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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Stepping Out in Faith - 7. Chapter 5b

Warning: This chapter may contain sexually explicit content. Reader discretion is advised.

From last time, Andy has just shared a traumatic event he witnessed when he was in high school. Emotions are running high, fueling the sexual tension between Marcus and Andy. Because he's a good guy, Marcus tries to resist Andy's advances, but there's only so much he can take. So does he give in?

“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since that first night,” Andy confessed.

Marcus brought his hand up to hold Andy’s as he turned his face into Andy’s palm.

“Please, Marcus,” Andy whispered, eyes wide and uncertain, but desperately wanting something that Marcus knew he could give. “I... Please...”

Marcus groaned as his hard-fought self-control slipped. He leaned forward, reached behind Andy’s head and captured his lips with his own. It was a hard, bruising kiss, and after an instant of hesitation, Andy kissed him back with the same ferocity.

Marcus swiped his tongue against Andy’s lips and demanded entrance. When he opened his mouth, Marcus plunged in to wrestle and conquer. Andy whimpered and surrendered to the invasion, his hands clinging to Marcus.

Marcus understood. Andy needed this, needed the abandonment Marcus could offer. And he wanted to give it, wanted to see Andy lose himself in the throes of pleasure. He wanted to break off the threads of pain and hurt in Andy’s soul and, in their place, weave new threads of joy and peace. He knew he could do this; there wasn’t anything he could do about the past, but he could do this one thing for Andy tonight.

Without breaking their kiss, Marcus pushed Andy back onto the couch and lay down on top of him. He savored the feeling of Andy underneath him, the way Andy arched up into him and ground their hard cocks together through their clothes. Marcus tilted his hips forward and pressed Andy back down, winning him a whimper.

When he finally pulled back, panting hard, he was gratified that Andy tried to follow him. He smiled down at Andy’s red and bruised lips, his eyes dazed and unfocused.

“God, you’re beautiful.” The words slipped out before Marcus realized he said them. He was rewarded with a deep flush on Andy’s cheeks.

“I think you’re beautiful,” Andy said bashfully. The words made Marcus’ heart skip a beat.

“Come on,” Marcus said with a wry smile. “Let’s get off the couch.”

He led Andy over to the bed and slowly began to undress him. His lips anointed each and every inch of skin he exposed as he unbuttoned Andy’s shirt. His tongue twirled through Andy’s chest hair, and teeth clamped lightly over each of Andy’s nipples, eliciting a shudder from the man.

Andy was unsteady on his feet, hands clutching at Marcus for support. Heavy-lidded eyes gazed down at him with naked wonder. The sight took Marcus’ breath away as he looked up from his knees. No one had ever looked at him like that before, like he was something more than just a quick fuck, like he offered something more than just easy physical pleasure.

Marcus’ heart thudded in his chest as the gravity of the situation settled into his soul. Andy trusted him with his past, trusted him with his secret, and now trusted him with his body. What had Marcus ever done to deserve the honor? He wasn’t sure he did deserve the honor.

He let his gaze wander across Andy’s face and body. He was so different from the men Marcus usually took home. He wasn’t one of the hard-edged, New-York-tough, hopelessly vain men with chiseled bodies and made-up faces. Andy was soft around the edges, innocent, full of heart—a beautiful soul hidden in the shy boy-next-door.

This was real. Marcus wasn’t sure what that meant exactly, but that’s how he felt. Andy was real. Everyone else he had ever been with, had ever been interested in, lived behind carefully constructed façades. But Andy was real—heart and soul bared in this moment, bravely revealing his body with a child-like trust.

Marcus’ desire for this realness overwhelmed him. He had never even realized that this was a thing, and suddenly he didn’t want to live without it—wasn’t sure he could live without it. He was just so tired of the games, he admitted to himself, the measured looks, the carefully constructed teasing, the nameless fucks. He wanted to live in this realness.

“Marcus?” Andy cocked his head to the side with a questioning look. “Is everything okay?”

Marcus smiled as he realized he had been staring. “Everything’s perfect.”

He moved his hands to Andy’s belt and quickly undid the buckle. He helped Andy step out of his pants, then did the same with the briefs. No games tonight, no teasing—that wasn’t what Andy needed. Tonight would be sweet, honest lovemaking. Tonight was about helping Andy shed his past and experience the truth hidden in his soul.

