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  1. pvtguy

    Chapter 24

    We never had central heat in any house we lived in while I grew up. The first central heat my parents ever had in a house was when I bought the place they lived and had central heat installed. That was a luxury for sure! Love this story!
  2. pvtguy

    Chapter 30

    What a mess! Leaving two wet-behind-the-ears teens to do a professional theft should go smoothly, yes? I do hope the kids are saved somehow and Salvatore has his genitals removed!
  3. This is the second in, hopefully, more volumes to a wonderful story of more twists and turns that will keep the reader not wanting to put down any chapter until the end. Jake faces many issues and learns about a web of lies that affects everyone he knows. How will it turn out? Must read!
  4. pvtguy


    Each of these three volumes have gotten increasingly complex and more powerful! This one, in particular, had twists and intrigue to the last sentence! Very well done! I must agree with @quttzik: these are valid questions that would complete and give resolution to the unanswered. But, knowing how you have written especially this last story, I'm sure you will provide more twists and turns into the unexpected! And that, Mr. Matthews, is what sets you apart as an exceptional writer! Thank you!!! Tony
  5. Can this web get even more tangled? What a tremendous twist! Now on to the next chapter and hopefully some clarification...
  6. Just when I think that the loose ends are finally binding, you give us another twist! Love it!!! Great chapter. And will Jake not forgive his mother? As he matures, if he matures, he will. After all, as crazy as it all was, he was surrounded by love his entire life.
  7. What a way to resolve so many mysteries! Didn't see this coming at all. When Jake gets home, will his mother talk with him about the picture? How is he going to explain leaving? Cody has to be given some satisfaction - he needs to go back to the states to see Luke.
  8. pvtguy

    Hi Trevor

    Nice twist. Still waiting for the tying up of the other lose ends.
  9. Too soon to end as there are too many loose ends! In the situation Ethen finds himself (how do we know that his father doesn't have ways of tracking him anywhere?), life for Jake will be always fraught with anxiety. Love will not salve over that! Indeed...quite the web has been woven!
  10. pvtguy

    Day 48

    Now what can go wrong with two young teens doing a B&E? On to the next chapter...
  11. pvtguy

    Chapter 23

    I find it amazing to behold: in small towns, the people are close and enjoy the "family" feel. Yet, they become very provincial, not wanting to venture beyond their known borders. Life seems to revolve around the same issues daily. I grew up that way, too, but once I experienced life outside the small town, I felt suffocated when I returned there. I couldn't stand having the same conversation every evening! I moved my mother away from the small town when she was 69. After about a year living in a larger urban environment, she said, "i existed for the first 69 years of my life. I am now living!"
  12. pvtguy

    More Post

    Mum is doing a wonderful job of sorting out the issues. I'm eager to see the next conversation with Ethen and learn of his plans.
  13. What Jake did with Cody was not to "cheat" but rather to punish himself for hurting everyone, including himself. I don't think Jake wants to hurt anyone but also realizes that every decision will affect others. Yes, the future with Jake is very tenuous, but is the decision to stay with Cody not also filled with uncertainty? That would be naive to believe. Following his heart is going to be tough, but both he and Ethen are capable of being rational - Ethen more so - and that will help keep him grounded. Great drama - great story!
  14. pvtguy

    Not Letting Go

    Oh what a web we weave...and I love how this story is developing. I love the comments as they show great insight and reflection.
  15. As I said before, I do love a good romance mixed with mystery! And this is one fine one!!! Go Alan! I know all decisions made will have consequences. Cody might just have to move on or go back to Luke - not the worst situation. And Jake and Ethen? Maybe dreams do come true...
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