. He wrapped his lips around the bulge that tented Marcus’ cotton briefs and mouthed at the muscle underneath. When his lips found the wet spot, he sucked the pre-cum soaking through the fabric and groaned at the flavor. Cinnamon and spice; it exploded on his tongue and set off an insatiable hunger.

More. Andy needed more.

“Doe Eyes, shit.” Marcus’ hand buried themselves in Andy’s hair, holding him in place as Marcus rubbed his groin in Andy’s face like a dangerous predator marking his territory. The thought left Andy’s head spinning with desire.

Andy hooked his fingers underneath the waistband of Marcus’ briefs and pulled them out and over the thick column of Marcus’ cock. He took a second to admire its beautiful proportions: thick and long, decorated with engorged glands and smoothly shaved skin all around. Then he dived down and stuffed Marcus into his mouth as deep as he could make it go.

His gag reflex kicked in immediately, and he had to back off to catch his breath.

“Whoa, easy there, Doe Eyes.” Marcus panted with a laugh, brushing the hair off Andy’s forehead.

Andy tried again. He pushed himself as far down onto Marcus’ cock as he could go before bobbing back up and using his hand to make up the difference.

“Oh, god.” Marcus groaned again. It was music to Andy’s ears.

There was something meditative about sucking cock, Andy realized. His mind emptied of all worries, and his entire attention focused on bringing Marcus as much pleasure as possible. Andy became less; Marcus became more. Keeping one hand on Marcus’ cock, Andy let his other hand wander up Marcus’ stomach and chest until he found a nipple and pinched.

The way the flesh in his mouth jolted told Andy that Marcus enjoyed it. Andy pinched again before he sought out the other nipple and gave it the same treatment.

“Ah, shit. Fuck, Andy, you’re killing me.”

The gravely, barely held together sound of Marcus’ voice gratified Andy’s ears. It prompted him to swirl his tongue around the gland and use his hand to pull Marcus’ foreskin up and over the head, trapping his tongue inside.

Marcus’ knees buckled, and he nearly fell on top of Andy. He smiled around the length in his mouth; he loved that he had that effect on Marcus.

“Shit, Doe Eyes.” Marcus’ teeth were clenched, his grip tight on Andy’s hair.

Andy closed his lips around Marcus’ cock and sucked with his tongue still wedged between the head and the foreskin. His other hand searched out Marcus’ balls and rolled them around in his palm.

“Ahh...” Marcus’ breath heaved, and he sounded like he was about to collapse. Andy wanted to see him fall apart.

More. Andy wanted more.

Slowly, Andy inched forward and swiped his tongue along the underside of Marcus’ cock until it bumped up against the back of his throat. He took a deep breath, relaxed his throat and swallowed. Marcus’ cock slid right down and his nose bumped against Marcus’ pubic bone.

“Fuck... Andy...” Marcus’ entire body vibrated with tension, and Andy felt an inexplicable pride in knowing he had this effect on the man above him.

Pulling off Marcus’ cock, he was determined to drag this out as long as he could. Once he reached the tip, he reversed direction and slid back down, while running the flat of his tongue back and forth. He grabbed hold of Marcus’ butt cheeks and squeezed, massaged and tugged at them to keep Marcus firmed planted in his mouth.

On every down stroke, Andy swallowed and reveled in the way Marcus’ thickness blocked off his airway and filled all of his senses. Andy’s own cock lay hard and aching along his thigh. He felt wetness on his skin from where he was leaking pre-cum.

Andy let his hands explore; his fingers inched along Marcus’ crack and trailed down the crevice until they discovered the little wrinkle of skin.

“Ah... Shit... Fuck, Andy... Oh, god...” Marcus pushed back against Andy’s exploring fingers and tightened his hold of Andy’s hair until Andy wondered if he would be missing chunks of it later.

That little wrinkle of skin was fascinating. It had felt so good when Marcus played with his hole, Andy wanted to know what it felt like to be on the giving end. He massaged the rose bud with a finger and elicited non-coherent sounds from Marcus. Letting Marcus’ cock slip out of his mouth, Andy wet a couple of his fingers while gazing up at Marcus, who watched him with half-lidded, desire-filled eyes. Marcus shuddered, and somewhere in the back of Andy’s mind, he was a little shocked at what had come over him. But knowing that he was responsible for the hunger in Marcus’ eyes gave him the encouragement he needed to go on.

