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My Prince - 13. Chapter 13

I'm so so so so sorry. Forgive me. :(  Not the most polished but at least it's finally done. 

Phoenix sat in the chair and watched the birds outside the window. It felt like that was all he did these days; watched other people live. There was no way you could call what he’s been doing living, maybe existing, but even that was a stretch he thought. He knew he had things he should be doing, things he needed to take care off. There was a whole kingdom to run and he really should be getting word out to the interested about what happened. Noah wanted his people taken care of, and Phoenix should be seeing to that now that his lover couldn’t. He felt a sharp pain in his chest as he always did when he thought of his Prince. He closed his eyes tight and tried to block out the images that threatened to drown him. He couldn't even set foot in the throne room.


At least Landon wasn’t around anymore to gloat. Once the ex-captain of the guard realized he hadn’t hit his mark in Phoenix and instead ran through the prince he actually laughed. Phoenix held Noah tight, his blood soaking both their clothes, begging for someone to help. Finally Ms. Sara took him away. As soon as his arms were free he snapped. He ordered Landon be released from his bonds and given back his sword. They would settle this like men, even if his opponent deserved to die like a dog. No, less than a dog, even dogs deserved respect. But Phoenix could never kill an unarmed man. So with their respective swords in hand the two men faced off.


He had hoped the fight would last longer. It was almost pathetic how quickly the blacksmith turned pirate cut down the man who was once considered the best swordsman in the kingdom. Phoenix’s skill over the last two years had only grown, his speed and stamina enhanced by the grief and rage he felt. He blocked Landon’s first few desperate swings before nearly removing his hand. He ordered the ex-guardsman to pick his sword back up with his other hand, when he hesitated Phoenix’s voice rose to a bellow and echoed through the room. He killed him quick after that. Well, sort of. He had planned on letting the poor bastard bleed out on the throne room floor but his first mate had insisted Phoenix finish the job quickly so they could be done with it. Phoenix was a little ashamed to say he actually took pleasure in plunging his sword through the man's chest.


“Still sitting there I see?” Phoenix was pulled from his memories by the soft voice of Ms. Sarah. The women had been very patient with Phoenix the last few days. But he knew that patience was running thin. She placed a plate of food on the table next to him and removed the still full one he hadn’t touched. “He would hate to see you like this.”

“Good thing he can’t see me.”


“I’m sorry, Ms. Sarah, I’m such a mess right now.”

He couldn’t meet her eyes, he knew the pity he would see there. It was part of the reason he had been avoiding everyone. He knew people were worried, but he just couldn’t deal with it right now.

“Phoenix, you look like you haven’t slept in days and I know you haven’t eaten.”

“He smells like he hasn’t bathed in days either. The stench alone was enough to wake me.”


Phoenix and Sarah both jumped and spun towards the bed. The body that had been lying motionless under the sheets for three days was finally moving. Noah groaned as he tried to sit up and Phoenix was by his side in a moment.

“Don’t move, my Prince, you’re not well.”

“Getting stabbed in the gut will do that for you. You look more dead than I do.”

Noah reached out and placed his hand on his lover’s cheek. Ms. sarah was right, he did look like shit. His eyes were ringed with black and his skin was ashen. “My Love, what have you done to yourself?”

Phoenix screwed his eyes shut as he felt them fill with tears, “I was so scared.”

Neither boy noticed as Ms. Sara slipped from the room to give them privacy.

“I’m sorry I worried you darling. How long have I been out?”

“Three days. They got you stitched up pretty quick, but you had a fever and… god Noah, I was so fucking scared.”

“Three days isn’t quite two years, but I'm sorry nonetheless.”

Phoenix winced at the not so subtle jab, “Noah,”

“Hush now, we’ll deal with that later. Come, lay with me, I’m still tired.”

Phoenix climbed gently into the bed next to his one true love and held him gingerly, Noah sighed in contentment and fell asleep quickly. Phoenix didn’t plan on falling asleep, but not long after Noah's eyes slipped closed Phoenix followed.




