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More Nocturnal Emissions - 13. Journey's End

The three boys quickly reappear in Hogsmeade once more. Hard to believe that only a couple of hours have passed since they embarked upon their strange odyssey, for it feels much longer to them. Practically a lifetime. In their absence, life has gone on as usual, naturally. Hogwarts students are laughing and chattering all about them, taking advantage of this opportunity to explore the environs of the wizarding village, while getting a school holiday at the same time, unmindful that anything untoward has occurred to two of their classmates while they’ve been seizing the day. A concerned Sirius insists that Remus take a seat upon the stile, to conserve his strength before they walk back to the school. He’s no longer in the mood to enjoy this place, and only wants to return to Hogwarts with Remus, and then find a place where they can be alone—something tha’is generally not possible inside their House, or their dorm —his sole wish being to hold onto him as tightly as he can, to never let him go.


"There you are, you great gits," can be heard the annoyed voice of one James Potter, although from his expression as he approaches them, Lily Evans by his side, he’s putting on some sort of a show for her benefit, and has probably not really noticed their absence. Well, not too much.


Lily, being more perceptive than James, cannot help but notice that not only are the two boys looking rather nonplussed, they are oddly to be found in the company of one Severus Snape (although she does not deign to glance at the dark haired Slytherin, which only drives the nail deeper into his heart) which in and of itself is cause for comment.


As James and Lily approach the trio, James' brow becomes furrowed, as he asks, in some confusion, "What's going on with you two?" His eyes go to their twined hands, and to the possessive posture of one Sirius Black, with his arm thrown about Remus' shoulder protectively. Remus makes a move as if to disengage the other boy's grip, but Sirius refuses to be dislodged, as he looks into James' eyes and replies, without hesitation and more than a smattering of defiance, "Remus and I are together...."


James' mouth drops open, just as Peter arrives upon the scene, Dorcas beside him, oblivious to the tensions building about them. "Hey, you're all here, great, what's going on?" He looks with confusion upon them as he receives no immediate reply to his question.


"What...." James begins, but a quick pinch from Lily shocks him into holding his tongue. Her woman's intuition tells her that there’s more to the story, that something upsetting has occurred, but that this is not the time nor place for explanations, so she presses for none.


"I think that's wonderful," she says warmly, even as she thinks to herself that it's about time these two brought their relationship out into the open, she’s never seen a reason to hide it. Even if she is currently in denial on the state of her own feelings for the mussy-haired fellow at her side. "My congratulations to you both." A surreptitious nudge to Mr. Potter's side brings a quickly muttered, "That's great guys," and although he isn't unhappy with the way things have turned out, he isn't entirely sure what he feels yet, needing time to digest such news, although undoubtedly he will come to realize that these two have always been together, and that it was indeed fated.


Unexpectedly, it is Severus who steps in, coming to their rescue, and providing them with just the out they need to make their withdrawal from the present company, and return to the school—alone. "As I suggested to you before, Black"—he directs his remarks to Sirius, his back stiff, holding his wounded pride deep inside, away from all view—"you should return with Lupin to the school immediately, lest he turn out to be contagious and contaminate us all." He wouldn't wish it to be bruited about that Severus Snape has any altruistic motives toward these two, and the hint of contagion, Severus estimates, will discourage accompaniment.


Dorcas quickly takes Peter's arm, hustling him away, and he barely has time to mutter a sheepish, "Catch you later," before she is guiding him along, suspiciously heading in the direction of the tea room. James doesn't seem inclined to move too swiftly himself, but Lily has him well in hand, although she doesn't for a moment believe the story which Severus is peddling, which can only mean there is a touch of humanity inside that cold shell after all, but she doesn't allow herself a moment to consider it, as she echoes his diagnosis, "Yes, Sirius, take Remus back to the school, and take good care of him. We'll check on you both later."


