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Ron's New Job - 1. Chapter 1 - Ron's First Day

Ron is a 24-year-old carpenter living in west central Florida. 6’1”, sandy blond hair with that lean swimmers body of broad shoulders and a narrow waist. Strikingly handsome with a smile you can see for miles. He could have any girl he wanted, if he wanted them.

Working in the Florida construction industry was a hit and miss affair. Sometimes it was a feast sometimes a famine. Right now work was hard to come by. Ron had been out of work for a week and was looking through the classifieds for anything when one caught his eye.

“Wanted hard working carpenter for remodel and new construction. Must have own transportation, tools and flexible hours. Call 941-555-4324” It seemed right up his ally so he called, and was a little shocked to learn there would be an interview. That was not the normal way he had been hired before but he thought, “I need a job” so he set a time up for the next afternoon.

At the interview, things were a little different. There were many mostly older men with what looked to be lots of experience. All driving pickup trucks with toolboxes in the back. Ron had shown up on his motorcycle with his hand tools in a leather side bag.

The interviewer went quickly through the applicants and then it was Ron’s turn. John, the person doing the hiring turned out was also much younger than the rest of the applicants. Ron thought probably just around 30 and kind of young to be running his own contracting company. He seemed quite nice and apparently liked Ron. They talked about Ron’s experience and were he saw himself in 5 years. The interview took at least twice as long as what Ron remembered John taking with the applicants before him. After the interview, they shook hands and Ron returned home thinking that he didn’t have the experience the guy wanted so he would have to keep looking.

The next morning Ron was quite surprised when John called him and offered him a job starting the next day. They were remodeling a pool house for a wealthy customer. He said be at the site at 7am ready to work. Ron took down the address and was eager to show John what he could do.

The next day Ron was up at 5am to get ready. Did his normal morning routine, showering, shaving everywhere including trimming up his pubes and applying sunscreen everywhere. Ron went commando most of the time so he also liked to apply a nice lotion to his cock and balls to keep them swinging freely.

Today was going to be extra warm so he dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. Standard work boots and a baseball cap rounded things out. After a quick breakfast of a bagel with cream cheese and come coffee, he was ready to hit the road.

Ron’s standard transportation was a Kawasaki Ninja 250 that he had bought several years ago. He loved that bike. Riding it made him feel like a Ninja, it was so smooth and fast. But best of all, when he was leaning down on the bike it made such a vibration going through his cock and balls that he as usually hard all the time as he rode it. This made arriving places difficult sometimes but it was worth the feeling.

At the job site, he gave the foreman his information and learned that he was the new guy on the job and he was expected to do all the grunt work of fetching and carrying as well as site cleanup at the end of the day. Ron didn’t mind he knew the drill and was just happy to be working.

The job was to refurbish an old pool house, stripping the exterior, updating it, and remodeling the interior with new paint and fixtures. It was next to the biggest pool Ron had ever seen. It was so large that Olympic events could have been held in it. All located on a large private estate next to a golf course. Ron thought to himself this owner must be really rich.

The day was long and hot and most everybody eventually removed their shirts. Some of the really older guys with big paunches kept theirs on but Ron didn’t hesitate, he liked going shirtless enjoying the breeze across his body and sun on his back.

It was getting late in the day and everyone had a sheen of sweat built up when Ron noticed this guy in the second story window of the main house looking down at the work crew. It wasn’t long before John, the main boss joined the guy and they apparently had come kind of conversation about the job and how things were progressing.

John came down to the job site and told everyone that was enough for today and to show up tomorrow as per normal. It didn’t take the rest of the crew long to depart but Ron was stuck doing the site cleanup.

He was in the process of removing the last of the construction trash to the dumpster when the guy he had seen at the window came out of the house and over to the pool. He was a really good looking, around 30ish but still in great shape and wearing a speedo that didn’t hide much. He kind of ignored Ron, jumped in the pool, and started doing laps.

Ron had been told that everything had to be really cleaned up outside because the owner was going to have some kind of party around the pool in a couple of days. So wanting to make an impression on John and the foreman he was doing an extra good job of sweeping up the dust and small pieces. He was really sweating in the sun and ready for the day to end.

Finally, he was finished and walking down the length of the pool back to his bike when the guy popped up on the side of the pool beside him and said,

“Hi I’m Jason what’s your name?”

Ron was a little taken aback. He just expected to just leave and show up tomorrow, he generally didn’t have any interaction with an owner.

He stammered out, "Ron" and just kind of stared at Jason’s perfect smile.

Jason said, “You’re all hot as sweaty, want to cool off in the pool with me?”

Ron was astounded, he had never had any conversation with an owner before but he knew that you always tried to make them happy. Jason had climbed out of the pool and stood beside Ron.

Ron said, “I don’t have a suit.”

Jason said that’s OK we’re both guys we can go naked, and with that stripped off his speedo.

Standing in front of Ron was one of the hottest guys he had ever seen. A perfect tan all over, not a line showing, about 6’ tall with perfect a perfect 6 pack abs and a nice long cock.

