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More Nocturnal Emissions - 12. Beyond Wizardly Endurance

TITLE: More Nocturnal Emissions



AUTHOR: Lady Sirius






FEEDBACK: shelley_runyon@yahoo.com



DISCLAIMER: Of course all rights to Harry Potter belong to JK Rowling


- I only wish that Sirius and Remus were mine, other than in my heart!



DEDICATION: To my glorious, talented, wondrous and everlastingly sexy

inspiration - Gary Oldman - and to all those fans who enjoyed the first story and whose words of encouragement kept me going and inspired the sequel!





More Nocturnal Emissions


Chapter Twelve - Beyond Wizardly Endurance


Sirius feels Gabriel's hand hard upon him—a grip he has prayed he'd never feel again—and his blood runs cold, his mind numb at the perfidy of the lanky hook-nosed Slytherin. Why had he truly expected more from Snape? Why did he let his guard down before his most hated enemy, and thus brought ruination upon them all? Most importantly, what is he going to do about it now?


"My, my, what a touching and tender reunion," Gabriel says mockingly, as he reaches for Sirius' lips, even as the boy struggles against him. But to no avail. Gabriel's hold on his arm grows tighter, as he forces their lips together, parting his own as if he means to devour Sirius' mouth, till Sirius ceases to struggle, and it seems as though he is acquiescing to this indignity, when suddenly Gabriel draws back, his free hand going to his mouth, crying out, "Salazar's ass, the bastard bit me," pulling it away to reveal blood upon his fingers. Quickly he backhands Sirius across the mouth so hard the boy drops onto the bed beside Remus, a look of triumph in his dark blue eyes, despite the pain of the blow. He makes no move to retaliate, concentrating instead on Remus, gazing with concern into his topaz eyes as he removes the gag from his mouth, allowing him to take in air in grateful gulps, unable to speak for a moment.


"Sirius," he whispers at last, his voice shaky, "you shouldn't have come, he'll hurt you, he wants you, he's mad..."


"I would never leave you behind," Sirius replies, fiercely protective, "I love you, Remus, so very much..." And oblivious of the audience behind them, not caring who knows what or who thinks what, he kisses his lover softly and tenderly, and for that moment the rest of the world ceases to exist.


"I wonder if the high and mighty Blacks know what their son really is," a mocking voice from behind them intones. It is the hated voice of Sirius' enemy. How can he have ever thought, even for a moment, that Snape might actually be a decent fellow? "Something tells me not," he continues, "and perhaps this is a piece of information they would be willing to pay well for, don't you think?"


Gabriel and Marcus exchange glances, as if unsure of their own ground here, as if fearful their own escapades in this arena might prove fodder for fuel as well, provoking unwanted familial displeasure, as Gabriel's father is no less of a blueblood than the Blacks, and would not take kindly to the knowledge of his son's sexual proclivities.


"On the other hand," Snape continues, not waiting for a response, as if he understands only too well the workings of the pureblood brain, for many of his House are of this ilk, and he has been privy to their thinking for some time now, "perhaps it is better to give these two a lesson they will not soon forget, and at the same time pleasure yourselves beyond your wildest dreams."


Gabriel's attention cannot help but be caught by Severus' last words. "How do you mean?" he asks hoarsely, his desire for these two boys only whetted by their public displays of affection. His hands are twitching, as well as his cock, as if eager to reach out and touch them in some way. Even as Sirius whispers into Remus' ear, "I shall kill Snape for this, mark my words..."


Remus' blood runs cold at these words. He has avoided glancing toward Snape ever since the other pushed Sirius so unceremoniously at Gabriel, afraid his own anger will reveal itself, although his thoughts are similar to his lover's. Under the cover of Snape's voice, he nuzzles Sirius gently, whispering reassuringly, "Nothing has happened, I've not been touched..." Sirius kisses the tearstained cheeks gently, grateful that Remus has been spared this indignity. Until it hits them both they are far from being out of the woods. In fact they seem to be sitting in the thick of them, even now, so to speak. And the unspoken word yet echoes between them.


Sirius focuses once more on the conversation around them, seeking to learn what the despicable trio is considering doing to them, gain some inkling of the fate they have in store for them. Snape is stilll speaking, in his oily way.


"Gentlemen, I can brew a potion which will not only prolong the length of your pleasure, it will enhance your sensitivity to such a degree that you will not believe. In other words, dear sirs, you will fuck longer and better and be able to attain multiple orgasms as well."


Sirius can see that Gabriel is fairly salivating at Snape's words. "How quickly can you brew this potion?" he asks eagerly, his eyes caressing the nude form of Remus Lupin, no doubt imagining Sirius in the same vulnerable condition.


