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  1. Greygoose53

    Chapter 1

    I don't get on here as often as I should, but it was nice to jump in and see this new story beginning. Nothing like starting with a bang!! Looking forward to seeing how these two teens get on with their new level of friendship.
  2. my dinner of shepherd's pie with chopped up leg of lamb carrots, onion, thyme, worcestershire sauce, red wine and mashies on top was a disaster tonight, but my boyfriend gobbled it down so I'm grateful to him. Thank you BF
  3. Great way to start the story here. I hope Dallas and Trey can work on being Wing mates both on and off the field. Any bets on whether or not Trey's little problem will behave itself on the walk home? 😋
  4. Greygoose53

    Chapter 3

    Wow. Nice cliff hanger. But dang, just when I was hoping for a nice roll in the pool with a cute Asian boy, he turns out to be a werewoolf!? 😁 I guess this means Jonathan will be the cutie to snuggle up with to be safe. Can't wait for the next chapter.
  5. Greygoose53

    Chapter 8

    Another wonderful chapter in my favourite HS soap opera. I have an amazingly painful crush on Asa Butterfield, especially in his latest series Sex Education (which was renewed for Season 3 !!!) and this story reminds me of the drama Asa gets himself into.
  6. Greygoose53

    Chapter 6

    I'm just now starting this awesome soap opera, and know it will be so much fun.
  7. Greygoose53

    Chapter 1

    I'll chip in and also say what a wonderful, touching short story. I've been a fan of yours from the FAT board 🙂 and am glad you are writing here. At least I think it was that site. Whatever, I'm glad the two boys found each other, and it's certainly worth a few more chapters to keep up with their antics.
  8. Greygoose53


    I thiught this was a very well written, sensitive tale of the type of shy teen I would like to be friends with and Mentor. Seriously, if you consider your English poor, compared to complete lack of grammar, spelling and usage on the Other board, you should have an honorary degree in English Lit. 🙂 I will certainly search for more stories from you in the future, and thank you so much for sharing this romantic event with us.
  9. I really like this story and it's backdrop. Having a cute vampire boyfriend could be interesting. ☢️
  10. Greygoose53


    What a delightful holiday story. Thank you so much for sharing your traditions with us!!
  11. Greygoose53

    Warming Up

    I love your stories and writing, and being an emo BL I know I'm going to enjoy this series.
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