Ron had always known he was gay but had very few partners, mostly just high school guys messing around with each other and some circle jerks with some drunk straight guys.

He could not contain himself and almost immediately had a hardon that he knew wasn’t going to go away easily. The only thing that would quench it was a dip in the cold water of the pool. He grinned, tossed down his shirt and hat. Kicked off his work boots and stripped off his pants. Before he was even fully standing back up, he was diving into the pool trying to conceal his erection. It worked the cooling water of the pool did the trick and he went soft.

They played around in the pool for a while, splashing each other and doing some laps. Jason won all of them he was an excellent swimmer. After about an hour Jason climbed out of the pool and went over to cabinet, opened it up and removed some beers from a refrigerator hidden inside of it. He offered one to Ron who was still in the pool.

Jason flopped down on a pool lounge and said come on out and relax. Ron was afraid of ticking off his host so he pulled himself up poolside and lay back on another lounge. He had gone through about half of his beer when he noticed that Jason’s cock was starting to grow and that he was staring at him.

This caused an immediate reaction to his own cock as it also started to get hard. Trying to hide it, he placed his hands and beer bottle on top of it hoping that the cold bottle would have some effect but it had no effect, his cock continued to stiffen.

Jason stood up, came over to him and said, “You have a beautiful body.”

Ron stammered, “So do you.”

Jason reached down, took Ron’s beer, and set it on a table next to him. Leaned down and engulfed Ron’s cock in his mouth. Ron didn’t know what to do. Should he push this guy off of him? Should he let it go? What should he do? It was only moments and his cock decided for him. It was fully erect and Jason was going down on Ron like there was no tomorrow. His fate was sealed.

Jason was an expert, took Ron right to the edge, and then let up. He did this several times. Ron was clutching lounge cushion as Jason’s tongue worked its magic on Ron’s cock.

Jason at one point looked up at Ron and said, "I knew you were gay the first time I saw you."

All Ron could do was manage a weak moan.

Jason was plunging down on Ron’s cock taking all the way down his throat until his nose was in the shaved pubes. He pulled his head back up and said your balls are so clean and soft I love how they feel in my mouth.

He was working on Ron’s balls when he slipped his hand under them and up along the crack. Ron had never had any anal experience and gasped when Jason’s finger touched his hole. He had seen all this happen in porn videos but this was actually happening to him.

Jason slowly worked a finger into Ron just lightly pushing and rotating until he was completely inside. Ron was in ecstasy he had never felt anything like this. His cock had never been so hard.

Jason slowly curled his finger inside of Ron and slowly pressed on the gland. Ron immediately spurted a large amount of precum and moaned. Jason once again moved from Ron’s balls to his cock licking up the precum as if it was a flavored syrup on a sundae. With his other hand, he firmly took hold of Ron’s cock and started stroking him slowly.

With Jason’s mouth on Ron’s cock, tongue swirling around and his finger up Ron’s ass Ron didn’t know if he was coming or going but knew that he wasn’t going to last much longer.

Jason looked up and Ron and said, “I want you to cum in my mouth!”

And when he returned his mouth to Ron’s cock he went all out. His tongue roughly working on the head and at the same time his finger started tapping on Ron’s gland sending sharp pleasure sensations through Ron.

It didn’t take long and Ron stiffened, his ass clenched Jason’s finger and his cock head flared. He erupted, spewing cum like he never had before. Jason mashed his finger into Ron’s prostate and just keep on pushing.

A low groan started deep inside of Ron and rushed out of his mouth followed by him screaming “FUCK”. To Ron it seemed like it went on for hours. He just kept cumming and straining the pleasure was so intense he thought he was going to die.

Eventually he collapsed back onto the lounge. Jason pulled his head up from Ron’s cock and slowly pulled his finger from Ron’s ass. He moved up next to Ron and kissed him full on the lips. His tongue darting quickly inside of Ron’s mouth leaving him with a strange sweet and salty taste. It only took a moment to realize he tasted his cum and cock that had been in Janon’s mouth. This was a very new experience for Ron, and one he liked.

Jason sat down on the lounge beside Ron and asked Ron, “Will you be back tomorrow?”

Ron was taken back but said, "I plan on being here every day till the job was done."

Jason said, “Good maybe we can have some more fun then.”

Ron was flabbergasted at the thought. Nevertheless, he wanted it so much.

Jason leaned over and kissed Ron again saying, “Tomorrow then.” He got up, grabbed his speedo from the poolside and walked back into the house.

Ron didn’t know what to think about what had just happened. He quickly dressed and headed out. Once on his motorcycle he immediately got hard again. He was replaying what had just happened in his mind and the vibrations just sent him off again. By the time, he arrived back at his apartment he was so hard he had to rush inside and jack off.

He couldn’t wait till morning and as he fell asleep he wondered what tomorrow would bring.

Copyright © 2019 JimSqu Sunbelter; All Rights Reserved.

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Excellent start, this story looks like we are in for some hot and interesting times ahead

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