Andy’s cock was hard and leaking already, standing up at attention. Marcus wrapped his fingers gently around the base and ran his palm upward until the head disappeared into his grip. Andy shuddered and tightened his hold in Marcus’ hair.

Marcus lapped at the head, licked up the pre-cum and savored the salty taste. He wiggled his tongue against the sensitive underside of the head before he took the whole thing in his mouth and applied a light suction.

He inched his way down. Andy was the perfect size: just thick enough to stretch Marcus’ jaw but not enough to make it uncomfortable; just long enough to slip into Marcus’ throat while letting Marcus bury his nose into the tangle of curly pubic hair.

Marcus held himself there, the head of Andy’s cock lodged in his throat, his nose tickled by the wiry hairs, his chin bumping up against Andy’s low-hanging balls. Marcus was stuffed full of Andy, surrounded by the smell, feel and heat of the man. A trek through a forest—that’s what Andy had smelled like that first night, and that’s what he smelled like now—a breath of fresh air.

He pulled back when the burning in his lungs was too much to ignore and bobbed up and down a few times, tasting Andy’s pre-cum as the head ran over his tongue. Marcus reached back, cupped Andy’s balls in his hand and rolled them over each other, massaging gently.

“Mm... Marcus...” Andy moaned, music to Marcus’ ears.

Marcus pulled off Andy’s cock and lifted it out of the way as he took each one of the heavy balls into his mouth. As he bathed first one orb then the other, Marcus continued jacking Andy’s cock, running his hand up until the head was covered by his palm, and then back down in a twisting motion.

He listened as Andy’s breath quickened. Andy’s hands tightened on Marcus’ shoulder.

“Marcus, please.” Andy whimpered. His knees buckled under him as he struggled to stay standing.

Marcus pulled back and guided Andy down to the bed. Once he was situated, Marcus took his time undressing himself while he admired the beautiful view. Andy’s pale, creamy skin was covered by dustings of hair across his chest, on his forearms, and down his legs. Marcus’ own cock stuck up straight and pulsed hard at the sight.

When his gaze returned to Andy’s face, he found Andy giving him the same visual examination. The look on Andy’s face was reverent, like he was admiring some great piece of art. It made Marcus pause. No one had ever looked at him like that before. His mouth suddenly felt dry.

Andy raised his arm and invited Marcus to lie down next to him. Marcus scooted in close and slipped an arm under Andy’s head. He entwined their legs together until their cocks rubbed up against each other’s stomachs, their chests pressed together and their faces hovered so close it was hard to focus their eyes.

“You’re so beautiful,” Andy whispered between soft kisses.

“Too many hours at the gym.” Marcus chuckled.

“I should get to the gym,” Andy said with a sigh.

“No, you’re perfect.”

“I’m chubby.” Andy snorted. “I blame it on all those grannies who keep feeding me baked goods.”

“If you want, you could come with me to the gym.”

Andy smiled sweetly and pressed in close for another kiss. His hips tilted, and he rubbed the length of his cock along Marcus’. They were both leaking pre-cum, their skin slicked with their fluids.

“Oh, Doe Eyes.” Marcus groaned at the feeling of Andy’s hardness against his own. “The things you do to me.”

Marcus settled himself between Andy’s thighs. Andy let out a moan of appreciation and raised his knees higher to wrap his legs around Marcus’ hips.

Marcus moved and rubbed his body against Andy’s until they were both covered in a sheen of sweat, their stomachs sticky with pre-cum, and their cocks straining for release. He kissed along Andy’s jaw, licked at that delectable neck, and sucked the delicate skin between his teeth until Andy trembled under his hands.

On the next upward thrust, Andy bucked and Marcus lost his angle. His cock slipped down and stabbed against Andy’s perineum.

“Ahh!” Andy let out a cry at the change in sensation. Then he shifted so that the head of Marcus’ cock jabbed repeatedly at that sensitive area.

“Oh, Doe Eyes,” Marcus murmured against Andy’s skin. “We’ll get there, I promise.”

Marcus worked his way down and lapped at Andy’s chest hairs. He loved the way Andy’s body shuddered under him from such simple caresses. When he got to Andy’s cock, Marcus gave it a couple of innocent pecks and graced Andy’s balls with a couple of swipes of his tongue. Then he pushed Andy’s thighs back until his winking pink rosebud was exposed.

