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Denial is a lonely path. Lack of honesty is divisive. And self-loathing is a destructive force that's difficult to overcome. 'Dissonance' is a tale that centers around Ben Mansfield and Travis Cooper: two characters from very different backgrounds who, after a chance meeting one night, must learn to face the discordant elements that have fractured their lives and prevented them from finding love and acceptance - especially within themselves.

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I burned through what is posted so far, eating into my sleep, forcing me to feel everything the characters do.  I love the descriptions.  That's a place I need to do better in my own work, and reading this makes me want to improve that aspect of my writing.


But, this isn't about me.


I love this work.  I love how flawed both men and the people around them are.  They're deep, complex, at odds with themselves and with one another as well.  The tender moments are so pronounced because they're held up against the rawness of the rest.  It makes them special in a way I'm not sure I can really explain.


I am hopeful that you'll come back to this, @MacGreg.  The story is worth reading and consequently, it's worth telling.


Thank you for writing.

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