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The Unfortunate Occurence at Shenandoah High 2020 - 6. Chapter 6

Finn needs help … the kind of help that only Tristan can provide. Oh, and Tristan can sing???

After getting annihilated by Ruston Delacroix in Speech and Debate, I’m actually looking forward to Theater, even though today we’ll be rehearsing my song in the musical. I stumble out of the classroom and walk as fast as I can towards my locker. Keisha is not at her locker which is surprising since her AP Psychology class is right across the hall.

I yank off my lock and throw all of the books I won’t need inside and then slam my locker shut. I jump at the sight of Finn Montgomery learning against Keisha’s locker. I reach up and touch my chest. My heart is beating fast. Then again, my heart is always beating fast whenever Finn Montgomery is in my circumference.

“Sorry,” he says, dimples on full display. “Didn’t mean to scare you.”

“No, it’s fine,” I say. “I’m just so used to Keisha being the one standing at her locker and you’re clearly not her.”

Stop talking idiot – stop talking now.

Finn is tugging at the strap of his L.L. Bean backpack. All the rich kids have L.L. Bean backpacks. My messenger bag was only twenty-three bucks on Amazon.

“You’re good with computers.” It’s more of a statement than a question. My dad bought me my first computer when I was twelve. Outside of TV and talking about guys, computers are my next favorite thing.

“I’m having some issues with my printer. I have this paper due by tomorrow and every time I try to print it, nothing happens. I even went out and bought a new printer cartridge.”

I clear my throat because I want to sound confident and effervescent in front of this man. “Have you tried emailing it to yourself? If you email it to yourself you can then print it off here.”

Finn lowers his head and looks down at his – I’m going to take a wild guess – size 15 Nikes. If what they say is true about guys with big feet, I might just have to channel my inner Andrew Cunanan and off Emily.

“I got locked out of my email because I couldn’t remember my password and it only gives you five attempts before it completely locks you out.”

“Sounds like you’re having some real technical difficulties,” I say giving him my best smile. I’m so glad I brushed after lunch.

“Me and technology -.” Finn does this thing with his hands and fingers. “We don’t mix. My brother’s the technologically savvy one but he and his wife are in Greece for their anniversary.”

Finn fiddles with a dark green lanyard hanging out of the pocket of his letterman jacket. “I was hoping you’d help me out. I really need to get that paper turned in or Ms. Faragher is going to give me a zero on the entire assignment.

Ms. Faragher is notorious at Shenandoah for being a hard-ass. She gave me a C on an essay simply because I forgot to indent the first paragraph.

“Well,” I say. “We wouldn’t want you to get a zero. Knowing Ms. Faragher, there’d be no coming back from that. So, how can I help?”

The 5-minute warning bell rings so Finn and I start moving in the direction of the auditorium. He even holds the door open for me as we head outside. Normally I get annoyed when guys hold the door open for me but with Finn it’s different.

“Are you busy this afternoon?” he asks.

I shake my head. “No – I’m pretty caught up on my homework so I was going to just chill out.”

Finn pauses just outside the auditorium. He’s looking down at his feet again. “Do you think you could come over to my place -.”

That’s all I hear before my heart explodes, metaphorically, maybe even literally, inside my chest. For all I know the rest of that sentence is so I can murder you. Something tells me being murdered by Finn Montgomery, no matter the method, would be worth it. Keisha would be super sad but I’d be one happy ghost.

“Sure,” I say.

“Awesome,” he says, that mega-watt smile plastered on his gorgeous face. “I figured we could leave right after class and I’ll just drop you off at your house when we’re done.

“Sounds like a plan,” I say as Finn holds the door to the auditorium open for me.

We take our seats in the circle right before the tardy bell rings – not that we’re accountable to anyone. Coach McHurk has still yet to show his face and we’re four weeks into the semester.

Keisha’s talking with Sheldon across from me. She sees me, waves and then turns back to talking to him. Finn stretches out in his chair which is too small for his body and throws his arm over the back of my chair.

This is too much. Sensory overload. First Finn shows up at my locker. Then he wants me to come to his house to troubleshoot his computer issues. Now he’s got his arm draped over the back of my chair and is that his cologne I’m smelling. I want to run but before I can, someone’s calling my name.

“Tristan,” Sheldon says. “You’re up. Remember, we’re going to run through your song. Did you have time to listen to the recording.”

Sheldon gave me the recording of the song I have to sing for the musical and I must’ve listened to it three dozen times. I’m still not confident in my ability to deliver vocals but at least I’m not the only non-singer in this group.

I open my messenger bag and I pull out the lyrics. I hold them up and tell Sheldon I have my them memorized.

“Excellent,” he says. He gets up and moves over to the old piano at the edge of the stage. He takes a seat and looks over at me. “Whenever you’re ready, let me know and we will run through the song. In a few weeks we’ll add choreography.”

I slowly rise to my feet and move over to towards where Sheldon is. I can feel the others’ eyes on me. I give Sheldon a nod and he starts playing a melody that sounds like something the Chainsmokers would write a song over. Willing all of my self-consciousness away, I open my mouth and I start to sing the lyrics Sheldon wrote for me.

My name’s Cunanan

Andrew Cunanan

My legacy is infamous

I killed five, I really made quite the fuss

I’m the serial killer Andrew Cunanan

From behind me I hear Andy whoop and Keisha cheering me on. I continue.

I killed Versace …

Gianni Versace …

One day he came outside

I used my gun and then he died

No one knew that I killed Versace (so I thought)

From behind the piano, Sheldon gives me a thumbs up.

I killed Versace

The designer Versace

On a houseboat is where I stayed

I killed myself eight days after I slayed

The wonderful, talented Gianni Versace

Last verse, I think to myself. And then you’re done.