"In no time," Snape assures him, his greasy hair falling across his face as he nods. "I have everything I need at the school, it will but take a moment to assemble them, brew the potion and return to you." His sallow face wears a look of hellish triumph as he regards the two boys coldly and dispassionately. "I shall need assistance to make it in even better time. Let me take Black—he can squeeze the sopophorous beans for me while I do everything else...."


Sirius opens his mouth to protest immediately, but Remus quickly stops his words with a kiss before they can be uttered. Gabriel merely sneers at the sight, his eyes going between Snape and Sirius, as if debating the question, before querulously replying, "No, not him. If you must have assistance, take Marcus. Black and Lupin stay with me...."


"As you wish," Snape acquiesces immediately, making no protest, but Marcus is beside himself at once.


"Me? Why me?" he complains to Gabriel, his brows drawing together darkly. "You promised me, Gabriel, you said I could join in the fun. Let him take Black, why not?"


"And so you shall, so you shall," Gabriel reassures him, raising one hand as if to ward off Marcus' whining. "I'm not letting Orion go, he's a slippery one, he is. Go with him, I assure you I will not start without you. My word on it. All right?" He glances at Snape. "Take him. And go quickly."


Marcus has no choice but to agree, and he follows Snape from the room, even as Gabriel turns back toward the boys. "All right, Sirius," he snarls, raising his wand toward him menacingly, "take your clothes off.... now... and I'll let you stay there with your girlfriend...."


Sirius tenses as if he is about to spring at the other wizard, but a whispered word from Remus stops him, and he trembles with suppressed fury, but he does as he is told, removing his robes first, then all his other items of clothing, until he is as bare and vulnerable as Remus, huddled against him protectively..


Gabriel is almost drooling at the sight of Sirius, naked at last, and most definitely in his power to control. Revenge is indeed a dish best served cold, he thinks to himself, unaware of the saying's origin, and uncaring.


"Untie him," Sirius demands, rather haughtily, Gabriel thinks, for one in his predicament. "You're hurting him."


"Do not be foolish," Gabriel smirks, "I don't intend to be." He approaches the bed where the two naked young men lie together, Sirius covering Remus as well as he can with his own body, to protect his modesty, his eyes narrowed at Gabriel with hatred. But Gabriel seems to feed off of the emotions which are flowing from the young boy, becoming as excited by his agitation as by his bare condition. "You haven't fucked him yet, have you, Sirius? What were you waiting for? Marriage?" He laughs shrilly, amused at his own wit. "Face facts, some day you will have to marry a woman, one your family chooses for you, and procreate with her, as is your duty. You might as well have your fun while you can, cause no wife is going to allow you to fuck your boyfriend, even if it is just for pleasure. Maybe I should allow you that now, hmmm? Your one chance, while he is still a virgin? What do you think, Sirius? Shall I permit you to fuck Remus, while I watch?" He seems to mull this thought over, reaching down to caress their warm young flesh, stroking their legs, first one and then the other. Sirius stirs, but is defenseless, and dare not put Remus into jeopardy by any rash action on his part. But he attempts to block Gabriel from touching Remus as much as possible.


Gabriel is not deterred by any bravado on Sirius' part. He slides his free hand, the one not holding his wand, in between Remus' legs, caressing the tender flesh of his thighs, his thumb rubbing across his perineum, causing him to jump. "But then I would not get the pleasure of popping his cherry," he murmurs, "and I would not miss that pleasure for the world. What of you, Sirius? Are you a virgin too? Shall I have two cherries this day? Or perhaps I can give one to Marcus? That would be most generous of me, don't you think? While your friend the potions master watches us, undoubtedly getting his own rocks off. Sounds like fun, don't you think? He cups Remus' half-hard cock within his palm, his eyes never leaving Sirius, warning him, "Try nothing, little man. You brought this on yourself, remember that."


Sirius is livid, and despite Gabriel's warning, grips his wrist tightly, wresting it backward, forcing him to unhand Remus. "Get away from us, you sodding bastard, you have no idea what love means, what it's all about, all you care about is yourself. What pleasure can you gain from this? Get away from us," he repeats in a tone meant to be menacing.


Gabriel retreats to the end of the bed, rubbing his sore wrist, angry, and for the moment, deflected from his original intention. No, love has nothing to do with anything. It's all about sex and power and control. Gabriel likes to feel in control of his victims, for in the rest of his life he is weak, and knows it. "I'll be right back," he promises, "don't even think of escaping, the windows are all hexed and cannot be opened. The only way out is the way you came in and you won't get to the door before I catch you." Without another word he exits the room, and they hear the sound of his bare feet slapping on the bare wooden steps of the staircase.