How James does take that word we very much to heart, unable to hide a large smarmy grin, as Lily takes his hand, waving their farewells as they head down the road, fingers entwining almost as if by accident. Leaving Sirius and Remus alone with Severus. Sirius is unaccustomed to these feelings of gratitude toward the greasy git, and he isn't sure how to behave toward him, so he remains silent. But Remus is completely grateful to him, and does not feel inclined to hide the fact.


"Severus, thank you so very much, for everything you did," he says sincerely, "I don't know what might have... if you hadn't...." But he cannot go on with that thought, shuddering at how very close to tragedy the day's events had come.


"Be more careful in the future," Severus advises, deliberately avoiding eye contact himself with Sirius, for nothing has occurred to change his low opinion of the Black scion, nor his perception of him as a self-absorbed, underachieving braggart, inconsiderate, rude, and obnoxious. Therefore the less said the better. Instead, he focuses upon Remus, his dark eyes looking deeply into the topaz eyes of the Gryffindor, before he says in a low tone, "Go to the seventh floor of the school, across from the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy there is a blank wall. Walk past it three times, concentrating upon what you desire the most, what you need. Leave the rest to the Room." He turns to go, but Remus stops him with a hand upon his arm.


"What I need? Desire? What room, Severus?" he asks, clearly confused.


Snape shakes off his hand, annoyed, his eyes going to the advancing figure of Sirius Black, who is less than thrilled at any sort of contact between his boyfriend and his enemy. "You'll see," he says succinctly, before heading off in quite a different direction from theirs, wishing nothing more than to be away from their company. if they cannot figure it out, their loss, he thinks. A low growl can be heard, no doubt emanating from Sirius' throat.


"Sssh, Sirius, let's just do as he says." Remus clutches Sirius tightly by his hand, lest he make an unwarranted move toward the retreating Slytherin. He suspects that Severus has just done them another huge favor, and he for one is anxious to see just what it might be, not to mention that his greatest desire is simply to be alone with Sirius and hold him so tightly that the other boy may just never breathe again. Figuratively, of course.


"But Remus," Sirius begins to fuss, his words handily stopped by Remus' soft lips as he pushes his protests away, at least for the time being, and Sirius ceases to argue, even as he whimpers softly within his throat. Remus draws back, reluctantly, and the two return to the school as quickly as possible without giving the appearance of haste to any casual onlooker, should there be one.


Once within the confines of Hogwarts, they begin to clamber up the stairs, via the various revolving staircases with which they are now long familiar, Sirius attempting to question Remus as they go, peppering his curiosity with sundry comments regarding Severus Snape which the other boy simply ignores as irrelevant and unnecessary at this moment, saving his breath for more important matters. Such as kissing Sirius Black.


Luckily there is no one else about as they reach the seventh floor, Sirius trailing behind Remus as he determinedly seeks the tapestry, ignoring Sirius' comments about its ugliness, as esthetics are the last thing on his mind. "Wait just a moment," he murmurs to his love, as he focuses his mind on one thing, on one person alone, beginning to pace before the blank wall.


"Remus, there's no room here," Sirius laments. "Snivvy was just having one over on us. I bet he's sitting somewhere right now, having a good hard laugh at our expense..."


Remus pays him no heed, having just completed the second go-by, beginning the third. Focus, he instructs himself mentally, focus. He evades the hand which reaches out to interrupt his path, determined to finish what he has started, for he is ever one to complete a given task. And just as Sirius begins to whine again, he sees it, that which was definitely not there before. A door set within the previously blank space. He turns to Sirius with a triumphant smile, takes his hand as he confidently opens the mysterious door before them.


Sirius can make no further objections to their enterprise, once the door appears, his jaw dropping at the sight. Will wonders never cease? He follows Remus into the room, without comment, until they are safely inside and the other boy closes the door behind them, and they gaze together in amazement at this mysterious room's contents.


The most conspicuous object in the room is the large bed —a large four poster canopied bed, lush blankets pulled down invitingly, royal blue sheets gleaming. There is also a fireplace, a cheery blaze already going. And a phonograph, which is playing. "Ravel," Remus names the composer in a voice filled with wonder, as he stares at the tableau before them.