Marcus stared at it for a moment and admired the quivering of the muscle under Marcus’ tickling breath. Andy wriggled and shifted his hips to get Marcus to do something. So he blew a stream of air directly on Andy’s hole and watched the muscle twitch under the sensation.

“Marcus.” Andy’s voice sounded strained. His hands gripped the sheets tightly.

“Shh, Doe Eyes.” Marcus placed gentle kisses along Andy’s thighs. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.”

He kissed along one thigh and then the other. He ran his cheek along the muscles flexing and shifting under his hands. Andy was breathing hard and making these desperate whimpering sounds that drove Marcus crazy. He glanced up to see Andy’s eyes squeezed tightly shut, head thrown back, teeth biting at that full bottom lip. It was beautiful, and it made Marcus’ cock twitch knowing that he was the cause.

He leaned down again, tongue out to lap gently at Andy’s rosebud.

Andy’s entire body tensed as he shot up from the bed, eyes wide open now, looking down at Marcus.

“Easy, Doe Eyes,” Marcus said. He pushed Andy back down and guided his legs back up.

This time when Marcus traced the tight muscle with his tongue, Andy moaned and pushed his ass up to give Marcus better access. The movement was all the encouragement Marcus needed as he dove in, licked, teased, and prodded at the entrance to Andy’s body. The taste of Andy was intoxicating—evergreens, fresh and clean on his tongue, filling his senses. Marcus couldn’t get enough.

He alternated between rubbing his stubble-covered chin against the sensitive skin and soothing it with the flat of his tongue. He pushed and prodded against the muscle until it started to relax under his ministrations. Eventually, he managed to get his tongue inside, and the flavor of Andy exploded in his mouth. The intensity struck something inside of Marcus, igniting in him a desperate need. He shoved his tongue in as far as it would go and twirled it around to get a much of that taste as he could.

Andy writhed underneath him, unable to hold still under Marcus’ attack on his ass. He made incoherent noises that only served to encourage Marcus. Marcus thrust his tongue in and out of Andy’s ass, his entire being focused on getting more of that addicting flavor. He could have happily spent the entire night there, feasting on Andy’s ass.

“Marcus, please,” Andy cried. His hand buried into Marcus’ hair and pulled.

After a few more thrusts, Marcus finally backed off to give Andy some reprieve. He leaned back and admired his handiwork. Andy’s ass was pink and loose, the skin lying in intricate folds around the opening. Beautiful.

Marcus looked up to see Andy breathing hard, heavy-lidded eyes unfocused, his entire body listless on the bed. There was no coyness about Andy, no dramatic overacting to make the sex appear better than it really was. Andy was well and truly undone by Marcus’ eating out of his hole. This was real; the thought hit Marcus again square in the chest where that knot of pressure had been growing all evening.

Moving quickly, Marcus reached over to his nightstand to grab some supplies from the drawer. He squeezed a good amount of lube onto his hand and warmed it up on his fingers before drawing light circles on Andy’s already spit-slicked ass.

Andy gasped, and his ass clenched at the feeling of Marcus’ fingers.

“Easy, Doe Eyes. Relax, I’ve got to open you up.”

Andy swallowed thickly, eyes locked on Marcus. Slowly, Marcus pushed in one finger. The muscle immediately tensed around the invasion.

“Relax, push out like you’re going to the bathroom.”

Andy frowned with a skeptical look.

“Trust me,” Marcus said with a wry smile. “It works.”

Sure enough, Andy’s tight grip on Marcus’ finger relaxed, and Marcus was able to push in past the first knuckle and then past the second. He pulled his finger out then pushed it back in, following a twisting motion until he could move his finger without resistance.

“Oh, Marcus.” Andy breathed. “Oh, Marcus.” His eyes were open but unfocused, staring off into space.

Marcus leaned up and captured Andy’s red and swollen lips with his own. Andy moaned into the kiss, his tongue darting out to meet Marcus’. They battled as Marcus continued to fuck Andy’s ass with his finger. When Andy bucked up into Marcus, he gradually added a second finger until he felt Andy’s tight ring open to the intrusion.

Marcus fucked Andy’s mouth with his tongue while he fucked Andy’s ass with his fingers. Andy clutched at him and ran his hands up and down Marcus’ back as if he couldn’t get enough of him. He moaned into Marcus’ mouth and thrust his hips up to meet Marcus’ hand.

