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  1. pvtguy

    New Highs

    I had to laugh at Steven at the end! He lives up to his statement: he likes to watch sex, period! That he is totally accepting is great. He has allowed Puppy to advance in his social growth. I'm eager to find out the Watson situation! Another great chapter!!
  2. pvtguy


    You hope we are enjoying this story: well, I'm here to say that I LOVE this story!!! Puppy's innocence combined with Steven's extrovertish behavior makes for great interaction. I have found myself laughing outloud at some of the dialogue! Max and Susan are models for all parents!
  3. pvtguy

    Chapter 13

    My mother's father was married twice. His first wife died, leaving him 7 children. He married my grandmother who then had 5 children, my mother being the last. The oldest child from the first marriage was nearly 30 when my mother was born. Such were the times and the "normal" occurrences in a small mining town. This story reminds me of the stories I grew up with. My grandfather lived in a house that had no running water and a central fireplace heated with coal in the winter. 4 rooms and an outhouse.
  4. pvtguy


    Though I prefer HEA's, the second option actually flows with the story, even if my emotions don't want it to be the final ending. I don't want to believe Tyler was in fact a killer. But then again, this whole story had such a dark undercurrent, it follows the logic (illogic?) of the entire scenario. Well done!!!
  5. Further insight into the various characters. Curious about Mr. Watson's decision to take Cindy. Looking forward to further development of this story!
  6. I was wondering how Greenstone was being funded...guess we know in part how it may have been. In any case, like with all things in life, there were good things that it provided to Puppy and Cindy. So much in this chapter - all I can say is it is so well crafted, as is the whole story, and I look forward to each posting! Tony
  7. Puppy is progressing nicely and quickly in adjusting to his new life. He certainly has an ideal family in which to grow. I am eager to find out Max's serious news.
  8. Each chapter just keeps getting better! And, wow, a misdiagnosis done for control purposes! Years ago, i did a two-week rotation in an adolescent psychiatric hospital and admittedly saw this behavior. Thank goodness, the hospital is now closed. I did work with two other adolescent psychiatrists in co-therapy with patients who were also students in my school and for whom I was the school contact and follow-up. These were very positive situations. I can only hope the same for Puppy!
  9. pvtguy

    Meeting Steven

    Superb covering of the emotional roller coaster Puppy endured on his first day in the "real" world. His sharing with Steven, though fueled by anger, was also courageous and allowed Steven to begin to understand him a bit better. I look forward to seeing how they finally bond.
  10. The context is finally becoming clear as to the nature of the "Organization" run by G. Scary for sure! The mind altering drugs used, the memories implanted....wow! Now is the time for Zeke and Tyler to finally connect without interference by G.
  11. Forming a new family with an addition is never easy, but I do hope Puppy will be able to crack through Steven's shell and that they do form a bond. However, that will take time for sure. Additionally, his Bipolar will, of course, make itself known and felt in time. Great chapter!
  12. pvtguy


    Thanks for posting this so soon after the last chapter! I'm glad Max has gotten someone to review Puppy's medical records. I'm sure Dr. Listern has done the best he could, but Puppy is perhaps more complicated (or not) than he can see by himself. That is why there needs to be a team review periodically. I would prefer if Steven came to the hospital to see Puppy/Jensen and meet him there first. But I am eager to see the next chapter! I can't put down this story when I see a posting!
  13. pvtguy

    My Dad Max

    Puppy is correct: there are some of the staff who do not know how to deal with bipolar. However, it is also true that his condition is possibly not being treated effectively at this moment. Medications don't always work as intended and, combined with the fact he is a growing teenager with wildly fluctuating hormones, it is very frustrating to try to maintain balance. Max and his family are certainly in for a wild ride!
  14. Puppy is indeed growing up. I'm excited for him to meet his father and find out the story! Cindy is truly a lifetime friend!
  15. pvtguy

    Manic for Max

    What a beautiful job of not only describing, but taking the reader through a manic attack! I could feel the anxiety Puppy felt and was also comforted by Cindy! Would Puppy really know how to use a telephone if he had no one to call before? Hmm.....
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