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  1. Keisha Alston lived in a much nicer house in a way nicer neighborhood within walking distance. There was thunder rumbling in the distance as Tristan left his house. By the time he arrived on Keisha’s doorstep, he was soaked to the bone. "Oh Sweetie, I could've picked you up," she said as she closed and locked the front door. Tristan kicked off his wet Converse sneakers and placed them next to the other pairs of shoes in the tiled entryway. "I figured I could make it here before the bottom fell out." Tristan rubbed his hands up and down his arms and said, "Feels good in
  2. "Dinner's on me." The two of them followed a sour-faced young woman with curly dark hair to a small booth in the back. Benvolio's was a popular Italian restaurant not to far from their school. Tristan had driven past the place more times than he could count but he had eaten there. "You know what's not necessary." Tristan slid in across from Jon-Jon and accepted the menu the hostess held out for him. "Your server will be right with you," she told them both before stalking off towards the front of the restaurant. "I know." Jon-Jon scratched at the stubble growing along his squar
  3. "We have a problem." Tristan had been pouring a liberal amount of bleu cheese over his homemade wedge salad when he heard the heavy footsteps approaching the top section of the bleachers where he and Keisha were sitting. Keisha was too busy trying to complete the French assignment she’d neglected the night before to notice someone had crashed their intimate party of two. Jon-Jon looked sweaty and exhausted as he finally reached the row they were sitting on. An expensive-looking periwinkle V-neck, a few sizes too small, was stretched tight over his muscular upper body. His thighs, made
  4. Finnishia - that is so hilarious to me! PS: Hope no one from Nebraska is offended. I'm glad you thought the switching from 1st to 3rd person was seamless. That makes me so happy because I was so worried about how this would affect how the story reads. You are right. At 17/18 years old, something like this would have sent me into a deep, dark depression. Not sure if I would've been able to handle it. Thank you so much for reading! BLW
  5. No truer words have ever been spoken. And to answer your question, not very long. BLW
  6. "You're home late." Tristan had noticed his dad's rusty pickup truck parked in the driveway when Keisha dropped him at home moments earlier but hearing his voice coming from the living room still made him jump. He placed his keys and wallet on the small table in the glass bowl on the table through he front door and strode into the next room like a death row inmate. He plopped down on the ancient plaid sofa opposite his dad. The television was on and tuned to one of his dad's favorite shows. Aside from football and the occasional documentary on Netflix, Jason Goolsby loved Perry Mason.
  7. Yay! I love hearing that. Stay tuned! So much has yet to happen!!!
  8. Thank you so much for your kind words. I need to give Sex Education a second chance. I sort of OD-ed on teenage sex comedies after the whole American Pie series of films.
  9. Are you saying a bunch of teenagers who accidentally killed their classmate and are trying to cover it up are making questionable decisions? Imagine that! 😝
  10. I press my forehead against the window. The blur of red and white against the pitch black is strangely calming as we speed down the interstate towards a part of town I don't often frequent. The silence that fills the space between us is neither comfortable nor completely unwelcome. I'm chewing my thumbnail which usually drives Keisha crazy but she's too busy white-knuckling the steeling wheel to notice. The glass is cool against my skin. I want to stick my head out the window and inhale the crisp autumn air. I want to be at home, in my room, in my bed, underneath the covers. I wan
  11. "Fuck. This. Year." "Tristan, sweetie, it's way too early for fuck," Keisha says as we walk towards the front entrance of the school. It's Monday morning and this is what you've missed. Finn Montgomery and Leah Platt are Shenandoah High's new it-couple. Yes, you read that correctly. Finn and Leah are officially dating. Leah's even changed her relationship status again, this time to in a relationship with Finn Montgomery. This is a nightmare. Yeah, move over Pennywise the Clown. Finn and Leah being a couple is officially the scariest thing I've ever seen. I would've poured bleach i
  12. Hi @Etotsira - I hope to have it posted no later than Saturday. This is the first time I've finished a chapter and gone directly into writing a new one. So happy you are enjoying! BLW PS - Puppy dog eyes are so my weakness!!
  13. My second lie to Finn happens on a rainy Saturday afternoon. It’s the day following homecoming and I’m on my ninth episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. I’m lying across my bed with a half-eaten bag of spicy pork rinds sitting next to me when I receive a text from him. What time should I pick you up, he asks. Pick me up? I crawl towards the top of my bed so I can lean up against my headboard. Did you forget? I tell him, yes. Leah’s birthday dinner is tonight. I vaguely remember accosting Keisha and myself and asking if we would come to her birthday p
  14. “Where’s your green and gold?” Keisha pulls into my driveway at a quarter to seven. Tonight’s the big homecoming game which I’d totally forgotten about until Finn reminded me this morning when he picked me up for school. Frankly the last place I want to be tonight is back at school watching a bunch of mildly-hot meatheads smash into each other over and over for a few hours. “Believe it or not I own not one piece of green or gold apparel.” Keisha waits for me to fasten my seatbelt before she backs her Honda out of my driveway. “What about your PE shirt?” Keisha has the ai
  15. Thank you, as always, for you feedback. And yes, I am a Pisces. 2-24 is my birthday. For better or for worst, I embody all the Pisces traits. BLW
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