Noah pulled out of his lover’s arms and slipped out of bed. His bare feet making no noise on the floor as he moved across the room to sit in the window. He felt like he hadn’t gotten any peace or time to himself since he woke up. Every morning at the crack of dawn his newly returned lover and him were awoken by Ms.Sarah and kept busy all day until they collapsed together in their bed. There was so much to do, and Noah knew it was important. The people needed to know their prince...rather King, was well and looking out for them. There was so much damage caused by his father's tyranny and the invasion of the pirates that needed to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. But god, Noah just wanted to spend a week in bed curled up with Phoenix. He wanted to celebrate that they were alive and together. Finally with no one standing in their way. He wanted to hear his tales, where hes been and how he came to be a Pirate Lord.


Noah sighed as he watched the sun come up and people begin to move around the courtyard. Ms. Sarah would he here any moment with tea and a light breakfast. It didn’t matter what Noah wanted, he had responsibilities. And the faster he took care of everything the faster he could have some time to himself and Phoenix. Noah turned where he sat to look at his pirate. His hair was longer and his skin tan and taut but he still looked like the young man Noah had fallen in love with. He was so thankful Phoenix had come back to him. Falling asleep next to each other was the best feeling in the world, even if they were both too tired to do anything but sleep.


“What are you doing up, my Prince? It’s early,come back to bed.”

Noah couldn’t fight the smile that stretched onto his face, “Ms. Sarah will be here any minute with breakfast.” Even as he explained he found himself crossing the room and crawling into his lovers awaiting arms.

“Mmmm. Soon, when everything has settled we’ll spend a whole week in bed. Just us, cuddling and talking and...kissing.” He interrupted his own sentence with an example.

“I was just thinking the same thing.”

“I forgot what it was like to have responsibilities. On the ship there was very little we HAD to do.”

“I want to hear all about your adventures. How did you manage to get a ship and crew all your own?”

“Well, many of them are those your father has banished, but really they aren’t mine.”

“They call you captain. Who’s are they if not yours?”

“My father’s...actually.”

Noah sat up with a jolt, “What?”

“Calm down baby..”

“Your father? As in the guy who kidnapped me and tried to sell me into slavery!?”


“What the hell Phoenix!”

“It’s not what you think. He wouldn’t have done that.”

“Yea, sure he says that now, how can you believe him? They tried to kill us!”

“Please, Baby, relax. Listen to me.”


Noah crossed him arms over his chest with a pout. Phoenix wrapped his arms around the smaller man and pulled him onto his lap.

“It is a long story my love, and I very much would like to tell it. From the beginning. Please, don’t be angry.”

“Your Dad is a prick.”

“I agree, more often than not, but he's not evil.”

“Like mine?”

“That’s not what I meant. My dearest, I don't wish to fight with you. And I’m not trying to avoid this, I WANT to tell you. Everything. We’ve just been so busy.”


A knock at the chamber door interrupted them. Noah started to pull away but Phoenix tightened his grip. The young king could feel his face heat up as the doors swung open the Ms. Sarah entered the room, followed by a chambermaid.


“Oh my!” the poor chambermaid nearly dropped her basket of clean laundry when she noticed the lovers wrapped up in each other on the bed.

Ms. Sarah took the basket and shooed her out of the room.

“Sorry Ms. Sarah, just enjoying some quiet time together. I guess we didn't realize how late it had gotten.”

“Nonsense, don't you apologise, it is barely dawn not late at all. And you boys do not get nearly enough time together these days. You have yet to have a proper reunion.”

“Too much to be done Ms. Sarah.” This time when Noah pulled away Phoenix let him go, but not without a heavy sigh.

“Ms. Sarah, is there anyways you can convince my dear King to take a day off?”

“I wish i could Phoenix. The boy should be resting.”

“I will rest when my kingdom in settled.”