"Severus was right," he whispers in awe, turning to gaze at the beautiful youth beside him. Sirius cannot deny that this is so, although he still refuses to give the devil his due, so says nothing. "The room must have sensed what I need, which is you, Sirius," he continues. "I love you, Sirius, and I want to be with you. Now and always. We can be together, here, this can be a place for us to be alone when we want to be...."


Sirius finds his tongue at last, agreeing wholeheartedly with his lover's summation of the situation. "We can do whatever we like, without interruption. Wait till we tell James and Peter...." For of course it was a given that their friends would be informed of this tremendous boon. "They'll be thrilled."


"I know they will," Remus smiles gently, reaching for Sirius' hand, bringing it to his lips as he softly kisses the back. "But later. When we're done with it..." And he gives his lover a most knowing smile, one which sends butterflies careening in the pit of his stomach. And the otherwise bold brash young man melts into pure butter at that touch, for he knows what is about to happen, what they have wanted to happen for so long, but have been prevented from accomplishing at every turn—the ultimate consummation of their relationship. And although Sirius wants it so very badly, he is suddenly shy, even as Remus leads him toward the bed… their bridal bed.


As Ravel continues to play in the background, Remus slowly begins to undress the other boy, Sirius shivering as each piece of clothing is removed and set carefully aside. He attempts to return the favor, but Remus playfully slaps at his hand, admonishing him to behave, all in good time, so he contents himself with allowing Remus the lead. Off come the robes and the boots, followed in good order by the T-shirt. As he pushes it up and off, Remus begins to pepper the soft skin that is revealed with tender kisses, his hands then going to Sirius' overly large silver belt buckle, that gaudy piece of jewelry which he loves to tease him about, undoing it with practiced ease, sliding the belt through the loops as he unbuttons and then unzips the trousers, aroused by the sight of the unmistakable bulge there, which he releases, caressing Sirius' hardening cock as it wins its freedom from its cloth prison.


"Oh Merlin," Sirius whispers, as once again he attempts to disrobe his partner. And now that his own work is done, Remus allows it, for he is the alpha in this relationship and always will be. Sirius' hands shake but he manages to remove everything without pinching or pulling, and now they are both starkers, gazing upon one another's bodies with undisguised delight.


"Onto the bed!" Remus commands in a firm, yet gentle voice, and Sirius obeys without hesitation, sitting at the edge, waiting for what will come. "Lie down," is the next order, and Sirius scoots back, reclining upon the luxuriously soft sheets, his eyes fastened upon his mate.


Remus climbs in beside him, lying alongside him, turning to face Sirius, tingling inside as he tentatively reaches out one hand, following the contour of Sirius' body, as his eyes drink in the sight of him, his heart bursting with love. "You are so beautiful, Siri," he whispers, "I don't know why you chose me, you could have anyone you want, anyone, but I'm glad you did...."


"You're so silly," Sirius murmurs, leaning in to lay a soft kiss upon those tender lips, "I've never wanted anyone but you... never will....."


Where to begin? Now that they are in an actual position to consummate their relationship, the reality of the situation sets in, and for a moment a nervous Remus begins to worry that he will not be able to accomplish this. He has been reading, yes, what he can find, and that wasn't easy, considering the time in which they live and the dearth of information, not to mention the stigma attached to male/male relationships, and he believes he understands the mechanics of the business at hand. But theory and practice are two different things. However, first things first. And the first order of business will be to bring his lover off...


This they have managed to do—a number of times, in fact —and Remus is quite familiar with the beautiful body beside him, as he reaches between Sirius' legs, and begins to massage the sweet flesh there, which responds to his touch by hardening. Sirius never tires of Remus' touch, and the time that they steal together at night, in the alpha's bed, are invaluable. Thank Merlin for privacy spells and silencing charms.


Sirius moans appreciatively, and when he would return the favor, his hand snaking out toward Remus' own appendage, he receives a soft but chiding slap for his pains. "No, Sirius, not now," Remus admonishes him, "first you... then me...." And before the boy can protest—which is really of no use for it will heed him not —Remus has captured his lips once again, and now they are too enmeshed to allow for any sort of speech.


