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  1. pvtguy


    For whatever reason, I missed the original posting and only got to read this chapter today. It was delightful. I empathize with Rick: having a father who never respected him as an individual is disheartening. The moment when Rick fully stands up to Heinrich will be so cathartic! Can't wait for that to happen! Maybe Sr. will get "screwed" royally by Rita and have an apopleptic reaction...
  2. I love any story you post! Always interesting, well thought out and thought provoking! This one is no different. Of course, the world of CJ is compelling - even through the extended family! I had to chuckle out loud: The next morning, after Will was done with him, Ritch could not believe how much his ass hurt. “Bro, you’re walking funny.” Will avoided the punch Ritch threw at him. “All you need are boots and a Stetson, instead of sneakers and a ball cap, and you’ll look like a cowboy.” The tease was well done!!
  3. pvtguy

    Chapter 20

    I love the confidence that has developed in Spence! Hurry up with the meeting with Muriel!
  4. Hmm...what is going on with Todd? It's as though his actions might have been "enhanced" a bit! In any case, a nice read!
  5. pvtguy


    Sidney is so exemplary of a lot of closet cases in ministry: surround oneself with academics and live a life that denies one's feelings and desires. Do a life of penance. I hope he might finally seek assistance from Thomas and Joe. Great chapter.
  6. So, I am late in reading this chapter...it is four days after the insurrection in DC...and reading this actually brought more into focus for me. How you frame the events and at the same time give a wonderful Civics lesson is amazing. Well done! I love all your stories, but seeing things through Thiago's eyes is special. Thanks. Tony F
  7. pvtguy


    Once again, your descriptions are so vivid that I feel like the fly on the wall, or rather flying around, observing the entire scene. I am like Bailey - I wonder how he got to be as he is... Wonderful chapter. And, as always, you've left me wanting more soon! Tony
  8. pvtguy

    Libera Me

    I absolutely love the composition of Libera Me from Faure's requiem. It so aptly captures this moment in Rick's life: he needs to be released from the the hell of his existence. I am looking forward to the "In paradisum", which is the most glorious moment of the progression from the lowest moment of grief to the ecstasy of joy in resurrection.
  9. pvtguy

    Chapter 19

    I'm sure there will be both feel-good and uh-oh moments to come...Just hoping for another chapter to post quickly, Hint, hint! I am so enjoying this story!
  10. pvtguy

    Libera Me

    Methinks thou art writing a symphony here!
  11. pvtguy

    Libera Me

    Perhaps Rick will find out what Rita's schemes involve and might be able to interrupt them for the sake of Eagle Lake! I hope he gets into a real argument with his father and stands up to him for his own good. That would be a real step in healing!
  12. And now he mystery deepens. I really like how you describe the panic and issues Tyler is facing and how he tries to exert personal control over what he can in his life. I do want to see how this develops! Post quickly, please!
  13. pvtguy

    Chapter 18

    Come on next chapter! Truly engaging!
  14. pvtguy

    Summer Delight

    And you are a true artist with words, Mac Roundtree. This was an absolutely delicious chapter!
  15. Would that all teens had men like Joe, Thomas and Hank in their lives!
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