Phoenix followed his lover to the small table they had for meals and pulled him into his lap.

“A king's work is never done. You need to worry about yourself as much as the people, if you don't take care of yourself you will burn out and be unable to take care of them.”

Ms. Sarah placed the tray down and quietly slipped out of the room. If anyone could talk some sense into that boy it would be his pirate.

“I know Nix, it’s just after everything my father did…”

“You don’t have to atone for someone else's mistakes. The people don’t blame you. Tell me the plans my dearest.”

“Reconstruction on the outer wall and village has been going steady but there has been some hold up at the north end. The market place is almost complete but i have to review the plans for a few more outbuildings. We had another 15 exiles show up last night and their cases need to be reviewed. Then we need to find placements for them if they are found eligible of pardon.”

“Alright, you deal with the exiles and I will deal with the construction.”

“No, Phoenix, this is my responsibility…”

Phoenix slid out from under the young king and began to pace the room.

“Do you love me?”

“What? Of course I do! How could you ask that?”

“We’re going to be together now, right? You and me? I am to be your consort?”

“Yes Phoenix, I choose you as my consort! If that's what you want?”

“I have never wanted anything more than to be yours my dearest prince. That’s why It’s not just your responsibility. It is our’s. We are a team noah, I am here to help you and aid you. And these are my people as well.”

Noah sighed. “You're right, I just…”

“Feel guilty? You shouldn't. Let me help you, I’m not good with people and politics, I’ll leave that to you. But I can help with the reconstruction and repairs. And my men are getting antsy anyways they would be thrilled to lend a hand.” Phoenix crossed back over and kneeled in front of Noah taking both his hands, “As always, I live to serve you my King, and my men are eager to help. We will work together and get everything taken care of. Then you and I will bar the doors and stay in bed for a week.”


“We have time for everything else my dearest. We have the rest of our lives.”

Noah smiled as one stray tear fell from his shimmering eyes. He was so thankful for this man.

Noah stood, keeping hold of Phoenix’s hand, and led him back to the bed.

“You’re right, my dearest, there is time. So perhaps it won’t hurt to take the morning off.”

Phoenix smiled as he followed his lover down and cuddled up close.

“You are as wise as you are beautiful.”

Noah laughed as he held his pirate close. The rest of their lives… yes he liked the sound of that.


Copyright © 2017 LillyLee; All Rights Reserved.
If you enjoyed what you have read, please leave a reaction and/or comment for the author!

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Why don’t authors write ‘The End’ when a story is complete? I know it’s listed elsewhere, but those locations don’t include the final chapter!



Noah needs to learn to delegate. He’ll work himself to death if he tries to run even this microscopic, village-sized Kingdom on his own. And he can at least trust Phoenix…  ;-)

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:2thumbs: Wonderful ending.  I had almost forgotten this story and was so happy to read this chapter. Noah and his Pirate Blacksmith will make a wonderful team. Thanks so much. :wub:

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On 7/27/2017 at 6:26 AM, droughtquake said:

Why don’t authors write ‘The End’ when a story is complete? I know it’s listed elsewhere, but those locations don’t include the final chapter!



Noah needs to learn to delegate. He’ll work himself to death if he tries to run even this microscopic, village-sized Kingdom on his own. And he can at least trust Phoenix…  ;-)


I would love to say something philosophical like "because it's not really the end, it is just the beginning of the rest of their lives"

But really it's because this isn't where I has planned on ending it but decided the points I was going to hit would do much better in their own story :)


Sequel? :o 

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2 hours ago, LillyLee said:


I would love to say something philosophical like "because it's not really the end, it is just the beginning of the rest of their lives"

But really it's because this isn't where I has planned on ending it but decided the points I was going to hit would do much better in their own story :)


Sequel? :o 

You could say, “The End?”  ;-)

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This was a beautiful love story! It was captivating and page turning with a princess bride feel (I mean that as a compliment). Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us!!! :worship:

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