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  1. pvtguy

    Chapter 12

    Unfortunately, in my work in schools, I came across many kids who spouted the hateful speech of their parents and harbored the same prejudices. They do exist, believe me! It takes a lot of work to choose to live differently than with the hate-filled values that had surrounded them.
  2. pvtguy

    Chapter 12

    The same might be said of those who choose to live a life in direct opposition to the life they experienced in their childhood: they choose to love rather than reject and judge. Love, after all, is a choice - not just an emotion!
  3. pvtguy

    Chapter 12

    What an example he has set for his children! And thus, love begets love...
  4. pvtguy

    Chapter 10

    And another small starting point, but with an ending in sight. I really hate to leave this story as it has been so heartwarming.
  5. pvtguy

    Chapter 9

    A story like this is needed periodically to let us hope that this type of people exist. It is inspiring and warming. Thank you for sharing this!
  6. There will be fireworks of all kinds, it seems. Will we find out more on Tuesday?
  7. pvtguy

    Chapter 6

    I love stories like this: if only there were more Thomases in real life! There are homeless kids everywhere if one only looks.
  8. I'm glad Mom wasn't upset at the broken dishes, lol! Another good story!
  9. pvtguy


    Rita is a user: in her drive to expand the town and bring in more money (ultimately), she shows both a vision of what expansion could mean and a disrespect for what does exist. She fails to understand the positive values of small-town people and existence. Rick is going to have to grow up and grow a pair at some point. Perhaps he will if he allows himself to fall in love with someone - be it the piano teacher or someone else.
  10. A true "Twilight Zone" sort of story for sure, but I loved it! That they adapted so well and apparently without negative thoughts but rather worked together and created a new "future" for themselves is a testament to their commitment to "better or worse" vows. I, too, love the timeslip concept. Great job!!!
  11. I am really enjoying your Halloween stories.
  12. Well done! Certainly raised the hairs on the back of my head!
  13. pvtguy


    A chastity fixture for Adrian? I get a little bdsm vibe here - and, quite honestly, I abhor it!! Just a personal distaste.
  14. pvtguy


    As usual, a lot going on here and you leave us wanting the next chapter! Great job!
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