With saliva-slicked fingers, he reached back to toy with Marcus’ hole again, teasing and prodding gently while his tongue mimicked the motions on Marcus’ cock head. All the while, he kept his eyes on Marcus to gauge the effects of his actions; Marcus’ eyes blurred, and he braced himself against Andy’s shoulder, bent slightly at the waist as if unable to keep himself upright.

Andy smiled; he knew what he wanted to do. He sealed his lips around Marcus’ impossibly hard dick and sucked in earnest. At the same time, he pressed a finger into Marcus’ ass and felt the tight muscles give way. The finger slipped in, and Andy pumped it slowly in and out while he bobbed his head up and down, determined to coax a healthy load from Marcus.

“Oh god... Andy, I’m going to come,” Marcus warned. He tugged at Andy’s hair to pull him off, but Andy held on tight, simultaneously working Marcus’ ass and cock as best he could.

With a deep groan, Marcus tensed, bore down on Andy’s finger and spurted stream after stream of hot creamy cum into Andy’s mouth. Andy swallowed every drop to satisfy his greed for Marcus’ cum.

Andy had a silly grin on his face; he knew it, but he couldn’t help it. He kissed his way up Marcus’ abs and chest as Marcus caught his breath. Marcus helped him up, and attacked his mouth. Their tongues dueled and explored as they shared Marcus’ flavor.

“God, you’re so sexy with my cock in your mouth,” Marcus murmured against Andy’s lips. “You liked playing with my ass, huh?”

Andy felt himself blush, which was rather ridiculous since a minute ago, he had his finger up said ass.

“How would you like to put more than just a finger up there?” Marcus reached down and palmed Andy’s hard cock.

His breath hitched at the thought of being buried in Marcus’ sweet little hole, and tremors ran down his body. “Really? I didn’t think you… you know.”

“Bottomed?” Marcus chuckled. “Not usually, but with the right person… Besides, I’m guessing your bottom is probably a little sore.”

Andy’s blush deepened, and he unconsciously clenched his hole at the memory of the previous night.

The way Marcus smiled—it was as if he could read Andy’s thoughts. Andy didn’t resist when Marcus pushed him back onto the bed; he settled himself while Marcus pulled out condoms and lube from the night stand.

As Marcus climbed up, Andy spread his legs and trembled at the sight of Marcus between his knees. Then Marcus bent over and unceremoniously inhaled Andy’s cock. Wet heat enveloped his sensitive flesh, and Andy let out a strangled cry, grasping at Marcus’ shoulders to steady himself. He told himself to breathe before he passed out from the scalding flames coursing through his system.

Altogether too soon for Andy’s liking, Marcus pulled off with a devilish grin, leaving Andy’s cock wet with a coat of saliva. He rolled on a condom with a practiced touch, pressed the bottle of lube into Andy’s hand and presented himself on his hands and knees, ass high in the air. It all happened so fast that it took Andy a couple of breaths to catch up.

“No.” Andy put a hand on Marcus’ hip and squeezed. “On your back, I want to see your face.”

He needed to see Marcus’ face, needed to see the look when he entered him, the look when he thrust so deep that they couldn’t tell where one person ended and the other began.

The look on Marcus’ face when he turned around stole Andy’s breath away. Sweetness and gentleness and something more that Andy couldn’t quite put a name to. He leaned in for a kiss, pushed Marcus on to his back and followed him down. Using his tongue, Andy explored every inch of Marcus’ mouth until they were both breathless. Then Marcus shifted and Andy found himself settled in between Marcus’ thighs, hard cock pressed against hard cock.

“Doe Eyes, please, I need you inside me.”

Eager to satisfy, Andy squeezed a blob of lube onto his hand to spread onto his cock. Then another blob, which he warmed up between his fingers.

Without prompting, Marcus pulled his legs up, knees to either side of his chest and left himself exposed. Andy took a minute to take in the view, a little overwhelmed at the sight of the beautiful man, lying there, offering himself so freely. It warmed Andy in a way that had less to do with sex and everything to do with his heart.

Gently rubbing Marcus’ hole with his lubed fingers, Andy felt the muscle twitch under his touch.

“Ugh, don’t tease me.” Marcus moaned.