Yes, this was what Marcus wanted for Andy tonight. He wanted to see the shy priest abandon himself to the moment and leave behind the past. He wanted to see the priest let go of himself and get caught up in the sensations Marcus wrought on his body.

He pressed his fingers deeper in search of that special spot that would make Andy’s world explode. When his fingers ran over it, Andy gasped and tensed under Marcus’ hand. Andy’s eyes were wide with shock, mouth open, but no sound came out.

“Breathe, breathe for me, Doe Eyes.”

Andy drew in a ragged breath and let it out in a cry as Marcus tapped at his prostate again.

“You like that, don’t you?” Marcus asked with a grin.

Andy’s only answer was a strangled cry. Marcus gazed down at a dazed Andy and marveled again at the beauty of this man, so innocent, even in the throes of passion.

He kissed his way back down Andy’s chest and lapped at the pool of pre-cum that had leaked onto Andy’s stomach. Marcus took Andy’s cock into his mouth and sucked lightly on the head for another dollop of that pre-cum.

He scissored his fingers back and forth in Andy’s ass to elicit more moans and writhing from Andy. Then he added a third finger and twisted his hand around to work it in gently. He kept bobbing up and down Andy’s cock, in time with the thrusting of his fingers, and letting the head of Andy’s dick slip back into his throat on each down stroke.

Marcus rubbed against Andy’s prostrate again, this time with all three fingers in a circular motion, and was rewarded with a large deposit of pre-cum right on his tongue. He kept this up, eager for more of that salty liquid.

“Marcus, oh Marcus.” Andy’s voice had that urgent sound that told Marcus he was close. He pulled off Andy’s cock and slowly extracted his fingers. As much as he loved having Andy come in his mouth, Marcus had other plans for tonight. Maybe he was selfish, but Marcus had a feeling this was what Andy needed, too: to be stretched open and filled, to find that ultimate pleasure while being connected in the most intimate way with another man. It was certainly what Marcus wanted, more than he was quite willing to admit to himself.

Marcus grabbed the condom next to him and quickly rolled it on before he added another generous helping of lube to his sheathed cock. He settled himself between Andy’s thighs again and rubbed the head of his cock back and forth across Andy’s hole. His dick burned with the teasing heat of Andy’s body.

“Doe Eyes,” Marcus said as he supported himself above Andy. “Doe Eyes, look at me.”

It took Andy a couple of moments, but after a few blinks, he was back. Marcus looked into the depths of those warm brown eyes. He saw wonder, excitement, a little bit of fear, but above all else, trust. It was a trust that stopped Marcus’ heart and made him pray to whatever god was out there that he was worthy of it.

Marcus pushed against the tight hole.

“Push out, babe.” Marcus reminded Andy.

Andy took a deep breath, and Marcus felt his cock pop in. It was like a furnace, and Marcus’ dick was on fire. The fit was so tight that Marcus thought for a second that he might just lose the tip of his cock into Andy’s ass. He breathed and fought the urge to bury himself deep in one hard stoke.

Andy was wide-eyed and tense.

Marcus reached down to check Andy’s erection and was slightly surprised to find it completely hard and still leaking pre-cum.

“How’re you doing?” Marcus asked. “This okay?”

Andy nodded and bit his lip while tears gathered in his eyes.

“Whoa, Doe Eyes. What’s wrong? Is it too much? We can stop.” Marcus moved to extract himself when Andy suddenly wrapped his legs around Marcus’ waist and pulled him a couple of inches deeper.

“No, don’t stop. I’m fine. It’s just... so good,” Andy whispered.

“Yeah? It doesn’t hurt or anything?”

“It does a bit, but a good kind of hurt. I don’t know how to explain it.”

“That’s okay; I get it.”

Marcus braced himself on his elbows, chest pressed low over Andy’s. He leaned down again for a kiss, a sweet, gentle kiss with lips caressing and tongues teasing. Marcus kissed along Andy’s jaw, on his nose, over each eyelid as a couple of tears escaped.

When Andy tilted his hips again, Marcus pressed forward, gentle but firm until he was fully seated inside, pelvis against butt cheeks. Marcus dropped his head forward until it nuzzled into the crook of Andy’s neck, then he eased himself down and let Andy take some of his body weight.