His hand rises and falls along the glistening shaft of his lover, the precum which seeps from the tip more than adequate to provide lubrication for the task. Sirius shivers at the touch of that talented hand, for never has there been anyone in his life like Remus, and never will there be. They are together now, forever and always, and with the optimism of youth, that is a very long time indeed.


Sirius arches his back in sheer pleasure, his moans muffled by the lips of his lover, who feels the vibrations and is elated in the knowledge that he has this effect upon this beautiful boy. He disengages from his mouth long enough to murmur, "C'mon, Siri, baby, cum for me, I know you're close, I can feel it..." Words of encouragement and hope, designed to bring Sirius to his fruition.


These words, this touch, have never failed to elicit a positive response from Sirius, and this occasion is no exception, his breath coming in short gasps as he feels it coming upon him, that familiar feeling, that painful ache/need which passes through his entire being, demanding to be released, and release it he does as he cries aloud, a sound that is almost a yelp but is really Remus' name as he bursts into his hand, oozing warm fluid over his lover's fist. Remus continues to pump him firmly, as if to squeeze out every last drop which he can get.


Sirius feels himself falling back into the sheets, panting, spent but happy, even as Remus takes the opportunity to coat two of the fingers of his right hand with his lover's fluid, moving his hand below his softening cock, across his perineum and over his entrance, brushing lightly, as he looks lovingly into those beautiful dark eyes. This is the moment they've been waiting for, this is the step which will take their relationship to the next level, and bring them together in the most intimate manner, to seal their love indelibly, each upon the other. It feels as if it is their wedding night, and in many ways it is.


"Tell me if I hurt you, baby," Remus murmurs, as he dares to edge the tip of one finger inside that enticing opening, pushing slowly, his eyes trained upon Sirius', as if to gauge their reaction to this unaccustomed intrusion. He can feel Sirius' muscles gripping his finger tightly, and he is surprised at the warmth of him, the velvety softness of him, and instinctively he finds his finger completely sheathed inside of Sirius.


Sirius' first reaction is one of pain, for this is a site that is accustomed to egress, not ingress, and he isn't sure how much he cares for it, but he bites his lower lip and says nothing, although he finds himself squirming involuntarily, as if his body is attempting to expel the intruder.


"Does it hurt?" Remus asks quickly, preparing to pull out, for the last thing in the world he would ever choose to do is to hurt Sirius.


"No, no,?" Sirius assures him hastily, "I just need ... to... adjust," he gasps. "Keep going..."


Remus is hesitant, but he moves his finger about, trying to get Sirius' muscles to relax. "Keep breathing," he adjures him. "I read that that helps."


Sirius accepts the well-given advice, forcing himself not to hold his breath, which is his natural inclination .He finds that by doing so the strange feeling recedes, and his body is acclimating itself to Remus' finger. In fact, his nerve endings are starting to react, in a good way, and he thinks he;s going to like this. "More," he murmurs, "more," and Remus obliges him by adding a second finger.


Remus scissors the two fingers, feeling Sirius' muscles palpably relax as he does so, and he notices that the other boy's breathing is less anxious, as he moans his approval. In fact, his desire is obviously increasing. "You," he murmurs hoarsely, "I need you, Remy..."


Remus knows what Sirius wants, of courseπ—the same thing that he does—and he is just as desirous of this consummation as Sirius. His eye lights upon a jar which sits on the table beside the bed. He suspects that it’s there for their use, and he has an idea of just what it might contain, since the room seems rather acutely attuned to their needs. "I need you too, Siri," he replies, slowly removing his fingers from Sirius' pretty pucker. "Just relax a moment, keep breathing," he encourages him as he twists about a little to grab the jar. Sure enough it’s a lubricant. He untwists the cap, and takes some onto his fingers. The lube is in the form of a gel, and it has a not unpleasant odor, reminiscent of wild strawberries. He begins to rub the stuff onto his aching cock, offering Sirius his warmest smile. Once he is satisfied that he has enough upon him, he replaces the cap, and moves back between Sirius' waiting legs.


