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  1. pvtguy

    GMA IV

    The fast movement in this volume has taken a bit of getting used to, but it also mirrors CJ's life. As usual, I love the characters and story lines. They inspire hope in spite of the BS coming from the swamp master. Thank you for that, Carlos. Tony
  2. pvtguy

    Chapter 112 The Blues Brothers

    Might there be a tumor? Might this story turn out not to be a HEA? Thanks for posting more frequently, Dodger. Tony
  3. pvtguy


    Carlos airways provides thought provoking stories. This one is no dIfferent. And, as usual, it is very well written.
  4. pvtguy

    Chapter 5

    I have absolutely loved the entire Sanataria Springs story. Hope there might be further volumes in the future. You've created a great mixture of characters, a wonderful place to live, but very real issues. You've handled them with great insight and sensitivity. I just feel like Oliver: please sir, more! Tony F
  5. pvtguy

    Losing It

    I love all the threads of this story. I'm eager to see how you resolve them. Tony
  6. pvtguy

    Helping Hand

    I have been reading the first two volumes in order to prepare for this. Wonderful story...compelling characters...great writing! I am loving this journey. Tony
  7. pvtguy

    Chapter 12

    Please don't let a long time elapse before the next chapter!! I know we're seeing this from Ehren's point of view, but there really needs to be an adult who takes charge and becomes Ehren's support in a very strong way. Of course, it's going to take a lot for him to develop trust in that person. Tony
  8. pvtguy

    Chapter 10

    As a retired school counselor with 36 years experience in the job, I can totally understand both sides. I still volunteer my services to assist students who have difficulty working in the structure of school, but need to find a way to succeed and graduate. You have very eloquently described the points of view of each character. I look forward to each chapter. Wonderful job! Tony
  9. pvtguy

    IOI Chapter 31

    Seems as though Lewis will be a one-stop shop...he'll be responsible for everything! Will he get the treehouse back for his brother? Would that even be desirable any more? Now on to the next chapter!
  10. pvtguy

    IOI Chapter 25

    It seems that Lewis' life is dictated from without. He just rolls along, doing an excellent job with whatever is assigned. Still, I really like learning all about the various areas he visits. It allows me to research these areas and learn even more. Thanks for your continued sharing of your talents, Q. Tony
  11. pvtguy

    Chapter 103 The Painful Truth

    All this time and still Robbie has not had serious counseling. With all he's had to endure he needs major help! I know I feel this way because I was a professional counselor, now retired, but he could still have drama without this unnecessary trauma.
  12. pvtguy

    IOI Chapter 18

    I am also touched that the yacht is named "Huon". I am eager to see what develops between Lewis and Sebastian. Great going!
  13. pvtguy

    IOI Chapter 17

    So Sebastian returns, but without the twins in tow. I like this continuity.
  14. pvtguy

    IOI Chapter 15

    Thanks. I love learning about Australia and environs through your writing. It has opened a wonderful new world to me. I am extremely grateful for this knowledge.
  15. pvtguy

    IOI Chapter 15

    II am not familiar with time zone differences of 1/2 hours. Every time zone I am familiar with is in one-hour intervals. The purchase of the glass-bottom boat seems odd for transport. Better for tourist uses. Seems like an imposition on a brother he has only known briefly. The story is good. The language - especially in conversations - is stilted at times. Patience is the virtue; Patients are people... Just minor observations. I do await the next adventure. Tony

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