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  1. pvtguy

    Chapter 39

    And so it happens: small towns that relied on factories become ghost towns when products can be bought cheaper elsewhere. The town I grew up in was full of glass factories (there were 6 at one time!) and lots of coal mining. Now...no factories, coal production is practically nil, young people have left, and the town looks like something out of a war zone! There is still some business, but the tax basis does not allow for upgrading the City anymore. I left a long time ago as I knew what the future would look like in a few years after I did leave. I love my new home and totally enjoyed the job I was able from which to retire. It makes me sad to know that all I have left of my childhood home is memories. Such a well-written story!
  2. pvtguy

    CDMX • XVI

    I got to this late today. So...anything I have to say would be repetitive. It is always good to look forward to CJ, et al, on Friday! Thanks.
  3. pvtguy

    Chapter 4 - Damon

    Moments of grief do serve as encouragement to be close to others who count.
  4. I hope this story goes the way I think it will. I have a feeling that if Blake accepts to stay at Aric's for the weekend, by the time Aric's parents get home, he will be able to explain Blake's presence. And, if the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, they parents will be more than accepting. Of course, there is the reality of who Blake really is and what his circumstances are, the legal issues, etc. Let's see how it goes...more chapters, please!
  5. pvtguy

    Chapter 35

    It is many years after this setting that there became an understanding of the Autism spectrum. Albie certainly has those characteristics. You have given him humanity in your depiction. Well done! Still loving this story! Tony
  6. pvtguy

    Chapter 38

    And so the circle of life carries on. First one of the generation to go. Few like to talk about mortality, especially their own, but it's a reality we all must face and prepare for if we can. You know I love this story - have done so from the first chapter. Again, thanks for sharing it!
  7. pvtguy

    CDMX • XV

    Sounds like a major confrontation is going to take place with Madame Ambassador's voice going to be quite pointed! Northman might do well to invest in some Depends! The reception went off beautifully. I do believe the passage about Lupe looking at the floor reflects more on her showing deference/respect to the First Lady than jealousy towards Liebe. Great chapter, Carlos!
  8. pvtguy

    Chapter 1

    An intense story: what has brought Gavin to this point of becoming a rent boy? My heart breaks for him. I want to reach out to help him. Such is the power you have created through your marvelous writing!
  9. pvtguy

    Chapter 1

    I loved the entire story: the relationship between Brandon and Isaac is so great! With Isaac's background, he certainly has benefited from his inclusion in Brandon and Hal's home. His description of "comfy" truly sums up what he experiences when he looks at the house and realizes how much it is home! A good foreboding for how his reaction to Marshal may turn out! I love the entire Sanataria Springs anthology. This just adds to it!! Tony F
  10. pvtguy


    Excellent read! Very insightful as the working of a teenager trying to figure out who he is and what his sexuality might be. Very sensitive yet impactful treatment.
  11. pvtguy

    Chapter 3 - Cole

    Sorry to disagree, Joh, but this chapter was not boring but rather informative and a bit insightful. It was a good setup for what's to come.
  12. I didn't say it was impossible for them - but most difficult. I, too, have a great deal of experience with young parents and have seen both successful and very sad situations. Robbie is maturing, that is for sure! Stephanie has an apparently very supportive family. For sure, Sue would be a wonderful grandmother - but Don? Sorry...I may the the curmudgeon in this case, but I see too many red flags. That is not to say that they wouldn't love the child...but as it stands, there are a lot of obstacles int he way at the moment.
  13. Sorry to disagree, but they both are too young and naive to be able to be good and responsible parents without help from a lot of people. Unfortunately, Robbie doesn't have any positive family experience with which to draw any experience from. He's definitely not old enough yet to handle this alone or with Stephanie.
  14. Robbie is definitely maturing. He knows what the lack of a father in a child's life is like and I do believe he now may want to have some role in the baby's life. May Don fall overboard!
  15. pvtguy

    Bro Epilogue

    Ok...so I'm late to the game. I just read this entire story in one sitting, which was rather nice not having to wait for the posting of each chapter. I loved it. As to the questions about who was/were gay - not every story has to have erotic scenes. Gays also have lives outside their sex lives! I guessed that is why Austin was not accepted by the mean uncle and aunt. But he has grown quickly through the traumas endured. I'm always amazed, though, at these types of stories where parents die in an accident, but the kid/s are left with a quite sizable trust. My family never left me with anything more than memories...
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