"Sirius, save yourself," Remus urges him in a frantic whisper, "you have to get out of this place before he hurts you. Quickly. Hide behind the door, and when he returns I'll distract him and you can get out..."


Sirius is already shaking his head feverishly. "No, no, no, forget it, I'm not leaving without you," he reassures the other boy. "We'll leave together or not at all." He works at the bonds which hold Remus fast, but finds that as quickly as he starts to untie each knot, it reties itself and he gives up in frustration, turning back to his lover. "I love you, Remus, never forget that," and he kisses him gently, gazing into his beautiful eyes.


Remus is not surprised at Sirius' decision—he expected no less, actually—but he sighs, kissing the top of Sirius' head as he lays it upon his chest. "All I want is to be with you," he murmurs softly. "Why do people have to make that so hard for us?"


"I wish I knew," Sirius mumbles into his chest, "I wish I knew." He knows his family would be quite livid at this sight, at the knowledge of what their scion and heir truly is, but he doesn't care, not about them or about what they think. He realizes they don't care for him as a person, he is merely their pawn to move around, to do their bidding. Well, no more. He is his own person, from now on. And that person happens to love one Remus Lupin. End of story. "We'll get out of this, Remy, I promise, and we'll be together. I love you more than anything, I want to be with you, forever. I want..."


Sirius isn't aware till this moment that Gabriel has returned, caught up as he is with Remus, but the wizard stands in the doorway, a sneer firmly affixed to his face, watching this tender moment. "Give me a break," he laughs. "You two are so pathetic with your I love yous and your promises of eternal togetherness and fidelity. Believe me, it doesn't last. You'll be fucking other people before you know it." A door slams below them, and his face lights up with delight. "Your friend is fast, isn't he? They are back. And soon Marcus and I shall show you two what pleasure truly is."


Footsteps echo upon the stairs, followed thereafter by the re-appearance of Snape and Marcus into the room. Gabriel reaches a hand out toward Snape eagerly, his eyes alight with anticipation. From beneath his robe, the Slytherin produces two flasks, one a deep purple hue, the other a rather light pink shade.


"Two? What have you brought us?" Gabriel asks in confusion.


Snape hands him the darker fluid. "This is the one for you and Marcus, the special aphrodisiac. The other is for them, to make them more docile and less willing to fight." He glances toward the two naked boys briefly, his eyes seeming to drink in their bodies appreciatively. "Less likelihood of anything untoward happening. And it will make them more desirous of being fucked as well, they will orgasm when you wish them to and not before."


"Excellent, excellent," Gabriel grins, taking the first potion and drinking half of it greedily, while Marcus whines beside him, reaching for the flask and chugging it in his turn, as Gabriel wipes the purple potion away from his lips. "Not bad, not bad," he comments, "why don't you feed that to them, eh, while Marcus and I get ready ourselves?"


"I'd be pleased to," Snape agrees, approaching the bed quickly. "Shall I help you with this, Lupin, since you seem to be a bit... tied up?" he asks snarkily. Sirius fairly leaps at him and only Remus' restraining, "Sirius!" holds him back.


Snape holds out the flask to Sirius, who takes it into his hand, debating whether or not to smash it on the floor and deprive the monsters of some of their fun. But Gabriel has anticipated him and has his wand aimed at Remus. "Drink it," he snarls, "and help him to drink it or by Godric you'll both be sorry."


How very much Sirius hates Severus Snape at this moment—he only thought he hated him before, but his anger has just grown by numbers too large to be measured. He drinks the pink fluid, thinking it is surprisingly sweet for a potion, before holding the flask to Remus' lips, helping him to do the same, until it is empty and useless and he returns it to its maker. Snape retrieves it indifferently, transfigures it into a chair, which he sets near the bed, where he can gain a good view of the proceedings. In the meantime, both Gabriel and Marcus are naked now, Marcus having gratefully stripped off his own clothing in order to join in the "fun".


Gabriel is beyond horny, he is fairly fit to burst now, and decides he wishes to warm up a little before the big event, his eyes upon Snape even as he puts his arms around Marcus, caressing his chest soothingly. "So you like to watch, do you? Well, I hope you enjoy this. I know that we shall. Perhaps you should take off your own clothes, so that you can self-indulge?"


"Thank you, no," Snape demurs, "at least not yet. Continue, I pray you, as if I were not here...."


"See how good Marcus is," Gabriel continues, his hand snaking around the other wizard, wrapping about his cock indulgently, caressing it familiarly, but his words are aimed at Sirius and Remus now, for he is performing for their benefit —for the moment. "He never gives me any trouble, he allows me to fuck him whenever I choose, don't you, Marcus?"