Andy grinned, more than happy to oblige. Slowly, he pushed with one finger, and it slid in easily. A contented hum emanated from Marcus’ chest, and he rocked his ass up to take more of Andy’s finger inside. As soon as Andy felt Marcus’ muscles loosen, he added a second finger and soon a third. He fucked Marcus with his fingers while his other hand gripped his own cock. Marcus’ eyes were closed, his head rolling from side to side, body rocking up and down to meet Andy’s thrusts.

“Now, Andy, now. I need you now.”

Pulling his fingers out of Marcus’ body, Andy marveled at how his pink hole stayed open and quivering, waiting for Andy to fill it again. He shuffled closer and rubbed the head of his cock against Marcus’ entrance.

“Marcus,” Andy whispered. He didn’t need to say anymore. Marcus blinked, and their eyes connected. If eyes were the window to the soul, then Andy felt like he could see into the core of Marcus’ being, and he felt Marcus’ presence just as deeply in himself. Lost in that moment, Andy didn’t notice Marcus shift underneath him.

Long lean legs wrapped around his waist, and Andy’s poised dick pressed up against Marcus’ hole. Then Andy titled his hips, and the head of his cock popped in past the tight ring of muscles.

Andy let out a ragged breath, braced over Marcus, eyes still connected. Slowly, they shifted, leaned and pressed into each other until inch by inch, Andy sank into Marcus and his balls rubbed against Marcus’ ass cheeks.

Fully sheathed inside of Marcus’ velvety heat, Andy let out another ragged breath. Nothing in the world had ever felt so right to him before. Not his duties as a priest, not making a difference in other people’s lives. This felt right, Andy knew, because it was making love to Marcus.

Andy leaned down to kiss Marcus, and filled the kiss with all the things that flowed through his mind and his heart that he didn’t have the words to express. When Marcus returned the kiss, with his arms and legs wrapped tightly around him, Andy felt every emotion echoed back to him.

Andy wasn’t sure how long they stayed like that, him buried deep inside Marcus while they kissed each other’s breaths away. It could have been mere moments, but Andy wanted it to go on forever. Finally, Marcus shifted underneath him, and Andy felt a jolt of electricity shoot through his cock and up his spine. His hips jerked involuntarily, and Marcus gasped in response.

“Make love to me, Doe Eyes.”

Andy almost came at those words. With a deep, steadying breath, he pulled out tentatively before reversing direction, astonished at the feeling of Marcus’ ass sucking him back in. He started building a steady rhythm, pulling out until just his head was inside, then all the way in until their pubic bones ground together. After a few thrusts like this, Marcus suddenly flexed up and met Andy half way, driving the rhythm faster.

All the blood in his body was rushing to his cock set on fire inside Marcus’ body. Through hazy eyes, he saw Marcus throw his head back and his body buck. The sight of the other man losing control under him was so erotic that the last of his self-control shattered. Andy let his primal side take over, and he pounded into Marcus with everything he could muster.

He felt his balls swinging and slapping against Marcus’ ass, the thwack-thwack sound driving him wild. Trails of fire ignited wherever Marcus touched him—his nipples, his hips, his back. The silky curls of Marcus’ hair lay in disarray, half of them covering his face and half splayed out on the pillow. He looked beautiful.

Andy leaned down and captured Marcus’ lips with his own; their tongues danced in time with their bodies. They exchanged breaths back and forth as two people became one, their bodies and souls melting into each other. The stubble along Marcus’ jaw scratched at Andy’s lips as he kissed along the ridge. The sheen of sweat beading on Marcus’ neck was salty on Andy’s tongue.

“Yes, Andy, oh god, Andy.” Marcus guided Andy’s other hand to his cock to encourage him to stroke. The hard length was heavy in Andy’s palm, and he matched the movement of his hand to the rhythm of his hips.

“Right there, yes, right there.” Marcus held himself up at an angle, as Andy’s jabs hit at his prostate. Andy picked up his speed. He wanted to see Marcus come apart in his arms, wanted to bring this beautiful man the same pleasure he had graciously shown to Andy. He kept his eyes trained on Marcus’ face and watched it contort as orgasm neared.

“Come for me, Marcus, come for me,” Andy whispered.

“Oh, fuck, Andy!” Marcus screamed. He writhed on the bed, head thrown back in ecstasy, hands clutched at Andy so hard he would probably leave bruises. Marcus came, shooting an impressive load considering he had just come earlier.

The sight of Marcus coming apart and the feeling of Marcus’ ass clenching around his cock sent Andy over the edge. He thrust in as far as he could go and emptied himself while deep inside Marcus’ body.

