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  1. LadyDe

    Chapter 16

    A new chapter...Yay!! I want to say poor Trevor but....nah. He deserves everything's that coming. And Luciana? My kind of girl. Just take a blow torch to him and then use a scalpel. 😅 Bastien really really needs to tell Mason what's going on with him. Something tells me, his mate is the key to his control.
  2. You know it doesn't take much for you to get me emotionally invested in your characters and once again...you had me tearing up!! At first I thought that Trent was a stalker until he explained how he knew so much. I work from home by a window and I see every person and every car that passes by my apartment building just like Trent saw Arnie. I'm so glad that Arnie decided to take the chance that was offered to him. If you ever come back to this couple, maybe show them at their 10 year anniversary with their kids. 😊 Now let's talk about a certain other story....hummm??? 😉🤭
  3. LadyDe

    Play Dead

    Rhys knew Toby when he was a indie singer before Levine came into the picture. Rhys saw a glimpse of ghost guy after his meeting with Levine. Levine had ghost guy killed so he could get control of Rhys. And I'm thinking that there's a connection between Ghost Guy (maybe Toby) and Mason. And I adore Billy!!
  4. LadyDe

    Hill of Candles

    I was utterly enchanted with this tale. I resonated with me on a deep level. And coincidentally, I've been watching a marathon of my favorite show all day and was still watching it when I found this story. The show? Ancient Aliens!!! 😊 I loved the ending and want to believe that Guardian came back as Barclay. But would he come back that fast and as an adult? Lets say he did!!!
  5. Great story! Like everyone else, I would like 1 more chapter to find out the punishments for everyone.
  6. I agree with GeemeeDee. These epilogues bring up more questions. And it would take you at least 3 or 4 more chapters to really wrap this story up. (hint hint) Just saying
  7. Whew! Downtime. Now on to a better and peaceful future.
  8. LadyDe


    The Alliance should have helped Aaron save his planet. I didn't like that part. But YAY for Aaron claiming Mateio!! And Lian realizing that he won't be alone if the collar comes off. I can't wait to find out where this story goes.
  9. Inspiring, thought provoking, insightful and a very real picture of humanity. Bravo!!! There are usually more people who think like William than Hilda but the Hilda's in church are usually the most self-appointed rule and tradition keepers. And the most vocal. They are the ones who love to tell others how things have always been done and try to be in charge of everything. If things aren't done to their satisfaction they start the telephone whisper campaign to let their displeasure known and to spread dissension. So glad that William spoke up and the others agreed. Love is love is love is love....no matter what form it takes.
  10. LadyDe

    The Fruitcake

    Run, Hide, Scream!!! It's the attack of the 'killer' FRUITCAKE!!!! Don't let them get wet!!! 😱
  11. LadyDe

    The Fruitcake

    Every Christmas, when I was a young'un, my Grandmother, who lived in Chicago, would send my Dad a fruitcake. She would make it, wrap it and mail it just like Shawn did. Then she started buying them, from a company that's here in GA. I thought that was hilarious, buy a fruitcake in Chicago, made in a city not far from Atlanta and ship it back to Atlanta. SMH. I didn't like it because it was super sweet, dense as a brick and weighed a ton. (still don't) But those cakes made my dad so happy. Now I understand. It was the memories. 😊 I wish I could buy him one now, but at 95, that would be too rich for his system and he would try to eat it all in one night. 🤣 This was a wonderful story. You never know what small thing you do and send out into the universe affects the lives of others. Thanks.
  12. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Bir-th-daaaay to Youuuuuu!! Happy Birthday to you! 🥂 Now you've done it!!!! 😂 I turned 65 at the end of April and I've been going down memory lane a lot since then. Is that the automatic response to reaching that age? LOL. The memories you stirred up....'heavy phones'. My parents still had one up until about 10 years ago when the phone company said that it had to go cause the new digital wiring wasn't compatible with it. I told my daughters that that phone could be used as a weapon. I grew up here in Atlanta GA but back then, they allowed chickens in the city and the man next door had chickens and a homicidal rooster, so I remember warm eggs. They really had a different taste didn't they. And 25 cent movies and Saturday matinees watching Godzilla and the Three Stooges. Whenever I hear Moon River, I think about sitting on our front porch watching lighting bugs and stroking my black cat, Midnight. (deep sigh). Now I've got gray hair and aching knees and hips! HaHa..ouch..Haha. But we're like a fine wine that just gets better with age.
  13. Lovely story!! I was kind of worried when I first started but then realized that serious magic was at play. I don't think I've ever had molasses cookies but I think I'll follow the recipe with my grand daughter as see how they turn out. 😉
  14. LadyDe

    Evo and The Snowman

    We did!!!! About 2 feet tall and that took most of the snow. LOL
  15. LadyDe

    Maybe Later

    This was such a sweet story. I have a feeling that Pat has just met the person who's going to make him change his workaholic ways!!
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