My name’s Cunanan

Andrew Cunanan

I know that things got really gory

But at least Ryan Murphy told my story (On FX)

Now you know why I’m Andrew Cunanan

I wait until Sheldon finishes his part on the piano before I finally exhale. Once his hits the final chord, everyone erupts in applause.

“Good job,” Sheldon says standing up from behind the piano. He walks over to me and slaps me hard on the back.

Leah rushes up to me and throws her arms around my neck. I don’t return the hug because #MeToo.

“Oh my god – you sounded amazing, Tristan,” she says taking her arms from around my neck. “I honestly thought you weren’t going to deliver and that we were gonna have to do your vocals for you and you’d have to lip-sync over them but you did deliver.”

“Gee,” I say. “Thanks?”

Keisha walks over to me and gives me one of her big hugs and this one I return.

“Good job, Babe,” she says.

“We’re gonna take five,” Leah announces. “And when we come back, Andy, you’re up next.”

“Wanna go with me to grab something to drink?” Keisha asks.

“Sure – my throat is dry after all of that.”

The two of us leave the stage and exit through one of the side doors. This leads us into a darkened hallway full of trophy cases with photos of old students performing plays. There’s a drink machine at the end of the hall.

“So, where were you after sixth period?” I ask as Keisha inserts several coins into the ancient-looking machine.

“Sheldon texted me and asked if I’d come directly to the auditorium. Said he wanted to go over my song again.”

“Wait a minute – he texted you?” I ask, with more incredulousness in my voice than I intend. “How’d he even get your number?”

“I gave it to him in first period,” she says, pressing the button for Coca Cola. The machine makes an awful noise before spitting out her drink.

I step up to the machine and insert a couple of dollars.

“We’re in the same AP Biology class. He asked me if I’d go see Rent with him,” she says. “Apparently there’s a traveling production coming to town next week and it’s like his favorite musical.”

“I hope you let him down gently, Keish.” I press the button for Sprite and the screen above the place where I insert my cash says the machine is out of Sprites. I groan and select Coca Cola.

“I told him yes,” she says before taking a swig of her drink.

I nearly choke on my own drink. “What?”

She rolls her eyes and sighs. “I know. I know. He’s really starting to grow on me and I’m kind of tired of dating the same kind of guys and getting the same result. Sheldon’s a really sweet guy. He may not have that bad boy quality I like but at least I know he won’t treat me like shit.”

“Well – I can honestly say I never, not in a million years, saw this coming. My little girl’s all grown up.”

“It’s just a date to see a musical. A musical that I hate. Rent’s garbage … there I said it.”

“You must really like him if you’re willing to suffer through a shitty musical,” I say as we start to walk back to the auditorium.

“Hey – enough about me. Are you going to help Finn with his issue?” she asked.

“Hey, how do you know about that?”

Keisha shrugs and takes a swig of her drink. “He came up to me after homeroom and asked if I knew anyone that was good with computers. I told him you were good with computers.”

“Well, the poor guy is unable to print his paper and he locked himself out of his email so guess who’s going over to Montgomery Manor to help him out this afternoon.”

“So, you get to spend the afternoon with Finn,” she says.

“I know. I know. He’s got a girlfriend.”

“Are you sure about that?” Keisha asks.

Before I can ask her what that means, we’re back in the auditorium and the others have already reassembled on the stage. As I take my seat next to Finn, he looks over at me and shoots me one of his trademark goofy grin. I return the favor with a nervous smile before looking down at the floor.

Are you sure about that?

Keisha’s words play over and over in my head and before I know it the bell is ringing and it’s time for us to gather our things and leave. I see Sheldon walk over to Keisha and the two of them are talking and smiling. It’s weird seeing her with someone like him – not that there’s anything wrong with Sheldon. He’s just not the kind of guy she typically goes for.

“You ready?”

Finn is standing in front of me, backpack draped over his shoulder. He looms over me like a giant. I nod and smile and I’m pretty sure I look dumb in the process. I shove my song lyrics inside my bag and I throw it over my shoulder.

I follow Finn outside to the parking lot where students are pulling off in their vehicles. I can’t believe this. I’m following Finn Montgomery to his Jeep and then we’re going over to his place. I pause and hike up my left sleeve. I close my eyes, pinch myself, and open them.

Finn is several steps ahead of me. He stops and turns around. His face is a mixture of confusion and concern.

“Everything okay?” he asks.

Finn is still here and we are still going to his place.

I nod my head and grin. “Yeah – everything’s good.”

To all the new followers of The Unfortunate Occurrence at Shenandoah High, thank you for taking time to read and I hope you are enjoying.

Copyright © 2020 imperfect _pisces; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

LL Bean backpacks. Highschool kids and their peculiar cliques and status symbols.

I think every highschool has their hardass bogeyman. Our's was the infamous Mrs. Hunter, She'd been there literally since dirt. Everyone had a Hunter horror story.

The scene at the lockers was priceless with the shock and clumsy, foot in mouth a teen would have when suddenly face to face with their dream crush. Keisha really has Tristan's back with this neat little setup. And what was with that myterious -Are you sure about that?'

I hope it works out.

All in all, it's been a memorable day for Tristan.

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On 1 de julio de 2020 at 7:31 PM, chris191070 said:

A good day for Tristan, he gets to go home with his dream crush and help him out him out. 

And we all khow good he isn't at controlling "Little Tristan"....

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Interesting development with Finn...and just what does Keisha know?  I hope this isn't a set-up just to humiliate and embarrass Triston.  

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On 8/19/2020 at 5:44 PM, Greygoose53 said:

I'm just now starting this awesome soap opera, and know it will be so much fun.

Yay! I love hearing that. Stay tuned! So much has yet to happen!!!

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