Marcus moans aloud at Gabriel's touch, for he hangs on every word of the other man, he is most obedient and subservient to him. "Yes, I do," he acknowledges at last, his eyes closing, his voice floating on the air between them, growing weak in the knees at Gabriel's touch, even more so than usual. Must be the enhancing potion.


Gabriel pumps Marcus' flesh, while his own erection throbs unattended. He rubs it against Marcus' ass, almost hungrily, his desire growing, a feeling of dreaminess overtaking him, almost as if he and his desire are growing larger and larger by the moment. Soon, he shall have what he truly wishes—he will bury his cock deep inside of Sirius Black, and fuck him for what he is worth. He can only imagine how tight his little hole is, how cherry, how warm, how splendid. His eyes close as he visualizes himself inside of Sirius, allowing Marcus to deflower Lupin, for his interest in Remus was only to gain Sirius for himself—it has always been Sirius that he wanted, only Sirius. And he shall have him, he shall have him.....


Sirius does not watch the two men as they writhe before him, keeping his eyes affixed on Remus. "I love you," he whispers, "only you, no matter what happens to us, I am yours and yours alone.... Please don't forget that...."


"I won't," Remus whispers in reply, "and I am yours alone, Sirius, always... and no matter what....."


His words are cut off by a sudden sound, and he flinches, anticipating that the assault is about to begin. He closes his eyes, bracing himself, steeling himself to stay strong, for Sirius' sake. He can endure it, pretend that it is not happening to him but to someone else. But when nothing happens for a long moment, he opens them again, to see..... nothing? No sign of either Gabriel or Marcus. "Sirius, what's going on?" he asks, confused.


Sirius opens his own eyes, cautiously raises himself upon the bed, and draws in a breath in surprise. "They... they are both upon the floor," he gasps, "asleep or dead, I can't tell which...."


"That is the illusion of the draught of the living death," Snape cuts in smoothly. "It is impossible to tell from a distance which it is—sleep or death. In this case, they are merely asleep." He rises from the chair he has been calmly sitting in, re-transfigures it back into a flask, which he stows inside his robe, approaching the bed. He examines the knots which hold Remus fast, and pulling his wand, mumbles a quick incantation which neatly unties them, and allows Remus' poor limbs the freedom to flop back upon the bed. "I suggest you get dressed quickly so we can get out of here. They won't stay asleep forever."


"The draught of the living death," Remus mumbles gratefully, tears of sheer joy coming to his eyes, "You did that on purpose, didn't you? You intended to help us all along, didn't you, Severus?"


Severus rolls his eyes at the seemingly stupid question. Stupid from his perspective, anyway. "Potions are what I do, after all. You didn't expect me to try to overpower them physically, now did you? That sounds more like something Black would attempt. For all it would have been worth."


Sirius is a bit nonplussed at this and begins to protest, but Remus cuts him off with his lips, before murmuring, "Please don't, Sirius, he's just saved us."


Sirius bites back what he was about to say, but he still can't resist asking, "What about the stuff you gave us, to make us more docile, what about that?"


"That?" Snape grins, as he uses his wand to levitate their clothes to them, since they haven't made a move in that direction yet. "That was a muggle drink, one they give to their children. It's called a Shirley Temple, and it's harmless. And if you studied your potions more, you would have realized that sopophorous beans are not used for any type of love potion or aphrodisiac, but for sleeping draughts. Now get moving if you will, and let's get out of this place before those two come to."


Sirius helps Remus to dress, rubbing his poor hands and feet to help restore the circulation, before quickly tossing on his own clothes. He helps Remus from the bed, supporting him carefully. "Let's go," he agrees, "the sooner, the better." They step carefully over the inert bodies of the two would- be rapists, who are sound asleep and snoring, wrapped around one another, on the floor, and quickly make their way down the stairs and out of this hellacious house.


"Where are we going?" Remus asks, leaning against his lover for strength.


"I suggest we go back to Hogsmeade, and proceed from there back to Hogwarts," Snape interjects, and Sirius is forced to agree that this is the best and most sensible course of action. He wraps his arm about Remus gently, kissing him again for good measure, before side-apparating them both to Hogsmeade with a loud crack, followed immediately afterward by Severus Snape, who rolls his eyes at them, unseen.


© 1997-2022 J.K. Rowling, Bloomsbury Publishing, Scholastic Press; All Rights Reserved; Copyright © 2017 JulieLHayes; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction that combine worlds created by the original content owner with names, places, characters, events, and incidents that are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, organizations, companies, events or locales are entirely coincidental.
Authors are responsible for properly crediting Original Content creator for their creative works.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Recognized characters, events, incidents belong to J.K. Rowling, Warner Bro / Discovery, WB Games and subsidiaries. <br>   <br>
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