They were one, Marcus with his knees bent underneath Andy’s ass while he cradled Andy’s body into his lap; Andy’s legs wrapped tightly around Marcus’ waist. They were connected, stomach to chest with Andy’s rock hard cock trapped in between. Marcus felt it pulse against his stomach, the wetness from Andy’s pre-cum leaking between their bodies. This was real—that thought again—this time radiating out from Marcus’ chest until his entire body began to tremble.

“Are you okay?” Andy asked.

Marcus chuckled and lifted his head to look at Andy. His doe eyes were a little unfocused with the desire coursing through him, but Marcus could clearly see the concern.

“I’m good,” Marcus answered. “Too good.”

Andy grinned and gave Marcus a kiss, another sweet kiss that quickly grew into something more as Andy twisted his hips and clenched experimentally around Marcus’ cock.

Marcus’ tongue dove into Andy’s mouth and claimed it as his own; his hips thrusted to bury his cock deeper into Andy’s body. Short, but deep strokes. Marcus didn’t want to pull too far out of Andy’s scorching hot channel.

Andy moaned into their kiss and quickly caught onto Marcus’ rhythm. He met Marcus on each stroke and writhed as their bodies connected. With both of them moving, each thrust became longer, harder until Marcus pulled out half way and drove himself back in. He kept shifting angles, looking for that magic one that would make Andy come apart in his arms.

When he found it, he wasn’t disappointed. Andy cried out, threw his head back and arched up to help Marcus hit that spot again and again.

“Harder, Marcus, please,” Andy cried.

Marcus was more than happy to comply. He drew himself back and snapped his hips forward as hard as he could, so hard that Andy moved a few inches on the bed. Marcus repeated the movement again and again as he impaled himself deep into Andy’s shaking body. Andy’s fingers locked like iron grips around Marcus’ arms as incoherent sounds escaped his throat.

Andy was close, Marcus could tell, but he didn’t want this over too soon. So he reached between their bodies and formed a tight ring with his fingers around the base of Andy’s cock, cutting off Andy’s impending orgasm even as Marcus’ cock continued to drive at his prostate.

“Ahh... Marcus.” Andy begged.

“We’ll get there, Doe Eyes. Come here, sit up.”

Marcus wrapped his arms around Andy’s back and helped him sit upright into Marcus’ lap. Marcus stayed on his knees, but in this position, with his legs still wrapped around Marcus, Andy’s full weight centered on his ass where it was impaled on Marcus’ cock.

Andy sucked in gasping breaths at the change in position. Marcus held him close and thrust up into Andy, hitting his prostate repeatedly while eliciting full body shudders with every stroke. Andy had no leverage like this and was at the mercy of Marcus’ cock driving up into him, grinding against his ass. He trembled and draped himself over Marcus’ body, face buried into Marcus’ neck, leaving himself open and vulnerable to whatever Marcus wanted to do to him.

The trust was overwhelming, and Marcus drove deep. He bit lightly on Andy’s shoulder, then soothed the bite with laps of his tongue. Marcus felt a moan deep in Andy’s chest as he held them closer.

Marcus thrust up into Andy and savored the tightness around his cock, the way Andy’s channel clenched when he tried to pull out, as if he was trying to keep Marcus inside for as long as possible. How Andy had so much control over his ass muscles, Marcus couldn’t figure out. But he wasn’t complaining. If this was how Andy was as a virgin, Marcus wasn’t sure he could handle a fully sexually experienced Andy. It might just kill him. And he would die happy.

“Oh, Doe Eyes, you’re amazing,” Marcus said between kisses and licks up and down Andy’s neck.

Andy whimpered in response and clenched down on Marcus again, causing Marcus to sink deeper into him.

“Marcus, come inside me, I want you to come inside me.”

The gentle pleading caused something to snap inside Marcus. It felt like his heart had wrenched open, and a flood of some overwhelming emotion threatened to consume him. He laid Andy back down on the bed and picked up his rhythm, pounding Andy into the bed.

Andy didn’t complain about the roughness, just tilted his body and absorbed each and every blow of Marcus’ cock into his ass. The sound of skin hitting skin mingled with their heavy breathing. It filled Marcus’ ears and mixed with the heady scent of sweaty sex.