He collapsed on top of Marcus, still buried deep inside. All of his nerves were fried as aftershocks pulsed through him. His bones had melted. He didn’t want to move; he couldn’t move if he wanted to.

Marcus’ arms held Andy tight. His hair was brushed off his forehead as Marcus planted a tender kiss. Neither said a word; the moment was too precious to spoil with words.

The beating of Marcus’ heart thudded loudly underneath Andy’s cheek. It beat in sync with his own.

They stayed that way, arms and legs entangled and sweat cooling on their skin until Andy’s softening cock slipped from Marcus’ ass. Andy glanced up, blinking, to find Marcus watching him.

“Hey,” Marcus whispered.

There was something in his tone, thick with some emotion Andy didn’t expect or understand. He pushed himself up onto his elbows to get a good look at the man he had just made love to. Marcus’ eyes were warm and gentle, like always, but there was something else there, something that stole Andy’s breath away.

With his fingertips, Andy traced Marcus’ brow and the ridge of his nose until he reached the kiss-swollen lips. Marcus opened his mouth and caught Andy’s fingers inside. Teeth nipped at them until Andy pulled them out and replaced them with his tongue.

It wasn’t the most passionate kiss, nor was it the most arousing. But it was deep, soul deep. Andy felt himself being sucked into the kiss, as if his entire being, his heart, soul and mind emptied into Marcus through that kiss. He became void of himself as he gave everything he had into Marcus’ care.

Suddenly, Marcus reared up and flipped them over until Andy was on his back, pressed into the bed as Marcus took over. Andy’s strangled cry was muffled as Marcus possessed his mouth. He gladly welcomed it, welcomed Marcus’ claim over him. He may have felt emptied of himself, but he was also full of Marcus, full of all that Marcus offered. It filled Andy to overflowing until he felt like he was going to burst.

When they broke off the kiss, both men were panting. Andy gazed up into Marcus’ eyes and knew they both felt the same way. He wasn’t entirely clear what had just happened between them, had no words to describe it, but whatever it was it had happened to both of them. There was no denying it; no matter what the future held, they were bound to each other now. The knowledge gave Andy a deep sense of calm, a peace that transcended his body and soul.

“Stay the night?” Marcus asked.

The question reminded Andy that life was never as simple as he would hope. He sighed, and struggled with the temptation to just give in and stay.

“I really want to, but...”

Marcus nodded with a sad smile. “It’s okay.”

“I’m sorry.”

Marcus didn’t respond; he just rolled off Andy and pulled him close. Andy let himself cuddle into Marcus’ side. If only he could stay; if only things were so simple. The world and its burdens lingered just outside of Marcus’ door, but for now, just for this moment, Andy let himself forget those burdens and simply enjoy being in Marcus’ arms.

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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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Andy seems at the beginning of self-acceptance finally.  Hope he finds the courage to speak with John.



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On 7/16/2017 at 8:07 PM, pvtguy said:

Andy seems at the beginning of self-acceptance finally.  Hope he finds the courage to speak with John.




He'll get there eventually :) 

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oh my gosh! I must thank my upbringing on not creating so much turmoil even though Catholicism in Spain is the religion.

Thanks for another beautifully written chapter... can't wait for the next one to appear!!

Will Andy help at the day center? Will he confess to Father John? Will Marcus be able to live with a closeted partner? and a Catholic priest at that!!!

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7 hours ago, Dyaus said:

oh my gosh! I must thank my upbringing on not creating so much turmoil even though Catholicism in Spain is the religion.

Thanks for another beautifully written chapter... can't wait for the next one to appear!!

Will Andy help at the day center? Will he confess to Father John? Will Marcus be able to live with a closeted partner? and a Catholic priest at that!!!


There are plenty of well adjusted Catholics! Andy's kind of an extreme exception. Honestly, after I finished writing this, I did realize that there are lot of religious people who are comfortable with their sexuality, so I don't want anyone to think that this is representative of anyone who is religious. But hopefully by the time we get to the end of Andy's story, that will become clear!

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I said I sort of hated you, well now, I do for sure.  (Writer's jealousy)  That was fucking AWESOME!!!  I saw and felt every damned thing!  I need something...a cigarette or something one does after great sex.  That was great sex.  It was done in LOVE!

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An incredible chapter. We'll written. Thank you. Andy is getting closer to self-acceptance. Of course, the "faithful" might say he is on the slippery slope of sin. 

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