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Poems and Short Quips - 9. F.U.C.

A friend of mine passed away a year ago from inflammatory breast cancer, an uncommon form of BC that grows very quickly. I wrote this for her - but it applies to so many. Unfortunately, we can all relate to it in one form or another...

Fuck you, Cancer.


You consume beautiful people

and pluck them from the earth at your will.

Without preference or prejudice,

care or premeditation,

you appear from the dark recesses --

offering no warning, no mercy --

slowly sucking the marrow from brittle bones,

feasting on the flesh and organs of the innocent,

extinguishing precious lives with sadistic indifference.

Your gluttony is insatiable.

You take what you want and leave the rest to rot...

to decompose... to become fodder for insects.

Young, old, fat, slim --

you seem not particularly choosy of your prey.

You remain ruthless and ravenous,

a force to be reckoned with that grows and mutates

and gains insurmountable strength.

On those occasions when there is an inkling of hope for us,

when there is a hint of your possible obliteration,

when we feel a moment of relief and gratitude

and can stop for a moment to relish the warm light on our tired faces,

you rear your ugly head once more,

glancing back over your shoulder only to jeer at our failure at destroying you,

yet again.


Fuck you, Cancer.


One day, we'll accomplish the bravest, most profound feat of our human existence:

Without any remorse, without the slightest hesitation,

we will permanently annihilate you.


You should be.

Copyright © 2017 MacGreg; All Rights Reserved.
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You are right, way too many of us can relate to this poem.  I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. :hug:  The poem was extremely well-written.  

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Written from the heart, Mac. And that's about the highest highest compliment I can give. Bravo  

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Sorry i missed this .. i'm so sorry.. cancer is a horrible thing.. i know only too well.  you did your friend proud

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I felt like this poem should be read as if you were yelling it and not speaking it. I was yelling right along with you. This was a very powerful poem, Mac. I'm really sorry about your friend.

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This I can so relate to. My mother lost her 2 year battle to lung cancer in 2014. I know this anger well!

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On 5/10/2017 at 4:02 PM, BlindAmbition said:

This I can so relate to. My mother lost her 2 year battle to lung cancer in 2014. I know this anger well!

I'm very sorry about your mother, JP. Cancer is an untamed beast that affects everyone in some way or another. F.U.C. <hugs>

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Truly this poem is one of it's kind...Cancer truly is a heinous diseases and like you said in the poem claims life mercilessly...extremely sorry to hear about your friend...!!! You made her proud with this...N very well written!!

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