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  1. pvtguy

    New Day

    Mystery makes the plot more interesting! A chapter a day would make me much happier, hint!
  2. When one lives in abject poverty, has denied himself what most would consider "normal" - like heat in cold weather, nutritious meals, and even friendships, one might come to believe that they are not worthy of such "normalities". Eric seems to accept his station in life, even to the point of seeming to reject help when offered because his pride is seemingly attacked. Andy, a charity volunteer, also learns how to communicate effectively, albeit occasionally misspeaking without malice, and develops a wonderful relationship which greatly benefits Eric's life. Eric is finally able to admit to himself that he is gay and has been closeted all his life. This is not a romantic story; rather, it is a true journey that shows one is never too old to learn peace in one's life. This is a superb read!
  3. As an elderly man myself, it is so wonderful to read a story whose main character grows in self-awareness in retirement. This story is extremely well-written, showcasing the disparities in the cultures of those living with meager means and those who are more comfortable. The relationship that develops between Eric (the retired discoverer) and Andy (a volunteer with a commitment to improving the living conditions for Eric) is a call to us all to look around and help lift up the lives of those who through life's inequities need positive interaction. Do yourself a favor and read both volumes to date.
  4. Slowly, the onion is getting pealed...we're learning more about Rhys - Ary is a long time friend who is going to prove to be instrumental, I believe, in helping Mason put things together. Good job! Guess we'll have to wait another week to learn more (boo, hiss!).
  5. pvtguy

    Growth All Around

    So glad to see another chapter in the story of this wonderful family. I am disappointed in Kaleb: it's time he grows up and helps Kasey become more disciplined especially in the area of respect of others: there is no reason for his behavior other than the fact that he is not being taught by words and modeling by both fathers! I guess he's a "little Kaleb", but he's not Kaleb! Even Kaleb is very solicitious of others - Kasey does not appear so at this point. Discipline in its best definition is self-control and there is a lot of that lacking in Kasey. End of my soapbox! I would love to follow this family to the next two generations! (Hint: keep writing!) Hope life allows you the opportunity to write more often! Tony
  6. pvtguy


    Ah, the difference between observations and conclusions from youth and the lessons learned in life along the way. Lenny and Adrian have a wonderful opportunity. I am enjoying this story immensely. Great job!
  7. Neither Nash nor Penn is perfect and their flaws are apparently not seen by each other as they were blinded by infatuation. They now have the opportunity to start on a better foundation. It was important for each to live on their own. Now we will see if these more mature men can act accordingly!
  8. And I do believe you might have an inkling if things will work out...
  9. Well, the intrigue is compounded a bit here: we are no closer to the answer as to who killed Toby, but we do know that Mason is conflicted in his feelings for Rhys. Billy will prove to be a solid friend to Mason and Rhys. Now to see where the story is going to take us....
  10. pvtguy


    Mystery is developing nicely. At least Adrian now knows they are "friends" - even if Pippa could see more than either acknowledge just yet. And in the words of Oliver, 'More please"....
  11. pvtguy


    Another story in the "CJ universe" that focuses on the relationship of the dads: Cesar and Brett set up their California residence which is Brett's homeplace. The drama that is included only serves to show the true values they share and live. It is a wonderfully written story, an example of the excellence that has come to signify a story written by Carlos Hazday. A superb read!
  12. pvtguy

    President's Day

    A perfect stopping place...for now! You've certainly set us up for the next volume in this story! As usual, great job, Carlos! I am looking forward to your next offering. Tony
  13. pvtguy

    Chapter 139 Bonding

    Daniel doesn't like conflict - he's opting for the easy way out for Robbie so that there won't be any issues. He is scared that his peaceful existence might be upset and life will change. He likes his idyllic life. I don't think he's turning into a mini-Don yet. Nicola has planted the seed: she doesn't think the marriage will last much longer and she wants the rest of the family to be cohesive. Sue is growing a spine and a heart! Go girl!!! Great chapter, Dodger!! I know you must have a life - but I sure wish the next chapters would come sooner! Tony
  14. pvtguy


    That's our temperature here in Orlando, FL: I'll still eat Shepherd's Pie - too good to pass up!
  15. Ok...we've got half of the story now -- eager to see what the spycam reveals and the following discussion....
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