"Are you ready for me, baby?" he murmurs softly, and of course Sirius nods his assent. Drawing a deep breath, Remus positions himself just so, the head of his cock at Sirius' entrance, as he begins to enter him, slowly but surely. He knows that he is fairly well built, he can't help but notice the difference between them when the boys all shower together, and he is terrified of harming his lover with his abnormal girth. Sirius' eyes grow bigger as Remus begins to fill him, for this is different than what came before. As good as that felt, this is that much better


Sirius forces himself not to tense, and he finds that this is easier because of Remus' preparation, and he moans with the feel of his lover inside of him, as Remus slowly sheathes himself in Sirius' moist heat, until he is fully engulfed within that tight passage, and he pauses to allow them both time to adjust to these utterly new and wondrous sensations. Their eyes lock, Remus' topaz and Sirius' dark blue, and the love which flows between them is more than evident at this moment. For this is the ultimate consummation of their relationship, the ultimate bond which only serves to emphasize the ties between them which can never be truly severed, only stretched a bit. The red string which connects them in this life and in the next.


"I love you so much," Remus whispers reverently, and Sirius' soul warms at the words, feeling their truth, and knowing the truth in his own as he replies, "I love you very much too..." and neither one moves, content to remain conjoined in this fashion. But Remus begins to move at last, pulling out and then thrusting forward, as instinct kicks in. He sets his hands upon Sirius' hips to anchor himself as he moves, while Sirius caresses his back gently, his fingers stroking and caressing as Remus sets the pace, a pace which Sirius quickly matches.


This being the first time for them both, their movements arent perfectly synced - yet - but they are trying. And Remus falls out once due to a misplaced thrust. But he manages to reinsert himself, and they continue - neither minding about the minor interruption, too enraptured with what they are doing to care. Remus finds himself moving faster now, as his nature asserts itself, his desire heightening by the moment. He is becoming more and more comfortable with their lovemaking, and he knows in his heart that it is very right, and very perfect. He knows too that this first time he can't hold out as long as he'd like, but he doesn't mind that either.


"Siri," he moans, clutching the other boy's hips tightly, a light sheen of sweat bathing his brow, "Siri, I'm .... almost.... there...."


On his part, Sirius is experiencing sensations he has never dreamed of before, enraptured at the presence of this most perfect being inside of him, the love in his heart expanding to fill the entire room. He wants Remus to release inside of him, for Remus is his one and only mate, his love, his heart and his soul. "You can do it," he encourges him in a breathless gasp, his own hands caressing those marvelous buns, feeling the muscles as they work, as they strive to please - and please they do.


"Oh.... oh... oh....." Remus' voice is rising higher and higher with each thrust until he suddenly unleashes himself within Sirius, his orgasm overtaking and overpowering him, continuing to push inside with lessening strokes as he spills his seed inside of Sirius. And when he is done, he collapses gratefully upon the other boy, panting, but very much content.


Sirius wraps his arms around Remus, and presses tender kisses onto his chest and neck, reaching for his lips, and they kiss - softly, happily, lovingly, their eyes locked together. No words are needed, their expression says it all. A short nap would be nice, but they would rather spend their time together in awareness, they can sleep later, tonight, in the privacy of Remus' bed, as they cuddle, and kiss - and other things. From now on, their nocturnal emissions will be quite joint, no more solitary games for these two.


And later on, they will tell the other Marauders about this room, once they have experimented with it a bit more. For scientific purposes, of course. What else?



THE END (or have they only just begun?)

© 1997-2022 J.K. Rowling, Bloomsbury Publishing, Scholastic Press; All Rights Reserved; Copyright © 2017 JulieLHayes; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction that combine worlds created by the original content owner with names, places, characters, events, and incidents that are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, organizations, companies, events or locales are entirely coincidental.
Authors are responsible for properly crediting Original Content creator for their creative works.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

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