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  1. This is a delightful story that started out as reflections from each of the two main characters, Blu and Kyle. We learn the backgrounds of both as they start their freshman year of college. There is some drama, but it is more the story of how love from various sources allow an emotionally beat-down young man to grow into a confident young adult. It is a wonderful collaboration of two gifted writers.
  2. pvtguy

    Chapter 11

    Things seem to finally getting better for Cole and Drew. Both have crazy mothers. Yes, they are stereotypes of truly controlling and homophobic parents, but that is what adds the drama to the story. No need to understand nor explain them - they provide the foil to which we can see more positive examples of parenting in the fathers, one which is gay, the other straight. And now...on to the next installment! Glad your dog is better! Hope you did get some rest!
  3. He certainly has some 'splainin' to do, Lucy!! I certainly do hope there will be sequels to this story. You've created some very interesting characters and a plot that has hoping time passes more quickly.
  4. pvtguy

    Chapter 10

    One thing I like about your presentation of Mr. P, flawed as he is and deserving of the criticism he's received so far, is that he is a warm and loving man who has been a source of acceptance and love to his kids. No parent does the "perfect" job: we always wonder if we could have done/could do better. Yet, the most important job we can do is to accept and encourage our children, provide them with positive examples of caring for others and the world about them, and true discipline: i.e., learning self-control through values based on love and honesty. Parenting is not an easy job, but it is the most rewarding job I have ever had!
  5. pvtguy

    Chapter 10

    Another wonderful chapter full of wit, teen angst, filling out of character personalities, and definitely moved the story forward. I like how Drew is feeling all these conflicting emotions but is also tempering them with rationality. Cole's mother is definitely a product of her upbringing - her father might have been one who never showed her the warmer side of masculinity and she is trying to gain his approval through every other relationship. You certainly have penned one great line, DaBeagle: "He bit his lower lip and his cute factor increased by the square root of sexy. " Instant smile to my face! And now on to the next installment...
  6. pvtguy

    Chapter 1

    And so it begins. Unless I missed it, I am unsure of his age, though it sounds as though he just graduated from High School.
  7. pvtguy

    Chapter 9

    A nice respite from all the drama! Drew is coming into his own comfortably but with the angst of a perfectly normal teen! Great chapter.
  8. Robbie has come a long way in terms of his admitting his feelings for his family. Jo is the therapist he truly needs! Please don't keep us waiting weeks for the next chapter!
  9. pvtguy

    Chapter 8

    Things are moving quickly now and in a much more positive direction. In my perfect world, Drew would be able to sit down with Mrs. P and they would let the shackles of guilt and shame on her part fall away. I am so looking forward to see how DaBeagle fleshes out the rest of the story. As said above, the excellence of D's writing encourages me to believe that there will be wonderful twists and turns yet to be unfolded. Suggestion: rather than continually raising the bar by 5 more responses per chapter, why not just set a number (60, 65) and as soon as that is achieved, mollify us and post the next chapter? Tony F
  10. pvtguy

    Chapter 8

    To understand this reasoning, one must understand the influence and depth of Catholic/Orthodox upbringing: the guilt is real and is so ingrained from an early age that logic defies the actions portrayed here. When you are convinced that your eternal salvation is threatened by relinquishing your vows, you will do anything to protect your soul, even if it means denying self. Is this Christian in its truest sense? Depends on who is responding and from the base on which they form that response. Mr. P has responded in the way that he personally felt was best even if really imperfect. His overlooking the abuse (did he really know the extent?) even though he tried to contain it as he saw it is not acceptable for those who are judging or observing from a distance, but he honestly believed he was doing the best he could.
  11. pvtguy

    Chapter 7

    I can relate with Drew's "explosion": Mine happened when I was in my 30's - my father was an alcoholic whose abuse was definitely more emotional than physical. He came home drunk again one night and fell onto the sidewalk. The neighbor screamed that he was hurt and was calling 911. We rushed out to see what had happened and my mother knelt over him and he started to swing (I don't think he was actually trying to hit her but to get people away from him - but this is in retrospect). I knelt down and told him to lie still until the ambulance got there and again he swung at me. I looked him in the face, raised a fist and dared him to do it again so that I could release what I had been feeling for over 20 years at that point. I think he sobered up quickly with the realization that I was serious (me - the mild mannered person who never talked back!). That part of me left that day. The relationship never did get any better, but he knew better than to cross me again. You've done another wonderful presentation, D. Keep the chapters coming!!!!
  12. pvtguy

    Chapter 7

    And every one of them is wonderful!
  13. pvtguy

    Chapter 6

    Well done chapter! I am not surprised at Drew's confrontation with his mother - that shame and guilt turned to anger and finally came to the surface. The next few days will be interesting for sure. As a retired counselor, I have dealt with many "drews" over the years. I do believe that good can come out of this for Drew. Mommy Dearest has some serious issues and I am not sure what will become of her - but the author does! Just wondering if Mr. P has been assisting with the expenses of the house all these years... I hope you hit 55! I'm definitely eager for the next chapter!! Tony F
  14. It was a week of expectation and you did not disappoint! But!!!!....now we'll have to wait another week to deal with this cliffhanger! Great job as always!
  15. pvtguy

    Chapter 4

    I love reading stories by British authors as I learn new ways (to me) of saying things - use of language. You have the same opportunity here: learn some expressions from another dialect. And, like you, this is not a criticism but an invitation to expand your own linguistic capabilities. "Doctoring" something means to adjust it to make it better for the user - in this case, adding sugar and/or cream. I see nothing "gross" about "rubbing a couple out"...That's sort of the description of the action, isn't it? Now, as to the story itself, you're definitely creating intrigue. Could Mr. P be the "dad" - or is there some other relationship there? I look forward to the unfolding of this situation. And what about Cole? The hints are there as evidenced in the reactions found in the comments. Good job!!!
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