He was so close, but he didn’t want to come before Andy did. Marcus reached between their bodies and took Andy’s straining cock in his hand. He gave it a couple of swift tugs and twisted his grip around the head as his own cock jabbed at Andy’s prostate.

Andy thrashed underneath Marcus, his body bucking up wildly, making it difficult for Marcus to continue his assault. Then with a cry, Andy’s body arched half off the bed, and he came, spewing ropes of hot cum all over his stomach and Marcus’ hand. The sight was beautiful, and almost more arousing than the way Andy’s channel contracted around Marcus’ cock through his orgasm.

Marcus couldn’t hold it in any longer. He gave a couple more erratic thrusts into Andy’s hole, and then plunged himself as deep as he could go. Marcus buried his face into the crook of Andy’s neck, breathed in deep the scent of the man, and came hard, emptying himself into the condom. He came so much, the orgasm so intense and long, that he was afraid of leaking out. But he couldn’t move now even if his life depended on it.

Marcus collapsed on top of Andy, unable even to roll off to the side. To his joy, Andy wrapped his arms around his back and held on tight while Marcus’ breathing gradually slowed, each breath imprinting this moment onto his heart.

When he regained the use of his arms, Marcus pushed himself up and smiled when Andy tried to hold him in place.

“It’s okay, Doe Eyes, I’ll be right back.” He carefully extracted himself and made sure nothing leaked out of the condom before disposing of it. “I’ll be right back, babe. I’m not going anywhere.”

Despite Andy’s whimpered protest, Marcus quickly made his way to the bathroom to grab a damp towel. He sneaked a quick glance in the mirror.

He looked the same as he always did after good sex—sweaty and disheveled—but there was something different this time. His eyes. Maybe, they looked lighter for some reason, not as tired as they normally did. The thought was disconcerting, but Marcus shook it off and went back to the bed, towel in hand.

Andy was curled up on his side, eyes closed like he was sleeping. Marcus took a moment to stare at the beautiful man who had shared something so precious with him. He suddenly found it difficult to breathe. He forced a deep breath into his lungs and fought to hold his shit together.

When he sat down on the bed, Andy stretched and reached for him. Marcus’ heart warmed at the contented smile on Andy’s face, and he felt his heart somersault a few times.

“Here, let me clean you up,” Marcus said. He gently wiped down Andy’s chest. Andy lay back and sighed, letting Marcus tend to him. Then Marcus moved lower and lifted Andy’s legs to clean up his hole. Andy moaned at the coolness of the towel against his ass.

“You okay?” Marcus asked.

“Mmhmm...” Andy replied, too spent for words.

When Marcus crawled back up, Andy turned and snuggled in close. Marcus pulled him in and cradled Andy’s head against his shoulder.

“Thank you,” Andy murmured.

“No, thank you,” Marcus replied as his heart somersaulted again.

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Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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Whew I need a fan after that chapter. I love the 'Doe Eyes' moniker. It just screams out Andy's innocence.

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Now look what you did! I'm late for work! ;)


Very nice, but I wonder what happens next. Andy's at a serious crossroads...

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A scorcher if I ever read one... whew! An the emotions packed into there kinda slam into you too... wowzers :worship:

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On 6/25/2017 at 8:29 PM, Wesley8890 said:

Whew I need a fan after that chapter. I love the 'Doe Eyes' moniker. It just screams out Andy's innocence.


*waves fan* :gikkle: 

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On 6/26/2017 at 3:03 AM, Puppilull said:

Now look what you did! I'm late for work! ;)


Very nice, but I wonder what happens next. Andy's at a serious crossroads...


Sorry you were late to work!!! (not sorry at all :gikkle:)

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On 6/26/2017 at 6:51 AM, bundu_st said:

A scorcher if I ever read one... whew! An the emotions packed into there kinda slam into you too... wowzers :worship:


*blushes* thanks so much!!

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well after that I am not Andy can deny the "gay" thing! :2thumbs:


great writing....  very impressed :worship:


Thanks again....

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19 hours ago, Canuk said:

well after that I am not Andy can deny the "gay" thing! :2thumbs:


great writing....  very impressed :worship:


Thanks again....


Aw, thanks!!

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Okay, I sort of hate you right now.  That was so awesome!!  A first time?  Neither one can deny the truth.  They are in LOVE!!

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